Detachment and Surrender

Looking back many years when I was just a young boy living in Houghton Lake Michigan, Northern Pike fishing was something that I always looked forward to. I come from a long line of outdoorsman who lived for fishing, boating, skiing and generally enjoying the miracle of nature, and that love has carried over through my generation and that of my sons.

What could Pike fishing and loving nature possibly have to do with detachment?

Here's how it ties in for me.....

I remember like it was yesterday the anticipation I felt always hoping that one of my relatives would make the JOYOUS announcement that we were going fishing the following morning. At that point in my life I don't think even a Million Dollars (or anything else for that matter) could have made me any more excited or happier than spending the morning on the lake in anticipation of catching the trophy Pike. Being out in the boat with my Dad, Grandfather or one of my Uncles was literally what I lived for at the time. For a young boy with the love I had for the outdoors It was quite literally like "Heaven on Earth."

When this JOYOUS event was announced it would be difficult for me to get to sleep that night and I'd be awake by no later than 5:00 am the next morning ready and waiting to head to the lake, many times having to wake everybody else up.

Anyway once we got the gear loaded up, the minnows bought and "finally" made it out on the water, I remember sitting there in the boat in hopeful anticipation, watching the "Humungous" bobber sitting on top of the water just waiting for the Granddaddy Pike to take an interest in the giant minnow that we used for bait.

I recall sitting there eyes fixated and chomping at the bit, anticipating and "wishing" that my bobber would be the first to go under. Being only six or seven at the time, although I did enjoy being out on the water, I "loved" the catching fish part FAR more, and I wasn't nearly as excited about the waiting in between.

As a result after keeping my eyes fixated on that bobber for awhile, attempting to hope and wish it under the water, many times for an hour or two without any action, my attention span would sometimes get distracted and I'd become involved focusing on or doing something else, taking my attention completely away from fishing and the bobber.

Amazingly enough, it seemed that almost without fail when I did, whoever was in the boat with me in no time would be yelling, "Chuck, your bobbers gone!! Grab your pole, grab your pole!!" This was REALLY the part I lived for. Obviously at the time I didn't know ANYTHING about Universal Law or anything of the sort and being that young didn't have a clue as to why that always seemed to happen that way. I just remember that it did.

Fast forward to my teen years......

Entering into the early teen years, like any red blooded young American boy my main focus started shifting to girls. Actually that interest began at a much earlier stage but up until this stage in my life it wasn't THE most important thing. NOW it was. Although I still enjoyed the fishing and outdoor stuff, I'll have to say that girls became my MAIN focus. Thank God for creating such a "Wonderful Creature." :)

I recall really being infatuated and spending the majority of my time trying to impress as many of them as I could in the hopes that one of the many that I had developed "the hots" for might take even an inkling of interest in me as I had developed for some of them.

It's funny now as I look back on that time period, the harder I tried to gain there admiration and the more I looked and chased and attempted to "catch" me one, it seemed that many times that just as I would find and get to know what I considered to be a "really special" one, and put my best Casanova moves on them, to my dismay I would often hear the dreaded, "Can't we just be friends." AAAHHHHHGGGGG!!! I grew to REALLY despise and even fear that phrase!!! (You guys don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about...cause you know you do.)

Ironically, (at least I thought it was ironic at the time) those that I had NO interest in or desire to "catch" would take an interest in me. I'm not certain how many times I would have to use those same words that I had come to dread. (You know the "Can't we just be friends" thing.)

For some reason unknown to me at the time, which would take me years to "figure out", I continued to seek out and land the "Love of my life" with numerous failed attempts along the way.

Whenever I would meet one that gave me those butterflies, rocket ships, fireworks and all that, (You know what I'm talking about) and develop that deep yearning to be desired and loved by the one that made my heart go "pitter patter" it seemed that they would already be interested in someone else or "just want to be friends." It goes without saying that too much of that can be tough on a young male teens ego!!

Ok, looking back on that turn of events during that period it dawns on me that when I would temporarily shift my focus from finding this "Love of my life", (most times due to a deflated ego) and become involved in and shift my focus on something other than "Love Hunting", before I knew it one of those "special creatures" would happen along, express interest and "Puppy Love" would ignite. It ALWAYS seemed to happen when I was least expecting it.

