Getting Back To Basics
Part 2 of 3

30th Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Getting Back To Basics
Part 2 of 3

The Basics and Simplicity of Understanding Energy, Frequency and How To Begin Consciously Utilizing Them For Producing "Desired" Results

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In yesterdays first phase of our little "getting back to basics" meeting we looked at the physical aspects of how "potentially stressful" external situations can and do, based on our individual choices to respond or react to them, determine what future experiences we will encounter which invariably do impact our "physical results."

The personal analogy I provided based on my own experience in the "corporate world" clearly revealed to me and hopefully provided some insight to you how a choice to respond to "perceived" adversity rather than choosing to react can and does produce "desired" outcomes regardless of how "intense" the situation might be.

The importance of the actions that we choose to take or not take at this "internal level"...meaning choosing to consciously control or not what's going on within ourselves, does without fail determine our "outside" results.

Pretty basic and simple stuff.

Next...let's delve just a bit deeper and discover why that is. For some of you who already are aware but have maybe forgotten to apply what you already know, we'll look at it as a re-minder.

We'll be looking at the deeper aspects of why both responding and reacting produce a result in a very simple and basic way that is easily grasped and understood which hopefully will clearly convey the simplicity of the process and hopefully remove any complicated or "esoteric perceptions" or in some cases "doubts" regarding it's power that so many hold.

It's my hope that through explaining this "seemingly complex" process in a way that we can all easily relate to by utilizing analogies that we all are familiar with, it will enable you to clearly see, perhaps for the very first time or if you're already familiar, be re-minded of the basics with regard to the simplicity of and the immense power behind it, which YOU, I and everyone else already have unlimited access to.

I’m going to ask that you avoid the temptation of overlooking the immense power behind it because of the simplicity though. As I mentioned in part 1, the most simple and seemingly ineffective things are often times the most powerful and produce the greatest results...IMMENSE results in fact..

Why is it that we overlook them? Simply because we have been taught that for things to produce any significant results, it must be complicated or take excessive "physical effort."

In fact, based on another experience I had some years experience FAR MORE profound than my "corporate awakening" experience that produced a kind of result that MOST would perceive to be an impossibility, including an entire medical team at a local hospital emergency room, was derived and made "real" due to these same "simple" yet EXTREMELY powerful and transformational concepts.

It literally transcended all logic or reason from the perspective of what the mass majority "perceive" to be "possible."

I believe that if you'll allow yourself to, you'll find that by discovering or in some cases simply remembering and "applying" what you already know, that this same power that transcends all common logic can and will enable you to experience profound results as well, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

It's power isn't limited to any specific area of applies to and will produce results in EVERY area by simply becoming and remaining "consciously aware of it", applying what we discover and simply "allowing" it to.

The trick is the "learning to allow" part. That is where the real power lies. A strong desire combined with an "allowing" or "unattachment" to the outcome creates some VERY illogical results based on many peoples perceptions.

My experiences have clearly shown me that. I believe it. In fact...I "know" it. But what I know can't assist you unless you develop the same kind of knowing for yourself.

Perhaps this edition will assist you in developing that "knowing" for yourself.

As I mentioned in part one, today we'll be delving in and looking at the foundational principles that determine each and every one of our results, both the small and the "seemingly" miraculous by simply reviewing the very simple yet profoundly powerful basics.

So…let’s start out our little “getting back to basics” meeting today by reminding ourselves of what these “basics” are at the most fundamental and “basic” level. At the "seed" level you could say.

We'll begin by taking a look at "The Source" and the source...what I choose to refer to today (with the intention of keeping it "really simple and basic") as 1st and 2nd levels of cause.

Taking A Fresh Look At The Source
, the source and The Underlying, Immutable and Unwavering Power, Harmony and Perfection Behind Everything

Everything that is happening in each area of our lives and as a collective population regardless of where in the world you live is happening as the result of an immutable force.

Although this force is undetectable with the limitations of the 5 physical human senses, it always has and always will exist.

It doesn't matter at this level of cause whether you're aware of it's presence or not. The fact that it affects and determines every aspect of your life isn't affected whether you believe in it or choose not to. It's an "all pervasive" force that determines EVERY aspect of creation.

But it’s not just any old force…as I mentioned, it’s an ALL pervasive Force. It’s a force that permeates EVERY aspect of the physical and the non-physical world. It's a force that’s at the core of EVERYTHING. It's everywhere and in everything. I’m not necessarily talking about THE Force (1st Cause) but rather the force (2nd cause) that THE Force (The REALLY Big Boss) created.

If you prefer to look at things from a strictly scientific perspective...meaning that everything began as a huge explosion...namely The Big Bang, that's Ok too. Regardless of which you personally choose, both, when looked at deeply enough lead to the very same conclusions.

My personal belief is that regardless if it was through the Source creating things in a more literal sense or it all happened and exists today due to a Big Bang, there's no question that someone or something IMMENSELY powerful is behind the original creation of it all. Even if you choose to lean on the Big Bang theory for your personal understanding there's no question that something "lit the firecracker" to enable the Big Bang to happen.

You can call this “Force” whatever you choose…it really doesn’t matter. In my opinion The Ultimate Force doesn’t care.

