Could what you "think you know" be keeping you from being, doing and having what you "truly desire" in and for your life?

'The Seven Hidden Keys To
Conscious Creation'

Based on more than 3 decades of Searching, Exploring and Personal Experience, Chuck Danes reveals the Why and How behind "Consciously Activating" the forces of nature and getting what you "Truly Desire"...Regardless of where you're starting from

What you're about to discover holds the insight, the wisdom and the keys
for developing unstoppable confidence and getting what you truly desire
physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to experience a quality of life that the rich and happy do?

Would you like to earn more money, be happier, healthier and learn how to achieve an uncommon level of success easier and faster than ever before?

And perhaps most importantly...

Do you even believe that it's possible for you?

Your answer to that question holds the clues and the answers that so many seek yet far too few ever become "consciously aware" of.

And if the answer that you settled on is "No, you DON'T think it's possible for you", then IS it possible...just possible that what you "think you know" is keeping you from achieving what you DO truly desire in life?

Regardless of what your individually held hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations are, rest assured you CAN make them a very real part of your life. And it's much more "simple" than most understand.

And that's a KEY word to stop, consider and think about for just a moment...UNDERSTANDING.

And the reason it is so KEY is because of this fact...

It's only due to a "lack of understanding" that allows "self limiting perceptions" to control, dominate and dictate the direction of your life making your "perceived inability" to make heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires real and tangible "true" for you.

But it's NOT because it's "true."

Allow me to rephrase that...

It's not based on a "Higher Truth."

It's simply the beliefs that YOU choose to hold about what is "true" or "untrue" that always aligns and harmonizes perfectly and precisely with what you receive and experience in life...WHATEVER that might be.

And it never fails...NOT EVER.

It's a sad fact that the vast majority "perceive and believe" that the individual desires they have for their lives, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually are in some way, shape or form outside of their grasp. They simply don't feel capable for any number of "seemingly justifiable" reasons.

Yet it's this very "perception", that once recognized, acknowledged, understood and shifted enables the floodgates to open providing a flow of abundance which "allows" the materialization of your most heartfelt hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations to become not only real but commonplace.

All that's required is a "choice." A different choice than you have been making.

Once that "choice" is made, then it's simply a matter of becoming aware of and choosing to align, harmonize and utilize the keys that enable and empower you to do so.

There are NO SECRETS to doing so.

You already ARE using these keys, it's simply a matter of understanding HOW to use them more efficiently and once understood, choosing to use them "consciously and intentionally."

And that's one of the first, yet most often overlooked keys to opening the floodgates to whatever it might be that you desire in life.

Learning to choose consciously.

Following the lead of tens of thousands who have personally experienced the power of "consciously choosing" their path in life could save you years of trial and error, put you on the fast track to getting much more of what you truly desire and FAR LESS of what you don't want.

That's WHY The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation
was released and WILL show you how to do.

In this riveting, profoundly empowering, thought provoking, nothing held back and no holds barred personal empowerment conference, Enlightened Journey Enterprises founder, Chuck Danes clearly reveals what he's discovered and refers to as "The Short Path" for attracting, creating and experiencing Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Harmony in life.

Talk about fresh, crystal clear, invigorating, empowering and eye opening!!

Chuck disseminates more than 3 decades of transformational insights and wisdom based on personal experience where he guides the group through practical yet profoundly powerful application of the unerring and unwavering forces of nature. Forces which he's discovered that once aligned and harmonized with enable anyone to open themselves to being, doing and having more of what they desire in life.

The eye opening insights he shares are derived through his seeking, researching, experimenting and finally moving through what he calls "A diverse cycle of both desirable and far less than desirable growth lessons" all condensed into a very simple, easy to grasp, very practical, profoundly empowering, live interactive conference format sure to assist in moving you toward "allowing" your "heartfelt desires" to become real and tangible.

The 7 Hidden keys To Conscious Creation clearly reveals both how and why...

Getting what you want...whatever you want is far more simple
than most are willing to "allow themselves" to Conceive or Imagine which is, in FAR MORE cases than not, the ONLY thing that keeps it from them.

If you're "truly serious" about enhancing your results...creating "desired change"...are open, willing and receptive to learning, understanding and "applying" a time tested, can't fail strategy based on more than 3 decades of "personal experience"...backed by "Age Old Timeless Wisdom" as well as supported, substantiated and documented by some of the most brilliant minds in 21st century scientific circles, The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation holds the answers you've been searching for.

It's Certainly NO Secret and It Never Has Been.

Read on and in a matter of moments you'll be able to discern why that's "true" for yourself...

From: Chuck Danes
Author, Coach, Mentor
Oklahoma City, OK


Welcome Friend,

If you were one of millions who was fortunate enough to view "The Secret" DVD or read the book with the same title that was released back in 2006 and got really excited as so many did, yet still haven't experienced the kind and quality of results that you'd "hoped" you would, I think you'll gain immense personal benefit as well as comfort in what I'm about to share with you...

No, I don't have any "Newfound Secrets" or wave the magic wand solutions to tell you about and I hope you'll forgive me if I'm the first person you've heard this from but...

...Neither does anyone else.

That's not intended to bust your bubble, sway you, or snuff out any remaining glimmer of hope you might have about creating and experiencing an extraordinary quality of life for yourself.

Quite the opposite in fact.

