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The "True" Power Of You

Part 1 of a 3 part series...

Harmony and Fulfillment In Life Begins
By Raising Self Awareness...It's Time To "Awaken" And Become Aware Of The "True Power Of You"

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Do you ever wonder and think about how each of the events, conditions and circumstances, both the "good" as well as the "bad" in your day to day life come into being?

Have you ever considered the possibility that there just might be something bigger and more powerful happening "behind the scenes", something that you might not currently have an understanding or awareness of that once understood and acted upon would enable you to dramatically improve the quality of life that you're experiencing whether it be physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually regardless of how "good" or "bad" you might currently perceive things to be?

Whether you're currently aware of it or not...There is.

What is it?...The Power Of You!!

There are far to many in this day and age that are continually seeking to "improve" themselves or their circumstances fully believing that they will find whatever it is that they are searching for whether it be more "stuff", greater peace, more happiness, etc. etc. someplace other than where it is always found. They all too often perceive themselves as somehow flawed fully believing that in order to fulfill themselves they must HAVE more and to get it that they must DO more so they can BE somebody not only in their own eyes but in the eyes of others.

Although it is true that to have more you must become more, most choose strictly physical avenues attempting to create the more they desire and in the process overlook and fail to discover that it is through the becoming more at an "internal level" that would provide to them all the more that they desire to have.

Few fail to realize that they already possess EVERYTHING required to create whatever outcome they have a desire to create and that the ONLY thing that is missing and keeping them from doing so, is the elevated AWARENESS of how to make it a reality in their lives. The truth is you already possess the power, you just haven't yet discovered...or should I say RE-discovered how to consciously utilize it in a way that brings about the desired result.

Developing the awareness of that power which has been freely provided to you and which has ALWAYS been present is the first step in making that a reality in YOUR life.

Whether you currently realize it or not, you already are creating the events, conditions and circumstances which happen in your life, but unfortunately most are doing so unconsciously.

I'm not talking about the "physical creations" that you achieve by going to work and other physical activities that you engage in to create your physical results. I'm talking about becoming "conscious of" how ALL things are brought into the physical world starting at the seed level, which once understood, embraced and consciously used would make your physical efforts FAR more productive and require FAR less physical strain to produce FAR greater physical results.

This months edition of "Enlightened Journey" will focus on enhancing and expanding that level of awareness and provide you with a deeper understanding regarding the limitless power that you do and have always possessed that will enable and empower you to begin creating FAR more and FAR greater "desired" results than you may have previously believed were possible for you.

We Exist In An Age Of Awakening

We exist in a time such as the world has never seen. An extremely exciting and empowering time where the consciousness of the entire planet is being elevated and the masses are finally being exposed to and awakening to the facts, the "Real Facts" that are quite literally thousands of years old which have been shared, taught and spread by some of the greatest and most insightful and enlightened teachers in the history of the world.

As timeless as these truths are, through a gradual decline and the rapid growth and evolution of "traditionally established FALSE teachings" which have surfaced over the past few hundred years has, for a time diminished the understanding and as a result the power behind the original messages shared.....Until now.

With the recent advancements in scientific technologies and man's willingness to explore into previously unexplored territory, it has become more and more apparent that what has existed and been taught in spiritual circles for thousands of years is now becoming physically verifiable, validating what the greatest teachers in the history of the world have ALWAYS said.

As a part of this awakening, those who are open, receptive and willing to extend beyond the long held and self-limiting traditional boundaries established through various venues of the past, are beginning to see, like no other time in history that the ways, means and methodologies for creating "desirable change" is undergoing a radical shift. And it's through this shift that those who choose to flow with and open themselves to it, are discovering that creating radical change of a very pleasing an positive nature is not only achievable but far more simple than previously believed. In a phrase this "shift" is opening new doors, revealing an exciting and much needed "awakening", enabling and empowering vast numbers of people globally to understand, see and personally experience a whole new paradigm of personal power. This shift is encouraging those who choose to flow with it to make the transition from the limited perceptions held of physical and finite power and discovering the "True" power that is and always has been made available to them to mold, shape and create (or if you prefer co-create) a greatly enhanced quality of life consciously, intentionally and purposefully. And it's happening on a scale that far exceeds what was previously and widely "perceived" as being rational, logical, feasible or even possible.

