What You Know and Don't Know
Can Both Hurt You Or Help You

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What You Know and Don't Know
Can Both Hurt You Or Help You!!

Part 2 of 3

Physical Realities and How What You May Think You Know Can and Often Does Hurt You

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In Part 1 we touched on a number of things regarding you...the "real you" and the physical you, the power provided to you, the choices that you make or don't make and how those choices can affect or not affect you in your life.

Mainly we touched on an aspect of life regarding things that we "don't know" that can hurt us...or at the least dramatically limit our results due to a lack of "self awareness."

Today let's look at the flip side. We'll touch on some things that many "think they know" and also think are best for them that in many cases really aren't good for them at all.

What we'll be covering today has to do with awareness of a more "physical nature." An awareness of something important...our health.

We're going to look at things that do and are happening in our "reality"...things that we can and do have the choice to allow to affect us or not based on our choices.

I guess you could say we'll be looking at aspects of reality that many of us believe to be true...areas that we "just know" are right and true and things we have been provided the choice to do regarding what we believe and "know" but which can, in the physical sense of the word anyway, hurt us.

First let me begin by saying that whatever you choose to believe with regard to ANY aspect of your life and your individual ability to affect and impact it or not determines “precisely“ and without fail what you will experience…in other words, “You always get to be right.”

It's not for me to tell you what that is for you anymore than it is for you to tell me what it might be for me.

In Actuality, how we "perceive" any event, condition or circumstance determines our individual experience in "reality."

At the same time, for “beliefs” we hold to be effective, they must also harmonize with the immutable and unwavering laws that oversee and govern the realm of “higher truth” which determine what can be and can’t be experienced in “reality.”

For the sake of keeping this explanation brief and to the point, let’s look at one of these laws that scientists refer to as cause and effect.

Cause and effect is simple and easy to grasp. What you put out you receive an outcome or effect that harmonizes with the cause.

In a more spiritual light..."As we sow, so shall we reap."

You can’t expect to drink a bottle of poison with the expectation of achieving optimum health regardless of what you might believe. You can’t intentionally stand in front of a semi truck speeding down the highway at 70 miles per hour and escape physical harm regardless of how much you might "believe" you are going to escape untouched.

These are obvious examples that everybody understands...or I "hope so" at least.

In order for beliefs to be effective and creative they must harmonize with these governing laws if you truly expect to create and experience the desired outcome.

This is why many might “believe” something that "they know" to be “true” yet it still can and often does create the opposite outcome...adverse outcomes of a physical nature that are disharmonious with what they truly do desire to experience.

While it's true that beliefs are the cause of tangible outcomes, these beliefs and your level of awareness must be aligned and harmonized with the laws that govern the process to create the physical outcome.

You can believe with all your might that gravity isn’t real and attempt to defy it’s immutable and unwavering operation, jump off of a 3 story building and discover just how insignificant this disharmonious belief is with “higher truth” that you may have acquired based on bad information that you somehow came "to know" as being right and true.

Point being...

Foolish or unconscious choices based on a lack of awareness or otherwise doesn’t override governing laws. You could say in this particular instance that "ignorance of the law is no excuse."

And whether you're aware of it or not, there are many who are making these foolish decisions consistently on a much larger scale than most are aware of fully believing that these decisions are for their good.

With that fact established and the stage set, I’m going to challenge what so many “believe“ to be true regarding how optimum health and wellness is achieved. It may perhaps challenge and go against currently held beliefs regarding your individual ability to ensure a healthy and wholesome physical body that extends beyond simple nutrition and exercise.

A Perspective and An EXTREMELY
Important Clarification

Let’s begin by looking at our health and wellness industry that so many “believe” and “perceive” to be the only way to achieve and maintain optimum health.

Let me start by saying that big business has us “believing” that stress and health issues are “just the way things are” and that illness and emotional issues are normal, natural and unavoidable.

Perhaps that’s intentional and maybe it’s not. Although I have an “opinion” based on a number of years of research, that’s not for me to judge. It’s not my intention or purpose to judge or condemn, it’s my intention and purpose to enhance awareness, to provide a "perspective” that you may not have previously considered enabling you to make conscious, intentional and educated choices for yourself so that you might experience a more fulfilling quality of life.

That’s my ONLY intention.

I don't share my perspective with the intention of swaying your truth, but rather to provide an alternative point of view that may provide greater and more pleasing outcomes.

