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Abundance and Happiness Is Your Birthright

The flight of the Eagle isn’t bound or limited by following the path of the flock. It’s
chosen path is an individual one. The Eagle, in all its splendor represents strength,
freedom, choice, and independence. Free to fly, to soar, free to choose, free to
experience, free to live, free to just BE what it was created, designed and intended
to be...free...majestic, awesome and magnificent. The same holds true for you,
me and everyone else...if and when we "allow it" to be. - Chuck Danes

"This May Very Well Prove To Be The Most
Important, Empowering and Liberating Day Of Your Life"

If you're not already keenly aware, you'll soon understand that...

A Life Of Unlimited Abundance and Happiness Really and Truly Is
Your Birthright!

And I'm Going to Do EVERYTHING in My Power to Ensure That You Know How To Claim It So You Can Personally Experience Just How Awesome That Is For Yourself!

Welcome Abundance and Happiness Seeker...

What you're about to discover over the next few moments could prove to be the beginning of a very exciting, enlightening, profoundly empowering and potentially transformational journey.

Here's why...

I have some exciting and potentially mind expanding things to share with you. They're things that I and millions of others globally like me have found to be the "missing pieces" of the "seemingly complex" puzzle that makes day to day life turn out as it does.

Once you understand just the basics of how that "truly works", you'll see and know for yourself how and why life can "seem to be" a glorious, fulfilling and extremely rewarding event, filled with hope, joy, promise and enormous reward for some, while for others a "seemingly endless journey" filled with struggle, hardship, difficulty and discord.

Regardless of where you are, there's something on the site that will assist you in going to the next level.

More specifically, what I contribute and freely share throughout AbundanceandHappiness.com can dramatically enhance the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of your life REGARDLESS of what you currently believe and aside from where you're going, where you've been or where you're starting from.

I can't do it for you, but you can do it for yourself. You'll have to explore, read, internalize and USE what I share for it to provide tangible and measurable results. But if you'll do your part, as you'll soon see, I've already done mine in the best, most comprehensive and thorough way I know how.

Throughout the many pages that make up abundance-and-happiness.com, I do that in countless ways. Each way is designed to meet you where you are individually, regardless of where that might be.

You can if you choose freely explore, navigate through and enjoy the thousands of pages of free content throughout the site.

You may prefer to investigate, explore and use the many personal empowerment resources made available to you.

You may prefer a more personalized approach and explore the possibility of personalized one on one coaching/mentoring, custom tailored to your individual hopes, dreams, desires, aspirations or needs.

Or maybe the many free personal empowerment resources I pay forward best serve you, based on your current situation.

Regardless of who you are, where you live or what you desire more of in your life, there's something here for everyone...regardless. NO ONE is left out. Everybody gets to win.

You only have to choose to "allow yourself" to win. That's the ONE and ONLY thing that enables and allows winning and/or "perceived failure" in life to become possible or remain impossible for you.

That's what abundance-and-happiness.com will show you. That you are the chooser and WHEREVER you desire to go or WHAT you desire to have, it's more than just possible...

...It's highly probable and in fact, about 99.999% guaranteed...when YOU allow it to be.

In a phrase, the information freely shared and the services provided throughout abundance-and-happiness.com may very well challenge you to question some of your currently held beliefs, while encouraging you to open your heart, expand your mind, and allow yourself to walk a path, that if chosen, will enable and empower you to be, do and have more of whatever you desire for yourself...whatever that might be..

In fact, based on my own personal experiences, I "know" it's a path that could enable and empower you to dramatically enhance, and in some cases completely transform 1, 2 or perhaps every aspect of your life.

And when I say EVERY aspect, that's precisely what I mean...

Physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually. Whatever YOU choose.

One thing is certain...whether it will or whether it won't happen for you, is only dependent on you. More specifically, the size, scope and intensity of your personal transformation (or the lack of) will be determined by and based solely on the choices that you yourself choose to make or not make as you move forward...or not.

What I'll be sharing with you, should you choose to remain open, receptive and "allow" it to, can without question provide you with the wisdom, insight, understanding and all the tools you could possibly need to create Abundance, Happiness, "Real Harmony" and "Real Freedom" in whatever area or areas of life that you choose.