Are You Open To Expanding Your Awareness?

Regardless of what you may currently believe with regard to how the events, conditions and circumstances in your life come into existence, as you will soon discover it is YOU who are creating them although MOST, due to a lack of awareness are doing so unconsciously.

The type of awareness that we're talking about isn't acquired through traditional forms of education and isn't dependent on ANY other factor other than the fact that you are a human being with the ability to think, rationalize and reason. A choice to delve more deeply into what your thoughts are, the power they hold and how the very thoughts conceived and processed individually, point to the underlying cause which attract to you what you experience in every aspect of life, is the place to begin discovering this "True" power of you.

Your ability to begin experiencing your most heartfelt dreams and desires isn't dependent on your age, country of origin, religious preference, level of formal education, the color of your skin, current financial status or ANY other factor that may come to mind but rather on establishing the "Correct Awareness" many cases a dramatically enhanced awareness, concerning the "True" power of you and once understood, making a conscious, intentional choice to venture down the path that leads to harmony, fulfillment and a sense of assurance uncommon in today's modern world.

This months edition of "Enlightened Journey" will attempt to shed some light on the power that you personally hold to consciously and purposefully begin re-shaping, molding and enhancing the quality of events, conditions and circumstances which make up your life in each and every area whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

In ever increasing numbers the masses are finally discovering that disharmony and discord in life are merely a product of mind, the result of a scattered consciousness, which once understood, embraced, accepted and acted upon can be consciously replaced with harmony and fulfillment by simply choosing to become self aware of the limitless power that has been provided to you.

What creates disharmony and discord in your life? An apprehension or unwillingness to become consciously aware of the power that you personally hold to transform them. But once acquired a choice to consciously and consistently apply that understanding will enable and empower you to understand, enter into this "new paradigm" and begin consistently utilizing and experiencing for yourself the transformational power freely provided to you. The "TRUE" Power Of You.

Of all the power principles which exist the first and foremost important principle which is absolutely essential in changing and improving quality of life is discovering, internalizing and putting into focused and intentional action what you discover concerning the power that has been freely provided to you. The "TRUE" and limitless power of you.

Not the current self limiting and self sabotaging "perceptions" that so many hold regarding who and what you are but the real underlying truth concerning "The Real You" and your individual and limitless power to attract and create that which you have a sincere and heartfelt desire to experience in your life...

...WHATEVER You Have A Desire To Experience.

For some that may sound like an extremely bold or "Too good to be true" statement, and based on what the majority have been taught and conditioned to believe due to many "traditionally acquired and firmly established beliefs" they have been exposed to throughout life concerning "reality" and what is "logical" or "possible", although somewhat understandable, for the most part it provides a very limiting perspective of what's "truly" possible for you. As a result of that perspective or "perception", the Source of your understanding mirrors results in your physical life that harmonize with yet at the same time are limited by those perceptions.

At the conclusion of this edition of "Enlightened Journey" it is my hope as well as my intent to provide you with a deeper "enhanced and expanded awareness" concerning who and what you truly are as well as why it is that you may not currently recognize. It's my hope and intention that this new recognition...this new paradigm will play a role in enabling and empowering you to fully and effectively utilize the limitless power that you hold.

Let's Start With Addressing Your Desires…..

What Do You Perceive To Be True
With Regard To Your Hopes, Dreams and Desires?

Everyone has desires. Some are large some are small. Desires are as unique as each individual.

There are many in this day and age who set and hold big dreams and goals for themselves and fervently work toward them, yet far too many who give up prematurely based on "perceived" obstacles which present themselves. As a result of these "temporary" setbacks many develop the "belief" based on their "experience" that the dreams and desires once held "must not have been meant to be."

As a result they adjust and downsize those desires to align with their solidified perceptions of what''s possible or not possible...true or untrue. This is the all to common way that so many end up experiencing lives of mediocrity at best, living out the remainder of their lives with unfulfilled hopes, dreams and desires still within them.

If you currently find yourself with dreams and desires which are currently NOT being experienced, it is NOT because they weren't meant to be fulfilled but only because you lack the necessary understanding...the awareness as to how to move forward consciously, intentionally and purposefully which is an often overlooked aspect making them a tangible reality in your life.