To me the most important area to become aware of in this “physical kind of way” in the “physical aspect” of life is your health. Physical, emotional and mental health. Without that, from a strictly “physical perspective”, nothing else really matters.

If you’re materially and monetarily wealthy but don’t have the ability to fully enjoy the money and things you’ve acquired, what good is that?

If you have incredibly loving and fulfilling relationships yet you have ill health and are unable to fully engage and participate in those relationships, as great as relationships are, you’re unable to fully experience the fulfillment and sense of unity that relationships can and do provide.

Point being, health is the first step toward achieving and experiencing what I often refer to as “Real Wealth.”

It’s also important that I preface what I’m about to cover with you so that you don’t get the wrong idea about where I’m going with this subject matter. It’s possible if I don’t that you could “assume” that what I’ll be covering is of a “negative nature.” It’s not as you’ll see should you choose to make it through the next few paragraphs and remain open and receptive to receiving the intended message.

I’d like to make it clear that I understand fully that we each have our own choices to make. We each must walk our own path.

The paths some choose and the choices some make may or may not agree with our individual choices and preferences. Why some choose a certain path may not make sense or be clear to us.

Each of us having this inalienable right of free will allows for choices to be made by some that benefit the collective as well as choices that serve to provide only personal benefit.

What I’m about to share may sound condemning and judgmental initially. Rest assured it’s not. It's simply an observation. It’s merely a way to expose a "potentially unhealthy path" that others may be choosing that you may or may not be aware of. It’s not designed nor intended to judge others but rather to provide a perspective that may make you more aware of how to best ensure that you aren't adversely affected by the self serving choices of others.

Although we can’t and shouldn’t keep anyone from walking their chosen path, at the same time it’s important that we don’t allow the choices of others to harm ourselves or those we love due to the choices that they might make individually.

Judgment and condemnation of others choices or actions doesn't serve anyone. On a personal level it only hurts you and on a collective level it only serves to hurt the collective.

By the same token that doesn't mean making uninformed and unconscious choices that could based on the choices of others adversely affect you.

Ok...with that clear let's get into it.

Make Conscious Intentional and Informed Choices Regarding What's Good and
Not Good For You

It has to do with our health care industry. It’s not necessarily individuals in the industry but rather the industry as a whole. The current systems in place which drive the industry.

Although I firmly believe that all things work together for a greater good and each and every thing that happens in our world both personally and collectively at some point provides evidence of a greater good at some point, from a "physical reality" perspective, there are a number of things going on that would enable you to bypass some of the "painful and physically harmful" greater goods that many go through unnecessarily due to choosing to remain "unaware."

I know of a great many very caring people in the medical field who are very committed and passionate about their work and who passionately engage in their chosen field with the intention of serving and doing the best they know how to contribute to the well being of others.

Yet at the same time there are many of these same people who are just as frustrated about our current medical systems and the methodologies it utilizes in it’s attempt to “fix people” as the next guy.

They know and fully understand that this band-aid approach to health and wellness in western culture is limited at best and in many cases, although it might provide temporary relief in a specific area, often creates additional and sometimes even more serious problems in other areas.

It’s not all individuals that are responsible. It’s what individuals learn and develop beliefs about...things they come "to know" that determine what they do and how they do it.

Don’t get me wrong, western medicine has it’s place…a very important and necessary place and serves an incredibly large number of people in very "positive" ways. Yet in many cases, FAR TOO MANY cases it can and does prove to be harmful.

If someone chooses to remain unaware, to allow others to determine what’s best for them without choosing to make conscious and informed choices of their own, western medicine can and often does prove to be more harmful than helpful and in a very large number of cases deadly even.

You won’t see or hear that on the evening news.

Many aren’t aware of this and for very good reason.

Case in point...

Do you know what the number 1 cause of loss of life is in the U.S relating to health issues?

If you listen to and buy into what you’re told, you might think it’s cancer or heart disease…but it’s not.

The Center For Disease Control provides the following numbers of casualties in the area of health...

#1 - Heart disease: 652,091 per year

#2 - Cancer: - 559,312 per year

But neither of these is the number one cause of death.

Do you know what it is?

In the U.S., it’s our current medical system…Whether you’re “aware” of it or not, 789,000 Americans per year die due to medical mistakes and adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs.