Before we begin exploring and venturing down this Abundance, Happiness and "Real Freedom" path, allow me to make something crystal clear...

Although I and millions like me personally know it can, it's the "perceptions" and "beliefs" that you choose for yourself, that will determine how much or how little what is shared will benefit you personally.

In fact, based on what I've come to know and understand after more than 3 decades of searching and personally experiencing the literally indescribable benefits that I and many like me have witnessed as it pertains to creating Abundance, Happiness and Real Freedom" in life, although I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the "potential benefit" available to and for you is infinite in scope, the level of personal benefit you'll receive (or not) is ultimately and entirely up to you.

But find comfort in the fact that the "potential benefit" is not only far greater in scope than most are aware of, it's attainment is much more easily acquired than most understand. It's safe to say that the "potential benefit" which is, always has been and always will be available to you or ANYONE else who's "truly" open, receptive, ready and willing to see, embrace and personally experience just how "true" that is, is quite literally infinite in nature.

Because the Higher Truth is...you CAN be, do and have whatever you choose in life, REGARDLESS of WHAT it is. WHAT you choose can become and "seem" terrifying and horrific just as easily as it can become and "seem" awesome, amazing and indescribable, nearly ALL of the time.

The really GREAT news is, you can experience the latter....consistently, once you understand how to choose "consciously, intentionally and on purpose."

I hope you won't jump to conclusions and undermine or downplay the significance of that statement as many "unconscious creators" do, although you do have every right as well as the ability to make that choice.

As you'll soon hopefully understand, perhaps in a way that you never have before, it's true. Transformationally true is what I like to call it. It's based on what I've discovered and now refer to as a Higher Truth than I was previously aware of.

As countless individuals around the globe who have come before you will attest, as result of having discovered and choosing to consciously apply this "Higher Truth" for themselves, in a number of cases, it's far beyond what they previously "knew" as well, or even "perceived" as being possible.

But it is. More than just possible...it's already yours should you decide to learn and understand how to consciously, intentionally and on purpose, choose it for yourself.

A lot of folks globally call abundance-and-happiness.com a "difference maker." Here are just a few of many comments from people globally who it's made a difference for.

This "Higher Truth" I refer to, reveals the simplicity and perfection that, without fail and with predictable certainty, determines how and why you experience whatever it is that you experience in your life.

That may be difficult to "see" and fathom currently. Chances are great that such a statement may be a bit difficult to swallow, let alone accept initially. Yet a choice to remain open and receptive just long enough to explore and discern for yourself if it's "true or untrue" can most certainly make ALL the difference in your life.

It's simply a matter of YOU "allowing it" to or not.

Before we discuss why it's proven to be "true" for me, so many others around the world and how it might, can and/or will prove to be true for you as well, allow me to be up front and reveal the "catch" that will determine if what is shared throughout abundance-and-happiness.com will or won't prove to be beneficial and/or transformational for you individually.

For anything to be powerfully transformational and freely offered as the Abundance and Happiness portal is, there HAS TO BE a catch right? I mean let's be real here. Surely, anyone claiming to have the answers for achieving and experiencing Abundance, Happiness and "Real Freedom" in life, there MUST BE some catch or hidden agenda attached to it, wouldn't you think?

Well...you'd be correct. There is.

And here's "the catch" AND the "hidden agenda" rolled into one...

My "hidden agenda", which will hopefully become "crystal clear" soon, is to do nothing more or less than do all I'm able to educate and assist you in the best way I'm able, on HOW to enable, empower and ALLOW YOURSELF to BE, DO and/or HAVE more of whatever "more" you desire in life.

As far as the catch?...it's simple.

For the information shared throughout the Abundance and Happiness portal to be beneficial and/or "transformationally true" for you, it's going to require a choice...an individual and "conscious" choice. It can and only will impact you and the quality of your life if YOU make the choice to "allow" it to.

Although I and many like me know that the content shared throughout abundance-and-happiness.com can create "mind boggling" transformation in YOUR life, as I've already shared, it will be up to you to remain open, receptive and willing to both internalize and apply what is shared to experience the benefit and transformation for yourself.

There it is...that's the catch AND the agenda...the ONLY catch and agenda. You must choose to explore and allow the information shared throughout Abundance-and-Happiness.com to be transformationally significant for you.