Although that is certainly your right and your choice, there is a FAR better way that WILL enable you to experience EVERY desire that you have for yourself.

"It's NOT your desires that need to be adjusted to align with your beliefs, it is your beliefs that need to be expanded to fulfill your desires. You expand your beliefs by expanding your awareness. This is how harmony and fulfillment in life is attained." - Chuck Danes

The absence of fulfilled desires is only due to a lack of "correct awareness" as to how to bring them into existence, by failing to recognize and put into focused and intentional action the power that is, has been and always will be provided to you.

While many have come to "believe" that the BIG desires held are merely wishful thinking, far fetched pipe dreams, etc. etc. it's my hope that this edition of "Enlightened Journey" will enable you to conclude, or at the very least that it might stir something within you that makes you at least think "it's possible" that each and every desire that you hold, have held at some point in the past, or will hold in the future REGARDLESS of how BIG it might be, or how "illogical" you have been told that it is, is not only possible, but is being experienced by you for a specific purpose, is VERY attainable and in ways that are FAR easier than the way the majority "perceive" that they must be attained.

Although many "perceive" these desires to be unattainable, whether it be based on "traditionally established" teachings or from personal experience due to operating under misguided direction, the "Real Truth" is...

“Desire is your unlimited potential seeking expression.” — James Arthur Ray

So why is it that so few successfully achieve results in life at the level that their internal desires direct them to?

Because few choose to develop and expand the awareness which is necessary for establishing the beliefs that would enable them to experience them.

Many, although inspired by an original desire, attempt to fulfill it through physical means exclusively and fail to see that it is the underlying belief or the mindset regarding the desire which determines how the desire must be brought into physical existence and the speed in which it can be brought into existence. A belief that it takes strenuous physical effort will, based on the level of belief or the faith held, take strenuous physical effort to manifest the desired outcome in physical form. This is why so many give up prematurely and develop the belief that "It's too hard."

You can only achieve desires held based on your ability to believe and conceive their manifestation. Most choose to look at what "appears" as real in their physical world today, making misguided conclusions based on what they "see" not fully realizing that what it is they are looking at here and now, as "real" as it may seem is merely conceptions and beliefs (consciousness) that were held at some point in the past which created the results that they're looking at today.

They therefore remain stuck, never expanding the awareness which would expand their belief or "faith" which would at some point in the future create results based on that expanded belief. The end result is that they keep re-creating the same mediocre and disappointing results over and over again fully "believing" that whatever they're experiencing is as good as it gets for them.

They fail to recognize that all that exists in the physical world is a result of consciousness which draws from the infinite field of potential anything that can be conceived in mind.

The Possibilities Available To You
Are Infinite In Nature

Like Universal Law, you can't change the fact that infinite potential and possibility is already available, and limited only by your awareness (or the lack of) as to what can become possible in your life.

One doesn't have to look far in the world around them to clearly see that MANY inventions and discoveries which at one point in time were "perceived" by the masses as impossible or "illogical" now exist as a reality in the physical world. What once was "perceived" and "believed" by the majority to be "Too BIG" or too "Out there" which someone made a conscious choice to ignore, to conceptualize and create the "vision", the ability to conceive and hold that conceptualization in their consciousness and bring it into existence as a physical manifestation is obvious everywhere you look.

There are so many that fail to look beyond the physical, to take a deeper look at where ALL things in the physical world are derived from and as a result continue to attempt to create desired outcomes from merely physical "doingness." The fact is that All things begin prior to their manifestation in the physical world at the non-physical level and are first conceived as a the level of "consciousness."

When you develop and grasp the the understanding that all that exists, has existed or ever will exist does so as a result of consciousness and develop the ability to conceptualize your desires, regardless of how BIG they might be, as an already existing reality and "believe" in their manifestation "prior" to seeing them in the physical, is when you will have mastered the art of creation and will have discovered how to do so consciously, intentionally and at will.

Deep desires held which are first conceived and then received from the unseen or spiritual realm are often downplayed and written off as wishful thinking due to a lack of awareness...a superficial understanding concerning what the unseen or spiritual realm "truly" is and the "belief filters" that have been formed based on what they have been "taught" is reality.

Although you can't change the fact that anything and everything that can be conceived in mind already exists, what you can change is the fact that you have the free will as well as the ability to adjust your beliefs to tap into the limitless potential that is available and create those things desired.

