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The Karatbars Product Line - Highly Valuable, Certainly "Unique",
DEFINITELY in Demand and Even Better...Available Globally

Immense Value - Wealth Creator/Protector - Huge Demand - Global Appeal

Behind every successful company that experiences the kind of exponential growth that Karatbars International has, you're sure to find a high value, in demand and revolutionary product.

The Karatbars product, appropriately called a Karatbar, is certainly that and MORE.

How so? It's simple...

The Karatbar is MONEY...REAL money!!...more specifically, 999.9% Currency Grade GOLD money.

  • Not a stock

  • Not a commodity

  • Not a worthless piece of fiat paper currency

  • REAL money with REAL value that you can store and/or hold in your hand

The Karatbars Product is not only unique, highly valuable and truly revolutionary, it's a category creator with HUGE demand and an equally huge marketplace.

How huge is it?

The Karatbars product (Assorted Karatbar Gold Bullion Cards) are available on a GLOBAL Scale. (currently available in 130 countries with 180,000 plus Karatbars customers and affiliates and growing monthly)

Since the precious metals world has experienced a major shift over the past 5 years, the timing as well as the demand for the Karatbars product line has increased exponentially.

Gold is the only global currency that transcends all government bureaucracy, it's value isn't dependent on the "printing of MORE fiat currency" and for 5000 years has been recognized for (as well as maintained) it's purity as a commodity of REAL value.

In other words, GOLD is, and for more than 5000 years has been recognized for ALWAYS holding an unwavering and consistent form of value, even when paper fiat currency systems collapse.

What's more, GOLD is recognized as being REAL MONEY in EVERY country in the world...bar NONE.

Very few "paper currencies" provide that kind of security. Even those that have for years are becoming "suspect" at best.

Karatbars Full Product Line and Accessories

Karatbars International Products

The line up of products that Karatbars International distributes is equally unique and provides something for everyone.

The Karatbars Product Line Includes...

  • Karatbars Classic Card

  • Karatbars Gift Cards

  • Karatbars Country Cards

  • Karatbars Collector Cards

  • Karatbars Personal Branding Cards

  • Kartabars Accessories

The Karatbars product not only provides those who see the importance of securing and protecting themselves against the wealth draining affects of inflation, deflation, volatile financial markets and the VERY REAL possibility of hyper-inflation, thanks to the Karatbars Affiliate Program, incredible incomes are being generated at the same time.

Average people from ALL around the WORLD are trading their "bad money"
for "good money", sharing the Karatbars vision with others and
earning a MINIMUM of $4.500.00 PER WEEK.

The Karatbars Product - 999.9 LBMA Certified Currency Grade Gold Bullion Bars
Are Available in Affordable 1 Gram, 2.5 Gram and 5 Gram Quantities.

The focal product is called a Karatbar Classic Card and it's unlike ANY other product (gold bullion or otherwise) you've EVER seen.

In addition to distributing Karatbars globally, Karatbars International specializes in the mining, creation, sale and storage of small 999.9 currency grade gold bullion bars (called karatbars) sold in affordable weights of 1 gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram quantities.

What makes the Karatbars product line even more unique is the quality of the gold that's framed into each Karatbar.

All gold is NOT created equal.

Karatbars International is one of few gold producers that proudly displays it's LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certification and backs every gram of gold that it distributes with a London Good Gold Delivery (LGD) Certificate.

Karatbars Classic Cards

The Karatbars Classic Cards are one of many Karatbars products which are definitely unique, certainly a category creator and even better, since the gold that is placed into every Karatbar is "The Highest Quality Currency Grade Gold", it also serves as a rock solid safety hedge against inflation.

The Line of Karatbars Products Also Includes
Specialty Gold Cards and Accessories

In addition to the Karatbars Classic Cards, the Karatbars Product line consists of a number of highly treasured, high value gift items as well that makes Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Valentines Day, any other holiday (or any "special event" for that matter) a very special occasion for both the giver AND the receiver.

While the focal product of Karatbars International is their "Classic Card" (aka the Karatbar), the line of Karatbars Products extend beyond one choice.

In addition to the Karatbars Classic Cards, the Karatbars Product Line also includes...

  • Assorted Holiday and Specialty Gift Cards

  • Collector Cards

  • Country Cards

  • Personalized Branding Cards

  • Karatbars Accessories

Whether it be a Karatbars Classic Card, one of the many other Gold Bullion Cards that Karatbars International offers to it's global clientele or it's line of High Quality Karatbars Accessories, there's something for everyone.

Karatbars International even has a clothing line for those dedicated Karatbars Affiliates who want to display what they have to offer so the world can see.

The Karatbars Product line doesn't stop there.

Like every Gold Bullion Card that Karatbars International produces, whether it be the Classic Card, the line of Gift Cards, etc., each and every card is framed with the same 1 gram, 2.5 gram or 5 gram 24k gold bullion bars that the Karatbars Classic Card comes with.

In addition to the Classic Cards, Karatbars offers a large selection of gift cards, a line of Limited Edition Collector Cards, Country Cards and even Personalized Gold Branding Cards that YOU can custom design to fit you and your business brand.

Here's just a small sampling of the various "Special Occasion Gold Gift Cards" that Karatbars International has made available...

Assorted Gift Cards

Karatbars Birthday  Cards

Karatbars New Baby Cards

Karatbars Valentines Cards

Karatbars International offers a complete line of Karatbars Gift Cards for every occasion. Regardless of what the "special occasion" might be, who wouldn't LOVE to receive GOLD for a gift?

