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, Here's Issue #30 Of The Enlightened Journey Newsletter
January 06, 2009

"Enlightened Journey" Ezine

Issue #30 Part 2 of 3

Getting Back To Basics

Hi ,

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from Part 1 of this months Enlightened Journey Newsletter titled “Getting Back To Basics” which was sent out yesterday.

As promised here’s part 2.

Before we get into that I wanted to make you aware that there are still 8 spots remaining for the 3 month subsidized coaching and mentoring program that I notified you of yesterday but they're filling quickly as anticipated.

There are a number of prescreenings scheduled for tomorrow as well so if you're interested and serious, I'd encourage you to schedule yours as soon as possible.

If you happened to miss or overlook yesterdays e-mail which contains all the details concerning the mentoring program, what’s necessary to qualify to receive 3 months of personalized one on one mentoring that’s being fully subsidized by Enlightened Journey Enterprises as well as gain access to Part 1 of the newsletter.

You can access yesterdays e-mail here…

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I’m looking forward to speaking with those of you who have already requested and scheduled a pre-screening.

Ok...Let's get into Part 2 of Getting Back To Basics. I hope and trust it provides immense benefit. Be on the lookout for Part 3 which will be sent out tomorrow evening.


Access part 2 of Getting Back To Basics here

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To Your Success and Continued Growth,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

Always Remember That You Can "Be, Do and Have" ANYTHING That YOU CHOOSE To Experience.

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