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Here's How the Karatbars "12 Weeks to WOW" Compensation Plan Can Easily and Quickly Provide You With Real Wealth, Real Freedom and Extraordinary Success...For Life

IF you'll follow and adhere to our very simple
and quite DOABLE 12 week plan

NO Hype....NO Nonsense. We Don't NEED It...We Have the Proof, the Product, a Proven Time Tested 12 Week Plan and 7 Ways to Earn HUGE Rewards

The Karatbars Compensation Plan combined with the philosophy that Karatbars International adheres to is certainly unique. Perhaps unlike anything you've EVER seen before.

And yes, the potential for EACH and EVERY Karatbars Affiliate is BIG. How big? For the sake of time and brevity, for now let's just say that the potential made real via Karatbars compensation plan is REALLY REALLY BIG...and then some.

Thanks to the appeal and demand for the Karatbars product, combined with the way Karatbars founder Harald Seiz thinks and does things, the rewards Karatbar's Affiliates receive, (thanks to the ingeniously designed Karatbars Compensation Plan) are extremely "uncommon" to say the least.

How so? You be the judge...

Watch the Karatbars Compensation Plan video below and within
a few minutes, you'll know if what we have is for you...

After watching the 8 Minute Karatbars Compensation Plan Overview video above, would you agree that The Karatbars Compensation Plan combined with the philosophy that Karatbars International adheres to, is unlike anything you've seen before?

Can you see how and why so many in the Karatbars Family are generating more income in a week...EVERY week, than MANY, who "work REALLY hard", earn in a month?

More importantly, can you see YOURSELF doing the same?

If not, no worries. You can still create your free Karatbars gold account and immediately start turning your "bad money" (worthless paper fiat currency) into REAL money (GOLD...which always has and always will have "REAL intrinsic value")without becoming a Karatbars Affiliate.

With Karatbars, EVERYONE gets to win...regardless.

Since you're still here, I'm going to assume that you ARE interested in becoming an affiliate and ready to learn more about the Karatbars Compensation Plan.

There are 3 KEY factors that make The Karatbars Compensation Plan VERY unique, extremely lucrative and globally appealing.

Let's cover those one at a time...

  1. One of the biggest things that makes the Karatbars Comp Plan so lucrative, (not too mention OVER the TOP appealing to Karatbars Affiliates globally) is the GLOBAL demand for the product, the Karatbar.

  2. What really adds to the appeal of a globally available, high demand product is the fact that there is no cost to Karatbars customers or affiliates.

  3. What makes the Karatbars Compensation Plan even better, is that the earnings & profits that you and your team generate, can be redeemed in cash, 999.9 Gold Grams or a combination of both.

Let's take a closer look as to HOW there is "no cost."

Customers that you or any of your personally enrolled team members refer, don't "spend" their paper money to acquire gold. They simply exchange their "paper money" for Real Money which earns YOU weekly and/or monthly income and a slew of bonuses from that activity!”

It is a no cost Gold savings program that offers each participant the opportunity to exchange their paper money for gold, direct, without the need to go through a Bank or Broker.

Why are so many people around the world recognizing the importance and urgency of trading their paper money for real money?

If you've read the series of financial articles I've written and freely share with all who are interested, you're already aware that in 1971, paper money replaced "Gold Money." In other words, the paper dollars we use today became what's known as a fiat currency with nothing of intrinsic value to back it.

When that happened, paper money became a fiat currency with no Real Value. In other words, paper money, which once had value because of the GOLD and silver that backed it, LOST ANY and ALL of it's intrinsic value.

Until 1971, Gold is what gave paper money it's value. The "paper dollars" we hold in our wallets have NO VALUE in and of themselves. They were created initially as a receipt of sorts, representing ownership of gold and silver that was stored to give those otherwise worthless green pieces of paper their value.

Since GOLD backed currency was eliminated by the U.S. government in 1971, combined with the fact that EVERY country in the world pegged their currency to U.S. currency and based the value of their dollars on U.S. currency, paper money is no longer Real Money and has ZERO Intrinsic Value REGARDLESS of where in the world you live.

On the other hand, Gold has retained it's value on a GLOBAL scale and will retain it's value as it has for more than 5000 years.

Bottom line, for those who see the necessity and enormous benefits of trading their paper money for real money, who also want to grow and/or retain their wealth, it's more of a wise exchange (trading bad money for good money) rather than the "spending of money".

There's more that makes the Karatbars Product and the Karatbars Compensation Plan globally appealing.