You can research it for yourself…Western medicine, what so many “perceive” to be the way to achieve and maintain “physical health” is the number 1 cause of death in our country.

If you’re at all like me when I first began doing my research, that comes as a surprise. Not a pleasant one either.

Allow me to clarify again and make something very clear before proceeding…

It’s not my place or my intention to judge or condemn any person or institution. It’s not my place or intention to tell you what’s best or not best for you.

What is my place as well as my intention and what I’m extremely passionate about is exploring various avenues, avenues of understanding that serve to enhance quality of life. These explorations and many years of research I’ve engaged in extend beyond a “spiritually based understanding.“

They also cover what we experience in “reality.” Areas that impact and affect us at the “physical level.”

When I find something that I believe based on my discoveries works or doesn‘t work, contributing what I feel I know to anyone willing to listen with the intention of enlightening and assisting as many people along the way as I can who resonate with and find benefit in what I share and who as a result might personally benefit from it.

I don’t claim that what I share is “truth.” It’s become my truth based on what I’ve chosen to do, which is take a “deeper than average” look at things in the world around us, yet it doesn’t have to be yours. In fact I hope you DON”T and WON’T act on or believe ANYTHING I share without doing the research for yourself and making the choice to discern what‘s “true“ or “not true“ for yourself.

I only share it because that’s what I feel I’ve been sent here to do. It’s the best way I currently know to contribute to the well being of others and I’ve made it my life purpose to do just that in the best way I know how.

One of the many things I’ve discovered over a number of years through research, observation and personal experience is that our health and wellness has become big business.

It’s an industry…a very powerful and profitable industry that deals with health issues at a surface level. It doesn’t address and get to the heart of the problem. In fact, the “cure” or the resolution that is taught in medical schools and utilized in the western medicine industry as a whole, many times consists of a deadly regimen of toxic drugs and/or risky surgeries with extremely high profit margins.

We’re also told and taught that illness and disease as well as emotional issues is “normal, natural and unavoidable.”

Our bodies are looked at and considered by the current western medical profession as machines that break and need fixing.

You can buy into that and believe it if you’d like, but based on my findings based on both research and personal experience, let me share something with you…

Getting SICK, experiencing depression, anxiety and a host of other physiological and emotional issues is neither "normal, natural OR unavoidable!!

In fact, YOU already possess the greatest and most efficient healing mechanism known to man and all the medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies in the world combined can’t come anywhere close to matching it‘s effectiveness.

What is this mechanism? Your immune system. Most just haven’t been taught and as a result remain unaware as to just how powerful and effective it is and how to “properly” utilize and maintain it in a way that “allows“ it to function in the way it was created and intended to function.

If the distribution of awareness to the masses evolves as slowly in the future as it has in the past with regard to groundbreaking discoveries and “breakthrough solutions” recently made and discovered by some of the forward thinkers in the world today, it could take a hundred years or more for this awareness to become mainstream.

What is this awareness and understanding that these “forward thinkers” have discovered?

There is an underlying cause for ANY and EVERY illness and disease that goes beyond "mechanics" yet the predominant medical industry that we entrust our health and well being to holds a different mindset and chooses to stay stuck in this current way of thinking at the cost of more than 3/4 of a million lives per year due to mistakes and who knows how many unnecessary deaths due to outdated systems and processes.

A very limited and outdated mindset I might add that, due to the masses choosing to remain “unaware”, “believing everything they’re told and allowing others to determine and dictate what‘s best for them in the area of health, results in the same mindset being established and held on a global scale which affects those who buy into, allow and feed it on a global scale.

The "physical outcomes" experienced in "reality" as a result of this quality of consciousness will continue unless and until different choices are made. Conscious choices I mean.

What does this predominant “mindset” of the western medicine industry do? Well, in my opinion it creates a bunch of repeat customers. It’s good for business. I’m not sure about you but I personally don’t like the idea of my health or the health of those I love being considered “business.” I’m not fond of thinking of myself as a “repeat customer” when it comes to my health and welfare, yet that’s exactly what it’s become.

I’ve also come to believe through my research over the years as well as a number of personal experiences that big business utilizes fear based tactics to manipulate and elevate profit margins. It’s a form of conditioning and mind control that many overlook.

