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, This Is Where Change Really Begins
August 08, 2010


Happy Sunday. Although I don't "normally" send out e-mails on Sunday I did so today because most are so busy with all their DOING during the week that they sometimes overlook something that could prove important.

Others are so busy, sometimes it's difficult and so they don't slow down long enough during the week to really think...consciously I mean.

So since it is Sunday I'm going to ask that you do yourself a HUGE favor and take just a short pause of uninterrupted and "focused" time to do something that can and will make whatever you do, far more productive and rewarding with far less DOING.

I'm going to ask that you "think" about this. I mean REALLY think about this.

In the most recent newsletter... Issue #39 - Navigating The Narrow Path , we covered a lot about the change that's happening in the world.

We also covered a lot about how change affects each of us individually. We can either resist it in fear or respond to it in love.

First let's talk about change.

Change is certainly nothing "new." Change has been happening since time itself began and it's going to continue long after you and I move on.

Change is a constant. Always has been and always will be. And in today's rapidly evolving world, it's occurring faster than it ever has.

Yet as "true" as that is, it's human nature to resist rather than "flow with" change. Without getting into all the scientific data that supports how "true" it is that energy...which makes everything what it is... is in constant motion. It's ALWAYS changing.

That's one of the most basic laws of physics. No secret...nothing new. It's the way it is.

Always has been...always will be. Energy never rests and it's never idle.

Now since there is NOTHING...NO THING that isn't energy and energy is always in constant motion, it only makes logical sense that change is inevitable, right?

So why do so many "choose" to resist (fear) what's inevtable?

You can't and never will be able to change that fact. It doesn't matter if you "believe" you can or not. You can't.

So it's vital that we understand that there are things that we CAN change and things that we can't change.

The issue comes from the fact that the vast mmajority have become conditioned and indoctrinated to "believe" they CAN'T change what they CAN change.

That creates "resistance to change."

Choosing that way of "doing things" is resisting the very Laws of Nature which determine what you get and don't get. When we resist, we block the flow of what we "claim" we want and without fail get what we don't want.

When we allow, respond and flow with, we get what we do want.

That's a Universal Principle...a Law of Nature if you will that can't be "changed" REGARDLESS of whether you like it, "believe it" or not. And it's always going to be that way.

When belief becomes important and powerfully transformational is when you understand what you can't change and make a conscious and intentional choice to harmonize and align yourself with what you can change.

Here's where it becomes VERY relevant for those who "desire change" in their lives and are willing to DO something to get it.

Consider this. It wasn't that long ago that technology consisted of morse code and horse and buggy.

Now we have cell phones, jet airplanes, plasma TVs, PCs, the internet, lap tops, the IPod, the IPad, MP3 players and on and on and on.

It wasn't that long ago that space exploration and landing on the moon was once "believed" and "perceived" to be science fiction.

Today, we have technologies that enable us to observe BILLIONS of light years into space.

We even have the technology and the capabilty to use holographic projections to sit in our office and appear on a stage around the world at the very same time!!

At one point the vast majority of people in the world "believed" and "claimed" that all this change that we're experiencing now...all this "space age" tangible stuff was unimaginable.

Here's where it pertains to you and why it's "really important" to "think about" all this change if you "truly hope" to utilize it...flow with it to get what you want.

It's vital to understand and become aware of why and how it's happening as well as who and what precipitated it.

ALL these things and "stuff" could have and would have stayed "non existent", "intangible" and impossible unless and until someone had "thought" of them, believed they could become "real and tangible" chose to move forward and DO something to make them real. They couldn't and wouldn't have become real and tangible.

Because of these inventions the world has changed and is going to continue changing...rapidly and at ever increasing speed.

The way the world does business has and is going to continue changing too...rapidly. At lightening speed in fact.

And although many of these inventions and technologies have made "doing things" in a world of change much more simple, convenient, faster, etc. most aren't and choose not to become "aware" of that fact due to their choice to "resist" the changes taking place.

Millions today are out of work. They "believe" due to "resisting change" that there's nothing that can be done. Fear is growing. Resistance is rising because things are changing faster than ever before.

More specifically, the old way of doing business is becoming outdated. The Industrial Revolution is quickly being replaced by the information age.