Since everything you need is already here and in place, that's the only thing required of you.

Should you "choose" to fulfill your end of the bargain, you'll see for yourself just how simple it can be to experience Abundance, Happiness and "Real Freedom" in your life.

That's what makes life what it is and it's the only thing that determines how yours will unfold...the choices that you yourself choose to make or not make. That combined with your willingness to "allow" or "disallow" the opportunities that present themselves to take you one step closer to or further away from the Abundance, Happiness and "Real Freedom" that EVERYONE is seeking yet far too few ever find or are even aware is available to them for that matter.

But rest assured it is, always has been and always will be.

The key to being, doing and having more in life is as simple as learning to choose "consciously." That's what "allows" Abundance, Happiness and "Real Freedom" to become a tangible reality for you...or not.

We'll be exploring more about what "choosing consciously" means specifically, as well as how to begin doing so as we move forward. We'll also be exploring the connection as well as the significance of your past, current and future choices and how they always have, always do and always will determine the kind and quality of results that you personally experience in your life. More importantly you'll understand the significant role that any future choices made by you will play in creating a life of Abundance and Happiness (or the polar opposite) for yourself.

But first let's touch on a subject that is an absolutely vital yet an all too often overlooked aspect of achieving extraordinary results in life. Overlooked perhaps, due to it's sheer simplicity combined with the fact that most "perceive" for anything to be effective and/or transformational it must be difficult, complex, complicated and/or hard earned which is the one and only thing that makes it "true" for them and blinds them to how simple creating a life of Abundance, Happiness and Real Freedom "truly is."

And although that may be a widely held perception that the vast majority DOES choose, let me assure you that it's one that can and will blind YOU and dramatically limit your results in life.

It's a principle that once revealed and understood, can assist you immensely in becoming keenly and "consciously aware" of as well as easily recognize the potentially life changing answers and solutions that show up in your life intended specifically to enhance whatever aspect of life it might be that you have a desire to enhance.

It's a principle that says that nothing happens in your life without having a very specific and definitive purpose. In other words there are no coincidences, "chance occurrences" or a random unfolding of events.

That same principle holds just as true right here, right now. Always has and always will.

And since it's SO vitally important let's take a deeper look at it now to at least provide you with the ability to decide for yourself just how VITALLY IMPORTANT it is...or not.

Abundance, Happiness, Your Choices
and the Opportunities Made
Available To You

Whether or not you're currently aware of it, you have arrived here for a reason. A very specific reason. Although your specific reason can only be known and understood by you and even though you may or may not currently be consciously aware of the "specific reason" as to what drew you here, rest assured there is one.

The fact that you and I crossed paths and have connected at this very moment has both a deeper meaning and a significant purpose.

The potential reasons of course are many.

Every connection made serves a purpose. Every event, condition and circumstance that you experience in life does. You could call this connection we've made here a relationship that happened for a reason which could last for a season or maybe even for a lifetime.

At this point who knows? The choices and the possibilities are many.

Here's what I do know...At the very least you're being provided an opportunity that has the "potential" to change your life. Actually you're being provided both a choice and an opportunity rolled into one.

You have arrived here because you are being presented with an opportunity to explore and consider some extremely empowering and vital information regarding you and your life...powerfully transformational information that can, should you choose to allow it to, prove to be "the missing link" that so many today...perhaps even you, are and have been looking for.

This "missing link" (although in actuality it's not "truly missing" at all) may be the one that clearly reveals and enables you to see and understand that you already possess everything required to experience Abundance, Happiness and Real Freedom for yourself...that you need nothing more than you've already been "freely provided" to create a kind and quality of life that's only limited to and by your individual choices.

Should you choose to recognize and take full advantage of this opportunity, you'll be made aware of how to consciously and consistently use what you already possess to both create and experience the physical, financial, relational emotional and spiritual harmony in your life that EVERYONE is looking for, yet due to their "unconscious" and less than aware choices, few ever find and become enabled to see.

Not because they can't but rather because they choose not to as unconscious a choice as that might be.

That's what Abundance and Happiness is. An educational resource that will both provoke and challenge you to begin thinking and choosing your paths in life, consciously and intentionally. The reward for doing so always leads to experiencing an indescribable sense of harmony, joy, fulfillment, assurance and peace of mind in every aspect of your life.