Since those times I've observed in many peoples lives that when they are frantically searching for "just the right one" and "needing to be loved", placing all their focus in finding love or a special relationship, many times although on occasion they might rush into a temporary relationship that they later find unfulfilling, it's not until they are "least expecting" or "not looking for it to happen that it does.

Here's what I've concluded based on my experiences thus far.......

When we express a desire and then place our focus on "wanting" and "needing", whether it be a fish, a girl, a million dollars or whatever, we are in essence delaying whatever it might be by keeping the predominant focus on the "lack of" and as a result receive just that. Although we may have a sincere desire to attain and experience whatever it might be, at the same time the "not having" or the "lack of having" somehow blends with desire and changes the frequency that only serves to delay the desired outcome.

Desire combined with "clingyness" is much like planting a seed and applying pre-emergent on top of it. Although I believe once planted something "must" grow, until the pre-emergent wears off it can't.

We attract exactly what we ask for. A neediness or want is a communication that we need or want and that is exactly what we receive...more need or want.

Although the desire seed has been planted, many times through our own "clingy focus" we keep the outcome from happening as quickly as it could and would if we would just learn to "allow" it to come to us.

This "allowing" is in essence a form of surrender or detachment that keeps us from attempting to "make it happen" or having to figure out the how and when it will show up and with seemingly magical certainty it does.

I've also come to believe that when this happens (this planting of a desire seed) and we attempt to force it, whatever it is, and it doesn't happen, many times we go about doing something else and forget about those seeds which we previously planted and through our own doing kept from sprouting, only to return later once we've "forgotten" and find a fully mature plant failing to remember that it was the initial desire seed that we planted which created it. Then we think, "Wow where'd that come from."

One thing is certain.....

We don't need to stay fixated on the bobber anticipating when it might go down, or attempt to impress or force ourself on nature for miracles to occur. Just as we can't force the bud of a flower open without messing it up, we can't force the things that we desire in our lives to happen either, although many times we sure try.

When we can learn to plant the seeds of desire and through the deeper understanding that we've each had the good fortune to be exposed to, "Believe", "Know" or have the "Faith" that the harvest will be forthcoming, detaching completely from the how and when enabling us to go about our daily activities, open to the signs and receptive, willing and ready to take the actions that they direct us to take, without "trying" to make it happen or "forcing" it, the results will be attracted to us MUCH FASTER and in ways that seem effortless.

Just like the flower, the bud will open up all on it's own, with seemingly magical certainty and before you know it, the beauty and splendor will be revealed and experienced just by allowing nature to take it's natural and perfectly constructed course.

We only need to get out of our own way and let nature takes it's never failing and perfectly constructed course.

As it relates to this incredible community, we've already planted the "desire" seeds in the soil of infinite potential, now all we need to do is nurture them, fully trusting and "knowing" that they "must" grow, continue joyfully doing the things that are necessary in each area of our lives, remaining open and attentive (but not clingy) to the inevitable means that will show themselves, acting on those that "feel" right and in no time the "desired" harvest will be ripe and ready for reaping.

All we have to do is learn to "allow" nature to take it's course without analyzing, fretting, and remaining focused on how WE think the plan should unfold or.

Right now, at this very moment the process is VERY clear to me. It is SO simple. Next week or next month it's possible that I'll allow externals to take my focus to other areas causing me to forget how simple it all really is. But right now I'm invincible and during these times I feel it's important to share what is going on in my little corner of the world and in my mind, hoping that it might lift someone up who needs it or provide just a bit of insight that may help them to see the simplicity and perfection of it all as well.

If and when I need a little encouragement or insight at some point in the future due to "forgetting" myself, that one of you might have also posted something that will assist in "slapping me upside the head" and bringing me back to the path that I currently "Know" we are heading down.

I am grateful beyond words to be a part of this "Awesome" community and am honored that I have attracted such caring, focused, insightful and spiritual entrepreneurs into my existence. I look forward to meeting you all face to face VERY soon.

Isn't being a "conscious creator" just AWESOME??

This text taken from the Judeo Christian Bible conveys in my mind the need to just let go and "allow" our desired outcomes to just happen as they will.

And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

That's certainly something to "think" about...don't you think?