This underlying force is what enables and drives creation and keeps everything flowing perfectly, precisely and without fail. The All Pervasive Force who, in my perception put this "underlying and unseen force" in place, also created and put Laws into place...immutable and unwavering Laws which govern this underlying force and determines precisely how everything unfolds ranging from the moment to moment events, conditions and circumstances that we personally experience in our own lives to how occurrences which happen and affect us on a global scale such as the seasons coming and going year after year.

These perfectly constructed Universal Laws or Laws of Nature, what I personally like to call "The Perfect Plan", determines the cycles in the entire Universe.

They’re what makes certain that the sun comes up in the east and settles in the west constantly, consistently, perfectly day after day, year after year and decade after decade.

It’s these same Laws that keep nature balanced, in harmony and consistently producing abundance year after year, decade after decade and century after century...effortlessly.

You could say that like "The Force", these Laws are immutable, unwavering, omniscient and omnipresent. They exist everywhere and determine everything.

When you choose to explore and dig below the surface a bit and become familiar enough with this Force, you can even begin to clearly see and understand that the Laws which were put into place are, due to their immutable and unwavering nature, as well as their "simplicity", quite predictable once you begin to observe, look more deeply at them, understand them and the underlying force that they govern.

They're not as complex or difficult to understand as many "perceive." This "perceived" complexity is only "perceived" the way it is due to a choice not to explore deeply enough to discover them...a personal choice.

Consider this...

Until someone showed you how to tie your shoe, and you made the choice to sit still long enough for someone to show you just how simple it is, your "perception" of such a simple process was that it was "really hard" correct?

It's no different with anything in life. Regardless of how complex it might "appear" on the "difficult" we might "perceive" things to be, a choice to explore and get to the core of it, ALWAYS reveals the simple nature which enables it to operate.

To provide a specific and "very simple" example, let's look at gravity. Although to attempt to explain how and why gravity works can be "perceived" as being REALLY complex and difficult to understand if you attempt to provide a scientific explanation, gravity's purpose is extremely simple AND predictable when it comes to you individually.

You can predict with absolute certainty that regardless of what time of day it is, gravity is going to hold you on the ground and if you choose to jump off a building you can predict with absolute certainty that the ground is only seconds away.

It's ALWAYS at work and never rests. It's immutable and unwavering.

You don't have to understand how or why it works or "believe" that it works. It works regardless.

We can use it in a way that's pleasant or not so pleasant. You only have to be aware of how it can impact and affect you personally to use it and make it work in a "desired" way.

All other Universal Laws or Laws of Nature are no different.

All the other Laws are equally as predictable once you know they exist, what they are and choose to "harmonize" with them in a way that brings desired results.

Now I will say, in some cases it's not necessary to study them or even know about them. I know and am very close personal friends with people that look at me cross eyed when I mention energy and Universal Laws who are for the most part very successful and happy.

The reason they are successful and happy though is because, although they might be creating their success unconsciously, they have the "internal processes" going on within themselves that harmonize with what they desire to achieve in their lives which enables them to....meaning they automatically align their thoughts, words, beliefs and actions and although they might be doing so unconsciously, due to an unawareness, still consistently apply the basic fundamentals that create "wealth and happiness" even though they might not be "conscious" as to how or why.

It's a process that begins within them though that enables the desired results to consistently manifest.

So no, understanding and becoming conscious of these laws...this "Perfect Plan" isn't ALWAYS necessary.

When it IS necessary to discover more about these laws and the process, is if things AREN'T going as well as you'd like and you'd like to improve your results. Then it becomes necessary for those who'd like and have a sincere desire to find out why they're experiencing these "less than desired" outcomes and how they might go about changing them from "undesired" to "desired."

In fact, that's what initiated my search initially...discontent. Discontent is actually a gross understatement. The truth is I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It was due to consistently experiencing a number of these "less than desirable" and at times TOTALLY "undesirable" outcomes that prompted me to begin "exploring" and taking a deeper look at things.

That was the wisest, most productive and fulfilling decision I could have ever made. My choice to do so revealed both my passion as well as what I have come to believe to be my purpose for being here.

The deeper I dug and the more I discovered, the more blown away I was. The simplicity of the process became VERY evident as I continued to explore, made additional choices to persevere through the process which enabled the simplicity I mention to reveal itself.

Those choices enabled me to discover the harmony, perfection and the simplicity of the process.

As simple as it is, learning to harmonize with it isn't always easy. it requires consistently and consciously "applying" what you develop an understanding of to keep the simplicity in sight and consistently experience desired outcomes.

That's where the "perceived" complexity comes into play.

Hopefully covering the basics as to how things unfold will erase any perceived complexity that you might have with regard to the reason it works the way it does.

The Force, Source, Analogies and Obi-Won Kenobi

To keep a little fun in all this and keep us from going down the rabbit hole I’ll be using a few analogies and maybe a character or two that I don’t normally use to really describe the basics of this "simplistic" yet "AWESOME" power and get everybody thinking about this force in a way that anyone can relate to and get a reminder as to just how awesome, perfect, powerful and predictable this Force is..

For example…

For you Star Wars fans you could Obi-Wan Kenobi can be quoted as saying in one of the Star Wars movies…

“The Force is what gives the Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together."

No…I’m not a big fan of Star Wars, but my youngest son was when he was younger so I watched plenty of the Star Wars movies with him just so we could hang out and spend a little "him and me time" together. You know…the REALLY important stuff. :)

To put you at a bit more ease...Star Wars wasn't one of my modes of research or discovery to arrive at what I now know to be true.