Case in point…

The Recent Swine Flu Scare and The "Potential" Worldwide Pandemic

The most recent media frenzy surrounding the swine flu has sent people around the world into a mass hysteria. Every channel you turn to…PANDEMIC!!! WARNING!!! Blah blah blah. But it’s working as it always does. You can literally see the fear of the collective escalating and being communicated around the world through e-mails, conversations etc.

Sales of various “preventive” products such as facemasks and antibacterial cleansers are being acquired and scarfed up from store shelves in record numbers. What the predominant media is spreading, like always is obviously having an effect.

But the fact is, the “real facts”, it's difficult—if not impossible—to get an accurate handle on the real impact of the swine flu and how many it‘s “truly affecting.”

The news media is reporting skyrocketing cases in Mexico, but, depending on which media venue you listen to, the figures vary and are unreliable at best—and the number of laboratory-confirmed cases is small in comparison to suspected cases. As of the time of this writing (May 10th, 2009), there has only been 2 reported swine flu deaths in the U.S.—a toddler from Mexico in Texas and another lady who also had a number of other “health issues.”

Yet, the World Health Organization immediately issued health alerts. The U.S. government, after just 20 cases of swine flu reported and no deaths, declared a public health emergency. A worldwide health emergency at that.

And here’s something that you may or may not yet be aware of…

President Obama is calling for billions of dollars to stockpile drugs, monitor this “deadly disease“, and help with international efforts.

That all seems well and good. That seems like a noble and “right thing” to do, wouldn’t you say? That appears to be a commendable and righteous act to assist those in need as well as our neighbors in need in countries around the world.

I’m all about doing everything we can in keeping our country and citizens safe as well as contributing to those around the world who need help.

But think about this for a minute. Where will these “billions” of dollars go. Who stands to benefit? Obviously, those who manufacture the “drugs” and quick fixes that the vast majority have been programmed to “believe” is what “fixes” such things…the pharmaceutical companies.

BILLIONS of dollars that BIG business stands to profit from. “Publicly traded” BIG business no less. Does that have a familiar ring to it? Do you see any potential correlation here folks???

Maybe you do and maybe you don’t connect the dots. Yet if people would only choose to dig a bit…to become aware and see how history continues to repeat itself, light bulbs start coming on.

That is at least from “my” perspective. Yet I think it's a perspective that needs to be considered. It's NOT a perspective that I provide lightly without having done years of research and personally seeing fear based programming and manipulation being used.

This high level of “programmed panic” and fear based manipulation that’s currently happening isn’t anything new. It’s been used for years and it’s not limited to just pandemic’s or epidemics in the medical field.

Perhaps this “swine flu” thing is real. I don’t and can’t know that for sure. It’s “suspect” to me for a number of reasons. Primarily because I’m well aware how big institutions utilize and have utilized various tactics, predominantly fear based to program and manipulate entire populations.

One of the primary ways this is done is through mainstream media.

It’s often used to control and manipulate the masses in a wide area of topics.

It’s difficult to know when there’s a true threat or when something is being contrived to manipulate and herd those of a "sheeple people mentaility" to take a specific action.

Again, it's utilized in a number of areas.

But let’s stay on the “swine flu” topic. Mentioning all areas where fear and manipulation are utilized could fill up an entire library…literally.

I see the current “crisis” as a potential manipulation for the following reasons…

First of all, there are a number of other types of flu that are always circulating that have been responsible for far more deaths than the "swine flu" has since it was announced recently.

Let's assume though that it's valid. That there "truly is" a threat. Not saying that there is, let's just for the moment "assume" that there is and take a look at recent history.

Maybe you’re old enough to remember and are familiar with the swine flu scare in 1976.

As you may or may not be aware, a number of army recruits at Ft. Dix, NJ, acquired the swine flu and one died (after a strenuous, five-mile, overnight hike). Yet, the government rushed into “help” and a nationwide vaccination program was introduced and put in place.

The result?

Approximately 45 million Americans were vaccinated at a cost of $135 million.

Ok…people have that choice. I’m not here to sway or convince anyone regarding the individual choices they make regarding their individual health. But I DO encourage and challenge you to do some research on ALL vaccinations prior to accepting them for yourself and especially for your children.

But here’s what many may not be aware of regarding the outcome of those who were vaccinated for the swine flu…

Shortly thereafter, Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing neurological disorder, cropped up in hundreds of the vaccinated people. Many even died from the vaccine itself…NOT the swine flu.

Guess what? The swine flu epidemic never materialized. Word died out…the media quit talking about it. It vanished into thin air and "some" people...most people in fact, forgot.