This is where the discipline to take "correct action" is necessary.

What is the "correct" action? Expand your awareness concerning the creative power that has been provided to you. Develop the awareness concerning the unwavering and unfailing process of creation, harmonize your thought, word and deed with it's unwavering perfection and you will develop the "knowingness" that you were, as the Judeo Christian bible states, "created in the image and likeness of the Creator or Source."

Although you are not "The Creator" in the biggest sense of the word in the spiritual realm, you have been provided the ability to create physical events, conditions and circumstances in your physical life. The "Perfect Plan" which provides you with the ability to do so WAS put into place by THE Creator or Source, whatever you may perceive Source to be, which DOES and since the beginning of time itself HAS existed.

You only need develop the "Awareness" concerning your ability to do so and once acquired, how to consciously harmonize your thoughts, words and actions with it's unfailing, unwavering and perfect operation.

Physical action without the correct "mindset", although it can and does provide an effect, (an outcome) can only be limited in nature. When there is an internal harmony established between thought, word and deed is when you are able to transcend the limitations of the physical, tap into the "infinite" and what are perceived as "Miracles" begin to occur.

Many, although they possess a superficial understanding of the spiritual, fail to make the connection and develop the harmony between the physical and the spiritual recognizing the Unity or "Oneness" between the two and as a result experience the limitations of what can be achieved in the physical world based on strictly physical means.

When you develop the awareness of this interconnectedness rather than the "perceived" separateness, perceiving and seeing them as somehow individual "places" it becomes evident what religious circles many times refer to as having a close personal relationship with God.

Why so many desires remain unfulfilled is that due to a lack of attaining the awareness, discovering the "Real Truth" concerning individual possibility and potential and expanding the "belief" or the "faith" which is responsible for bringing those things desired into the physical world to be experienced. The masses then diminish or eliminate altogether those desires and write them off as undoable and/or unattainable, and establish a "too good to be true" perception of them. This choice can only lead to an outcome limited by the perception or belief.

Just as the consciousness (mindset) which creates the desires held exists within the unseen or spiritual realm, the physical manifestation of those things undesired also exist and come from the spiritual as a result of this same consciousness. It is only the quality of this consciousness which determines what will be attracted, created and experienced. In other words it is the thoughts that you predominantly think about which determines what is being created.

To put it in a spiritual light...

"As a man thinketh, so is he."

Just as consciousness is limitless with infinite potential, the manifestation of hopes dreams and desires that you hold are infinite and limitless as well.

Doing things such as working harder or longer and with more intensity is attempting to create effects through effects which can and does only create limited results.

You DO NOT need to downsize your desires but only need to expand your awareness concerning how those desires are brought into your physical experience, becoming consciously aware of what is going on within yourself, harmonizing that with the desired outcome and every desire that you hold will be fulfilled.

It's important to recognize and understand that each and every one of the desires that you hold serves a very specific purpose.

What is that purpose? That you EXPERIENCE them. It is the "real you" the unseen spiritual aspect of you seeking expression. It's only due to the choices that the "physical you" makes that disallows that desire to be expressed.

Once you develop the awareness of who and what you are and really grasp and internalize the "True" power of you, you will become empowered to do just that.

Unlike what most have been taught and led to "believe" Desire comes from a much deeper and often unrecognized place that, due to limiting teachings throughout life, are considered by those who hold and openly express BIG desires that stretch outside of what the majority accomplish and "perceive" as unattainable, to be illogical, far fetched, etc. etc.

It is equally important, actually FAR MORE important to understand that those desires can and only will be fulfilled once you grasp and become aware that you "Truly" do have the ability to make them a physical reality in your life and make a conscious choice NOT to let anyone or anything convince you that it's NOT possible or feasible.

You have the desires you do because they are an expression of you, designed in such a way to take you outside of the self limiting boundaries that keep you from experiencing them, enabling you to have the experience of them and when the correct "mindset" is held concerning their manifestation, provides the ways and means for you to fulfill them.

Due to any number of factors many, the majority in fact, go through their entire life with unfulfilled desires held fully believing that they are unattainable. It is crucial to understand that the ONLY reason that they have been or are unattainable is because you at some level have either bought into the "sheeple people" mentality which the majority are in, and have "consciously" developed the belief that they are unattainable, or there exists a subconscious process working behind the scenes, which you may not even be consciously aware of, that keeps you from fulfilling them.