Just thought I should clarify. :)

Now you may not consider yourself to be a Jedi Master, and you may have never considered that a movie like Star Wars could provide any real insight but, believe it or not it does.

As science has proven and based on what spiritual masters have taught for thousands of years, both this "force" and this energy field, although referred to with different "labels" is equally around you and in you just as it is everything else.

It's quite literally "the force" that is at the foundation of EVERYTHING in existence.

Regardless of what you might currently “perceive” with regard to yourself and your individual capabilities, your individual abilities are only limited by what you “believe” to be possible or not possible for you, and are limited only by the limitations that you choose to place on yourself.

That's what determines how this "force" responds and brings into your life whatever it is that you experience...your focus...your beliefs...your "quality of consciousness."

You couldn't escape or separate yourself from this underlying and unseen force even if you wanted to.

If Jedi Master is a bit uncomfortable for you or you’re not even sure what a Jedi Master is, just understand that in "actuality" which is a step above "perceived reality", you, just like everyone else is a limitless and infinite being existing in an infinite and limitless Universe that can DO whatever you’ll "allow" and enable yourself to conceive and “believe” you can do.

It's because of the force that surrounds you and is within you that makes it "possible" when you allow it to.

In really simple and basic terms, here's why...

Beyond All The Mind Bending Scientific Equations, Man Made Laws, Doctrines, Dogmas and Analyzing It's ALL Very Simple...EVERYTHING Is Energy and Frequency

As complex as we can attempt to make this Force out to be, as complicated as we can “perceive” that this Force is at times…the reality is that it’s all very simple yet as simple as it is, at the same time it’s extremely powerful...Infinitely powerful.

When you understand it and learn to "consciously" apply it, you can experience that power for yourself through the events, conditions and circumstances that unfold in your life.

In fact it’s where “true and lasting power" comes from. It's an "Infinite Power" that far exceeds and transcends ANY form of physical and finite power.

You know what, in the end, when you break through all the fancy terms, all the analyzing and all the brain twisting equations that scientists come up with to support their discoveries and theories regarding what this all pervasive force is, at the heart of it, it's all simply about energy.

That’s as basic as I can break it down at this point. It's my personal belief that Source, whatever the Source of your understanding is, created this most basic form of EVERYTHING, put laws in place to govern it and sent us out into this “playground” to play and explore and use it in any way that we choose.

The way in which we "choose" to use it individually and the experiences that we go through as a result of those choices serves as growth...IF we make the choice to recognize it as such and "allow" it to.

On the flip side we also have the ability to look at and see this "playground" and the outcomes we experience in it as chaotic and enable ourselves to get into fear, panic and reaction mode.

Either choice creates an energy and based on the energy that we choose, we always receive an outcome or outcomes that harmonize perfectly with that choice.

Our choices aren't "predetermined" for us, there made BY us.

We each have an inalienable right of free will to project whatever energy we choose.

Some choose to make "the game" really complex and challenging, believing that we exist in a world of chaos and some choose to recognize the simplicity and see the "perfection" of everything.

There's no right or wrong way to "play the game", but those who choose to see the perfection of the game, even when the game we've chosen to play temporarily creates some undesired outcomes, have a lot more fun playing and their results are FAR greater and more consistent as a result.

Whatever "perception" you might choose for yourself, the underlying force that determines how everything unfolds is simply "energy" and the Laws put into place to govern this energy provide outcomes based on your choices with "unwavering" certainty.

Whatever way we might choose to play the game, we ALWAYS win. Some are just unconscious of how they're playing which creates outcomes that, based on "perceptions" held at some level, that they're losing.

You can't lose, but you do have the ability and the free will to look at it that way if you choose which can only create solidified beliefs that you are which keep the same undesirable results showing up. it’s as simple as energy. But surely NOW it’s got to get complex and complicated to determine how this energy forms and determines how things become physical in each of our lives right?

Wrong…I promised we were going to get back to basics, keep it simple and that’s what we’re going to do.

Here’s how simple it is…

It’s simply frequency that determines what attracts enough of this energy together which creates the physical outcomes that we each experience.

Our individual choices determine what this "frequency" is that we send out.

Here’s another simple and basic fact that Albert Einstein discovered in 1925 that shows why it works this way. The fact that EVERYTHING is energy. Both physical things and non physical unseen things in their purest and most basic form is simply a vibrating mass of energy that consistently produces and emits a frequency.

In other words energy vibrates. The vibrational nature of energy creates a frequency.

Einstein’s theory of relativity showed that even something physical that could be moved faster than the speed of light which is something like 183,000 miles per second would literally vanish into infinity. In other words any physical thing can be changed from physical back to unseen, metaphysical or “spiritual” if there were a great enough “force" to propel it at that speed. It would literally transcend time and space as we know it and vanish into "nothingness."

Of course, thanks to modern day science we have a much greater and more expanded understanding now of how the universe works than we did 84 years ago when Einstein first discovered everything was energy, but because scientific explanations can make it seem complex when they attempt to explain it with all their mind bending equations and explanations, that fact keeps many people from exploring and fully understanding it and what it is that they're saying. It "seems" really complex and impossible to comprehend. But it doesn't mean that it is.