Why? Well...on the a tangible sense, it's due to new technology, automation etc. But to really "get it" and understand it, we have to look a bit deeper than modern day inventions, technology and tangible things altogether.

All these "things"...all this technolgy...all this change and all this "stuff" are effects. We often "think" of them as "the cause" for all this change that's taking place, but the "Higher Truth" is they're not. They are without exception an effect derived from a deeper cause.

Many don't "slow down" long enough to "really think about" and see that. Everybody has so much to DO they "claim" they don't have time to slow down which is the very thing that keeps them from getting what they want and the very reason they spend so much TIME anxious, fearful, worried and frantically running around resisting and "doing" so much with such little return.

Even what we "DO" is an effect. Many "perceive" and believe" that what they DO is the cause for what they get. That's why getting the REALLY BIG things...the REALLY BIG hopes, dreams and desires we ALL have, "seems" so hard, difficult and impossible for so many.

They simply won't "slow down" long enough to DO what would enable them to get what they want.

They don't leverage the power of their mind "consciously and intentionally. They're leveraging it but doing so "unconsciously" and getting the opposite of what they want.

Choosing to understand the power you've been freely provided and consciously harmonizing that power with the immutable and unwavering Laws of Nature that determine health, wealth and prosperity as well as illness, poverty, lack and limitation enables those who choose to do so to become conscious, intentional and purposeful creators of their reality rather than "perceived" victims and/or creatures of circumstance.

You can't change the fact that change is inevitable.

What you CAN change is your mind. You can change how you look at and "perceive" the change that's taking place and depending on which you choose, you can either flow with or resist the inevitable changes taking place.

You can, as one of the masters put it "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." You don't HAVE to for sure, but you certainly can.

You can focus, as the vast majority are, on the doom and being "unable" to keep up with all the change or see it for what it truly is which opens the door to boundless and infinite potential for those who choose to "slow down" long enough to see it.

It's not a's an option. You certainly don't have to...but you can should you choose to.

With things changing today as rapidly as they are, the following nugget of wisdom has never been more true. The importance of "getting", internalizing and "DOING" something with the wisdom contained within the message" has never been more relevant or important than it is today.

"In times of change the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." - Eric Hoffer

With the introduction and release of new technologies almost daily and the fact that even the newest of technologies are becoming outdated and obsolete in a matter of months once introduced, it's quite "obvious" that change is occuring at lightning speed, the likes of which have never been experienced in the "tangible world."

What worked yesterday doesn't necessarily "work" today as it did in the past.

But think about "WHY" all this "stuff" is changing.

Where does it start?

In the mind.

Technology, regardless of how advanced it might become, cannot and will not EVER change that FACT. Technology can NEVER exceed the quality of mind that conceives it.

In the same way, the quality of your life can never exceed the quality of consciousness that you "conceive, believe and perceive."

Who "chooses" that? You do. When you enhance your awareness you enhance your life.

The most powerful, transformational and rapid changes happen for you when you choose to understand how awesome and powerfully creative you are and make a choice to do something with that understanding.

You can, whenever you choose, enhance your level of awarenessfully utilize the leveraging power of your mind. You can, whenever you choose to do so, utilize the technology that's precipitating all this "change" that so many are resisting to create "tangible results" that most choose not to.

You can, whenever you choose combine the leveraging power of the mind with the leveraging power that today's technology provides and in the process create Real Wealth, Real Succes and Real Freedom for yourself and contribute to A LOT of people along the way who "desire" the same thing.

Everything that exists in the "tangible world" of shape and form began as a idea...a conceptualization.

Everything begins at the level of consciousness. The quality of your consciousness is limited only by how much or how little you choose to enhance and expand your individual awareness.

Creating Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom is no different. Creating harmony and fulfillment in life is no different. Where cell phones, internet technologies, automobiles or WHATEVER you can think of...all that you can see, feel, touch, taste or smell BEGAN as a conceptualization.

ALL of these began as nothing more or less than a product of mind. What becomes "real and tangible" in the Newtonian world were, at one point unreal, unseen and intangible. Where was it?

Your quality of life is determined by your quality of consciousness...period.

And if you think fear, doubt and worry about what's going on "out there" is going to improve things, I beg to differ.