These self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs are established in any number of ways, the greatest being the conditioning that you've received by those who love you most and whom you have trusted to care for you and give you "proper" guidance in the most impressionable years during childhood.

Regardless of how you might currently "perceive" your circumstances and your ability to experience total joy, harmony, fulfillment, inner peace, and yes even material wealth, and regardless of how successful or unsuccessful you may believe yourself to be, there is MUCH MORE available to you, an Infinite supply in fact, which is limited only by your ability and willingness to believe that you can, accepting the fact that you are worthy of receiving whatever it is and a willingness to remain open, attentive, alert and accept it when the ways and means show up that will make it a physical reality.

Beliefs held, those that YOU hold are the only thing keeping you from experiencing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you have a desire to experience.

Your beliefs determine your experience ranging from the finite to the infinite and everywhere in between. While the finite aspects of life are readily accepted as attainable it is when you start stretching and going beyond the boundaries of what the majority "perceive" to be attainable, or "infinite possibility" that doubts and apprehension take hold and as a result why such a small percentage of the population ever achieve the BIG hopes, dreams and goals that they have a desire to achieve.

Few are able to grasp the reality of..."Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve" as was quoted by Napoleon Hill, the Author of the all time classic Think and Grow Rich.

It is difficult enough for many to fully grasp the depth and true meaning of the word "Infinite" let alone believe that they can have their BIGGEST desires fulfilled based on an "infinite supply" without limitation. The reason being is that Infinite encompasses everything from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. From the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond. In other words there is no size, shape or limitation in the infinite. The infinite encompasses all that is, has been or ever will be.

If your perception of the infinite is limited in scope, there is no possible way for you to comprehend and as a result experience outcomes in life that stretch beyond your scope of possibility or perception.

Your current perceptions concerning the "Infinite" and limitless power provided you, which is ultimately responsible for where you currently find yourself in relation to the events, conditions and circumstances which make up your life experience have in all cases been formed based on what others have "taught" you that you are and what you are capable of achieving which were further validated in your life based on personal experiences that you have had which have happened only as a result of the beliefs that you hold or have held with regard to them.

In other words if you "believe" that something is too big for you, your truth, more specifically your "perception of truth" will hold you and limit you to those outcomes.

A more specific example may provide more clarity to validate this point…..

Although in this example we'll use money as the outcome, it is not limited to just the area of money that your perceptions effect, but for the sake of the example, since it IS such a popular subject we'll use money.

Let's assume that you were born into and raised in a family that had limited financial means. Let's also assume that your parents were open in their conversations and actions regarding the lack of money that was present. They often shared that money was difficult to come by, that it took hard work and struggle to make money. That after the bills were paid there was never any money left over, that money doesn't grow on tress, etc.etc.

Being that your parents are the ones you look up to and depended on for your safety and security and serve as the teachers who you trust, what types of beliefs do you suppose that YOU'LL establish around money?

Now as you grow and enter into the work force, based on what you have been taught and developed a "belief" concerning, unless and until you change the beliefs concerning money, you too will begin experiencing financial challenges and difficulties never seeming to have enough.

It's even possible that you might be fortunate enough to secure a career that pays much more than your parents made but based on the subconscious programming that still exists as a result of your childhood teachings or "conditioning" you find that there's never as much as you need. Although in reality there is, due to the power that these subconscious beliefs hold, you spend irresponsibly, or in some way sabotage and as a result always find yourself in challenging financial situations.

It's not because it's true, it's only because of the programming that you received. Your subconscious is constantly at work to fulfill what you hold as belief, further supporting in your life experience that which your parents "told" you was true, even though in reality it may not actually be true at all in the bigger scope of things.

It's not the teaching or the situation that makes it true, it is your "belief" system that causes you to think, feel, and act in ways that creates the situation that you believe it will which further validates and supports your "perceived truth" and as a result it appears in your physical experience precisely that way.

It doesn't have to be in the area of money. This pertains to any and every area of life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually. Your results will manifest in physical form just as you "believe" at some level that they will.