What about the potential "bird flu" epidemic scare that cropped up and was broadcast on every media channel many years ago? What happened to that?

What about legislation that was passed a number of years ago during the Clinton administration’s reign regarding immunizations and vaccines for our children? A government funded program was put in place that paid for immunizations for children in the U.S.

Government funded? Uh….no. Taxpayer funded. And where did these funds go to? Big business…“publicly traded” business…namely the pharmaceutical business.

Do some individual "due diligence" that extends outside of the controlled media and data distributed by those who stand to profit from it regarding vaccines and the countless horror stories shared by the parents of children affected.

There are plenty as well as a growing number of concerned health care professionals who are taking a stand to “warn the general public” of the NOW PROVEN and obvious hazards that many vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs inflict. (see Natural Health Research for a place to start)

Rest assured you won’t see them provided much airtime on mainstream media channels. You also won’t hear much regarding themerisol, (mercury) aluminum, formaldahide which are placed in a number of immunizations which is believed by many “aware” and well credentialed health care professionals to be the number one cause of autism which has escalated to alarming numbers in recent years and is affecting a growing number of vaccinated children.

A rapidly growing number of doctors are also coming forward to let the masses know that vaccines DO NOT cure anything but rather actually create illness and disease, MANY of which show up years after being vaccinated.

The truth is, our government has been preparing for a global flu pandemic for years, stockpiling medications and working on new vaccines.

Obviously, this is good for business…a windfall in fact for the companies that manufacture these drugs. Publicly traded companies I might remind you.

Their profit potential is enormous, JYNORMOUS in fact.

How Jynormous is it?

The profit margin on many of these drugs exceeds 1000 PLUS PERCENT!!!

That’s not a hundred percent….it’s a THOUSAND PERCENT…PLUS!!

Wow…that’s a pretty good business I’d say…IF you’re on the receiving end and concerned primarily about profit margins, the price of stocks and keeping investors happy that is.

But it’s NOT good business for those who believe everything they’re told and who entrust their health and well being to big business. It’s NOT good business for those who allow the mega billion dollar per year advertising budgets of pharmaceutical companies to program and manipulate them and entire populations into believing that the more than 10,000 pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to a predominantly “uninformed” and "misinformed" population are touted as being safe, used for their safety and well being and the only “logical cure” for their ails.

Then there's another thing to consider...

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-trillion dollar per year business yet their accountability is limited.

How so?

Thanks to government intervention and fairly recent legislation that was passed some years ago, the latest amendments being added in 2006, any “claims of injury” caused by vaccinations must be filed through the Federal Court of Claims, which as many are aware, based on the way it’s been “set up” requires years of wading through bureaucratic red tape before a case will even be reviewed.

Furthermore, individuals affected can only sue if they have proof that a vaccine manufacturer did “intentional” harm.

That might be a bit tough to prove.

When you begin doing in depth research regarding the FDA, the process in place to determine how pharmaceutical drugs are approved for distribution and who is responsible for seeing that they are approved or disapproved for human consumption, it doesn’t take long to see that there are some really cush business deals happening under the radar and at the cost of your health and well being as well as the health and well being of millions of other Americans. It’s NOT limited to Americans though. It extends into many other countries around the world as well.

Here’s another fact that you won’t see on the airwaves…

Perhaps you are or aren’t aware that America has THE MOST EXPENSIVE health care system in the world with results that rank at 72nd.

According to research I’ve done, which began many years ago, there are approx. 113,000 reported deaths in America alone…113,000 people who die each year as a result of the adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs. That’s “reported” deaths. That doesn’t take into account those which go unreported or the hundreds of thousands if not millions who are affected for the rest of their lives in a number of ways due to the adverse reactions that these drugs inflict long term.

Fear and Panic Never Serve To Produce "Desired" Outcomes In Reality OR Actuality

I could write a book on this topic alone. The point is…

Fear is the tool that‘s often used by big business. And sadly, in a far greater number of cases than you may or may not be aware of, or care to acknowledge…money and profit is often the motive.

When you truly understand the power of emotions and the direct link they have on how things turn out in “physical reality”…in YOUR physical reality, it becomes very clear what a powerful and effective tool fear can be. But it also becomes clear how fear can and does only serve to create and "make real" more of the undesirable outcomes that we have fear about.