It's what I often refer to as "Real Wealth" Real Success and Real Freedom.

That's also how Abundance and Happiness or if you prefer "Real Wealth, Success and Freedom" is made "real." That's how it's created...through developing your ability to "consciously harmonize" with and as a result open the floodgates to all the Abundance, Happiness and Real Freedom that is, always has been and always will be, readily available to you.

This harmonizing is as simple as and becomes automatic...effortless even...if and when you choose to begin making conscious and intentional choices. Dong so enables and empowers you to fully and personally experience the harmony and fulfillment that is, always has been and always will be available to and for you in EVERY aspect of life.

And yes, I do mean EVERY aspect of life.

And rest assured, regardless of what you might currently "perceive" as being true or untrue, there are no limits to what you can be, do and have in life with the exception of the limits that you choose and place on yourself.

The information shared throughout abundance-and-happiness.com can, as it has for countless hundreds of thousands before you, assist you in doing just that and impact your life in a very significant and positive way.

And because it's SO important. I'll say it again...

Not a single aspect of your life but EVERY aspect.

What you'll gain goes WAY BEYOND woo woo, Law of Attraction, "feel good stuff."

In fact you can rest assured and know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the information freely shared throughout the Abundance and Happiness personal empowerment portal will enable and empower you to enhance your life exponentially...in EVERY way, IF you'll simply choose to recognize, accept, absorb and "apply" what is freely distributed and shared not only in the upcoming paragraphs, but throughout each and every section of Abundance-and-Happiness.com.

Which leads us into the "time factor."

I know and fully understand how precious time can be and I'm also well aware of the predominant mindset that the mass majority holds with regard to achieving "far above average" results for themselves and the "time" they perceive as necessary for doing so.

I'm also well aware, based on personal experience that it takes "time" to make the shift and adopt a mindset that is conducive to "consciously attracting" and experiencing desired results.

That's the only cost here...your willingness to take the time.

Allow me to expound on this "time factor" a bit because it is SOOOO crucial and something that most "perceive" to have so little of which is often the one and only thing that keeps them from "receiving" what they claim they desire for their lives...

Abundance, Happiness, Mindset
and The Time Factor

Everyone desires to be, do and have more for themselves yet few are willing to take the time necessary to discover how to make those heartfelt desires a reality. They choose to make future choices based on the same limiting mindset they've held in the past which not only has not created the "desired" result, but is not conducive to creating the kind nor quality of life that so many desire and "claim" they want.

In other words it's a self created dichotomy. It's a form of self sabotage that keeps so many from being, doing and having what they desire for themselves.

The vast majority "want" and hope and wish and pray for better results yet in the vast majority of cases they're unwilling to change or do anything different than they have in the past.

Forgive me for being blunt...but that's precisely why those who do achieve extraordinary results in life...who DO experience lives of Abundance and Happiness for themselves are often "perceived" as being lucky, more blessed or having some special gift that the vast majority don't.

This minority understands the fact that for things to change, they must consciously and intentionally initiate the change that harmonizes with receiving whatever it might be that they desire to be, do or have.

Let's face facts...the ultra successful are a small minority. They're considered by those who "perceive themselves" as less successful as being in a league all by themselves.

But what puts the "ultra successful" in this league? Well it's not what many think I can assure you. It's not because they possess anything that you don't. You already possess everything that those in this "league" do. It's simply a matter of becoming aware of what you already have and choosing to use your "unique and awesome gifts and talents" in a conscious, intentional and purposeful way that aligns, harmonizes with and produces the desired result.

It goes a bit deeper than simply choosing though. It requires "consciously choosing." Everyone's choosing, yet often times in many situations don't even realize a choice is being made, making "unconscious choices" a consistent tangible reality.

With that understanding I'm going to ask that you re-prioritize in such a way that frees up some time that will enable you to experience more Abundance and Happiness for yourself.

Choosing to take the time to explore and discover information that you may not currently be aware of is going to be essential IF you truly desire change.

If nothing changes...nothing changes. With that being "true", the single most important change you can make begins by changing what's going on within yourself.