This is an extremely critical understanding to come to if you ever expect to begin experiencing different results. If you wish to change this pattern, it is necessary to change the belief system which creates it. Many times these self limiting belief systems aren't even recognized at a conscious level.

Few are aware that the conscious mind is only responsible for 2-4 % of your results in life. While one may have a conscious desire to accomplish a given goal it is the subconscious which is the dominant aspect of mind which determines how much or how little you'll experience.

It can be said that it is the subconscious aspect of mind which is the communication device that connects with the spiritual.

It is the subconscious mind, more specifically the subconscious processes that determine your conscious thoughts, emotions and actions which determine and create your physical reality in life. To change experiences that you claim that you would rather not experience it is essential that you first become consciously aware of what those subconscious patterns are, consciously change those which you find aren't in alignment with what you have a desire to experience and in the process you will change the underlying beliefs which are creating them at a subconscious level enabling you to fulfill your desires.

There is no doubt that what you believe at some level is VERY real to you. So real in fact that you're willing to fight and argue with someone concerning those beliefs. In fact you can show them proof because you have "Experience" and results based on that experience to back it up and "Prove" it.

But consider this… What if those initial teachings you received aren't really true at all? What if the "True" power of you is much more vast than what you have been taught? Is it possible that those who you were taught by, although they may have sincerely believed what they were teaching you was valid, and did so with the best of intent with only your best interest in mind, with full intention of keeping you "safe" were very limited in scope due to what it is that "they" were taught and believed?

Ponder that thought for a moment. Really allow your mind to grasp that previous statement and let it soak in for moment. Then think about some of the desires that you currently hold. How do you feel about them. Do they feel attainable or are they "wishful thinking?" Do you consider them to be achievable or is their fulfillment more like unattainable "pie in the sky" nonsense? Being completely honest with yourself is essential if you hope to discover what is keeping your desires from being experienced.

If you HAVE a desire, regardless of how Far Fetched you may have been programmed and conditioned to believe that it is, IT IS attainable and you WILL attain it as soon as you eliminate the belief that it's not and replace it with a belief that supports it's manifestation.

I have heard many make the statement after expressing a sincere desire, "Well back to reality" not fully understanding that their reality is created based on whatever it is that they perceive reality to be. Whatever is perceived to be unattainable or not within the scope of reality will most definitely unfold in your life in precisely that manner. No more no less. By the same token, reality is limitless and Infinite IF a basic awareness of the infinite is held and the beliefs held are in alignment with the desires and limitless or infinite possibilities that ARE and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN available to you.

Do you truly want to experience your BIGGEST desires. Form BIGGER BELIEFS. How do you do that? You form bigger beliefs by becoming aware of what it is that you are not currently aware of which will enable you to EXPAND your belief and enable you to experience those desires in your life.

Belief in something is essential before you will SEE it. Those who make the statement "I'll believe it when I see it" fail to understand that they will NEVER see it until they "believe" it. As within, so without.

Belief, also called faith by various religious groups isn't difficult to attain. I have heard many religious people when going through difficulty say..."Lord give me faith." Faith comes by utilizing your "free will" to expand your awareness gaining an expanded perception of possibility or a "Higher Truth" than what you currently believe truth to be.

Spiritual text backs this up...

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17 (King James Version)

or the same verse different translation..

"Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ." Romans 10:17 (NIV)

If you are of the mindset that what you are currently experiencing is "as good as it gets" based on a limited understanding of what's "Truly" available, will you take the time or initiative to discover that this is FAR MORE available to you? Chances are....NOT.

While many will take the time and put forth the effort to engage in "Traditional Education" few are willing to engage in "Higher Education" that would quite literally transform their lives.

I'm not asking or expecting you to believe the previous statement at this point, but I will ask you to keep an open mind and suspend any dis-belief as you progress through this material and allow what is shared to soak in before you accept or reject it.

It's important that you understand that whether or not you believe it, whatever you choose to believe or not believe is a "belief" or faith and whether it is based on limitless potential or limitation, is precisely what will mold and shape your experiences in life. As you will soon discover it is based completely on your willingness to believe or reject, which you have been provided the free will to choose that will determine what your outcomes in the physical world will consist of.

So what makes this process so predictable? Depending on your preference for developing deeper understanding the labels can vary.