If you honestly think it's about frantically running around DOING more, formal education and intellectual understanding...if you think it's about IQ rather than EQ, if you "truly think" it's about your age, your gender, your geographical location, the hand that life has dealt you, how worthy or unworthy you are, that it's too late for you...yadda, yadda, are and will continue limiting your "true power" and your "tangible results" in ways that you can't even IMAGINE which is the very thing that's "causing" the limitation and "less than desired" outcomes in so many people's lives whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

And you can "think" that's not the case. You can "think" it doesn't pertain to you based on what you "know" if you choose. But it certainly doesn't make it true. It's simply what you "know" and believe which is the very thing that's keeping what you "think you know" repeating itself and showing up in your life over and over again.

It's what most people "think they know" which keeps them in fear, doubt and worry mode creating more of what they don't want.

But I can assure you based on having "been there and done that" and relying on what I "thought I knew" at one point that led me to understand the power in this statement...

You don't "know" what you don't know until you do. DOING so requires a choice.

And what there is to "know" is infinite in nature. The more you come to know...a knowing that harmonizes with what you want rathher than what you don; begin to see and clearly understand that what there is to "know" is infinite in nature.

Ther eis NO limit to what you can be, do and have.

If you like what you're getting, keep "applying" and doing what you know. Keep doing what you're doing.

But ANYONE and EVERYONE I've ever talked with personally....and that's A LOT of people... want more. We ALL want more of something. It's just as "true" that most won't DO things in such a way that enables and empowers them to get MUCH MORE of whatever it is they want without so much DOING, hard work and struggle.

To enhance the quality of your life requires elevating and enhancing what you "Know" about yourself, your life and the possibilities that are "truly" available to and for you.

Creating "desireable change" of significant proportion in your life requires a conscious and intentional choice to stop resisting and start "flowing with" the change that's taking place.

There are no limits with the exception of the limits you place on yourself. The only real limit is the limits that you "know" you're limited by.

And you get to be right.

Napolean Hill and Henry Ford made 2 profound statements that sum up what you can and/or can't achieve in life. those statements are...

"Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve."


"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you get to be right."

These are profoundly powerful and potentially transformational statements that MOST overlook.

What do you "desire" to achieve and experience for yourself? What are you conceiving? What do you "think" you can or can't achieve?

If it's less than desired, do you have a sincere desire to change things? And if you do, how "serious are you" about doing what's necessary to make the desired change real and tangible?

If you're "truly serious" and looking for guidance and support in how to DO that I've got a solution that could provide the change your seeking. A turnkey solution that provides ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could possibly need.

You can find out all about it here

It's not for everyone for sure. But it is a solution that will enable those who are "serious" about doing so to enhance their "awareness" of how to consciously, intentionally and purposefully use the leveraging power of their mind combined with the most powerful leveraging technology available today that can and is creating extraordinary "tangible results" for those who choose to "do" something with it.

My new "tangible tools partner" and friend, Loreen Muzik begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting and I are going to be hand selecting and personally working with the group that we select to show them how possible it is to take their lives to a whole new level.

We can't and won't do it for you but we can and will be pointing a select group who see the power behind what we're "DOING" down a path that we know through "personal experience" can enable and empower those selected to experience Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom for themselves.

Loreen and I are going to be lighting the pathway for a select group who see the power behind making clear, conscious, focused, intentional and aware decisions. We're going to be assisting them to consciously and intentionally harmonize BEING and DOING in such a way that produces more of the "desirable results" that they aspire to create for themselves.

We're also providing this group with EVERY tangible tool, system and the personalized support to leverage the power of technology in a way that the vast majority are "choosing" to resist rather than "flow with."

And we're going to "DO so" in a very simple, logical, rational, step by step fashion to show those selected just how simple it can be to create "tangible results" that many "believe" they can't.

We ALL can. It's simply a matter of choice.

Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom is created a step at a time. If you're serious or even just curious and you'd like to learn more about what we're going to "do", all that's required of you right now is taking the first step.

If you'd like to DO that you can

get all the details here...

I'll Be Connecting With A Very Select Few of You In The Very Near Future,

Chuck Danes

PS - We'll start the selection process soon, so if you "think" you might benefit be sure to act quickly.

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

Always Remember That You Can "Be, Do and Have" ANYTHING That YOU CHOOSE To Experience.

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