That’s just mans way…to complicate things…to over analyze things and in an attempt to figure them out can turn the really simple into what "seems" to be really complex. That leads to trying to explain what was figured out in a way that makes the simple “appear” as complex and creates "perceptions" in many that it must be hard or in some cases impossible to figure out....which makes it true for those who "perceive" it to be that way.

Because of their "perceptions", they never make the choice to delve any deeper to explore and discover how or why it works the way it does. mind bending this month. :) Back to basics.

Einstein’s original discovery E=MC2 which in really simplified terms means “Energy is Everything” has since adopted and evolved into many new names (labels) and discoveries by modern day science.

In the modern day scientific community it’s now called String Theory, M-Theory, Quantum Field Theory, the Unified Field, Infinite Intelligence etc. etc.

In spiritual circles this "unseen" force is called God, Brahman, Creator, Higher Power, Infinite Intelligence, Universe, Ultimate Source, Source Energy and maybe a thousand other names as it has been for thousands of years.

That’s why it seems so complicated to so many. So many labels, so much complexity due to so many different ways of perceiving, explaining and presenting it. So many man made laws, countless religions and denominations claiming that theirs is the only "right" one.

There's a number of understandable reasons why so many people "perceive" it to be so complex.

What it all boils down to though, regardless of what you choose to call it and how complicated science can make it sound or how complex you might choose to make it personally... it all boils down to an element so small, pure and simple that people easily get lost in the "perceived" complexity of it all and continuously overlook it.

EVERYTHING is energy and energy is attracted without fail to other energy which is harmonious in frequency which creates "physical things."

This is the most basic and fundamental aspect of life that so many overlook and choose not to understand...yet is the very thing that could and would take away any and all suffering and discord if they'd only choose to "consciously and consistently" utilize it.

Why do they overlook it? Well there’s more than one reason. 2 actually that are very apparent and "basic."

The first is because people can’t see and experience energy with their physical senses in it's purest and most "simplistic" form and as a result don’t know about it or if they do don’t pay it much mind.

Many hold perceptions that if they can't see, feel, touch, taste and smell it that it isn't "real." Others are aware of it but don't pay it much mind.

If they “knew” about it and knew how powerful it is WHY wouldn’t they pay it much mind? Because they won’t slow down long enough to learn how to become really "conscious" of it, tap into and harness it’s power, harmonize every aspect of themselves with it which enables them to experience the power behind it for themselves.

The second reason...which is a BIGGY is because our school systems don’t teach it to our kids at this depth. They're taught about Newtonian physics primarily which although it is a physical science at the level of Atoms and matter, new and much more profound discoveries have been made since…much more enlightening and empowering discoveries that delve FAR deeper than Atoms into pure energy prior to becoming atoms and "matter" that for whatever reason they haven’t chosen to teach.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be discovered or that it isn’t very simple. It is. The majority have only been taught that life is "hard and complex" to understand and granted, on the surface it can "appear" to be that way sometimes.

But choosing to explore a bit, to get to the fundamental cause of ALL of creation can and does reveal the simplicity as to "why" it seems that way and the simple steps that can be taken to change it.

The essence of this simplicity begins one step before something becomes matter or "physical in nature" which is waves or frequencies of energy that is at a frequency undetectable by the “human“ senses without utilizing sophisticated scientific equipment to measure and observe it.

That unseen range that can’t be experienced with the limitations of the 5 physical senses is both Energy and frequency.

In fact it’s SO simple it’s literally PROFOUND when you choose to slow down enough to allow yourself to discover and tap into it. Most just choose NOT to do that because their too busy making everything REALLY complicated.

That’s amazing to me actually. Almost everyone I know says they want to slow down, simplify things yet they won’t DO the very thing that would enable them to because they claim they're too busy. Oh well…I guess their just not ready to discover the simplicity. When they’re ready they will.

Anyway…back to basics….I got off track there for a minute. Let’s see…what were we talking about?

Oh yea…about String Theory…M-Theory…Quantum Theory etc. being so complicated even though it‘s really simple.

To make it really simple to understand let‘s just look at it in this way. Before ANYTHING ever becomes physical, it is energy in wave form. Even though everything is energy….even the physical stuff that we see around us which becomes apparent when you put it under powerful microscopes…the physical stuff is energy in particle form. Regardless if it’s in wave form or particle form, frequency is the essence of this energy. In other words ALL energy vibrates.

Energy is the basic building block of everything and frequency, often called resonance determines what this energy is drawn to and forms into which then determines what is created and experienced in the physical world.

Universal Laws or what are often called Laws of Nature govern this energy. That’s another newsletter though…for now let’s focus only on energy.

So, what is this energy made of? Well again we could complicate things and talk about subatomic particles and the various names science has given them, but the bottom line is these sub-atomic particles are nothing more than frequencies of energy.

This most basic building block of everything whether you call it quarks, photons, leptons, neutrons, electrons, etc. – whatever you want to call these most basic subatomic building blocks of EVERYTHING that put reality together is in simplified terms nothing more than pure wave forms of energy.

That's as deep as science has been able to go, but what they've discovered is plenty enough to make all the difference for you and can, if you'll choose to understand how this energy works and harmonize yourself with it, consistently create or if you prefer co-create the results that you desire to experience...WHATEVER you desire to experience.