That's where most miss the boat. In fact that's why so many wait so long for their "ship to come in" yet it never does. It's simply because most are choosing to remain "unconscious", spend all of their time "DOING" and REPEATING what hasn't yet provided them with the "desired result" and they simply overlook how real, lasting and sustainable change is created.

It's not a form of "unconscious" as in literally being knocked out cold, but rather unconsciously making choices that are impacting every aspect of your life while being unaware as to what those choices are, how or why they're producing "less than desired" results, and/or in a number of cases oblivious to the fact that you're making any choice at all.

The great thing is, we all have the ability to become conscious and we each already possess the ability to begin "consciously choosing" whatever it might be that we "desire" to experience in our lives.

A choice and a willingness on your part to take the time to discover how to do that is an essential part of the process.

But that's a choice that you and you alone can make or not.

Before blindly making an "unconscious choice" that leads to the same ole, same ole" consider this...

That's where experiencing a life of Abundance and Happiness begins...by "consciously choosing" it.

Which leads into another very important point...

Abundance and Happiness OR Lack, Limitation, Struggle and Discord
Isn't Partial and Doesn't Choose
You...YOU Choose It

Experiencing Abundance and Happiness for yourself isn't some random or chance occurrence yet at the same time it doesn't require what so many "perceive" to be necessary.

It doesn't matter how grand or bleak your current situation is, what color your skin is, what country you live in, how many years of formal education you do or don't have, your age, gender, religious preferences, or anything else for that matter.

We ALL have equal access to the proverbial "BIG Secret" behind experiencing Abundance and Happiness for ourselves.

Do you know what it is? Do you know what the "Big Secret" is that so many claim to have that sets the ultra successful in a league all by themselves...a league that's "perceived" as being apart and separate from those who aren't?

A "Consciously Directed", "Intentionally Held" and "Laser Focused" Mindset.

You might also say it's a conscious and intentionally chosen way of "being."

That's the ONLY thing that separates those experiencing lives of Abundance, Happiness and "Real Wealth" from those who aren't...a consciously chosen, laser focused and consistently held mindset.

The vast majority either aren't aware that Abundance and Happiness is theirs for the asking or choose to adopt and hold a mindset that experiencing Abundance and Happiness is beyond their capability...that it's reserved for the "lucky and fortunate few."

Due to this blindly chosen "mindset"...this chosen way of "being"... this individually chosen "perception of reality" that aligns and harmonizes with lack, limitation and discord, is both projected and reflected in the various aspects of their lives.

The result? It becomes "true" for them just as they choose.

Perhaps you currently hold a similar mindset as well. It's quite possible...highly probable in fact that YOU perceive a life filled with Abundance, Happiness, Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom as being unattainable, unachievable and unreachable for yourself for any infinite number of reasons.

Or perhaps you believe that it's possible, but the only way to achieve this way of "being"...of hopefully one day graduating into and being accepted into this minority "league" requires hard displeasing work, struggle, and doing "whatever it takes" to achieve it.

It's also possible that due to your current and previously chosen mindset combined with the kind and quality of life that you're currently experiencing as a result...more specifically the quantity of time and the "physical effort" required to maintain your current "quality of life", you "perceive" yourself as not having any of this "time" left. You might use the "excuse" that you don't have the "time" to explore and discover vital and life transforming information that will enable you to advance, take your life to whole new level and begin creating whatever outcomes that you have a sincere and heartfelt desire to create.

If that's where you find yourself...if that's what you caught yourself thinking...it's "favor" time.

Do Yourself, Me and the Entire
World A HUGE Favor

I'm going to ask that you do yourself a "Huge Favor" and take the time. Not for me but rather for yourself. If you'll choose to do that, I'm confident that you will find it to be the most productive, beneficial, rewarding and fulfilling time you've ever spent. Time that will enable you to explore, discover and at the least consider a perspective that can and WILL if you choose, enable you to experience a Far More rewarding, wholesome and fulfilling quality of life. More than that. it will enable you to DO so in FAR less time and with far less strenuous and displeasing effort than you're currently expending, which so many who claim they lack the time, "perceive" to be so necessary.

Unless you are one of those in this small minority, in this "league", you may perhaps "perceive" that experiencing Abundance and Happiness in every aspect of your life is nothing more than "wishful thinking"...a far fetched figment of your imagination...something that's possible for others but not for yourself.