Because the truth is...what I often refer to as the "Higher Truth"...creating whatever quality of life that you "truly desire" and are willing to get "really and truly serious about" creating, is more than just a possibility...

...It's your birthright. And I mean that quite literally.

It's everyone's birthright. It's simply a matter of becoming "aware" of how "true" that is and reclaiming what's already yours.

Now if you're anything like me as someone uttered that very statement to me so many years ago, it's quite possible...highly probable in fact that you might doubt or question it's validity.

But here's what I can assure you after more than 3 decades of personally walking a number of paths, teaching, leading, sharing and guiding people globally to see and experience for themselves just how "true it is...

It's far more than some pie in the sky "feel good statement."

And it doesn't matter where you are, where you've been or how grand or bleak your current circumstances are.

Millions of people globally who are familiar with my work, know that I don't sugar coat things. I am very direct and matter of factly, but I get results. This is what I want for you. It's why I do what I do. I want you to get the results you desire.

I certainly can't give them to you but I can and DO deliver the most effective, workable and "no nonsense" approach for "getting what you want" that "I Know" based on personal experience provides what are often perceived as "seemingly miraculous" results.

No fluff and No filler. Just amazing results if you'll simply take the time to internalize and apply what I reveal in 'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' as instructed, you'll get the results you desire as well.

My intention IS and has been for a number of years to assist those who are ready, willing, open and serious about creating a life by design for themselves and providing them with what I've found after more than 3 decades of "path walking" to be the most efficient, transformational and life changing set of tools and processes that I'm aware of for doing so.

It's not THE ONLY path but it's A path that I've found to be more pleasant, fulfilling and tangibly rewarding than ANY of the previous paths I've personally walked down.

The Simplest, Quickest and Most Effortless Way To Begin Getting What You Want Is To Quit Struggling and "Trying" So Hard

The million dollar question that so many ask is how long does it take and when can I expect results?

And the answer is always the same...

...It's as quick and simple as you choose and "allow it" to be.

There is no "One size fits all cookie cutter approach" for getting what you want. It's about learning and understanding more about yourself and once understood learning how how to consciously utilize the tools you already possess to begin being, doing and having more of whatever it might be that you desire.

How you do that individually MUST HAPPEN in your own unique way.

And DO already have all the tools you could possibly need. We ALL do.

Some are just unknowingly and "unconsciously" using those tools (the vast majority ARE in fact) in such a way that slows the manifestation of and in some cases sabotages "heartfelt desires" keeping them from becoming real and tangible.

And in far too many cases, the way so many "choose" to do things, they attract the polar opposite of what so many claim they want.

Most everyone today is trying and doing and working really hard only to produce mediocre at best results. As a result of all this "Doing" they've overlooked the transformational power of "consciously choosing."

In fact they're "unconsciously resisting" which is the very type of "unconscious choice" that is making what so many "claim" they want so "seemingly complex and difficult" to acquire.

And a vitally important part of consciously choosing is letting go of the trying. Because it's not about's more about "not trying." It's about "allowing." Trying creates resistance and draws more of what you DON'T want while allowing creates the necessary "paradigm shift" enabling "desired outcomes" to flow to you.

That's what's "allows" things to flow to you. "Consciously Allowing" opens the flow to what you want and "Unconsciously Resisting" opens the flow to more of what you DON'T want.

That's one of many things that the 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation will not only enable you to clearly see but will show you how to do.

It's not hard. It doesn't require excessive and displeasing effort. It's certainly not complex or complicated. In fact it's PROFOUNDLY simple. It's about flow. It's simple. It's perfect. It's precise.

And It NEVER fails or wavers. NOT EVER.

It's "allowing" and surrendering to trying so hard. It's the trying and struggling and hoping and wishing and "unconsciously praying for" which is the very way of "Being" and doing things that so many are choosing which makes what you want so hard and in many cases "seemingly impossible" to get.

Yet it's only an individual choice...a choice that the vast majority "unconsciously make." It's also a choice that YOU have the right and ability to make as well and perhaps are making yet by the same token can shift whenever and IF ever you choose to do so.

And making that "conscious shift" also shifts the kind and quality of the tangible result.

It's really simply a matter of learning how to get out of your own way.

It's as "simple" and complex as that. Consciously choosing what you want always delivers what you want and it never fails.

Yet the vast majority "unconsciously choose" without realizing it, get far less than what's readily available to them, continue to get more and more of what they "don't want" and can't figure out why.

And in a large number of those cases, due to that fact, many have sadly and needlessly lost any glimmer of hope that they can experience a quality of life that aligns with their fondest hopes, dream and desires. And almost as many who are "choosing" to do things in this way have developed doubts and apprehensions regarding whether what's recently been labeled The Law of Attraction is real or a farce.

I've been teaching success principles long before "The Secret" came out and assisting individuals in consciously creating a life by design for a number of years prior to what's recently been labeled The Law of Attraction was called The Law of Attraction.

Although a "fitting label" it's certainly nothing new.

So let's address that first and hopefully, doing so will remove or at least "temporarily disarm" any potential doubts or apprehensions you might have individually regarding what the Law of Attraction "truly is", just how real and powerful it is and how you, me and everyone else with the ability to think and reason is using it already.

For a countless number of reasons many are using what's recently been "relabeled" The Law of Attraction in such a way that is "attracting" the polar opposite of what is "consciously desired."

