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If You See the Power Behind and Have a Passion For Enriching the Lives of Others, This Karatbars Leadership Team Will Provide You With the Knowledge, Systems, Tools and the Step by Step Guidance to Transform Your Dreams Into a Tangible and Measurable Reality!

"The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way
to be happy is to make others so."
~Robert G. Ingersoll

Do you think it's OK to get paid for changing the world?

Are are open to sowing the kind of seeds that sprout into a new, more abundant, peaceful and liberated world... built on a new kind of economy that serves others, contributes enormous value and enriches the lives of all who it touches?

Do you understand (or at the very least are you willing to develop the understanding) that the kind, quality and quantity of value that you receive, whether financially or otherwise is a mirrored reflection of the value you provide to the world?

Will You Commit Wholeheartedly and DO What's Necessary to Start
Receiving $4,500.00 PER WEEK in the Next 12 Weeks?

If you can say YES, you're sincere and serious about success, you really mean it and...

  • ...you have a sincere desire to enhance your results

  • ...you're a visionary thinker with a heart for reaching and serving others

  • ...you can follow direction and are open to learning HOW to take "the right kind of action" that enables and allows your desires to become "Real, Tangible and Measurable...

...what Karatbars International, Chuck Danes and Kristine Martin (aka Your Karatbars Leadership Team) have in place is most definitely for you.

We’ve spent months brainstorming, researching, testing, tweaking and integrating the tools, systems, and processes that enable you to reach and provide value to a global audience.

Thanks to Karatbars International, everything you could possibly need is in ALL in one convenient place.

The ONLY thing required of those who we choose to lead and partner with, is the heart and sincere desire to share and pay forward the enormous value of what we've created, to those who recognize, see and would benefit from the value we provide.

This Karatbars Leadership Team's primary vision is to assist you in creating a lifestyle of total Liberation and Freedom. Real and Lasting Freedom, whatever that means to you. We are positioned, ready, laser focused, sincere and serious about assisting those who are equally sincere and serious about "receiving more" in seeing the necessity of and the transformational power behind "providing" more value...to yourself, to others, and to (as well as FOR) the world at large.

Although the leadership and guidance we provide is multi-faceted, what the Karatbars Leadership Team does can be summed up in one phrase...

Teach, train and assist those that we partner with to transform "seemingly mundane and mediocre" results, financially and otherwise, into the kind that most would view as "uncommon and extraordinary."

Are You a "Heart Centered Visionary Thinker"
with a Sincere Desire to Enhance Your Results?

In life, most people believe that life "just happens". Successful entrepreneurs are smarter than that. They understand that in order to achieve more in life, you must be willing to grow, to expand your vision, and to do things that those who "settle" aren't willing to do. They also understand the importance of providing enormous VALUE to a global audience who are seeking answers and solutions that MANY have lost sight of.

The fact is, MOST believe that DOING alone is the way to prosperity.

Most everyone is DOING plenty as it relates to physical activity. They "work" really hard, yet they haven't yet reached the pinnacle of where they "truly desire" to be.

The question is why? The answer is simple...

What many overlook is the importance and necessity of DOING the "inner work"; the "starting place" that enables and allows the externals (more money, greater health and harmonious relationships) to become "tangible and measurable" experiences.

Success in life certainly requires action. But it begins inside. Transforming your current results into heartfelt hopes, dreams and aspirations begins with a paradigm shift.

Learning HOW and choosing to make the "internal shifts" from a paradigm of the mundane and mediocre, to the uncommon and extraordinary is an essential first step toward being, doing and having more of what you "truly desire" in life.

The reason WHY is simple.

When you DO what's MOST important FIRST and the "inner shifts are made", what you DO in the way of tangible action becomes fun, pleasant, enjoyable and MEANINGFUL. That's when your DOING aligns and harmonizes with the the heartfelt desires you hold and your "outer results" change...many times in "seemingly magical ways."

Karatbars International has ALL the external things in place.

Learning HOW and choosing to make the "internal shifts" from a paradigm of the mundane and mediocre, to the uncommon and extraordinary is the first necessary step that enables and empowers YOU to be, do and have more of what you "truly desire" in life.

Sound complex? It's NOT!!

Doing so is as simple as...

