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Foundation Disk 1

It's time we sat down and had a talk. It's time you knew the truth... the real truth.

Maybe you have been on the 'path' of personal development, self actualization and in the process of Awakening for awhile. Maybe even, you've been searching for answers since before you could remember.

Perhaps you've read tons of books, tried all kinds of motivational and/or personal development programs, various self help systems, attended countless seminars... and yet, despite all that, you still feel as if you're missing something...there's still this space that you can't seem to fill.

I know that feeling. I know what it's like. I guess you could say that I've "Been there and done that."

But I kept looking.

Here's what I discovered...

Here is the truth: you are missing something.

You know it. I know it. You could go on like this, searching, trying, and jumping through hoops. You could continue on as you have for a few hundred years and you know what? You would still be missing that "something."

Maybe you'll argue about how much you learned, how you've changed and improved so much. You might share specific ways how you've benefited immensely from everything you've done. I won't deny that. I'm not saying you haven't gotten something out of where you've been.

Here's what I am saying...

I'm saying there is something you need to acknowledge, right now. Reflect with nothing but complete honesty on how you feel... and you know it to be true. Whatever you gained from everything you did before, did not give you what you were really looking for. You are still missing IT.

It's important to realize that. Many people will hide that from themselves. Yet, deep inside, that guiding little voice, the Navigator, knows it is true and pushes you onward in search of it. When you acknowledge that missing piece, you align yourself with your Navigator, the part of you that is trying to help you find it. You accept what your mission really is.

Despite the countless benefits you get out of meditation, self improvement or spiritual development... ultimately that is the one thing that people are truly looking's what most people really want. The missing piece.

Here is another truth: the majority of so-called experts, masters, yogi's or whatever their name and title is, will never be able to help you find the missing piece... because they do not have it themselves.

Sure, like you, me and everybody else who's been on this "path" of personal development and self actualization have no doubt gained a lot and have a lot to share. But in the end, isn't there only one thing that matters?

It all boils down to one ultimate goal...there's one primary objective we're all attempting to achieve. Completion.

Today, we will begin the journey towards the mystery of that missing piece.

It can sound very simple but is extremely powerful. Life transforming in fact. It's a secret that could lead to the greatest and most fulfilling discovery of your life. It could, if you'll choose to allow it to enable you to personally experience the "completion" that you seek for yourself.

This journey will take some unexpected turns at times. Going places that might not make sense to you at the time... but isn't that the true mystery? If it was something you could expect, that you could anticipate, surely you would have already found it!

If you can follow for awhile with an open mind, put aside any preconceived ideas and notions about how you are supposed to find this missing piece, and where... I know you will not be disappointed.

You will be complete.

Go ahead and begin by going here and listening to this...

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I'm going to ask that you forget any familiar words that you hear. Don't make assumptions that you already "know" all that. I can tell you from personal experience, I've been there and although you do have that right and choice, it won't benefit you.

Words can mean different things, to different people. Even the same words. Listen to the broader context of what you're about to hear...take it in, absorb it...REALLY listen.

You'll be more than glad you did.

To Your Awakening and Completion,

Chuck Danes

P.S. Remember, it's at the most unexpected of times, in the most unexpected of places... you find exactly what you were looking for. Don't miss it, because it wasn't what you expected it 'should' be...remain open, willing and receptive. If you'll do that and your "truly" seeking the answers, they'll find you.

Let your guard down. Get out of your own way. Forget what you think you "know." The outcome will astound you far beyond description.

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Foundation Disk 2

In the spring of 1979 a 26 year old student at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom walked into the university doctor's office with complaints of a cold.

The doctor on staff noticed that the student, who held a first-class honors degree in mathematics, was rather normal except he had a slightly larger than average head. Curious, the doctor sent the student to James Lorber who was part of a world-leading spinal surgery team at Sheffield Children's Hospital.

What Dr. Lorber found was almost unbelievable!

The student, with a reported IQ of 126 had no signs of any mental deficiency. Yet, when Dr. Lorber X-rayed the student's head he discovered he had almost no brain tissue to speak of. His head was filled with fluid. What little brain matter he had was crushed against his spinal cord, a measly few millimeters thick rather than the typical CENTI-meters.

This condition is called hydrocephalus. It results when cerebral fluid expands and fills the brain causing the cortex to be squashed against the inside of the skull.

There have been many other reported cases where normal functioning people have been found to have virtually no brain matter.

In this particular case Lorber calculated the man's entire brain weighed about 100 grams compared to the average adult brain weighing 1500 grams. 100 grams is little more than the average weight of a dog's brain and this from an honors student in mathematics!

Let's pause and think about this for a moment. How many dogs do you know who have an honors degree in mathematics? Can't think of any? Neither can I. How was the student capable of functioning on the level that he was?

Lorber asked himself a similar question and it begged him to wonder whether the brain was even necessary at all. In 1980 the journal Science headlined with the discovery and the rest is history.

The history lesson may go back farther than you think. To ancient spiritual yogi’s.

Many scientists have been quietly but steadily growing in suggesting the brain is more of a receiver than the total warehouse storing our consciousness. This leads to another unusual question. If the brain is a receiver what is sending the signals?

The answer is one we have been hearing from mystics for thousands of years.

You are not flesh. You are an energy being using a physical body to interpret and explore this reality.By reflecting on that knowledge you have been given power because now you can work to affect your energy body. If you are not aware of it how can you help it?

Like your physical body, your energy body needs food. Albert Einstein said that energy can never be destroyed; only transformed. If you learn to absorb energy you will begin to awaken and strengthen your energy mind.

So, the question is when you meditate, reflect, make decisions… which ‘mind’ are you going to use to do these tasks? The slow, organic brain or the energy mind?

Well, listen to this next session for some answers…

Listen To Disk 2 Here

Good Journeys,Higher Balance

P.S. Remember, it's never what you expect. Forget what you think you know about something, just because someone else might use the same vocabulary. God, as it's said, is in the details...

Listen To Disk 2 Here

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