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, This Could Protect You And Those You Love From Adverse Health Effects
July 20, 2008

2nd July 2008 Edition Of
"Enlightened Journey"

Potential Health And Wellness Alert Concerning Electromagnetic Field Pollution

In This Edition Of "Enlightened Journey"...

1) An Important Note From Enlightened Journey founder Chuck Danes Concerning Your Physical and Mental Health

2)Information Regarding Electromagnetic Field Pollution


Although I don't traditionally send e-mails out during the weekend, I felt this was important enough to make an exception.

If youíve been a part of the Enlightened Journey Community for any period of time, youíre already quite aware that itís my intent, my passion, my purpose as well as my primary focus to contribute and provide the Enlightened Journey Community with knowledge that Iíve acquired through my own discoveries and personal experience that will enable and empower you to, in the best way I currently know how, experience a more harmonious and productive quality of life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Todayís contact has to do specifically with the preservation of the health and welfare of yourself as well as those you love and provides potentially vital information that you may not be privy to and which BIG business would rather you didn't have.

More specifically it's related to what has been recently discovered and labeled as electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution emitted by some electronic products.

Although Iím making no definitive judgments, it seems that as more and more research is being done and continues to surface, a potential threat to your health and well being is being discovered relating specifically to the unprotected use of cell phones and other electronic devices such as unprotected use of computers, and could exist as a very real possibility.

Although being introduced to this information a few years ago as it was being broadcast on National TV in the U.S., at the time I, for various reasons, one being that I don't hold much confidence in what is shared through the predominant media, never really gave it much additional thought.

Although itís actually been in the back of my mind since, due to my schedule, I never really took the time to actually research further and discover personally what validity if any that this broadcast was conveying...Until today

I received an e-mail today that came from a very dear friend and business colleague that I felt was extremely important to share with and believe may benefit you and those you love tremendously, specifically relating to the area of physical health and may serve to provide you with a preventive alternative electromagnetic field pollution both now as well as far into the future.

Although I wonít go into great detail personally in this e-mail, the e-mail I've copied and pasted below will provide you with additional information that will enable you to make a conscious and educated decision for yourself as well as provide you with a means, at absolutely no charge to prevent this recently revealed potential threat from adversely effecting you and yours.

If you find benefit, please "pay it forward" as well.

It makes perfect sense to me and based on the little research Iíve done, appears to be something that has some validity based on double blind scientific study which modern day science utilizes to confirm or debunk health benefits and/or concerns.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

There is no profit or gain that I or Enlightened Journey Enterprises receives personally. It is merely a way for us to "pay it forward" and fulfill what I set out to do in April of 2005 when Enlightened Journey Enterprises was founded, which is to provide you with information and knowledge that I firmly believe can and will enhance every aspect of your life, IF youíll simply apply it and allow it to.

I believe this falls into that category and is important enough to make you aware.

I hope and trust this e-mail finds you and yours well, abundant and happy. Have an incredible rest of the weekend. :)

To Your Success, Fulfillment, Health and Well Being Today and Always,

Chuck Danes

PS -I almost forgot...Stay tuned for some extremely exciting developments that I'll be sharing with you over the next 30-60 days as Enlightened Journey Enterprises takes it to the next level, providing you with some extremely powerful and transformational "Secrets" that I'll be revealing as they unfold.

OK...Here's the e-mail I received...

*** PLEASE NOTE *** This email has been designed to make it easy for you to forward on to your friends and family so they too can benefit from The World's First F*REE Protective Cell Phone Shield.

Thanks in advance to all those who keep an open mind and "Pay it Forward" by sharing this technology with others!

If you were forwarded this email from a friend, be sure to visit to access the very latest version available and receive all the other subscriber-only benefits mentioned towards the bottom of this email. *** THANK YOU! ***

Dear Friends of Friends,

Do You Use a Cell Phone or other Wireless Device?

Have you ever wondered how these devices might affect your health or whether the studies linking them to anxiety, depression, infertility, brain damage and even cancer might be true?

If there was an easy to use technology that you could start using today to help protect yourself from these harmful effects and it was absolutely F*REE, would it interest you?

Attached you'll find a printable file that includes FreeShield technology, a unique system that you can quickly and easily apply to your cell phone and start experiencing the benefits right away.

Here's How to Protect Yourself from Your Cell Phone...

Simply open the attached file and print it out on any color printer, following the included instructions to apply it to your phone.

To learn more about the harmful effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution and how applying FreeShield to your cell phone helps protect you, visit

By visiting the "How it Works" page at, you'll quickly learn that FreeShield is not a hoax and how great minds like Leonardo Da Vinci were onto this technology centuries ago. At you'll also learn how to quickly and effectively test FreeShield technology to satisfy your skepticism. This test is so simple and fun to perform that you'll have even more fun demonstrating the effectiveness of FreeShield to others.

And YES, FreeShield Even Holds up to Double-Blind Testing!!!

Thank you for approaching FreeShield technology with an open mind and forwarding this email onto others who might benefit from it. is a humanitarian project of and sponsored by the mind blowing new film, "Hijacking Humanity". Visit now to watch this film for F*REE!

Be well, Craig-Edward:Brockie Founder of and Executive Producer of "Hijacking Humanity"

PS. Thanks again for sharing FreeShield technology with others by forwarding this email on to your friends and family.

PPS. There are two ways to receive this email. One is to receive it directly from FreeShield by entering your name and email address at The other way to receive this email is by someone forwarding it to you.

If you received this email directly from, tomorrow you will receive an email invitation to the FreeShield community forums where you'll learn how to get F*REE FreeShield wallpaper for your cell phone and computer desktop. In our forums you'll also find FreeShield support, solutions and connect with like minded people.

All those who sign up directly at will receive a total of seven email messages over the next four weeks with additional secrets to maximize your protection from harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation as well as other helpful resources. This service is provided F*REE of charge and you can easily unsubscribe at any time if you choose.

Visit today to sign up directly with us to receive the latest version of FreeShield technology and all of the above benefits.

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