  • ...expanding your awareness

  • ...enhancing your knowledge

  • ...developing the kind of habits and skills that enable you to think, speak and act in such a way that aligns, harmonizes with and fulfills WHATEVER aspirations you hold.

DOING each of those things is what enhances the "tangible expression" and the sharing of the enormous value that you already possess.

When you combine that with the

That's a "key step" in the creating success process that MOST overlook or simply won't do. That's precisely WHY most never receive or achieve what they claim they WANT to be, do and/or have more of in life.

The question is why?

On the surface, there are many possibilities and equally as many "seemingly justifiable" reasons. But at the core of it all, the one word answer is FEAR.

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of __________. We've ALL been programmed, indoctrinated and conditioned in such a way that to react out of fear than respond to life and our desires in life in more aligned, harmonized and loving ways. because of that, ALL experience fear of varying degrees. What we DON'T all do, is make the choice to recognize, acknowledge, move through and transform conscious, as well as "unconscious" fears into the desirable kinds of "tangible and measurable results" that EVERYONE "claims" to want.

Eliminating FEAR is as simple as enhancing the beliefs which ignite and feed the fear.

It's NOT that we wouldn't if we knew could...in MANY cases, it's simply that we don't know how or even that we can for that matter.

But we ALL can...YOU can too IF ever and WHENEVER YOU decide it's time.

That's one of MANY things that this Karatbars Leadership Team will reveal to those who they'll be hand selecting, partnering and working closely with in the 12 weeks that are ahead.

In that 12 weeks they'll be showing you what to do and HOW do it, in the "right order" to achieve uncommon results.

Yes "part of that" is reaching the $4,500.00 per week financial goal that they have set for each of their team members.

But it's so much more than that.

Acknowledging and Moving Through the Various Fears That Hold Us Back is the Key to Creating and Living a Life You Love.

We ALL want a life we love. But to fully experience that kind of life, it's necessary to DO what MOST don't.

What is that?

Unlearning what causes us to habitually react out of fear and relearning how to consistently and habitually respond in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with the tangible and measurable kinds of results that we love.

In essence, it begins with making the "internal shifts" from fear to love.

Doing that begins by recognizing fear for what it is. What it "truly is."

Here are 4 vitally important facts that MOST overlook and/or don't understand about FEAR...

  1. Fear has many faces

  2. Nearly every form of fear stems from nothing more and nothing less than a lack of awareness and understanding

  3. When you enhance your awareness and acquire the "right kind of understanding", fear loses its grip AND it's power

  4. When you make a conscious and intentional choice to consistently DO what's necessary to enhance your "awareness and understanding", unfounded fears disappear and love shines through

Self-Doubt, worry, anxiety, embarrassment, shame, guilt, procrastination and Lack of Confidence are ALL subcategories of FEAR. Unrecognized, unacknowledged and "under the radar FEARS are what NEEDLESSLY HOLD YOU BACK From Achieving Greater Financial Success & Real Freedom in life.

The kind of mentoring that this Karatbars Leadership Team provides dispels and disarms "imagined fears", enabling and empowering sincere and serious "success seekers" to be, do and have what they truly desire in life. Chuck and Kristine do that through providing a very specialized form of education, ongoing support, hands on interaction, a very powerfully leveraged set of tangible tools AND a 12 week, clearly detailed and easy to follow road map revealing the steps and the action necessary to get the job done.

That's precisely what they'll be doing with the select group of "independent visionary thinkers" that they'll be hand selecting, teaching, coaching, mentoring and partnering with in the days ahead.

Do you know the #1 reason why most don't achieve their most heartfelt hopes, dreams desires and aspirations?


Where does inaction stem from?

Self doubt.

That brings us full circle. Self-doubt is nothing more or less than an "unfounded imaginary fear" that exists due to one (or many) "LIMITING Beliefs!!"

Self-doubt is the single biggest saboteur of success. It's an all too common thing but it doesn't have to remain a permanent thing. Even Eaglets need a push before they spread their wings for the 1st time don't they?

Are YOU Ready to Spread Your Wings and Soar to New Heights?

If you had access to learn from, "brainstorm” with, follow the lead of and work directly with a group of highly successful entrepreneurs who have "been there and done that" and who only desired the best for you, would "spreading your wings" seem less intimidating and be easier to DO?

