Wealth Creation Quotes By Chuck Danes

To Create Wealth Simply Think Wealthy Thoughts And Wealth Becomes Effortless

"Continuing to look at and ponder on the past in remorse or regret only serves to take your "minds eye" off of your "desired" path which can only serve to create further remorse and regret in the future which your physical eyes will see and experience." - Chuck Danes

The greatest friend or the greatest enemy we have is our own mind. Moment by moment we get to choose which it is. - Chuck Danes

"An expression of gratitude in all situations in life regardless of the "perception" of the experience will project and resonate with more outcomes to be grateful for." - Chuck Danes

"Creating wealth is as simple or as difficult as you allow it to be. It's as simple or as difficult as that." - Chuck Danes

"Wealth doesn't happen merely as a result of physical doingness. Real Wealth is obtained as a result of "Beingness." BE wealthy inside…take action now. Remain alert and aware of the signs that reveal themselves…Learn to recognize them…take conscious, focused and consistent action on them and wealth will be yours." - Chuck Danes

"Wealth like everything else in the world is merely the effect of a specific resonance. If you have a desire to be wealthy simply resonate wealth on the inside and wealth will become a part of you on the outside with unwavering certainty." - Chuck Danes

"Money is merely energy. Poverty like wealth is merely energy as well. To experience wealth or poverty you only need project a vibrational resonance that is conducive to and harmonizes with the outcome regardless of which end of the spectrum the outcome lies. The beauty of life is that you get to choose. Learn to choose "consciously" and wealth will be yours." - Chuck Danes

"One of the most important, beneficial and hard learned lessons I have acquired in life is that it's not what well intentioned men may "tell" me with regard to which way to go, which actions to take or not take that is important in the acquisition of "true wealth", but rather observing and making my decisions as to the validity of what is shared based on the kind and quality of life that those who are doing the suggesting are personally experiencing as a result of their beliefs and understanding." - Chuck Danes

"Listening to and following the advice of those who lack what it is that you have a desire to experience in your life is no different than the blind attempting to lead the blind." - Chuck Danes

"The most profound, powerful and life transforming advice I could ever provide to someone looking for answers with regard to enhancing their quality of life is to take the initiative to become keenly aware of yourself. It's by enhancing this understanding of self that "The Key To Effortless Creation is found." - Chuck Danes

"The best and most life transforming advice I could ever provide to someone looking for answers with regard to enhancing their quality of life is to take the initiative to become keenly aware of the power that lies within yourself. There you will discover a "profound" depth of wisdom and understanding leading to a life of fulfillment and harmony that far exceeds anything acquired in the external world." - Chuck Danes

"Self awareness is a key aspect to awakening the limitless potential within you. Meditation is the best vehicle I've discovered thus far for tapping into and acquiring that knowledge." - Chuck Danes

"Everyone has a perception and as a result an opinion. To create "real wealth" in your life make certain that you only allow yourself to absorb the opinions of those which are in alignment with what you "truly" desire to experience." - Chuck Danes

"Far too many well intentioned naysayers unknowingly squelch the hopes and dreams of those who might otherwise have advanced forward to change the entire course of history. Sadly, there are just as many that allow them to do so." - Chuck Danes

"If "true wealth" is a desire that you hold, establish the necessary belief in yourself as well as it's inevitable and certain arrival and you will soon experience it for yourself." - Chuck Danes

"If you feel discouraged, keep going. If you feel tired get some rest and begin again. If you feel beaten down, defeated and ready to quit, find a mentor, but don't EVER quit until you're experiencing your dreams. They're far closer and more easily attained than most realize." - Chuck Danes

"Men may tell you things based on their individual perception fully believing that it is truth, and for them it is. But discern carefully if it is a truth that will serve to fulfill your most cherished and sought after dreams and desires before adopting it as your own." - Chuck Danes

"If the individual perception and belief of one were forced upon all the people of the world, we'd experience a world of exact replicas. Choose your beliefs wisely and consciously." - Chuck Danes

"97% of the people in our world experience many of the same disappointing outcomes with regard to the attainment of "real wealth" in their lives while the other 3% do something different. Which ones will you choose to follow?" - Chuck Danes

"To live a life unconscious of and oblivious to your "true" potential is to live a life full of fear, doubt and worry always wondering what the world might throw at you next." - Chuck Danes

"It's amazing to me that the majority scoff at the concept of consciously and purposefully creating your life experience fully believing that ones ability to do so is a fantasy when the real reality is that it is the "perceived" fantasy which is made real through the predominant focus of ones consciousness." - Chuck Danes

"Many experience less than desired outcomes and call it failure. In reality there is no such thing. "Perceived" failure is merely a choice to quit which creates the outcome that you chose for yourself perfectly and with unwavering certainty just as you instructed. An experience of Success or Failure unfolds just as your consciousness instructs, but creation NEVER fails. Something is ALWAYS being created…perfectly, successfully and without fail. - Chuck Danes

"Consciousness is the equivalent of the seed that determines your harvest in life. Most just plant "unconsciously" and call it fate, luck, chance or worse…unfulfilled desires." - Chuck Danes

"What many refer to as "unanswered prayer" is merely a misdirected quality of consciousness at the conscious or subconscious level. Your underlying beliefs create your physical reality. As you "believe" you DO receive without fail…unconditionally." - Chuck Danes

"Self sabotage is merely conflicting beliefs held at the subconscious level which can be equated to the weeds which are choking out your desired harvest." - Chuck Danes

"Hopes, dreams and desires begin and are fulfilled in life, not at the level of "doingness" but as a result of "beingness." - Chuck Danes

"Knowledge doesn't equate to power as most believe. Knowledge is merely stored information which until "consciously" applied is simply useless data taking up space." - Chuck Danes

