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A Special Tribute To Moms Around The World From Chuck Danes and Enlightened Journey Enterprises
May 08, 2008


This Sunday, May 11th marks a very special day for some very special ladies in the USA.

This special day...rightly named Mothers Day and these very special ladies that it honors...Moms of course...has been a tradition in the U.S. for many years.

This year I thought I'd change the rules a bit and make it a "Worldwide Holiday" to make certain that ALL Moms everywhere receive the recognition that they deserve as well as make certain that you understand how grateful I am that you are a part of The Enlightened Journey family.

Although it's a few days early, I decided to send it out now to make certain that all the Moms were able to see it before May 11th slipped by. Better early than late as I've discovered through "personal experience."

Anyway, in recognition of all the special Moms worldwide, we thought you might enjoy and appreciate this small token which we've put together as our tribute to you...not only as an acknowledgment of the important and special role you play but also to say Thank You.

I hope you enjoy it...

Being A Mother

Moms of the world...Enjoy your special day and if Mothers Day isn't celebrated on May 11th in your country take the day and enjoy it deserve it...just tell everybody Chuck said it was OK. (smile)

Oh and guys...just so you don't feel left out consider this YOUR gift too...or at least a friendly reminder that COULD keep you out of hot water just in case you forgot what day it was. ( When Mom ain't happy NOBODY'S happy!!

Here's the link again...

Being A Mother

Light, Love and Heartfelt Gratitude To All Today And Always,

Chuck Danes

PS - The Key To Effortless Creation that I mentioned in an e-mail to you about a week or so ago, although progressing a bit slower than I had anticipated, will be out very soon. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the e-mail announcing it. Based on a few sneak peaks and the opinions of those who have been made aware of're REALLY going to like and benefit from it.

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