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, Here's Your August Edition Of The Enlightened Journey Newsletter
August 29, 2007

I hope you've had an incredible month and that all in your life is going just as you have a desire to experience it.

First of all I'd like to welcome all of the new subscribers to the "Enlightened Journey" family and hope you find the newsletter to be of IMMENSE benefit in assisting you to develop a heightened awareness of the gifts that have been provided to you and that it might assist you in achieving ALL of your most heartfelt visions and desires.

There are many VERY EXCITING things happening at the Abundance and Happiness headquarters which I think you'll find will serve you at a much BIGGER level and provide more of what you require in making your most heartfelt desires a VERY REAL part of your life.

One of those changes as you'll see in the next day or so is that I will be sending out video messages to you from time to time keeping you abreast of everything from recent changes to special little treats. It's my hope that by connecting with you in video format that it might provide a bit more of a personal touch and enable you to get to know me a bit better rather than just receiving communication from me in text format.

It is difficult at times to convey and express exactly what I would like to share through a monthly newsletter and thanks to technology, I'll be able to do a much better job of communicating with you on a more personal level in the future.

Also I'll be making an announcement in the next few days concerning requests I've been receiving regarding live interactive online coaching/mentoring/awareness building sessions in a group setting that you'll be able to attend via the internet from the comfort of home.

Although I don't have all of the specifics worked out quite yet, I will have in just a few days so be sure to look out for the e-mail if you're serious about being in a live interactive setting that will not only provide the necessary level of awareness for transforming your results but enable you to get ALL of your questions answered.

I can assure you that what you'll discover and gain as a result will provide you with EVERYTHING you'll need to begin transforming your current results REGARDLESS of where you might currently find yourself in relation to your outcomes.

I will be offering a HUGE "fast action" discount to the "Enlightened Journey" family to ensure that all those that have a desire to attend can do so.

Although the specifics (time and date) aren't yet in place I can assure you that the curriculum will be life transforming, and enable you to begin consciously and purposefully achieving your goals in whatever area of life that might be. We will be starting with the basics and progressing into the deeper aspects which will serve to build upon the previous.

If you're REALLY serious about improving and enhancing your quality of life and have an interest in developing the awareness that will without fail enable you to do just that, you will want to make certain to be a part of these sessions. into this months subject matter....

This months edition of "Enlightened Journey" will serve as a powerful reminder to those of you who are familiar with the newsletter and have been with me for a time, and for those who are new to the "Enlightened Journey" family will hopefully provide you with a "true" sense of the power that you hold as well as provide timely steps and advice based on my own as well as tens of thousands of others personal experiences that will provide an aspect of what is necessary to empower you to begin "consciously" creating the events conditions and circumstances in your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally, or spiritually.

This months newsletter will actually be delivered over the next few days in 3 parts. Be sure to look out for the remainder of the series over the next few days as well as a video where I will introduce myself to you via a video broadcast.

I hope you find the August Edition of "Enlightened Journey" not only "enlightening" but empowering as well, and that it serves you well both today as well as at some point in the future.

As always, Thank You SO MUCH for your support of and for the growth that you've enabled us to experience. It is due to the level of support that you provide that makes it possible. Without you that would not be possible so my heartfelt gratitude is with all of you around the world who assist us in doing that.

I can't even begin to express the fulfillment experienced by being able to contribute to you in such a way that enables you to recognize and put into practical use a level of awareness that provides tangible results 100% of the time without fail when applied.

It is our sole purpose and mission to reach and assist as many around the world as possible to develop the knowing concerning themselves and their abilities to create a life limited only by what they can conceive as possible.

The future changes will only expand our ability to contribute to you at a much higher level and we are extremely excited to be able to provide them to you.

I hope that "Enlightened Journey" serves as a means to help you expand YOUR awareness and fully recognize for yourself the "True" nature of you, your ability to create limitless results in your life and as a result experience all that you have a desire to experience.

With all that said let's get into this months edition of "Enlightened Journey" rightfully titled The "True" Power Of You.

To Your Success and Fulfillment In EVERY Area Of Your Life,

Chuck Danes

The "True" Power Of You

Part 1 of a 3 part series...

Harmony and Fulfillment In Life Begins By Raising Self Awareness...It's Time To "Awaken" And Become Aware Of The "True Power Of You"

Do you ever wonder and think about how each of the events, conditions and circumstances, both the "good" as well as the "bad" in your day to day life come into being?

Have you ever considered the possibility that there just might be something bigger and more powerful happening "behind the scenes", something that you might not currently have an understanding or awareness of that once understood and acted upon would enable you to dramatically improve the quality of life that you're experiencing whether it be physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually?

There is...What is it?...The Power Of You!!

There are many in this day and age that are continually seeking to "improve" themselves or their circumstances fully believing that they will find whatever it is that they are searching for whether it be more "stuff", greater peace, more happiness, etc. etc. someplace other than where it is always found. They perceive themselves as somehow flawed fully believing that in order to BE more that they must HAVE more.

Few fail to realize that they already possess EVERYTHING they require to create whatever outcome they have a desire to create and that the ONLY thing that is missing is the AWARENESS of how to make it a reality in their lives. The truth is you already possess thee power, you just haven't yet discovered how to consciously utilize it in a way that brings about the desired result.

Developing the awareness of that power which has been provided to you which has ALWAYS been present is the first step in making that a reality in YOUR life.

Whether you currently realize it or not, you already are creating the events, conditions and circumstances which happen in your life, but unfortunately most are doing so unconsciously.

This months edition of "Enlightened Journey" will focus on enhancing and expanding that level of awareness and provide you with a deeper understanding regarding the limitless power that you do and have always possessed that will enable and empower you to begin creating "desired" results. We exist in a time such as the world has never seen. An extremely exciting and empowering time where the consciousness of the entire planet is being elevated and the masses are finally being exposed to and awakening to the facts, the "Real Facts" that are quite literally thousands of years old which have been shared, taught and spread by some of the greatest and most insightful and enlightened teachers in the history of the world, yet through a gradual evolution of "traditionally established teachings" over the past few hundred years has diminished the power of the original messages shared.....Until now.

As a part of this awakening, those who are receptive and open for change are discovering the "True" power that is and always has been made available to them to create life experiences intentionally and purposefully which far exceed what was previously "perceived" to be possible.

Regardless of what you may currently believe with respect to how the events, conditions and circumstances in your life come into existence, as you will soon discover it is YOU who are creating them although MOST, due to a lack of awareness are doing so unconsciously.

The type of awareness that we're talking about isn't based on traditional forms of education and isn't dependent on ANY other fact other than the fact that you are a human being with the ability to think and reason. Your ability to begin experiencing your most heartfelt dreams and desires isn't dependent on your age, country of origin, religious belief, level of formal education, color, current financial status or ANY other factor that may come to mind but rather on establishing the "Correct Awareness" concerning the "True" power of you and then taking focused and intentional action on what it is that you discover.

This months edition of "Enlightened Journey" will attempt to shed some light on the power that you personally hold to consciously and purposefully begin re-shaping and molding the events, conditions and circumstances which make up your life experience in each and every area physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually…….

I Hope That "Enlightened Journey" Provides You'll Develop The Awareness Concerning The "True" Power Of You and Always Remember That You Can "Be, Do and Have" ANYTHING That YOU CHOOSE To Experience.

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Always Remember That You Can "Be, Do and Have" ANYTHING That YOU CHOOSE To Experience.

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