Whether it be a special birthday, anniversary, Valentines Day, Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, arrival of a new born, etc., Karatbars Gift Cards are a welcome alternative to traditional gifts.

Limited Edition Collector Cards

Karatbars Collector Cards

Karatbars Ferrari Collector Cards

Karatbars Brazilian Gold Cup Collector Cards

They're very special "Limited Edition" collector’s cards, offered in limited quantities which, over time can increase GREATLY in value.

As an example, the limited edition Pope John Paul Collector Cards are limited to 100,000 in total production.

Once they're gone, they're gone and production will cease. Over time, limited edition cards are known to INCREASE greatly in value, in MANY cases multiplied MANY times over the original cost.

Assorted Country Cards

Karatbars Country Cards

Karatbars Slovenia Country Card

Karatbars Statue of Liberty Card

The Karatbars product line doesn't stop there. They've also created what are known as Karatbars Country Cards.

The name Country Cards speaks for itself. Karatbars produces a wide range of Country Cards based on the many countries in the world. Whether a collector, or a proud citizen, the Karatbars Country Cards provide a unique

Custom Branding Cards

Karatbars Branding Cards

Karatbars Business Branding Card

Karatbars Comapny Branding Card

Have a special need for branding your business or organization? The Karatbars product line enables you to do just that.

Karatbars International offers every Karatbars customer the option of creating their own custom design and delivers personalized branded cards specially designed just for you and your business.

Talk about making an "over the top" impression with those "special" clients!!

Karatbars has steadily and will continue adding to its product line over time and continue using and adhering to the highest standards in the industry for gold production.

There's more that sets Karatbars and the Karatbar Product Line FAR Apart from "Other Companies."

Now You're Aware of What Makes the Karatbars Product Line So Unique and So Popular on a Global Scale.

Like it or not, money is an important part of EVERYONE'S life. As such, it impacts and affects everyone's life. The ways and means it impacts us, varies of course.

One thing is certain and nearly always applies as it pertains people and their relationship with MONEY though...

Those who have little, want more of it. Those who have much, seek ways to invest, secure, protect and grow what they have.

Not only is the Karatbar product unique, different, in HUGE demand and available ALL around the world, there's something else...something ENORMOUSLY HUGE that sets it FAR APART from other gold manufacturers/destributors.

First, let's look at what makes the Karatbars Product line and MUCH MORE appealing than "common OVERPRICED and oftentimes "useless" products that many MLM and Network Marketing companies use which have little to NO Real Value."

To name just a few things as to WHY the Karatbars Product is SO unique and in demand in comparison to MANY "common products" flooding the market, the Karatbars Product Line is NOT among the overloaded and saturated...

  • ...health, wealth, weight loss of nutrition industry.

  • ...water, juice, coffee, fruit, or energy drink market

  • ...beauty, jewelery, gifting, or shopping portals

  • ...penny auctions, advertising, cars, shoes, travel or clothes

Which leads into an important question and one worthy of carefully considering and thinking "deeply" about...

Who doesn't or wouldn't LOVE to acquire a form of Real Money that has a LONG history (5000 years) of securing or growing an individuals wealth?

I don't personally know of ANYONE...and I know people all around the WORLD. They ALL agree.

Speaking of "around the world"...that's yet another thing that makes the Karatbars product SO unique AND appealing...it doesn't matter what your (or anyone elses) individual needs might be or where on the planet you or someone else lives...

Karatbars International has made this unique and in demand product not only available to, but affordable FOR people ALL AROUND the WORLD.

Another thing that makes the Karatbars product EXTREMELY appealing and unique to a GLOBAL audience, is that the Karatbar product (the assortment of gold bullion cards) doesn't COST money!!

HUH?!?!? How so?

It's "simple." Those who see the value of the Karatbar product don’t actually SPEND any money at all. When you acquire and collect the Karatbar, you simply trade and convert your "worthless paper currency" into gold bullion money...REAL money.

The difference between paper fiat currency and gold is that, “gold is Real money.”

When you own the Karatbars Product and create a free gold account utilizing Karatbars International state of the art software, you are SAVING money...NOT spending money.

It's simply an EXCHANGE of "bad money" for "good money."

Due to the fact that the "average person" found it difficult to create a gold savings plan due to the high cost of "Gold by the ounce", Karatbars enables anyone in the world to participate by making each and every gram of gold affordable.

For as little as $65.00, anyone with the desire can acquire and benefit from the ownership of pure gold bullion.

Would you agree that the Karatbar product opens the door to a HUGE market, with ENORMOUS flexibility, added security and should you choose to participate in the Karatbar Affiliate Program, opens an additional door to HUGE potential and opportunity for you?

Can you also see how the Karatbars product is equally appealing to (and needed by) both groups; those who have little money AND those who have a lot?

The success or failure of any business depends greatly on the quality, useability, popularity, sustainability and/or consumption of the product.

You don't "consume" the Karatbars product but would you agree that you and everyone interested in the concept of owning GOLD and securing their finances would want to trade their "paper fiat currency" for something with Real Value and acquire as much as you/they can?

Point being, everything that the experts claim to be an amazing, useful and needed product with a MEGA century history of success, is precisely what The Karatbars product provides.

In fact, it provides ALL of those and more!!

If you think so too, click on the "Create a free account" button below, follow the steps and you'll be all set.

We're excited about what the future holds for us and each of our partners. Should you decide that the affiliate portion of the Karatbars Program is for you, and you'll DO what's necessary, we look forward to working with you as we move forward and "consciously create" our realities and DO what's required to enhance ALL of our financial destinies long into the future.

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