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, Here's Issue #31 Of Enlightened Journey Control vs Influence
February 17, 2009

"Enlightened Journey" Ezine

Issue #31

Control vs Influence

Hi ,

There’s a lot of things going on in the world currently. Although we can't change the fact that what's going on affects us in some aspect, we can and do have both the ability and the choice to determine how it does.

The really amazing thing about it all is that you get to choose whether it effects you in a "positive or a negative" way.

You can make it be whatever you choose for it to be. You can use it to experience “positive” outcomes or choose to allow it to affect you adversely if you prefer that route.

The great thing is that you get to choose.

This months edition of Enlightened Journey get’s to the core of why that’s “true.”

Whether you choose it as “your truth” or not is what will make all the difference for you or not.

The beauty of it all is that you get to choose whichever it is.

What’s even better is that regardless of your individual choice...“It’s all good.”

Here's the link to this months edition Of Enlightened Journey to find out how and why..


Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

Always Remember That You Can "Be, Do and Have" ANYTHING That YOU CHOOSE To Experience.

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