Here's why that's proving to be "sadly true" for so many...

Since the release of The Secret, there have been a number of shallow and superficial close your eyes and get what you want by tomorrow, next week or next month "one size fits all cookie cutter approach" programs created and released claiming to have the "holy grail" for getting what you want...the answer of all answers.

Many of these so called "one size fits all solutions" even tout and brandish the label "The Secret Behind The Secret."

Which brings us to another vitally important topic to become "conscious" of...

The One and Only "Real Secret" Today Is The Fact That Although Many Claim To Hold The Secret..."There Are No Hidden or Newfound Secrets"
To Getting What You Want

It seems everyone these days claims to have "The Secret" to attracting and creating whatever it might be that you want. That's become quite apparent and widespread in the last few years.

To be quite honest, most of what is being taught about manifesting "desired results" and the Law of Attraction borders on airy fairy nonsense and a gross lack of understanding regarding metaphysical principles.

After listening to and reviewing countless programs created by those claiming to be "Law of Attraction experts", you may have been led to believe that all you have to do to "manifest your dreams and desires" is to set your intention, visualize, focus, send out positive thoughts, and believe the Universe, God or whatever the Source of your understanding might be will simply drop it in your lap and magically provide it for you.

Then you're told to hold fast, persevere and keep repeating this process until the "desired result" shows up.

And you can follow this "plan" if you choose, but I can assure you that making that choice will leave you quite disappointed and quite distant from "getting what you want" as so many today are finding.

Now granted it is important to get clear on, define and set your intention as well as think positively and elevate your belief, but those are only a few things you must do to consciously and consistently attract and create the things you desire in your life.

It's this same nonsense that keeps so many from discovering, consciously utilizing and personally experiencing the unlimited power you hold by intentionally harmonizing yourself with the unfailing principles that have existed since time began. It's also why so many "perceive" that the world is random and chaotic in producing the events, conditions and circumstances that show up in tangible form.

Rest assured the process of creation is not random nor chaotic and never has been.

So, let's sort through all the gibberish, nonsense and pull the wool over your eyes marketing hype that's become so prevalent starting right now so you CAN begin "consciously utilizing" the tools you already have in a way that enables and empowers you to begin getting what you want.

And I do mean Whatever you want.

But first let's make something else crystal clear...

If you've become conditioned and/or accustomed to buying into all the unfounded pie in the sky promises of success by tomorrow or the hyped up super inflated rhetoric about how FAST and EASY it is to create a quality of life that only a small minority experience without "DOING anything", I'll save you some valuable time.

You're more than likely not going to resonate with, appreciate nor become excited by what I have to share.

It's not my intention nor my style to excite you or provide you with some slick professionally written marketing copy that utilizes subconscious triggers or is designed to manipulate and hypnotize you into seeing things my way or buying into my personal perspectives about life.

I share what I share because I know based on personal experience the unfailing power behind it. What I refer to, believe to be and know for myself is "Real Power" that far exceeds physical and finite power.

I don't share what I share in an attempt to "convince anyone" to "believe me" nor that it's right for them.

It is my intention to share with and assist those who are open, receptive, committed, willing and "truly serious" about creating "desired change" with a "can't fail approach" that I and many like me have found to be an extremely powerful yet no nonsense way to get more of what you want and FAR LESS of what you don't.

And what I have to share will provide that type of person with a level of awareness and an uncommon depth of understanding that I know based on more than 3 decades of searching and "personal experience" enables anyone who chooses to internalize and apply it, to begin "consciously utilizing" their creative power and "reclaiming" their birthright.

And it's not rocket science, it's profoundly simple
and most certainly nothing new.

In essence what I share and have shared with countless tens of thousands of people from around the globe for a number of years is really nothing more or less than a simplified and easy to understand version of timeless wisdom combined with solid scientific discoveries made in recent years that support what the mystics, sages and masters sice antiquity have always shared.

You could think of it as an enhanced awareness regarding your "true power"...a form of power we've ALL been provided without exception and the infinite probabilities that are open and equally available to anyone who's open, ready, willing and serious about utilizing this freely provided gift "consciously and intentionally."

Reclaiming that "power" is as simple as opting out of the "majority think tank", elevating your awareness to a level that enables and empowers you to begin consciously, consistently and intentionally creating a life by design rather than by default as the vast majority do.

In fact I'm confident if you'll stay with me for the next few minutes, you'll understand how and why I believe I can assist you, as I have so many others to begin attracting, creating and experiencing an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling quality of life for yourself regardless of where you've been, where you're starting from or what you might currently envision as being "true" about your potential, your capabilities and/or your future results.

Although I'm well aware of what's available to you and what you're capable of achieving in life, ultimately it's you that must make the final choice to utilize or not the often overlooked principles that enable you to create "desired change."

Ultimately it's what YOU choose that really matters.

Because the sometimes hard to swallow and "non sugar coated truth" about the kind and quality of life you'll experience is based only on the choices that YOU choose to make or not make.

The bigger and more grand the choice...the greater and more grand the outcome. There are no limits here with the exception of the limits that you choose for and place on yourself.

As true as that is I think it's only fair that we start out on the right foot by making 3 things Crystal Clear and very transparent upfront...

  1. I nor anyone else can nor ever will be able to do it for you

  2. Unless you choose something different than you have chosen in the past nothing is going to change in the future. If nothing changes nothing changes.

