The 6 Figure Fraternity

If You Understand the Importance and Necessity of Giving Value
to RECEIVE Value, You're Sincere and Serious About Serving
Others and Have a Sincere Desire to Earn Six Figures But
You're Not Sure You Can or You Don't Know HOW...

Take Heart...You Could Be in EXACTLY the Right Place at Just the Right Time!!

Everything is in place and 65 Enlightened Journey Global Community Members
Who SEE the Vision will be invited to Join Us in This Experience.

On Dec. 18th - 19th, 2014, we'll be inviting 65 individuals from within the Enlightened Journey Global Community to learn HOW to serve BIG and earn a GREAT 6 figure income in the process...

Here's what it's all about...

  • A private invitation only project reserved for Enlightened Journey Community members who desire to become "EFFECTIVE value creators"

  • A turnkey system to serve those who desire and are "sincere and serious" about achieving greater financial results

  • The ability to rub shoulders with, learn from and follow the lead of conscious, warm and caring 6 and 7 figure earners

  • Acquire the financial literacy that the top 2% income earners USE to reach and sustain their 6 and 7 figure lifestyles

  • Everything you could possibly need to begin earning a mind boggling income, quickly and simply, Enlightened Journey style

Be prepared and ready...We're going to enhance
the quality of MANY lives!!

EARNING 6 Figures is NOT Rocket Science!!

Doing so is as Simple as Thinking Speaking and ACTING Like
the 6 Figure Earners Do.

If you'd like to learn more about HOW our private,
invitation ONLY 6 Figure Fraternity Group can
assist you to HAVE greater results...

Fill in the fields below, and be ready
to "Take Action" on 12-18 (or 19)-2014