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, Here's Your October Edition Of The Enlightened Journey Newsletter
October 24, 2007

October 2007 Edition Of
"Enlightened Journey"

"Wealth Consciousness"

In This Months Edition Of "Enlightened Journey"...

1) A Note From Enlightened Journey founder Chuck Danes

2) A Video Greeting From Chuck

3) A Powerful And Inspiring Reminder Of Your Greatness

4) This Months Newsletter : "Wealth Consciousness"

5) Timeless Wisdom For Further Reflection and Deeper Understanding


This months edition of "Enlightened Journey" focuses and places emphasis on rediscovering and awakening to something that you already possess but due to any number of reasons, very few are consciously aware of.

What is it? "Your ability to create wealth." Real Wealth. More specifically you'll be provided with insights and direction that I know from personal experience can and will enable and empower you to stir and awaken that knowing within yourself and turn that knowing into the physical results that you have a desire to experience.

The ability to do that as so many find doesn't happen as a result of how so many think that it should.

There are so many today that make futile attempts to find their fulfillment in the external physical world that has proven time and again to provide only temporary and mediocre results at best.

Although material wealth is an extremely important aspect of "real success" and necessary to experience "real fulfillment" in life, it is only a piece of the equation. An important piece no doubt, but still only a piece.

I know that from personal first hand experience. I guess you could say I've "been there and done that."

This months edition of "Enlightened Journey" will disclose some very crucial information concerning attaining "real wealth", physically, financially, relationally, emotionally AND spiritually.

"Real Wealth" is achieved without all the stress, struggle and strife that many associate with and believe is necessary to accomplish it and as a result DO experience those life zapping symptoms yet never discover what it is that they believe it will provide.

What you're about to discover will clearly show you that it's NOT only NOT necessary but will keep you from fulfilling your "hearts" desire.

Contrary to majority "belief", fear, anxiety, stress and struggle aren't your true nature AT ALL, but only occur as a result of your internal beingness. To make the shift and experience the external things desired only requires a slight shift in paradigm. That shift isn't dependent on anything external to you, it occurs internally as a result of your choice to do so.

Whatever your dreams and visions might consist of...whatever passions you may hold...whatever heartfelt desires you may be suppressing due to self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs you may hold with regard to your ability to experience them and make them a reality in your life, know this...

They are and have always been available to you. You only need to rediscover how to tap into and allow them to come to you and be open and willing to accept them when they do.

Harmony and fulfillment in life is an inside job yet so many attempt to do it backwards not understanding that they already possess everything required to experience it, whatever IT might be for you.

Fulfillment in life happens as a result of "allowing" NOT forcing. Harmony and fulfillment in life are a product of mind, more specifically the quality of your consciousness, just as disharmony and discord are. The only difference is based on a choice, your choice as to which you'll experience.

I know that can and may sound confusing to you because at one point in my own life, it didn't make a BIT of sense to me either until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and made the choice to dig a little deeper. That digging enabled me to make some profound discoveries and initiated an internal paradigm shift of my own, which as amazed as I still am by it all, enabled me to discover the simplicity and perfection of it all.

It's my intent as well as my hope that the subject matter this month, "Wealth Consciousness" will provide you with a glimpse of how simple it can be for you to make the paradigm shift necessary and that it might assist you in making the choice to rediscover and experience your "True Nature" enabling you to begin experiencing all that is available to you in every aspect of your life.

Also I've included 2 new additions in this months edition of "Enlightened Journey." The first is a video message from me and the second is an extremely inspiring music video that I was fortunate enough to discover this month, plus an additional contribution in the way of a subsidized offer exclusively for you, as part of the "Enlightened Journey Family" that I'm extremely excited to be able to offer.

I know from personal experience what a difference it can and will make to assist you in rediscovering and awakening to your "true nature" and enable you to begin experiencing all that you have a desire to experience in EVERY aspect of your life.

I hope you'll take the time to view each of the links below in the order presented. Each of those pages that you are directed to will provide a link that will direct you to the next page.

I hope that this addition of "Enlightened Journey" finds you well and assists in making your tomorrows all you desire them to be and more. As you're about to discover, I "know" it can if you'll "allow" it to.

With that said let's get into this months edition of "Enlightened Journey." (Just follow the links below)

To Your Success and Fulfillment Today and Always,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

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