Here's what they have discovered...

This energy is everywhere, in everything, and all around you all the time. It’s what your body and everything else physical is made of. It’s at the core of EVERYTHING you see or can’t see.

It's the most basic and fundamental building block of literally EVERYTHING.

It’s what’s responsible for colors, sounds, smells tastes, oxygen and unseen things that the average person can’t even conceive.

Science says that at this level…at this almost non-conceivable level of wave form that ALL things already exist as a probability of existence.

In basic and simple terms it means that anything that can be conceived, and even things beyond the ability to conceive at this point exist in this wave field.

You could say that this unseen wave form is "pure consciousness." When an idea is conceived a process of attraction is activated in this vast and infinite field of consciousness.

As an example...

Before airplanes were invented and everybody "believed" that several tons of metal could "never" fly...when it was "perceived" to be illogical or impossible, someone had the ability to conceive it and what do we have today. Flying metal.

It's now a physical thing that we utilize which has become the one of the main modes of transportation.

Although it didn't exist in physical a form that we could experience it with the physical senses, here is THE KEY understanding that is important to grasp...

The potential and probability always existed at this wave or frequency level. It just required someone "conceiving" it as possible...a conceptualization and a "belief" that it was possible, followed by action which made it possible.

The probability ALWAYS existed. It only required a conceptualization to start the process and make it "real."

Regardless of what IT might be, in the form you can’t see it or experience it, it ALL already exists as a wave form or frequency. The form you can see and experience is a collection of these wave forms or frequencies which when an “Intention” is placed or in more basic terms a thought, these wave forms transmute from this wave form, transmutes to create particles of "matter" which when enough of these particles of matter join together form bigger masses of this matter resulting in the things that we CAN see in the physical world.

This matter then collects with additional matter that harmonizes at the same frequency which creates atoms and when enough atoms have collected then transmutes into molecules, forms cells and organisms and once the process is complete and enough of these energy particles are collectively formed produces “physical” things that we can see and touch and taste and smell and hear.

That’s basic enough right?

Now let’s look at how this happens and what determines exactly what is formed and why.

This is where the frequency or resonance of this energy comes into play. It’s the frequency of this energy that determines what is attracted and as a result what is created and experienced.

Since we’re just really getting back to and being re-minded of the basics, lets look at frequency in a way that everyone understands so we can take all the mystery and esoteric nature out of it.

Before we do though, let me get off track a bit to clear up any misconceptions about the word "esoteric." Although MANY believe that "esoteric" means something apart from and untouchable by us in a "physical sense" or in some cases even…new age woo woo, if you’ll trace that word back to it’s origin it REALLY means “known and understood by few.”

If you’re into spiritual text at all, that could provide a whole new perspective and understanding as to what “Few will enter through the gate into the Kingdom” really means.

Ok…back on track to simplifying this "esoteric" frequency thing so everyone “gets it” and so it is "hopefully" understood and "consciously utilized" by more.

To keep it down to earth and really basic, let's look at how we use this "frequency" EVERY day in our "physical" lives and take some of the "esoteric mystery" out of it.

You Use Frequency In The "Physical World" Every Day and Most Still Aren't "Consciously Aware" Of It

Let’s look at how this frequency works in the “physical world” so we can keep it really simple and basic but still “get it”, elevate our "belief" with regard to it and more importantly use it in a beneficial way.

Let’s use a garage door opener as an example.

When you push the button on your garage door opener remote as you’re pulling up to the house what happens? The garage door opens right? Have you ever thought about why it does?

The reason it does is because it projects a frequency. Not just any random frequency though. It’s a harmonized frequency. When you push the button on the remote it initiates an "energy" that projects a "frequency" that "harmonizes" with the preset code on the garage door opener that you set.

Basically this projected frequency "communicates" to the garage door opener telling it to open the door. Because of the preset code that you programmed, the frequencies match when you push the button which flips the switch on the garage door openers motor and wallah…the garage door opens.

Simple enough right? Nothing weird, woo woo or esoteric about that.

Let’s look at something else that many use everyday…

When you push the button on your keyless entry as you’re approaching your car what happens? The door either locks or unlocks right? Ok why? You guessed it…frequency...a "harmonious frequency" that is projected from the remote and "communicates" to the mechanism that locks and unlocks the door.

The codes set within the remote and the unlock mechanism built into the car door match or harmonize and communicate to one another to lock or unlock the door.

Pretty basic and obvious stuff isn’t it?

One more example…

When you hit a button on the remote for your TV and tune into a station that you want to watch what happens? It goes to that station right?


Because the "frequency" projected from the remote harmonizes with the sensor on the TV and flips the TV to that channel. Then once it’s on that channel the frequency matches that of the TV station tower from where the signal comes from and enables you to see the “desired” show that you “intended“ to watch.

You can't "see, feel, touch, taste or smell this frequency", but it all still works, right?

The only time it DOESN'T work is if the frequencies don't harmonize with one another. If you change the code on your garage door opener but don't harmonize the remote with the newly programmed frequency, the remote won't open the door when you push the button.

The point…even at the “physical” level, it’s all about frequency.

There are COUNTLESS “physical” examples where this frequency is apparent and used in our day to day "physical" lives. Cell phones, wireless home phones, motion detectors, medical equipment and on and on.