"You can "know" how to drive a car but until you get behind the wheel and drive it you'll get nowhere. Knowing in and of itself doesn't produce results. Knowing and doing creates desired outcomes which are often referred to and "perceived" as miracles." - Chuck Danes

"Every second of every day is a miracle creation, the outcome of which is being determined only by the kind and quality of consciousness that you hold with regard to it which will determine what additional miracles unfold at some point in the future." - Chuck Danes

"Gratitude is understanding that whatever it might be that you are experiencing in your life is unfolding just as you believe that it will." - Chuck Danes

"Faith and Abundance is all there is. There exists no such thing as a "lack" of faith or abundnace. The kind and quality of the faith you choose will determine the kind and quality of the results you'll experience and what you'll receive an Abundance of." - Chuck Danes

"Having faith that you'll be broke will with unwavering certainty create being broke in your life. To change the outcomes in your life become conscious of and change the underlying faith which is creating it. "As you believe, you WILL receive." - Chuck Danes

"Faith is beingness and physical actions taken are doingness. Whatever you are "being" will determine the results that your doingness produces." - Chuck Danes

"Beingness serves as the "seed"…doingness serves as the nurturing of that seed. When your doingness harmonizes with your beingness…miracles unfold." - Chuck Danes

"Self sabotage happens as a result of your inner beingness being misaligned and disharmonious with your outer doingness." - Chuck Danes

"To be "conscious" of your "consciousness" is to know and experience a power unequalled in the physical world." - Chuck Danes

"Real power is experienced as the result of tapping into the "true" essence of you which is spirit and consciously harmonizing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of you with it's Infinite probabilities which reveals a power so strong, so immense, so utterly "Love", that nothing…NO-Thing can contain it." - Chuck Danes

"Physical power is finite and temporary…Real power is infinite and eternal. How do you experience "Real Power?" Learn to love unconditionally." - Chuck Danes

"There is but one thing that keeps people from experiencing the kind and quality of life that they desire to experience…Themselves. More specifically the kind and quality of their consciousness. Develop a "Wealth Consciousness" and BE wealthy." - Chuck Danes

"You can choose to remain where you are as well as choose to discover and begin experiencing for yourself what it means to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances which make up your life experience. It's that choice, and that choice alone that will determine the kind and quality of your future experiences." - Chuck Danes

"Choose a scattered consciousness you choose disharmony and discord…Choose a money consciousness you choose material gain…Choose a wealth consciousness you choose harmony and fulfillment in every aspect of your life." - Chuck Danes

"Many perceive the closing of an experience in their lives to be an "ending" rather than seeing the gift for what it "truly" is which are wondrous and glorious new beginnings IF you'll only "allow" them to be. There exist no endings…only new beginnings." - Chuck Danes

"When desired outcomes occur in the physical world, the size and intensity of which conflicts with common human understanding many choose to "perceive" and call such occurrences "miracles." Creation is ALWAYS in All Ways a miracle…There only exist small creations and big creations and creations that fall in between. Creation never wavers. Every second of every minute of every day of life is a miracle the kind and quality of which we each get to choose. Choose consciously." - Chuck Danes

"Real Wealth isn't something you achieve but rather something that you are. Real Wealth is experienced in happiness. Happiness is not an emotion but rather a state of being. - Chuck Danes

"Real Wealth and Happiness isn't "achieved" by having what you want. Real Wealth and Happiness are "experienced" by wanting what you have…savoring, feeling and expressing heartfelt gratitude for the countless blessings that you are experiencing right now which will draw to you more wealth to be grateful for and happy about." - Chuck Danes

"Wealth Creation doesn't create happiness. Happiness makes the creation and experience of wealth possible…effortlessly.Be happy...Be wealthy and you will know what it "truly" means to experience "Real Wealth" in your "physical" world." - Chuck Danes

We’re each provided with an incredible gift. It’s called an inalienable right of free will. No one can ever take that from you. How you choose to utilize it, whether for experiencing lack or fulfillment is a choice that only you can make based on how you utilize the gift provided - Chuck Danes

Accepting responsibility for where you are is the first essential step in getting where it is that you truly desire to go. - Chuck Danes

A heartfelt expression of Love combined with a willingness to Surrender initiates a power so strong that nothing can escape it. Gratitude always follows. - Chuck Danes

The power of 2 is often misunderstood as being twice that of one. It’s more…much more…it’s squared. - Chuck Danes

To truly grasp and comprehend the power of gratitude in shaping your life experiences you must first understand that all of life’s experiences are derived from Unconditional Love and that you are doing the choosing and as a result, the creating. Learn to be grateful for ALL of it - Chuck Danes

You don’t have to understand or even be aware of Universal Law to create fulfillment in life. The only time it’s necessary is if you’re not and don’t understand how to change it. - Chuck Danes

To change what is into what’s not, it’s only necessary to discover who and what you truly are and combine that understanding with conscious application of the power that you already hold. The possibilities are Infinite in nature. - Chuck Danes

To doubt your capability to create whatever dreams and desires you may hold for yourself is to create outcomes that correspond perfectly with the the quality of belief that you choose. Since you‘re already creating anyway why not make it grand? - Chuck Danes

There is only one thing that we can control…ourselves. Fulfillment in life is only possible as the result of a willingness to evolve in consciousness. - Chuck Danes

I think people fail to take action due to past experience fearing that it may be wrong, when the reality is that it was the underlying thought that was responsible for the original outcome, not the action in and of itself. - Chuck Danes

In looking at the various choices we have the ability to make throughout life there are two. One is that we can fear the worst, the other that we can love the best. If we fall temporarily we always have the choice to readjust and love whatever it is. This is how literal miracles occur and “true” happiness is achieved. - Chuck Danes