The "Karatbars 12-Weeks to WOW Strategy" is Designed the Way It Is
For Short and Long Term Financial Security.

Karatbars International understands the importance of each and every Karatbars Affiliate getting into profit quickly. The way the Karatbars Compensation Plan is structured, that's a no-brainer.

The short term "getting into profit quickly" part is VERY simple.

But with Karatbars Compensation Plan, it goes WAY beyond "short term." The enormous rewards Karatbars affiliates receive can be secured in the short and grow exponentially in the long term.

How so?

  1. In the short term - The Karatbars Compensation Plan enables you to start earning mind boggling commissions immediately.

  2. In the long term - The Karatbars Compensation Plan continues to provide that income (and more) AND encourages weekly participation in the gold savings plan to assist you in developing the "good habit" of "paying yourself first" via it's free to participate in, GOLD savings plan.

    You could say it's a Real Savings Plan secured by REAL money that's NOT impacted by the wealth draining effects of inflation, thereby protecting yourself, your family, and your assets with something of "true value" (GOLD) over the long term.

This "good habit" of paying yourself first equates to "hedging and protecting" the wealth you generate through your chosen vocation and/or the Karatbars compensation plan in both the short and the long term.

As awesome and appealing as the short and long term financial rewards are, the REAL priority is "gold acquisition and accumulation" to protect yourself and your family from the ill effects of inflation far into the future.

Each Karatbars International customer who creates a free gold account has the option of becoming a Karatbars affiliate. Once you've done that, you simply set people up with their free gold account, assist them with setting up their Gold accumulation Plan, enabling them to begin trading their "bad money" for "good money."

It's not only simple, it's a win win for ALL involved.

The Karatbars International Compensation Plan has 2 facets and 7 ways to Get Paid Which Sets it World's Apart from Other Affiliate Compensation Structures

Choosing to participate in the 12 week Dual Compensation Plan and reaching your desired income level in 12 weeks, (or if you prefer 12 months) there's a very simple 4 step strategy.

The 4 Step 12 Week Strategy that The Karatbars Compensation Plan is Based Upon is also VERY Simple...

  1. Create a Free Karatbars Gold Account

  2. Purchase a Karatbars Package (Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP)

  3. Agree and commit to personally owning and saving one gram (or more) of gold per week during this 12 weeks

  4. Get 2 others to agree to and do the same

Do that, make sure your team members understand the importance of doing the same, and you'll have reached a mind boggling income in whatever time frame you choose.

That's how simple it is.

The Karatbars Package You Choose (Combined with Your Commitment to Follow the 12 Weeks to WOW Plan) Determines Your Level of Income Short and Long Term

There are 4 Karatbars Packages available to choose from.

  1. Bronze

  2. Silver

  3. Gold

  4. VIP

Based on the 12 week Karatbars Compensation Plan in place, when the plan is followed to the letter...

  • A Bronze Package Affiliate who follows and adheres to the 12 week plan, can earn more PER WEEK than MOST earn in a month and do so in as little as 12 weeks.

  • A Silver Package Affiliate who follows and adheres to the plan can earn more PER WEEK than MOST earn in a quarter.

  • A Gold Package Affiliate who follows and adheres to the plan can earn more PER WEEK than MOST earn annually.

  • A VIP Package Affiliate who follows and adheres to the plan can expect to earn more in a week than MOST earn in a decade.

Let's look at a week to week breakdown of how the 12 week Dual Team Compensation Plan works so you can see on a week by week basis, how you can begin generating a mind boggling income each and every week FOR LIFE starting in the next 12 weeks.

Take a look at the Karatbars Compensation Graph below and you'll see exactly how the Power of Duplication works and What You Can Expect When You and Your Team Members Follow the Karatbars 12 Week Plan to the Letter...


Pays each Karatbars Affiliate 5% for each product package sold plus cycle bonuses which are earned on the sale (or repeat sale) of ALL of Karatbars International's incredible line of products


Pays each Karatbars Affiliate 10% for each product package sold plus cycle bonuses on ALL purchases (or repurchases) of Karatbars International's extensive line of products


Pays each Karatbars Affiliate 15% on each product package sold plus cycle bonuses on ALL of Karatbars International's in demand line of products


Pays each Karatbars Affiliate a WHOPPING 20% on every product package sold plus cycle bonuses on ALL of Karatbar International's line of products

As you can see, with the Karatbars Compensation Plan, your GOLD can be acquired for FREE, with ZERO out of pocket expense in as little as a few short weeks.