If you had 24/7 access to the platform, the tools, the systems and the training to leverage your reach, provide a highly effective and valuable solution to those who are seeking greater results, while enhancing the financial aspect of your own life exponentially, would that assist you in reaching and achieving whatever your desires might be?

Well, of course it would. That's what this Karatbars Leadership Team specializes in and DOES every single day.

Yes, they've integrated a highly effective and powerfully leveraged business platform, (Karatbars International) the tangible tools, systems, an AMAZING in demand product and ALL of the specialized training anyone could need to enhance their financial portfolio, but what they do is SO much bigger than that.

The financial aspect of life is certainly an important PART of the Real Harmony equation. But the hope, purpose, intention and vision of this Karatbars Leadership Team extends well beyond business and finances.

The Karatbars Leadership Team integrates and utilizes a "Whole Life Approach" which enables and empowers those we reach, teach, assist and serve to experience physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony.

Do you know the 3 top reasons why most never achieve what they "claim" to want?

  1. Absence of a strong belief that you CAN and WILL reach your goals

  2. Lack of "the right kind" of support and guidance

  3. Lack of a terrific, well-defined and properly leveraged strategy to move you consistently forward enabling you to reach them

The Karatbars Leadership Team has ALL of that in place.

Conscious Alignment is the Key to Success

Achieving extraordinary results in life requires an "uncommon understanding" and "conscious alignment" of three essential attributes that WE ALL, without exception already possess and USE every second, of every minute, of every day.

Although we ALL possess and utilize those attributes, it's a sad fact that MOST are unaware of how to align, harmonize and USE THEM in a conscious, intentional, purposeful and highly effective kind of way.

Those attributes are...

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Physical

The specialized form of coaching/mentoring Chuck and Kristine provide is strategically incorporated into a very powerful and highly specialized form of curriculum to assist each and every team member we work with to align and harmonize each of those attributes in such a way that Real and Lasting Success becomes so much more "simple" and attainable than many "think" it is.

That's the primary role that this Karatbars Leadership Team will be playing in each of their Karatbars team members lives...Equipping those they reach, teach and serve with everything they could possibly need to "consciously align" the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself, which in turn enables you to "achieve" uncommon results and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

4 VITALLY IMPORTANT questions to ask yourself are...

  1. How far do you think you can go in life?

  2. Where are you now and where do you "truly desire" to be?

  3. Are you willing to expand and move beyond what you "think you know" long enough to achieve and experience what's "truly available" to and for you?

  4. Are you open, willing and receptive to enhancing the "value" you put into the world and learning how to open yourself to receiving more of what you love, value and "truly desire" in life?

There are no right or wrong answers, but one thing is certain. You'll never achieve or move beyond what you think and believe you can.

That's perhaps the single most important thing Chuck and Krisitine do...assist everyone on their team to believe bigger so they can think bigger, do what's truly necessary to enhance their results so they might HAVE their "heartfelt desires" fulfilled.

They can't change the way you choose to think but they CAN and do assist you in integrating and developing the kind of beliefs that enable you to "think" and do things in a more efficient, productive and tangibly pleasing kind of way.

If there's one thing that this Karatbars Leadership Team understands about You, life, money, happiness, business and YES, even the creation of extraordinary success, it's this...

There are NO limits as to what you can BE, DO or HAVE in life and the attainment of whatever you desire is well within your reach.

In the attainment of "heartfelt desires", the question isn’t what do I have to DO more of to become what I want? The REAL question is who and what must I BECOME first so I might start thinking, believing and DOING what’s necessary to HAVE the desires of my heart fulfilled.

That’s when want, need and desire become a thing of the past.

It doesn't matter where you are in life, whether struggling, settling, sacrificing, or doing your best to reach the next rung on the ladder of success. This Karatbars Leadership Team KNOWS the way and provides you with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to get you from where you are to where you "truly desire" to be.

That's precisely what Chuck and Kristine do and will be doing for those they select to work and partnering with for 12 full weeks.

They are the Kind of Karatbars Leadership Team that Will Do Everything in Their Power to Assist You in Being, Doing and Having More of What You Desire, Using the Awesome Resource We Have in Karatbars International

Yes, theyre going to be inviting our newly selected tribe of Karatbars Team members to see that ANYONE who is "sincere and serious" CAN experience for themselves, what being a part of the 6 figure fraternity is like.