Ironically that's where Abundance, Happiness, Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom begin...in your Imagination. As "true" as that is, most overlook, never tune into and become "keenly aware" of what they're imagining most, if not ALL of the time.

You could say they are "choosing" to unconsciously imagine the polar opposite of where they hope, wish, pray and "desire to be." They write off imagination as some insignificant thing that has no place nor purpose in their lives other than to dream about what might or could have been.

Although that's somewhat understandable based on the mindset that so many have been programmed and conditioned to hold regarding life, it's certainly not acceptable or "true" unless you choose to make it acceptable and true for yourself.

It's YOUR perceptions that create your reality and as a result your life has, is and will continue to unfold in whatever way YOU "perceive" to be true.

MOST simply hold a very limiting and self sabotaging "perception" of reality that keeps their "consciously desired reality" of longed for hopes, wishes, dreams, desires and heartfelt aspirations, somewhere off in the non foreseeable, distant future.

You have both the right and the ability to do that for sure...to "perceive" things in whatever way you choose. But before you find yourself "seemingly stuck" within the confines of a limited view of the world, I would ask prior to you making that decision, that you consider if this "chosen mindset"...this "less than desired" paradigm you've chosen to exist within has produced a kind and quality of life that you "truly desire" to experience.

If you fall into the category of the "majority" who ARE experiencing "less than desired" results, the answer is no.

Regardless of your currently chosen mindset or the beliefs that you might currently hold regarding both your time or your potential, it's a documented and verifiable fact that the vast majority are unnecessarily journeying through life "unconsciously", totally oblivious to and unaware of their "true power" to create an extraordinary quality of life for themselves.

This chosen way of being results in "settling" for whatever hand life deals them. It has the vast majority fully "believing" that that's just how life is. Although that's a choice that we each have the right and the ability to make for ourselves, it's this "choice" and this choice alone that keeps so many from ever experiencing a kind and quality of life that harmonizes with whatever they truly "desire" it to be.

Which brings us to WHY that's "true."

The Business of Life, The Power of Leverage, The Mind and Their Correlation for Creating and Experiencing Real Abundance and Happiness in Life

Due to the conditioning that we often receive throughout our lives, some never become "consciously aware" of the transformational power that we've each been provided the ability to use if ever and whenever we ourselves choose to.

This potentially transformational power is called leverage.

Most people think of and associate leverage to making money and/or as being used in a business specific kind of way. Yes, that is a "part of" what leverage is. It's also "a part of" what we'll be doing here as well. The only difference is, we'll be focusing on and learning more about a much more important kind of business than most associate the traditional meaning of leverage to.

I'm talking about the business of life....YOUR life. I think you'll agree, that's some VERY SERIOUS business!!

As serious as it is, most unknowingly and "unconsciously utilize" the power of leverage to create the exact opposite of the kind and quality of results that those who's "league" they desire to be in are creating.

Why? Because they are unaware of, and as a result are, "unconsciously utilizing" the leveraging power of their mind without understanding that they are using it at all.

Put another way, they lack the awareness of the power that the mind has in creating each and every outcome in our lives. As a result, MOST are consistently making "unconscious choices" that lead them further away from, rather than closer to, what they truly desire to experience in life.

One of these unconscious choices is deciding that they have no time to expand, improve and enhance what matters most...the quality of their "consciousness."

Those who aren't experiencing Abundance and Happiness in EVERY aspect of their lives simply don't understand, and as a result overlook, where their "true power" lies. Consciousness is where it ALL begins and it's the kind and quality of YOUR consciousness which determines how every experience in YOUR life comes to be. Most choose not to understand or grasp the power of using "conscious leveraging" in the business of life that would both enable and empower them to begin producing what they most desire which is a life of Abundance, Happiness, Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom.

They fail to understand that we each have the same amount of time and the only reason some "seem" to have more of this time than others is simply because some choose to properly and "consciously" leverage their time, while those who "perceive" theirs as being so limited and hard to come by, don't.

What is "conscious leveraging" exactly?

Conscious leveraging simply stated, is choosing to adopt an "inside out approach" to life. This inside out approach enables and empowers any who choose to learn about, understand and utilize it, the ability to consciously leverage the power of their mind to create and experience lives of "Real, Lasting and Sustainable Abundance and Happiness."