  3. Creating "desirable change" isn't done in the way most "believe" yet choosing the "less populated path" is what "allows" change to become much more simple and produces a kind and quality of result that most will never experience.

Not because they can't. Simply because they don't choose to. Not consciously anyway.

There are some often overlooked and powerfully creative principles that many use "unconsciously" and as a result create the opposite of what they want granted, but there is no secret or magic esoteric formula for turning things around and/or enhancing your current results exponentially.

Allow me to explain how and why I know that's "true."

I've been studying, searching, exploring and experimenting with the success principles I teach today for more than 3 decades.

During that time I've personally experienced a very wide and diverse range of various events, conditions and circumstances some of which were quite grand and some of which were quite terrifying.

I've experienced poverty and I've experienced what so many call, perceive and believe to be wealth and success.

I've made millions of dollars and I've been flat broke.

I've been an entrepreneur, hourly employee, a salaried employee and jobless, fearful, anxious and wondering where in the world the money to pay last months overdue bills was going to come from.

My experiences range from traveling and exploring the far corners of the globe in first class 5 Star style to sitting solo in a dark room at night feeling very alone, fearful, emotionally and mentally depleted wondering what I was going to do next and how I was going to provide for myself and my family.

I've experienced the full gamut of life's experiences ranging from the "seemingly destitute" to wildly abundant.

I've walked through what I perceived as being the endless and seemingly inescapable darkness and basked in the glory and assurance of the light that always followed.

You could say I've walked the long path.

Yet due to those many years of path walking, a number of which I walked blindly through, even though my eyes were wide open, at times with anguish and an indescribable sense of overwhelming fear...through all my trial and error I found what I refer to today as the short path.

And it required nothing more than "waking up", remaining open and receptive to information that I had previously rejected and then making "different choices" than I had previously.

I don't share that with you because I want you to know about me or what my personal experiences of the past are. I share it with you so you might understand that I know something about you regardless of who you are, where you are or what your individual experiences in life might be.

I know first hand what's it's like to be where you are regardless of where that might be. I'm quite conscious of the fact that many "claim" they know certain things which is the very "knowing" that keeps them from getting what they want.

You could say "I've been there and done that."

With that being "true", due to the number of paths I've walked, I also understand that where we are, where we've been and where we're going depends on nothing more or less than the choices that we have made, will make or don't make for ourselves.

And I also know that regardless of where you are, where you've been or where you're headed as well as where you'll end up...regardless of where that is, all of it happens for a very specific purpose.

A "greater good" I like to call it.

And I can say that with an unshakable and unwavering sense of confidence and with absolute sincerity, because today I can also say that regardless of how bleak or grand the scenery was as I walked the many diverse paths I have, I'm grateful for all of my past as well as current experiences.

And I do mean all of it. The grand, the great, the good, the not so great, the bad, the ugly, the terrifying and what I "perceived" at the time to be the seemingly inescapable.

No I'm not a saddist...I'm grateful because all of those experiences...ALL of them...even the most terrifying, all served to assist me in moving beyond them, providing greater value to the world through contributing what I've discovered and experienced as a result with those seeking answers as so many today are.

Those experiences enabled, empowered and encouraged me to seek out, discover and develop the understanding as to how and why I as well as so many in the world today do, consistently experience "less than desired" results in their lives.

And had I not made that discovery chances are quite good that I'd find myself still repeating and "seemingly trapped" within those very same self limiting cycles that I believed to be inescapable and "perceived" myself to be trapped within.

I've since discovered that all of those paths, regardless of how dark, scary, hopeless and horrific they "seemed at the time" were are a very necessary, vital and important part of my "personal journey."

Everything in my past was a necessary part of "waking me up", enabling me to chart a new course and "do" what I so love to do today.

And so are each and every one of yours...regardless of what they are.

And depending on exactly where you are, that may not currently "seem" to provide you with any immediate comfort, additional hope or relief.

But it should...

Because the really exciting and incredible thing about all of this is that you can begin "consciously creating" and experiencing whatever you desire as well as soon as you make a conscious and intentional choice to do so.

All that's necessary to do that is come to the place that you know you can, begin consciously utilizing the tools you already have and choose to follow through until you see just how "true and powerful" doing so is for yourself.

And it took me a lot of years to figure out how to do that. Many more than necessary actually.

But here's why that's a "good thing" for those I reach today.

Because of those many years of personal trial and error as I walked down and explored these various paths, I've discovered which paths provided me with the kind and quality of results I desired for myself and which ones didn't.

And because of that...because of those scary and seemingly inescapable events, conditions and circumstances that I once "perceived" as being "hopeless, futile and inescapable" they've since enabled me to see that they weren't hopeless, futile and inescapable at all...

...As soon as I made the choice not to allow them to be.

What's more important to me today is that through it all, I've come to understand that the same holds true for you and everyone else on this planet...without exception.

And that's what I've committed my life to. Showing those who are open, willing, receptive and serious about enhancing some or all aspects of their life, with the understanding I've acquired in the best way I know how now.

I also discovered that it doesn't matter where you are...whether scraping, struggling and just surviving or having achieved an uncommon level of success, material wealth and stature, what there is yet to experience far exceeds anything you, me or anyone else could possibly conceive or ever experience in this lifetime.