Whether you‘re “aware“ of it or choose to believe it or not, fear is consistently being utilized in MANY areas and those areas extend well outside of our current “wellness industry.”

When you have the ability and the resources to instill the fear on a global scale and at the same time be the one who comes to the rescue and provide the “solution” for what everyone is being conditioned and programmed to be so fearful about, you’re in a pretty good position to both profit AND be the “perceived hero” at the same time.

All the while the unaware masses are only “aware“ of one part of what‘s really happening. But it’s not “really” awareness at all. It’s often times a carefully contrived and intentionally planted perception of awareness that’s established in the masses based on deceit, manipulation and with the underlying motive being for profit.

It’s a form of programming that enables people to “believe” they are making their own “logical and rational” choices yet remaining unaware that they are being “programmed and manipulated into making the choices that they are.

It’s fear based “programming” that literally has those who believe it and allow it to affect them asking for outside intervention from those who are behind and responsible for perpetrating the fear.

That is until people start “waking up”, do a bit of digging for themselves and becoming more aware.

Ok…on to more “positive” things and what you can do about it.

Although there do exist things in our reality that can be and often are harmful to us, it’s the choices that we make or don’t make individually that determine if the choices of others can affect us or not.

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series there are those who make choices that aren’t designed or intended to benefit the collective. There are those who see physical power and money as "true power." There are those who utilize their free will for personal gain and who will go to great lengths to secure as much for themselves as they can without any regard to how it affects people on a larger scale.

What’s really exciting about the age we live in. Many are beginning to “get it”, are waking up, finally becoming conscious and choosing to do something about it.

But many…far too many are still allowing themselves to be manipulated and programmed with the propaganda and the underlying message that this propaganda is based on which is both designed and intended to instill fear for the sake of profit.

It’s a tool that’s consistently used not only by BIG business, but by governments, by taxing authorities etc. to control, program and manipulate those who choose to remain “unaware and stuck” in a “sheeple people mentality.”

When you choose to dig deeply enough you begin to discover that mainstream media venues who are also owned by these same “BIG businesses” are utilized to “get the word out” often times under the guise of protecting and keeping those safe who might be "under threat" of being adversely affected by whatever the current “crisis“ might be at any given time.

Wake up, become conscious and quit allowing it. As long as the collective buys into it and allows it to continue it will continue. Become conscious. Wake up. Quit allowing yourself to be programmed and manipulated.

Become an independent thinker. Stop allowing others to do your thinking for you and programming beliefs in you founded on fear. Choose to wake up, become aware, get proactive and do something.

As important as this is, at the same time it’s necessary to remain conscious of what you do and how you go about doing it.

It’s extremely important to understand the difference between responding and reacting. Being “proactive and reactive" are quite different ways of “being.”

Getting mad and staging anti-anything revolts doesn’t “fix anything”, it intensifies it. It “allows” it to grow. A collective mindset to fight and resist doesn’t, never has and never will provide the desired outcome, it provides and fuels the polar opposite. It “fuels” and intensifies the opposite of the desired outcome.

Don’t get mad…get aware. Become aware and as you do, spread the awareness to those who are open and willing to listen. It’s a powerful and extremely effective form of contributing.

When more make the choice to become aware and get in the mindset of responding based on love, more in the world will benefit as a result.

Health and Healing Like Everything
Is An Inside Job

When you choose to discover and explore the literally fascinating breakthroughs that modern day science and medicine is and has been making it becomes blatantly obvious that health and healing like all external "tangible results" begins inside. It’s not an external process.

In the case of medicine it’s not something that’s regulated and fixed by some synthetically created man made substance.

We’ve been taught that it is. We’re consistently allowing ourselves to be programmed by the mega billion dollar advertising budgets that pharmaceutical companies spend each year to ”enhance awareness” of the latest and greatest “magic pill” to hit the market.

As a result of this “allowing” by the collective…by the mass quality of consciousness held by the collective, many “believe” that it is but it’s not.

We’ve been programmed and conditioned to believe that if we’re experiencing some emotional disorder, all we have to do is take this “magic pill” and everything will be OK. It will somehow magically “fix” us.

We’re programmed and conditioned to “believe” that if one of our organs develops irregular and harmful cells that it’s necessary to remove it, that the problem will be solved and everything will be OK.