Although the financial aspect of life is certainly an important "part" of the Abundance and Happiness equation, the form of Abundance and Happiness, (or if you prefer "Real Wealth") that I'm referring to goes far beyond monetary and material gain.

There are a number of people in the world today who have plenty of money but no time. There are those who have both time and money but no one significant to share it with. There are those who have both time and money but their health is in the bucket.

That's NOT Abundance and Happiness my friend.

We each already possess everything necessary to create and experience a kind and quality of life that harmonizes with whatever your individually held desires might be...WHATEVER they might be. There are no exclusions or limitations with regard to what you have the ability to create and experience for yourself with the exception of the exclusions and limitations that YOU choose for yourself.

That includes plenty of money, rigorous health, wholesome and fulfilling relationships AND all the "time" you could possibly ever need to fully enjoy all of them.

To experience this "desired' way of being is as simple as becoming "aware of" and learning to properly and "consciously leverage" the tools that you already possess. Yes, that's going to require some of your time to fully grasp and understand.

It's going to require some time to undo the self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that may be keeping you from experiencing a kind and quality of life that you envision and desire for yourself.

Again, it's all simply a matter of choice...and that choice is yours to make...or not.

But if you'll agree to take the little time necessary to follow along attentively for just a bit, to let go of any self limiting thoughts and beliefs you hold regarding what's "possible or not possible for you for just a short "time", I'm fairly certain that you'll see and clearly understand how and why your current reality, whatever quality of reality you might be experiencing currently, can be transformed...literally transformed, or at the very least dramatically enhanced regardless of what your current "perceptions of reality" might consist of, when you yourself make the choice to do so.

Making that choice will show you in a very clear, simple and concise manner, how to begin using leverage in a most conscious and powerfully transformational way to create harmony, fulfillment, Abundance and Happiness in every aspect of your life.

Now allow me to ask you...

If that were "really true"...if you "truly could" experience physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony in your life...if you "truly could" provide those that you love with everything that you have ever hoped, wished or dreamed you could, would that be worth some of your time?

I'm quite confident based on the communications I receive from people around the globe, that you'll discover for yourself as so many others have...if you'll simply choose to take the time, just how "true" and possible it is.

That experiencing Abundance and Happiness in your life...in EVERY aspect of your life is much more than just a novel idea...although granted that's where it all begins...as an idea...a conceptualization...that once "consciously and consistently held" will transmute from "idea and conceptualization form" and become a very real part of your life.

Are you ready to begin?

It's requires nothing more and nothing less than a choice...a "conscious choice" and that choosing process begins right now.

Should you choose to take the time necessary, you'll discover and clearly understand for yourself that Abundance and Happiness is not only possible and attainable for you, but it is your literal birthright.

You don't have to want, and long and ache to experience abundance and happiness for yourself. You only have to claim it. All that's required of you is a willingness on your part to learn and understand how to do that "consciously and intentionally." But to understand how to do that is going to require some of your time as well as a willingness on your part to "internalize and apply" what you discover.

But here's a promise...

Choosing to do so will reveal in a very clear, concise and empowering way, just how significant and powerfully creative you are in the bigger scheme of life as well as enable you to begin taking conscious, focused and intentional action that will enhance both your current and future results exponentially, regardless of how grand or disappointing your current results might be or how phenomenal or bleak your past results have been in your life to this point.

There are no limitations or exclusions here with the exception of the limitations YOU place on YOURSELF.

Here's an absolute, unwavering and immutable fact...

The more that's available to you, me and anyone else who is willing to take the time to "find and choose it" for themselves is quite literally "Infinite" in nature.

That's what the Abundance and Happiness portal will show you. Not only that it's "true", but how to begin claiming all that is and always has been available to you, the limits of which are only determined by you and the choices you make.

Before deciding if what you're being provided the opportunity to explore is worth your time, I'd encourage you to explore and discover more about what the Abundance and Happiness portal is all about...

If you have the time, or even if you think you don't at this point, I'm quite confident that you'll find it to be time well spent.

Whatever you choose, we at Enlightened Journey Enterprises wish you an unending flow of Abundance, Happiness, Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom for you and yours.

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