Regardless of how high you climb, how much you "perceive" to understand and "know", there's more. There's ALWAYS more. There's always a higher plateau to ascend to.

But I had to get to the place where I was open and willing to see that. Until I made that choice...until I made the choice and commitment to myself that I was going to do what it took to create the kind and quality of change that I truly desired, it remained nothing more than a whim...a passing fancy.

It didn't and couldn't have happened unless and until I made the choice. It most certainly didn't happen through hoping, wishing, praying, wishful thinking and waiting for my ship to come in.

I did PLENTY of that.

But due to that initial choice...due to making the commitment, choosing to follow through on that commitment, I'm able to do what I love and am passionate about today which consists of sharing what I've experienced so others might find and choose to walk the shortest path for getting what they want that I've discovered and am aware of thus far.

And that love and passion entails assisting people globally to move move closer to rather than away from "consciously creating" and experiencing a kind and quality of life they desire for themselves.

And since making the choice a number of years ago to commit my life to share those point out and assist others to find and walk what I've discovered and "believe to be" "the short path", others don't have to experience and walk the same long and at times "terrifying" trial and error path I did.

They can if they choose to...but they most certainly don't "have to."

And neither do you.

Which brings us full circle and right back to where we started...

One of the BIGGEST realizations I've come to and know beyond the shadow of a doubt due to all my diverse path walking experiences is the fact that there are NO Secrets, the Law of Attraction is nothing new and...

You already have anything and everything you could possibly need to create a kind and quality of life for yourself that you "truly desire."

Here's exactly how and why I know...

Part of my path walking experience entailed many years of studying the knowledge and the wisdom left for us by the sages, mystics, masters and philosophers since antiquity.

I've engaged in and sought out answers in a number of branches of man made structured religion. I've walked the path of the Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ, Pentecostal, Muslim, Buddhist, New Thought, Nondenominational, etc. etc.

I've delved in, studied and did my best to follow the many conflicting doctrines and dogmas that are often portrayed by various groups as being the "One and Only Way."

I've delved more deeply into the science of success than many well credentialed scientists who proudly display their PHD's claiming their "theories" are true.

I've explored and studied various forms of physics, the new biology, neuro-biology, epigentics, cosmology and far too many other fields to go into any detail about here.

I've witnessed miraculous healings and played a major role in assisting individuals from around the globe from all walks of life to enhance very specific aspects of their lives and in some cases assisted those who were seeking and earnest about change to turn their lives around.

But there are no secrets or magic formulas to discover. There is no "magic wand" or "hidden secret" you or anyone else needs to experience an incredible quality of life for yourself.

You just need to make the choice...the commitment to yourself to consciously project the "desire" to create the "desired change" and follow that choice up with a commitment to keep on keeping on until you reach whatever destination you envision for yourself.

You only need to learn and understand how to do so "consciously and intentionally." And it's as simple and complex as "allowing" those desires to become real and tangible for you.

And if you're like many who have come before you, you may find The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation can and will point you toward the path that you and so many others have been looking for yet may have previously "perceived" as being non-existent.

Rest assured the path exists. It's simply a matter of discovering and choosing to walk down it.

You already have anything and everything you could possibly need to experience the kind and quality of life that you desire for yourself and you can if ever and whenever you choose to do so.

It's all about choice...yours.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation may be a tool that can assist you in "choosing" more consciously. What's shared and conveyed in The 7 Hidden Keys provides a depth of understanding that goes well beyond The Secret or what's being called The Law of Attraction.

A lack of awareness doesn't constitute a "Secret"

Admittedly prior to the The Secret production being made public a lot of people had never heard of the Law of Attraction. But the fact of the matter is The Law of Attraction has existed since the beginning of time itself.

Granted, it WAS provided a "new label" and ingeniously repackaged but it's certainly nothing new and MOST CERTAINLY isn't and never has been a secret.

I will say it was a incredible production and served a very good purpose. It sparked and ignited a renewed sense of hope and excitement in literally millions of people globally.

It opened a lot of people's eyes to a surface level understanding of their "true potential" and served as an incredible introduction to those who had never before heard of the Law of Attraction.

But that's all it was. An introduction. And if you're like the many who we're fortunate enough to have seen it but have since felt helpless, abandoned and hopeless after "trying so hard" to apply what it revealed only to discover that it didn't bring you what you want, take heart.

The Law of Attraction is VERY real. It's been labeled with countless names and titles over the centuries which admittedly has created a lot of confusion for a lot of people but the foundational principle regardless of the many labels placed on it over many centuries is VERY REAL and it DOES, Is and will continue to impact, mold and shape EVERY aspect of your life.

It's working in your life and the lives of everybody else this very moment. It will continue to every second of every minute of every day.

It always has and it always will. And the "Only Thing" that determines how it works and the quality of result you experience is based on your choices.

And The Secret production did an incredible job of introducing the Law of Attraction to a global audience. The teachers in The Secret provided an incredible contribution for those seeking a renewed sense of hope and promise that greater things were available to and possible for them.

And many became extremely excited yet after a short while allowed that initial spark of hope to fade.

But let's face it...a 90 minute production, regardless of how well produced or crafted it might be, can only cover so much ground and provide only so much direction.

It served it's served a "greater good" but for many it wasn't enough to see and personally experience the power behind it.

And that's why a lot of people...perhaps even you got discouraged when they didn't start getting everything they hoped, wished and prayed for dropped in their lap because they'd "heard about" and become aware of this "Secret" and the Law of Attraction.