And yes, they also introduce and reveal to those selected the methodologies and strategies that make doing so quite simple for those who follow their lead.

But, as leaders Chuck and Kristine understand that the 3 single most important factors for Being, Doing and Having more in life BEGIN by...

  1. Adopting the beliefs that enable your "dreams" to come true.

  2. Holding an intention that aligns with your dreams and desires

  3. Constructing and holding a clearly defined vision

  4. Taking a form of consistent, laser focused ACTION that provides the "desired" result

Most believe that DOING more is what's necessary to HAVE more. In fact, that's such a deeply engrained and widely held belief that MOST are DOING so much that they overlook the importance of and never take the TIME to DO the kind of DOING that's "truly necessary."

It has NOTHING to do with getting more, having more or DOING more. It has EVERYTHING to do with BEcoming more FIRST.

The latest 21st century scientific discoveries as well as timeless wisdom clearly conveys HOW and WHY life turns out "for us" as it does.

What's going on WITHIN YOU is where it all begins.

That's the foundational place to start. Once the foundation is in place, it's simply a matter of taking inspired, focused, and "Heart Centered" action consistently, which enables and allows your "heartfelt desires" to become a tangible and measurable reality.

EVERYTHING Chuck and Krisitne teach, every moment of training, and EVERYTHING they instruct you in and have you DO is about creating Real Wealth and Real Freedom for those who are sincere and serious about doing so.

That training combined with what Karatbars International has in place is what enables their team members to experience an ALL Level form of Liberation and Freedom.

Chuck and Kristine can't and won't do it for you. But if you choose to, they'll do everything in their power to ensure that you have the FACTS, the awareness, the understanding and every "tangible and intangible tool" you could possibly need to enable and empower you to DO what's "truly necessary" to reach your dreams.

When you align and harmonize the beliefs, thoughts, words and actions with the right kind of education, guidance and tangible tools to leverage the awesomeness that you are, success is certain.

Everything you could possibly need is in place, including removing any barriers that may distract you from making a decision to accept this well-deserved opportunity to transform everything you’ve always "wanted, hoped, wished and prayed for" into a tangible and measurable reality.

So let’s make it even easier for you to LOVE yourself enough to GIVE yourself the key to personal freedom and success…

If you're sincere and serious about BEING all you can Be, have a sincere and heartfelt desire to contribute more so you might DO even better, and are open to learning what's Truly Necessary to HAVE what you Truly Desire in and out of life, the leadership and guidance that this Karatbars Leadership Team provides, may be the missing piece of the puzzle you've been looking for.

Now it's simply a matter of YOU deciding...

Are You Sincere and Serious About Transforming Your Hopes, Dreams and Desires Into a Tangible and Measurable Reality?

There you have it. You have the big picture view of what this Karatbars Leadership Team does and will be doing for their entire team.

If it sounds appealing to you and you'd like to be a part of something far bigger than you or them, the time is NOW to take the next step…

If you feel that what Chuck, Kristine and the other leaders of the Karatbars Leadership Team offers is for you and you feel that YOUR time is NOW to begin learning and DOING what's "truly necessary" to enhance your results, the next steps are quite "simple and easy" to take.

Here they are...

  1. Click on the NEXT button below

  2. Complete the Karatbars International tour and review ALL of the information we've put together about Karatbars International, the "tangible tool" we've chosen and will be using to create and experience the financial liberation and sense of freedom that many only search for.

  3. Once you've completed that, let us know you're ready, willing and able to join us as we embark on this journey by clicking on the "create your free gold account" button and fill in the necessary information

  4. Be prepared to take ACTION

If you're sincere and serious about creating results, don't procrastinate on this.

Your best life is waiting and you CAN know what it's like to experience it, if ever and whenever you decide it's time.

If you decide that NOW is your time, Chuck and Kris look VERY FORWARD to seeing you on the inside.

Whatever you decide, here’s to You and the fulfillment of Your Dreams.

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Our vision, mission and purpose is to guide those who are open, willing and receptive to creating real, whole and sustainable abundance and happiness...in life - in business - from the "inside out."

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