We were recently introduced to an apparently new escalating crisis concerning our children which big business is choosing to label as ADHD, ADD, bi-polar disorder ODD and countless other “mental illnesses” that we’re told require what to regulate and fix? You guessed it…MORE mind altering pharmaceutical drugs.

We’ve been programmed to “believe” that if our children are acting out and experiencing less than desired behavior patterns that the “logical answer”, the "right" answer is to drug them up, dumb them down and everything will be OK.

If we are experiencing some form of sexual dis-function, we now have a magic pill that fixes it and makes everything OK.

What’s fueling this accelerated consumption of synthetic and often toxic “quick fixes?”

The consciousness of the collective!!!

What fuels this quality of consciousness?

A number of things…

Media hype and propaganda.


Multi-Billion dollar advertising budgets. Yet it goes beyond conventional marketing and advertising campaigns.

Multi-Billion dollar budgets are also allotted specifically for entertaining and romancing doctors and others who oversee, prescribe and distribute these often toxic “quick fixes” to the populations.

It’s a form of relationship and trust building that is adversely affecting a large number of people.

Your willingness as well as the willingness of the collective to allow it and buy into it will enable it to persist.

The way western medicine "fixes things" isn't and never has been the way to cure core issues.

It’s a band-aid approach that never gets to the root cause of the problem. It only masks and hides it for a time, many times creating additional issues and side effects of another type which is often answered with additional “magic pills” and/or surgeries.

I choose this topic, the swine flu, because it’s the latest “crisis” that everyone is familiar with and can relate to. Everyone’s aware of what’s “perceived” as being the problem yet the “reality is” it may very well NOT be a problem at all. It’s the way that people have allowed themselves to be controlled and manipulated through fear based programming that’s the REAL problem…the underlying, unseen and all too often overlooked problem which only snowballs and resurfaces to become greater and more serious problems at some point in the future.

Why? Because it’s based on fear.

Where’s does it ALL begin? The same place that EVERYTHING begins…At the level of consciousness.

Again, this newsletter isn’t designed to slam or judge anyone, but rather instill and enhance awareness as well as provide potential steps to take that will assist in alleviating the “physical outcomes and “realities” that so many are so fearful and worked up about.

Taking Focus Off Of The Problems In Reality and Finding The Solution In Actuality

Ok…it’s time to shift gears. Let’s look at how and why things have become what they’ve become and look at the “right way” to deal with them so we can begin to see and experience more of the “desired outcomes.”

Let’s delve a bit more deeply into what we can do both individually and collectively to ensure a brighter and more fulfilling future for the collective as a whole and disarm the “fear” based consciousness that is creating so many “undesirable outcomes” in our world.

We’ll be delving more deeply into how to harmonize the physical us with the “spiritual us” to begin creating the kind and quality of results that we “desire” rather than continuing on a very limited and often self sabotaging path that many have been choosing to walk down.

We'll be doing that in part 3.

When you're finished with Part 3 of this month’s edition of Enlightened Journey you will have an uncommon depth of understanding as to how both the physical and the non-physical aspects of us interconnect and mesh to create the physical outcomes experienced in life as well as be provided with a simple, scientifically validated and proven, step-by-step blueprint on how to achieve optimum health, healing and wellness in your life as well as the lives of those you love—and it's so much more simple and easy than the vast majority in western culture “perceive.”

It’s these perceptions which are formed based on our individual “perspectives” which forms our individual perceptions which in turn determines our individual realities. EVERY aspect of those “realities.“

As I shared in a recent issue, it’s these individually established perceptions collectively joined that creates the collective consciousness that creates outcomes that harmonize with that chosen way of being creating outcomes both desired and undesired on a global scale.

As I also mentioned, but repeat because it’s so important, when the collective “allows” it and buys into it, it has an impact on our world.

Good and positive things…desired things cannot and will not EVER be brought into reality based on a collectively formed perspective of fear.

On an individual level you can’t create what it is that you want by keeping your predominant focus on what you don’t want.

This part of the newsletter isn't intended to instill fear, it's intended to enhance awareness to enable you to see through and rise above the fear.

Tomorrow we'll delve more deeply into that.

We’ll close for now and allow you to chew on what we’ve covered today.

Tomorrow we'll bring all this together and provide a powerful and always effective process for creating and experiencing "desired" results, not limited only to the area of health, but every aspect of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

I can assure you that you won't want to miss it.

See You Tomorrow,

Chuck Danes




Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

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