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, Here's Issue #29 Of The Enlightened Journey Newsletter
November 13, 2008

"Enlightened Journey" Ezine

Issue #29

How To Prosper and Transcend The Effects of Turbulent and Unsettling Economic Times

In This Months Edition Of "Enlightened Journey"...

1) Announcing our new MP3 and CD formats

2) A word of thanks for your input, ideas and insights

3) A Quick Overview of This Months Edition Of Enlightened Journey


I hope your months been incredible and that you and yours are doing well.

This months edition of Enlightened Journey addresses and provides some incredible insight with regard to what "appears" to be affecting many around the world which is the current economic unrest.

Although we won't be focusing on that, we WILL be focusing on what you can do to eliminate or at least minimize the impact it has on YOU personally.

Before we get into this months edition of Enlightened Journey, there are a few quick but REALLY important announcements that I think you’ll find beneficial.

Please take just a moment to read them. I think you'll find them to be immensely beneficial based on a number of contacts we've received recently.

New Downloadable Audio MP3 Version
and Hard Copy CDs of Enlightened Journey
Are Now Available…

As most of you are aware, last month we tested a video version of the newsletter to see how many in the community preferred watching and listening to the ezine rather than reading the text version.

The response was incredible and clearly revealed that many of you prefer the new digital format over reading.

However there was one little issue with that initial test that we hadn't anticipated or considered…

Due to the length of the video newsletter, and choosing to record it in video format, resulted in a VERY LARGE 435 megabyte file making it inconvenient for some to download as well as incurred additional bandwidth charges on our end.

We’re working on that. :)

Here's the god news...

Rather than attempt to alter or change the length or depth of the content covered in the newsletter and keep from providing you with what I feel is vitally important, especially in light of the current economic situation that many “perceive” themselves to be stuck in, I decided to switch (at least temporarily) from video format to a downloadable MP3 audio version that you can easily download to your computer, IPod or other MP3 device enabling you to listen when you like and as many times as you like in the future.

In addition to the new downloadable MP3 audio, we have included the text version at the bottom of the MP3 audio download page so those who choose the MP3 format can both read along and listen at the same time which increases comprehension as well as the retention levels of the information being presented.

The cost of the downloadable MP3 is $6.95 USD. and the length of the MP3 is 1 Hour 12 Minutes

Introducing The New Hard Copy CD Version
of The Newsletter

Beginning this month we’ll also be offering Enlightened Journey on a hard copy CD as well that will be shipped directly to your door for those that prefer and choose that format.

The cost of the hard copy CDs will be $15.95 plus shipping.

As mentioned in last months edition, the text version of Enlightened Journey will for the time being, continue and remain a free resource.

For those that find they're too busy and/or prefer listening to rather than reading the newsletter, the new downloadable MP3 audio version as well as the hard copy CD version will prove to be welcome additions.

And Last But Certainly Not Least...

Thank you for all the valuable input that many of you have provided. As you can see by the changes, it’s both valued as well as considered when making decisions with regard to the site and the newsletter as well as future changes and developments that are underway.

Each of your comments and suggestions are ALWAYS welcomed and greatly appreciated so we ask that you continue communicating to enable us to better serve and create an atmosphere and a greater contribution that best suits you and the Enlightened Journey Community as a whole.

Ok, with that said let’s get into this months edition of Enlightened Journey.

I’m confident that this issue will prove to be of IMMENSE benefit to you and that you’ll develop a much deeper understanding of how to consciously apply the power that is and always has been available to you by simply choosing to become aware of and make the “conscious choice” to discover and begin applying the power provided to you for yourself.

The information in this edition will certainly assist with that.

This month’s edition of Enlightened Journey is titled...

"How To Prosper and Transcend the Effects
of the Current Economic Climate"

How can you possibly minimize or keep an event of global proportion from affecting you personally?

This months edition will provide everything necessary to make that a reality for you consistently not only in the area of economics, but physically, relationally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

I know you’ll find the information invaluable and if applied, will experience for yourself a power that is and always has been readily available to you which, once recognized can and will transform your entire world.

I think you'll find the information as well as the steps provided will assist you greatly in strengthening your ability to do that.

Let’s get into that now. See you on the inside.

Have an incredible month.

To Your Success and Fulfillment Today and Always,

Chuck Danes

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