As great a production as The Secret was it was only able to provide a very small glimpse of a MUCH LARGER and far more vast and empowering picture.

Many of the missing pieces of that picture are vitally important to understand if you're "serious" about and "truly expect" to begin utilizing the Law of Attraction in a conscious and intentional way that enables and empowers you to get more of what you want.

And make no mistake, you CAN get what you want and I do mean WHATEVER you want, once you know how and once you choose to apply what you come to know.

That's why I created and released The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation. To reveal and show people the WHOLE picture as well as I know how although the whole picture...everything there is to see and experience can never be seen or "known" due to it's Infinite nature.

It's not "The Answer." It's data designed to enable those who "truly desire" a greater quality of life with access to a depth of understanding that I know through my own experiences can enable them to see and begin consciously, intentionally and consistently attracting and experiencing the fullness and infinite abundance that life has to offer each of us.

And The 7 Hidden Keys reveals how to do that in a very simple, logical, practical, easy to understand yet extremely powerful way.

It provides the overlooked missing pieces of the puzzle that so many are looking for that "The Secret" couldn't and didn't reveal.

Will The 7 Hidden Keys provide you with whatever it might be that you want tonight, tomorrow or next week? That's not for me to say.

And neither can anyone else. You and Only YOU can determine that.

In fact the when and the how isn't our job. Our job, our only job is to determine our what and our why and to consistently stay fixated on whatever that might be for us individually.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation isn't a magic wand.

The 7 Hidden Keys is for those who understand that you don't simply drive up to the fast food window and drive off into the sunset with your new life and the only determining factor as to when and how your "way" shows up is determined by you and your choices..

It's for those who are serious about creating "Real and Lasting" change in their lives and "truly do" desire to understand what it takes to Master The Law of Attraction, take conscious control of their lives and take one or all aspects of their lives to a whole new and exciting level.

It's for those who are "serious" about moving one step closer to creating Real Wealth, Real Success and "Real Freedom" for themselves and those they love.

And rest assured you can experience "Real Freedom" in EVERY aspect of your life...physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually regardless of where you're starting from whenever and IF ever YOU make the choice to do so.

Once you know and understand how to do the right things in the right order.

And that's what The Secret wasn't able to and didn't convey at any depth. They weren't able to provide ALL the pieces of the puzzle in the way that people could really grasp and understand.

Don't misunderstand. That doesn't mean that significant...even miraculous change can't and won't happen quickly because it can. And it quite often does.

I'm living and breathing proof of that. I know of plenty of other people that are too.

Once I discovered and began to consciously apply what I share in The 7 Hidden Keys, there were aspects of my life that began transforming in "lightning fast" time. And admittedly based on what I had been taught and previously "believed" to be rational and logical, the way things began happening and "showing up" and the speed in which they did was quite shocking initially.

Almost eerie actually.

And based on what I had been taught and "perceived" previously as being rational, logical, feasible, practical and possible it was anything but that.

In fact based on my understanding at the time the only word I knew to accurately describe what started happening was "miraculous."

And when they did, I knew I'd discovered the "short path."

I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I had overlooked the simplicity and perfection for so many years!!

I knew HOW I had overlooked it. And the reason why is quite simple too really.

It's because what I reveal in The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation isn't the kind of education you get in school. And because of that it's not widely understood by the masses.

Perhaps that's one of the reasons it's been called "The Secret" although it's really not a secret at all.

My parents didn't teach it to me. Not because they wouldn't have had they known about it, they simply didn't know about it themselves.

And neither do a lot of other people. The vast majority in fact.

And that's precisely why the vast majority experience and "settle for" mediocrity. That's why the ultra successful...those who experience what I call "Real Wealth"...Real Success and Real Freedom are only a small minority.

They DO know. They may "unconsciously apply" the principles that enable them to experience their desired outcomes but regardless if it's being done "consciously or unconsciously" the foundational principles are being utilized that "allow" it to become real for them.

And not only do they know, they DO something that most people don't which is why MOST people don't experience Real Wealth...Real Success and Real Freedom in their lives.

But as I've since discovered we can whenever and IF ever we choose to do so. YOU can when YOU choose to do so.

And it doesn't require hard work, struggle, pain and everything that I and so many have been taught is necessary.

You only have to "choose to." More specifically you have to begin "consciously choosing."

And when you do you become amazed...literally amazed of simplicity and the perfection. It becomes a "knowing" deep within yourself concerning the power provided to you, me and everyone else.

There's a reason the Secret folks called what they introduced to the world The Law of Attraction. It's because you can and do ATTRACT your desires to you as well as those things that you don't desire.

It's a matter of individual choice as to what you attract. When you choose consciously and allow, the desires are fulfilled.

No, that doesn't mean anything and everything you could ever want, hope, dream of and wish for falls in your lap as you're sitting back "visualizing your dream life."

But it does mean that you DO attract the ways, means, people, events, conditions and circumstances to make your heartfelt desires real in a way that you love.

You simply have to know how to begin "attracting" consciously and intentionally. And once you do, you get to see and experience for yourself just how "true" and incredibly powerful that is.

And in a number of cases you'll start attracting things in ways that you might "perceive" as being miraculous initially.