It's ALL around us!! We use it EVERYDAY yet the mass majority are still unaware of it.

So why do you suppose so many perceive that energy and frequency are so esoteric or woo woo then when it comes to you and your ability to utilize it in your life?

Why do you suppose that the mass majority simply aren't aware of it? The obvious answer is that most choose not to “think” or search deeply enough. You could say, in the case of remote mechanisms like the garage door opener, the remote for your car etc., that they just take it for granted so to speak.

Many times people aren't even aware of WHY they believe or don't believe something. They never think about or pay any attention to how or why they established their currently held beliefs and never delve any deeper as to where they came from.

This leads to the next very basic and simple fact that is EXTREMELY important to recognize.

Allowing Others To Determine Your Beliefs
Is Allowing Others To Mold and Shape Your Life

While that’s OK when it comes to garage door openers and TVs, when you begin to understand that it’s this same frequency thing that determines EVERY aspect of your life, then in MY personal opinion it’s pretty important that you think more deeply about it and more importantly find out how to harmonize your frequency and "consciously" utilize it in a way that harmonizes with what you “desire” IF you ever hope to begin experiencing those things you DO desire to experience…don’t you think?

You can if you choose "allow" yourself to be programmed with what the majority knows and "believes" allowing it to become "your" truth and do as the majority do. The downside is though, that you'll experience the same mediocre results that the majority does.

What most people do is listen to others and develop "beliefs" based on what they are told without ever taking the initiative to explore and discover for themselves if "what" they were told is "really true." In other words to some extent we're all programmed to some extent based on the limited "perceptions" of the mass majority.

If we have a desire to experience something but have been programmed with beliefs that conflict with the desired outcome it's no different than the disharmonious frequency that comes from the garage door CANNOT and WILL NOT produce the "desired" outcome no matter HOW BADLY you want it or how many times you push the button!!

It doesn't have to be "true" to become our reality, it only has to be "believed" by us to be true to make it unfold just as we "believe" it will in our lives.

What happens more times than not with the majority is that the mass majority listen to and follows the majority who don’t know about it either and so obviously the majority end up either NOT knowing about it at all and many others “believing” it’s woo woo, or far fetched or impossible simply because someone “told” them it was.

The result? You never learn or understand to utilize the "limitless power" that has been provided freely to you simply by choosing to.

The majority "believe" that it takes "hard work" and struggle to survive and that's precisely why the mass majority work hard and struggle to survive in occupations that they dislike.

It's not necessarily that it's true, it's simply because they "believe" it's true which makes it true for them.

The majority "believes" that things in the "external physical world" determine their lives and that there is nothing that they can do personally to keep these things from affecting them individually.

Start talking about how to "transcend" these self imposed limitations by going to the root cause and many either aren't "aware" of it or think it's woo-woo.

Well, as science has proven and as many of the “physical” comforts that we utilize clearly reveal, it’s not. It's VERY real and is determining EVERY aspect of YOUR life. But everybody has a free will to choose their path and believe or disbelieve whatever they choose as well.

Whichever choice is made will become true for you and produce results in EVERY aspect of your life that harmonize perfectly with the "belief."

Ok…we’ve got the basic understanding of frequency and how it works in a “physical sense” with things that we use everyday, so let’s go just a bit deeper to see how it makes our lives unfold the way it does and how it is that we attract things to us as a result of OUR projected frequency.

Yep…we being made of energy and everything we do being made possible as a result of this energy too, we also project a frequency of energy.

The frequency we project, much like the remote on your TV is only determined by which of our own buttons that we allow to be pushed.

First, to really cover the basics, lets trace back a bit and remember that EVERYTHING is energy…EVERYTHING. Both the seen and the unseen.

It's the force that is everywhere and in everything.

The Good, The Bad and
The "ALL Good" Energy Frequencies

In it’s most basic form this energy, or prana or chi as it is sometimes called, exists in different vibrations, or frequencies. This can be broken down and explained in very simple, or complex terms, but since we’re getting back to basics, let's keep it really simple.

Here’s the simplest way I currently know to explain it…

All energy vibrates creating a resonance. The resonance of this energy projects a frequency.

Energy that resonates at a high vibration is good energy. Energy with a lower vibration or frequency is bad energy.

In the bigger scheme of things there really is no such thing as “good or bad” energy it’s just high and low vibration, but to keep it simple and basic so EVERYONE can understand, we’ll call it bad and good energy for now.

Now you may be thinking, If I can't see or feel or touch or taste or hear energy anyway, what do I care about high or low energy or if it‘s good or bad?

That’s where it becomes VERY interesting and what is SO crucial to understand or remember if you hope to begin consciously and consistently creating and experiencing what you want in YOUR life rather than what you DON’T want.

It’s in this most basic and unseen form where whatever frequency this energy is vibrating at that is SO crucial and determines EXACTLY what you’ll attract and receive in EVERY area of your life.

Let's relate it to your emotions...

Anger and un-forgiveness can be considered as low or "bad" energies and Happiness, understanding and forgiveness are high or "good" energies.

Fear is a low frequency of energy and Love is a higher frequency.

If you “feel” bad or are thinking “bad” thoughts, you project a low energy frequency that attracts additional frequencies that harmonize with it, turn into particles that turn into atoms that turn into molecules that collect and determine the things that you "see" and determine what you’ll experience in your “physical” life.

