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, Here's Part 2 For Issue #34 Of Enlightened Journey
May 13, 2009

A "Truly Transformational Edition" Of Enlightened Journey

Issue #34

Whether You Know It Or Not What You Know and What You Don't Know Can "Both" Sometimes Hurt You

Part 2 Of 3

Ok , Here It Is…

Click here to access Part 2.

I’ll prepare you up front. If you’re the type that is all about consistently staying in “warm and fuzzy zone” and choose to ignore some of the “less than desirable” realities that occur in our world, Part 2 may make you a bit uneasy.

It’s not intended to. What it is intended to do is to assist more in becoming aware. Aware not only of the fact that others choices aren’t and won’t always gel with your desires but most importantly to allow you to make conscious and intentional choices in the future that may at some point save you from experiencing some “undesirable experiences” as you continue along your path.

As you may already know and if not will once you’ve completed this portion of the ezine, others choices can only impact and affect you if you allow them to.

Being aware of their potentially harmful influence is the first step necessary to insure that they don’t without you making the choice to allow them to.

Tomorrow we’ll bring it all together, step back more into the zone of “Actuality” and hopefully assist you in seeing how ALL things regardless of how perceived can and do work out for the best regardless.

Here is the link to Part 2

Part 3 will be following soon.

Keep your eyes peeled. I can assure you that you won’t want to miss it.

To Your Health,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
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Yukon, OK 73099

Always Remember That You Can "Be, Do and Have" ANYTHING That YOU CHOOSE To Experience.

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