What you discover at some point though is that you've been attracting the events, conditions, circumstances, people, ideas, "perceived" problems, solutions, etc. etc. etc. all along.

What you are, have and will experience at some point in the future you are, have and will attract.

You always have and you always will. Most people don't understand that and are unable to clearly see that because they're attracting "unconsciously" and in the vast majority of cases, they're attracting what they don't want.

I could go on and on. I reveal and share all I know in The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation.

There’s a very good reason that you’re reading this right now, and I can tell you based on personal experience, it’s certainly no accident and it's not coincidental.

You've attracted it just as you have anything and everything else.

Now it's simply a matter of choice as to what you do or don't do with what you've attracted.

I'm well aware that many "perceive" coincidence, randomness, chance, luck etc. etc. There's no such thing although most "think" there is.

You’ve attracted this into your life. You may or may not understand that right now or even be aware of it but rest assured you have.

If you don't currently understand or even believe that, you will once you've finished The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation should you choose to take that step.

One thing is certain that I and many like me know based on personal experience...

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation will point you toward the "short path" to more what you want and FAR LESS of what you don't want. It can't and won't carry you down it. That part's up to you.

But it will have you moving toward rather than away from what you "truly want" and rest assured that you can and will have it, whatever IT might be if ever and whenever you choose to do so.

Now’s the time to get out of your head...follow your heart, stop settling and start "receiving" everything you desire and already "know" you deserve.

It's time to stop wondering why you haven't received what you "truly want" to this point and start doing things in such a way that ensures that you'll to get it.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation provides all the insight, wisdom and understanding you could possibly need to make Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom, real, tangible and measurable starting right now if you'll allow it to.

Here's What You Get When You Order The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

  • A prerecorded copy of the original 8 ½ Hour Live 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation Personal Empowerment Conference held and moderated by Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder/CEO Chuck Danes

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  • More than 3 decades of transformational insight, wisdom and no nonsense direction for creating real, meaningful, significant and sustainable change in and for your life

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Sure, you could continue on in life as so many do wondering, guessing, hoping, wishing and continue navigating down "the long path." Or you could choose the "short path" by making the choice to learn, understand and apply what the truly successful and happy few do to make physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony a consistent and very real, tangible and measurable part of your life.

That's a choice that only you can make for yourself.

If you're committed to, serious about and truly ready to find and begin navigating the short path, perhaps The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation will provide you with the insight, wisdom and understanding that you've been looking for but to this point have been missing and perhaps up until now, weren't even "aware" was available to you.

Rest assured...It Is.

Here Are Just A Few Highlights Of What You'll Discover During These 6 Power Packed Sessions…..

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation clearly reveals...

  • The one and ONLY thing that sets the "Lucky People" apart from the "Unlucky."

  • The 3 things you ABSOLUTELY MUST know and DO to produce significant results in life (without these you're spinning your wheels)

  • How what you "Know" to be true is often times the VERY THING that is keeping you from getting what you want and how to shift it

  • What so many "unknowingly refuse to do" that is the VERY thing they MUST say yes to which automatically and effortlessly enables and empowers them to create significant change

  • A very practical, easy to understand yet "profound look" at how EVERYTHING in the cosmos is intricately interconnected and how you can begin using this awareness to begin experiencing more of the desired outcomes in your life

  • A VERY clear and concise look at why you don't and won't get what you want in life UNLESS you understand and consciously enact this unfailing principle

  • How a deeper than average look at modern day science, timeless wisdom and nature provides a powerfully eye opening look at how to get more of what you want (As "simple" as it is, this will blow you away!!)

  • How and why your brain is only a VERY SMALL and limiting aspect of creating desired results in your life and how a total dependence on it will keep you from ever coming anywhere near reaching your FULL potential

  • The one thing that you must do in the area of your job, career or business if you TRULY expect to experience above average results

  • The aspects of mind and why "being aware of" and understanding ALL of them is essential for creating "desired outcomes." (There's much more than most "think")

  • How to recognize if what you already "Know" is leading you closer to or further from what you desire to experience

  • An uncommon depth of understanding that clearly reveals that you already possess EVERYTHING you require to experience TOTAL harmony and fulfillment in your life and how to recognize and unleash it to make it work for instead of against you

  • What "True Power" is, how to tap into it at will and how your current "perception" of power may only enable you to produce "VERY LIMITED" and finite results in your life

  • How to "allow" those things that you most desire to experience to come to you and why attempting to "make" or "force" them only serves to push them further away

  • Why what you see in the physical world is a VERY LIMITED and restrictive view of what's "truly" available to you and how, by expanding your awareness beyond what you currently "perceive" reality to be will enable you to produce "FAR GREATER results with far less "unpleasant" effort

  • Why and How the majority are unconsciously creating the "undesirable" results that they experience and the simple and precise steps that you need to take to turn it all around

  • Who and what you TRULY are and your personal ability to consciously and purposefully manifest "Desired" results in EVERY aspect of your life (Your MUCH more than you realize)

  • Why any desire you have had, currently have or ever will have already exists as a probability and how to transform it from "wishful thinking" into "real and tangible" making it a reality for you

  • Why the desires that you have, regardless of how BIG they might be or "illogical" others might tell you they are, are far more than just "pipe dreams" or "wishful thinking" and the "ABSOLUTELY Essential" steps you MUST take to make them a reality in your life

  • How any experience in your life, whether past, present or future has been or is being created (or co-created) by you and how to begin consciously, purposefully and consistently creating desired results

  • The little understood facts concerning precisely what creates the BIG results in life and why most overlook and miss this "key" understanding (It's NOT doing more and/or working harder!!!)