Bad thoughts and emotions project what? Bad “energy” which attract what? “Bad” energy which creates what? Bad things in your life. You get the “basic” idea right?

I hope so because…

That’s how EVERY event, condition and circumstance that you experience comes into being. If you want “good” things…those things that you desire, you think “good” things which makes you “feel good” which projects a higher frequency which attracts to you things that “harmonize” with the frequency that you project and you experience “good“ things in your life.

Attempting to attract “good” things while projecting a low frequency is much like trying to open the garage door with the remote set to different codes than the garage door motor is set on. It creates a disharmonious frequency. It can’t and won’t happen. When the frequencies aren’t harmonious the result won't be harmonious with the desire.

The result?….You don’t get what you want, which is the garage door opening and rather you get what you DON’T want which is locked out of the garage!!

In fact it creates an "undesired" outcome.

Now that doesn’t “feel” very good does it? :)

Now…when that happens, here’s what you CAN do and what most people do which develops into a habit and creates a seemingly inescapable cycle.

Hopefully this analogy will assist you in becoming "conscious of", understanding and properly utilizing your frequency which can mean the difference between doing things the easy way and the not so easy way.

The Easy Way and The NOT So Easy Way
You Always Get To Choose

In the case of frequency with your garage door remote, when it isn't "harmonious" and won't open the door, you do have an alternative. You can get out of the car, walk up the sidewalk, step up onto the porch, put the key in the door, turn the lock, get in the house and walk out into the garage to push the manual garage door opener button and do things manually which DOES produce a result.

Obvious enough right?

Here’s the thing though…Yes you "can" do it that way and do end up getting in the house and getting the garage door open, but it’s much more difficult and takes much more physical effort than it would have if the frequencies had only been set properly and matched (were harmonious) enabling you to just push a button and the garage door opening automatically…Do you get it? Do you understand the "POWER" behind this?

It’s the same with results in your life. You can if you choose continue to project frequencies that are disharmonious with what you want and work REALLY REALLY hard and still produce “physical” results, but they are much more hard earned results and require MUCH more effort and will always be mediocre results at best. Results limited by physical capability.

You are literally limiting yourself to producing results with the limitations of your "physical self."

Essentially, that way of "doing things" is creating effects with effects.

In essence it's not tapping into the "true cause"...the limitless power available to you at the "seed level" which makes things MUCH easier and produces FAR greater results with FAR less struggle and effort.

Now you might say, if you think like the majority does that you taking those actions was the cause, NOT an effect. Yes…in a sense your "physical actions" were the cause BUT they WERE NOT the core cause. They were a 5th level cause of a physical nature that can only produce limited physical results.

What do I mean by 5th cause? Well...

  • 1st Cause is THE Cause or Source (The REALLY BIG Boss)

  • 2nd cause is energy.

  • 3rd cause is Universal Law which governs the energy.

  • 4th cause is individual consciousness or thought.

  • 5th cause is physical action or “doingness.”

We can’t change or do anything about the first 3 causes. They are immutable and unwavering. BUT under the umbrella of these causes, is where EVERYTHING we choose to do determines "without fail" what physical effect comes from this unseen place.

Under the umbrella of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cause is where your inalienable right of free will kicks in.

In other words we can’t change the fact that "The Cause", whatever you might perceive "The Cause" to be, created energy and the Laws that govern energy, but we can choose to harmonize what we do have a say so over in a way that harmonizes with these causes to create desired results for ourselves.

What do we do to bring "desired" outcomes from this deeper place? Harmonize our frequency with what we want. We can't experience what we "Love" by projecting a "frequency" of fear or lack or limitation. We can only attract and create more of what is feared and the lack and limitation that WE CHOOSE to focus on.

See? Simple and basic.

When you discover and go to the Core Cause of how the things that we choose happen …cause in it’s purest and most basic form which is simply energy and begin the cause there, results can and are much more profound….or for the sake of basics let’s call them MUCH BIGGER and are produced with FAR LESS physical effort.

You literally begin to attract the ways and means to produce what you "Love."

That's not to say that "physical action" isn't required because it is. Harmonizing the physical and the non-physical is an essential aspect of producing desired results. But when you begin "attracting" the ways, means and people that harmonize with producing what you "love" beginning at this "unseen" level, the doing becomes far more pleasurable and creates MUCH BIGGER results.

You can attract a job that you love, a mate that you love, a business that you love, or whatever your individually held desire might be.

Let's look at desire and love...

Desire can be equated to Love. To focus on a desire is to, in a sense project a frequency of love. I won't get into that in depth here cause it would take a bit of explaining. For now I just want to review the basics.

So...the point?

You can continue to DO things at this 5th level of cause and continue to struggle and work really hard, producing these mediocre at best finite results if you choose.

You have that right and that choice.

Or you can tune your frequency to what you want, meaning keep your predominant thoughts on what you want, keep your mind fixated on it and “attract” the ways and means that make “desired” results MUCH easier to acquire and in EVERY case will produce a “FAR GREATER” result with FAR LESS effort necessary.

To really simplify things in your life and make it MUCH more pleasant without all the struggle…

It’s crucial that you begin to understand that EVERYTHING is energy and ALL energy has a frequency and the level of frequency projected determines what will be attracted and experienced. It NEVER fails…it CAN’T fail!! It’s an immutable and unwavering LAW put in place by 1st Cause...The REALLY BIG Boss.