Beyond that, the numbers can get REALLY "crazy" VERY quickly!!

So which Karatbars Package SHOULD you choose?

Which package you choose initially isn't as important as choosing one of them. Since the percentage of income you receive ranges from 5% (Bronze package) to 20% (VIP package), the really important questions are, "How much do you want to make and how quickly do you want to make it?"

Which package you start with isn't as important as getting started with whichever package you feel most comfortable starting with.

Once you've become a Karatbars Affiliate, you can upgrade to another package at any time without penalty.

There's no doubt that Karatbars International has the ULTIMATE System, an AMAZING category creator product and thanks to the Karatbars Compensation Plan, average people from all around the world are earning EXTRAORDINARY incomes in as little as 12 short weeks.

You can take the longer path if you choose and go with 12 months. Again, whichever suits you and your desired lifestyle is the way to go.

Let's Take a Quick Look at What Happens Beyond the 12 Week Strategy That The Karatbars Compensation Plan is Based Upon

Now that you have the big picture view of HOW the Karatbars Compensation Plan works, would you agree that it's BIG?

I've got to level with you. It CAN be a LOT more awesome and much bigger than I'm able to share here.

How awesome and BIG can it get? Well...that depends on YOU and how BIG you want to make it. I can't and WON'T "promise you" anything. I don't make income claims, hyped up promises, or anything of the sort. The reason I don't is because ultimately, it's all up to you.

Yes, you CAN earn more PER WEEK than MOST make in a decade but rest assured, that's not hype...it's FACT. And that's only the beginning.

But make no mistake. Where YOU begin and where you end up, is entirely up to you.

As it pertains to you, it all begins as a mindset...your level of "desire."

What financial goals have you set and how much would you LOVE to make in the weeks, months and years ahead?

Success, failure, abundance or poverty, doing and not doing, all "begins" in the mind.

What's "financially realistic" in your mind?

Would adding a couple dollars, a couple hundred or perhaps a couple thousand more measly dollars per month to your current income suit you?

You can do that for sure, but if it feels comfortable to go for the gusto, WHY in the world would you settle?

Would adding $10,000.00, $15,000.00, $50,000.00 or perhaps more per week, better satisfy your tastes? What would that do for you? How would that feel and how might it enhance the quality of YOUR life and/or enable you to contribute more to the lives of others?

I can't know where you stand financially in your life right now or what your financial desires are. This might sound crazy but, what if you were able to reach the $200,000.00 per month mark?

How would that change your life?

Can you? The potential is certainly there but DOING it is ALL up to you too. Although there are Karatbars Affiliates all around the world who ARE doing just that, to you that may sound WAY too big and perhaps even "seem" impossible.

Regardless of how it sounds or how unrealistic it may sound to you, since it IS happening for average people everywhere, it CAN happen for you too, should you enable and allow it to.

One thing us certain...

The Karatbars Compensation Plan is VERY SIMPLE in Design and Makes Earning a Significant, Recurring and Recession Proof Income Over and Over and Over Again, Each and EVERY Week Child's Play...For Real

Thanks to how the Karatbars Compensation Plan is structured, anyone who chooses to participate can earn MUCH more than those with "limited or poverty mindsets" "think" they can.

Reaching whatever financial goals you might have only requires 2 things...

  1. Following our proven 12 week team plan to the letter

  2. Becoming and remaining willing to DO what's revealed to you until the job is done.

Now it's simply a matter of YOU deciding if YOU want to step up, play a bigger game and get in on the fun, or watch as the world passes you by.

If the answer is I'm ready, willing, able, and chomping at the bit to get started, it's simply a matter of deciding which of the Karatbars Packages is for you.

Here's what to do next...

Start by creating your FREE Karatbars Gold Account.

Once you've done that, purchase your Karatbars Package, follow the 12 week plan to the letter and you will.

Now that you're aware of HOW the Karatbars Compensation Plan works and how lucrative it can be, that leads us to 2 commonly asked questions.

  1. "HOW can you learn how to reach those objectives?"

  2. What exactly needs to be done to ensure that you do?

The answer to BOTH questions becomes clearly apparent via the world class affiliate training via the Karatbars Academy that Karatbars International has created FOR you.

The top notch training that Karatbars Affiliates receive enables each and every Karatbars Affiliate to level the playing field, provides equal footing and the same opportunity to earn the kind of income that the Karatbars Compensation Plan makes possible.

Since "the right kind of training" is a key element for success, let's look at the stellar training Karatbars International has in place for each of it's affiliate partners.

Additional Questions?

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