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, Here's Issue #30 Of The Enlightened Journey Newsletter
January 05, 2009

"Enlightened Journey" Ezine

Issue #30 Part 1 of 3

Getting Back To Basics

In This Months Edition Of "Enlightened Journey"...

1) A Time Sensitive Announcement Regarding A Custom Tailored and Fully Subsidized Coaching/Mentoring Program For 12 Participants

2) Introduction To The Newsletter


First and foremost..."Happy New Year!!"

I hope this e-mail finds you and yours well and that you’ve fully enjoyed this special Holiday Season.

I also hope that your 2009 and beyond is all and more than you could ever hope it to be.

One thing I "know" for certain is that it can be as great as YOU will "allow" it to be.

In edition to the newsletter this month that is something I wanted to address very quickly with you.

I’ll keep this very brief and only take a few minutes of your time but I wanted to make certain that you were made aware of an incredible yet “fully subsidized” coaching/mentoring program that I’ve recently decided to provide to a select few…an offer that you may find to be of immense benefit and importance to you.

This offer consists of a custom tailored and personalized coaching/mentoring curriculum that I’ll be personally facilitating with those selected on an individual basis beginning the end of January and for some the first part of February for those who qualify.

It could prove to be quite literally transformational and make 2009 even better than currently envisioned for the 12 remaining who are selected.

Before explaining the details, due to a number of prescreening interviews I’ve held over the past few weeks, it’s important that I clarify….This mentoring program is NOT for everyone.

It requires a firm commitment and a “sincere” desire on your part to enhance the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of your life.

It also requites a willingness to think outside the box amd perhaps "do" some things that the vast majority aren't willing to do.

There are MANY people who “want” but few who are willing to make the commitments and expend the energy necessary to create and receive what they want.

The result? They stay in hoping and wishing mode never achieving what it is that they do want.

Point being...

This subsidized coaching/mentoring offer is being made available ONLY to those who are serious about and “truly” ready to make that commitment.

Those that aren’t interested or don't feel they're ready to stretch beyond where they currently find themselves can skip the remainder of this e-mail and access this months edition of the newsletter by clicking the link below…

Access the newsletter here

For those that are committed..."truly" committed to creating the desired changes and feel they could benefit from such a program...are willing to make the commitments necessary, here’s a brief overview of what the coaching/mentoring curriculum entails and how it works…

No doubt, since you are a part of the Enlightened Journey Community, you’re already at least somewhat familiar with my work and the philosophies that I teach.

The mentoring curriculum is based on and centered around those philosophies as well as assisting you to both define and create the "desired" changes that you aspire to achieve.

On Dec. the 5th I announced this subsidized coaching/mentoring offer to my active PPTW and MIB members as well as those who had expressed an interest in becoming one of those active team members. There were 50 subsidized spots offered at that time. There are 12 remaining spots.

These remaining spots are now being extended to you until those 12 are filled.

Acceptance is not guaranteed and requires a prescreening process initially.

I’ll be personally interviewing and choosing those who‘ll be participating as well as personally mentoring those selected throughout the 3 month process.

It’s important that I clarify…only 12 of the original 50 spots initially offered are still open and once filled, no additional prescreenings will be held even if there are prescreening requests pending, so it’s important to submit and request your prescreening as soon as possible.

This is 3 full months of “one on one personalized coaching/mentoring” that will be custom tailored to the individual wants, needs and desires of each of the participants selected.

This 3 month wealth mentoring/ coaching curriculum is valued very conservatively at $2,750.00 which Enlightened Journey Enterprises will fully subsidize.

That does NOT mean that no financial commitment on your part is required. The coaching/mentoring portion of the program valued at 2,750.00 is FULLY subsidized…to qualify it does require an energy exchange on your part as you’ll see when you watch the video and review the details.

You’ll find that what is being offered is an incredible value and can make dramatic and very rapid changes in your life, but it IS NOT free.

For all the details about how you can qualify for the subsidized portion of the mentoring program, I’ve created a video which will explain in detail what the program entails as well as what steps are necessary to qualify to receive it.

Please listen to the video in it’s entirety and fully explore the information provided PRIOR to requesting a prescreening. If you don’t have time to do that, this coaching curriculum will not suit you.

Simply follow the link below and I’ll explain in detail what it’s all about as well as why I’ve chosen to create, provide and facilitate this fully subsidized coaching/mentoring program for this select group.

Click here to watch the video for all the details

Again it‘s important that I emphasize, this program will not be for everyone. If this mentoring program is something that you believe could assist you personally, allow me to further clarify…”Time is of the essence.”

Once 12 participants have been selected the offer will discontinue.

Due to the financial costs associated with subsidizing the coaching/mentoring portion of the program as well as the obvious time constraints imposed by personally facilitating this form of mentoring personally, once those 12 have been confirmed the subsidized portion of the coaching/mentoring program will conclude.

The prescreening appointments generated are also very time demanding. If you are not serious and ready to move forward once you've reviewed the information provided in it's entirety, please DO NOT fill out a pre-screening request.

Inquiries will be processed and the prescreening interviews conducted in the order received or based on the specific appointment times requested until the 12 participants have been chosen.

These remaining spots are anticipated to fill very quickly so if receiving custom tailored, personalized one on one coaching/mentoring is something that is of interest to you it will be necessary to take immediate action.

Watch the video here for all the details

I look forward to meeting with each of you and working with those of you who recognize the value and are selected.

I can assure you it will prove to be a very empowering, enlightening and rewarding experience.

Now For This Month's Edition Of Enlightened Journey

The newsletter titled "Getting Back To Basics" is actually going to come in 3 parts. All focused on the importance of recognizing, applying and experiencing for yourself the power provided by simply choosing to apply the most essentials basics as well as discovering the simplicity of how creating the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual results that you desire truly is.

Enjoy, Happy New Year to all and A VERY Prosperous 2009.

Keep your eyes open for part 2. I believe you'll find it to be very "simple", yet "profoundly" powerful.

To Your Success and Fulfillment Today and Always,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

Always Remember That You Can "Be, Do and Have" ANYTHING That YOU CHOOSE To Experience.

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