It’s based on immutable and unwavering Law. The latest phrase that this law has been labeled as is the Law of Attraction but it’s existed since the beginning of time itself.

Science calls it Cause and Effect. From a more spiritual perspective you COULD call it Unconditional Love. Whatever you ask for and "believe" in you are granted, attract and receive.

Most people are just “unconscious” of what they are "asking" for and "how" they are doing the asking.

It's through your projected frequency...what you believe at the deepest levels.

The majority "choose" to stay asleep to or "unconscious" of the process of how it works and as a result are “unconsciously” asking and as a result “unconsciously” creating all the while thinking the worlds in this chaotic mode which only serves to create MORE chaos in their lives making desired results even MORE difficult to produce.

Or in some cases undesired things happen creating and solidifying their “beliefs” that those “desired” results they want are “impossible” to reach which makes it even "more true" for them which attracts and creates more of the same.

To stay on this unseen or spiritual level for just a minute more and quote a few of the most enlightened spiritual masters in the history of the world will assist in validating what science is "proving" in "physical" ways. It will also assist in shifting the perceptions that some hold believing that science is somehow "nonspiritual" and conflicts with what "spirituality" teaches in it's purest form.

As an example...

Jesus said…”As you believe, so shall you receive.”

Does a "belief" project a "frequency and communicate an "Intention?" Absolutely.

Beliefs go deeper than words. You can pray and pray and pray and NEVER get what you're praying for until the "belief" is harmonious with the desire.

People "say" there is unanswered prayer. I say hogwash. Unanswered prayer is either a conscious or subconscious "belief" of some sort that is disharmonious with what is "desired" and being asked for.

One of the greatest and wisest teachers to ever walk the planet said unequivocally..."Whatsoever ye desire believe and you shall receive."

Do you think he was lying? I personally don't.

Many "believe" that physical words are all that's necessary to effectively pray and receive what they are praying for. When it's NOT received, they simply say..."It wasn't God's will."

Here's another REALLY KEY aspect of getting what you desire...

It's not "physical words" that are doing the's the "frequency" created and projected through your "belief."

It is ALWAYS asking and ALWAYS receiving "Whatsoever" it is asking. It NEVER misses the target and is ALWAYS perfect in it's manifestation.

Jesus made MANY statements about the importance and power of belief. He wasn't just some prankster. I personally think that he knew what he was talking about.

Let's look at another spiritual leader from another culture...

Buddha said…”All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world."

Does a thought project a frequency and communicate an intention? Sure it does. Where are our predominant thoughts derived from?...Our underlying beliefs.

And then....

Lao Tsu who was the founder of Taoism said…“To see things in the seed, that is genius.”

Now to me that's a profound statement in very few words.

That's what we're exploring and being re-minded of here...the basics at "the seed" level.

What is the seed as it pertains to YOU and your outcomes? In scientific speak it's "consciousness", that communicates with and draws from the field of "waves" where all things already exist as a probability.

In spiritual speak it's thoughts and beliefs that communicate with Source to determine without fail what you'll receive.

It doesn’t matter which modality you choose to research and study it….ALL avenues lead to the VERY SAME conclusions, it’s only being described in different words!!!

The process NEVER fails. It’s always at work and always works perfectly, precisely and unwaveringly just like it was designed to by "The Really Big Boss.”

It doesn’t matter what you call it or how you look at it from your individual perspective…It ALWAYS works and NEVER fails anymore than the sun fails coming up in the east and settling in the west.

It doesn’t matter if you’re aware of it or know how it works or not. It’s still going to work regardless. The beauty of learning and becoming "conscious" about HOW it works enables and empowers you to make it work for you in a way that you desire rather than in a way that you don’t.

You CAN if you choose make things “seem” really really complicated as you “unconsciously attract" all these outcomes that you “DON’T” like or get back to basics, become “conscious” of the consistent thoughts, beliefs and emotions that you choose for yourself and begin to attract and experience things that you REALLY like.

That’s the “simple” way to do things BUT you do have the ability to choose or not choose that way for yourself. NOT choosing though is also a choice to continue attracting, creating and experiencing the same results.

That’s your choice…if YOU’RE OK with that, I’m OK with that.

All I can do is contribute to you in the best way I know how and share my personal discoveries which have shaped "my perception"…the accepting, doing and applying part has to be your choice.

I can't nor do I have any desire to make you accept, do or believe anything I share. I only share it because I have tapped into and been shown the simplicity at a much deeper level that I previously understood. It's a profound experience.

That's why I share what I share. That's why Enlightened Journey Enterprises exists. To hopefully provide you with a perspective that you either may have never been aware of or for others who are but may have forgotten, to serve as a re-minder of how simple and amazingly powerful the process is.

To re-mind you to simply get back to basics and rediscover the power that is and always will be available to you to create "whatsoever ye desire" whenever you choose to consciously utilize it and "allow" it to.

Allow yourself to absorb and really think about what's been shared today. Contemplate it. At some level I believe you already know it's true.

We'll pick up tomorrow with the 3rd and final part of this months newsletter.

Keep your eyes peeled, I believe you'll find it to be immensely helpful...IF you'll "allow" it to be of course.

To Your Continued Growth,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

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