  • A "Crystal Clear" understanding as to How and Why the events, conditions and circumstances come into your life (and why so many that you desire don't) from a physical, mental and spiritual perspective (It's goes MUCH deeper than the Law of Attraction)

  • A thorough understanding of the various aspects of mind, what it truly is, how it works and how to consciously utilize and harmonize yours to create desired results with predictable ease (It's easier than you might think)

  • The various levels of consciousness which exist and the crucial steps you MUST take to fully leverage it enabling you to begin creating "specific" outcomes in your life

  • What the thoughts that you think "Truly" are, their origin and how to shift them at will to create "seemingly miraculous" results

  • The crucial role that your emotions play in manifesting EVERY experience you have in your life both the "Good" and the "Bad"

  • The "True" meaning of "effortless creation" and how each and every action you take toward achieving your desires can and will be enjoyable when you "choose" for them to be

  • How to determine "intuition" from random, scattered and self sabotaging thought processes that only serve to take you further from your "desired" outcomes

  • A heightened sense of awareness that will enable you to effortlessly and forever overcome and dispel the fear, doubt, worry and anxiety which are directly responsible for dramatically limiting your current results (This in and of itself is priceless)

  • The unwavering, immutable and verifiable Laws and principles which once understood and "properly" harmonized with makes it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to fail in ANY endeavor (They're FAR more simple, consistent and active than you might think)

  • Why external sources, REGARDLESS of what they are, have ABSOLUTELY ZERO effect on your personal outcomes once you understand the basic truths regarding their existence

  • A dramatically elevated sense of Faith and Belief through establishing "correct" awareness which is ABSOLUTELY essential to finally become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances in EVERY aspect of your life

  • Why your physical actions, no matter how intense or consistent often times produce such limited, mediocre and TEMPORARY results and precisely what you can do to begin creating what most "perceive" to be miracles

  • How each and every experience you have had thus far, regardless of how painful or unpleasant you "perceived" it at the time has unfolded "perfectly" and provided precisely what you needed at the time to bring you closer to your desired outcomes...

  • The number one most creative force in the Universe and how to use it at will whenever YOU choose

...And so MUCH More!!

Applying What Is Shared In The The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation Can and Will Transform Your Entire World

You’ll have created a heightened and/or expanded awareness – and once you’ve become aware, acutely aware of what the "perceived" blocks and barriers are that have prevented you from getting the results you really want, you'll know exactly what to do to make the shift and change it.

Here's how to secure your discounted copy of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation...

$149.00 $97.00

Curious...Perhaps Even Really Excited But Wondering If
The 7 Hidden Keys is Really For You?

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In addition you'll receive a fully transcribed version of the 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation conference in e-book format enabling you to read along as you listen. This dual learning format initiates a "whole brain learning" technique that will enable you to retain more of the information shared throughout the conference and assist in absorbing and integrating the information at a subconscious level.

The transcribed e-book version of the The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation consists of more than 150 pages that you'll be able to refer to again and again.

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Any and All Additional Tracks Released Enhancing and Expanding The Information Shared at 'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' conference For 6 Full Months
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As an additional bonus you'll receive any future lessons and tracks that Chuck intends to record in the near future. (4 additional tracks minimum)

Each additional track will expand your understanding even further and provide additional insights that build upon The 7 Hidden Keys as well as provide additional actions you can take to enhance your results to even greater levels.

The current tracks anticipated to be added are...

  • The Power of Acceptance

  • The Power of Forgiveness

  • The Power of Meditation

  • Additional topics to be determined

When each additional track is completed you'll receive e-mail notification complete with the password and page to access the additional lessons.

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You'll also receive a downloadable copy of my latest book 'The Miracle of You and Your Cells revealing how to harmonize the physiological and neurological aspects of the "physical you" clearly revealing how to begin attracting more of what you want and FAR LESS of what you don't want.

The information revealed in 'The Miracle of You and Your Cells' provides insight and understanding that so many overlook when "trying so hard" to attract physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual harmony that underlies each and every hope, dream and desire we have individually.

The Miracle of You and Your Cells will serve to enhance and solidify your understanding in a "practical, logical and tangible" kind of way further supporting and enabling you to consciously and consistently apply the power revealed in The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation.

It doesn't get any better, more simple and risk free than that.

I'm certain you'll find as so many before you have that The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation will put you on the fast track to being, doing and having far more than you may have previously "perceived" as possible.

And hey, if it doesn't or you don't recognize the incredible value for any reason, just let us know.

Here's to attracting, creating, receiving and experiencing more of what you truly desire in life.

Your Partner In Growth and Positive Change,

Chuck Danes

PS - It's my sincere and heartfelt hope that at some point in the near future, you might look back at this day as a day that I was able to assist you in being, doing and having more in your life. Perhaps even the day that you can look back and say that it was this day that you chose to turn your life around.

Should that be the case, please share your victories with me and I look forward to meeting and sharing face to face with those of you who receive the bonus coaching session.

There's Certainly No Need To Worry if 'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' and The Fast Action Bonuses Can Assist You In Getting What You Want...

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