Science refers to this unwavering process as cause and effect. Many spiritual circles refer to this as sowing and reaping or Karma. Another name provided is The Law Of Attraction. Regardless of which avenue of study that you might personally choose, at their core each of these labels when examined closely, the same conclusions are drawn. Each is a process of creation and each operates with the same unwavering certainty.

What is it that determines this certainty? Natural Laws, Laws of Nature, or what are sometimes referred to as Universal Laws.

Universal Laws are the laws by which our world continues to thrive and exist. They are as I refer to them, The Perfect Plan.

By becoming aware of these laws, because of their unwavering perfection you can align and harmonize your thoughts, words and actions in such a way that absolutely guarantees a desired or specific outcome.

Although you may be aware or unaware that these laws exist, or whether you believe or don't believe in them doesn't change the fact that they exist or effect the absolute perfection of their operation. Your free will as mentioned earlier cannot and does not effect these laws. Although we each have been provided an inalienable right of free will to live our lives as we choose, that free will begins under the umbrella of Universal Law. Universal Law isn't a series of laws that congress can pass and amend as they feel the need to. Universal Law has existed since the beginning of time itself and will continue to exist into infinity.

Their operation isn't dependent upon your belief or disbelief in them. The fact that you understand or don't understand their operation isn't even important unless the outcomes that you are experiencing in your life are less than you have a desire to experience. By becoming aware of them you can begin to understand their predictable and unwavering nature and harmonize your thoughts, words and actions with them in such a way that does produce desirable results.

As an example let's take gravity...

The law of gravity is an observable law which can be experienced in the physical world using the five basic human senses. In essence the Law of Gravity is a physically observable manifestation of The Law of Attraction. The only difference in the two is that one can be observed in the physical world, can be seen, while the other is the cause, the underlying principle which determines how the unseen or spiritual is attracted to you and brought into physical manifestation.

If you weren't aware of or didn't believe in gravity, do you think that you would be unaffected by it? Of course not. It is the same with the Natural Laws or what some refer to as Universal Laws that determine possibility or potential for you. They exist, have ALWAYS existed and always will exist. They are working 24/7 in a very precise immutable, unwavering fashion and your belief in or unawareness of them doesn't mean they aren't effecting EVERY area of your life.

Although you have been provided the inalienable right of free will, that free will is limited to or falls under the umbrella of what are known as Universal Laws which are the governing laws of the universe which determine creation. EVERY aspect of creation both physical and spiritual.

Although you have been provided the free will to act out your life experience in any way you choose, it is these laws that shape and form the outcomes in the physical world based on those choices. In other words you don't have the ability to change the laws, but you do have the ability as well as the choice to learn to harmonize your choices and actions with them in such a way that will enable you to experience WHATEVER desires you may currently hold.

You can't change the fact that there's gravity but you can create a machine that harmonizes with the law of gravity to use it in a way that proves beneficial and provides a "desired" result. The fact that airplanes fly isn't because gravity disappears or becomes non existent, but because the aerodynamics of the airplane are structured in such a way that harmonizes with and utilizes the law of gravity in such a way that makes it possible, NOT because their isn't gravity.

All other Universal Laws, Laws of Nature, Natural Laws or whatever you may choose to call them are the same. Whether you are aware or unaware of them doesn't matter. Whether you believe or don't believe in them doesn't change the fact that they exist.

Just as in the example with the plane, it’s no different with you. You can become aware of and harmonize your actions, your aerodynamics if you will with the immutable and unwavering laws which govern our existence and experience YOUR desires fulfilled once you become AWARE of them and HOW they operate.

Just as gravity can be used in beneficial ways or misused by us to create undesirable circumstances, all other Natural Laws can be as well. In order to use them consciously and effectively you must first be aware of and develop a basic understanding of how they operate if you ever expect to utilize them in a way that is beneficial and aligns with your desired outcomes.

With that understanding let's get into the subject of what's possible for you.

Take a few moments and think about the various areas of your life, considering every outcome that you currently are or have experienced in the physical world. Really delve deeply and you'll find that those things that you perceive as limitation as well as those areas that you excel in are, at their very core based on what you believe or have believed to be true with regard to them.

Through careful and honest observation and analysis you'll discover that regardless of which area of your life it is, whether physically, relationally, emotionally, financially or spiritually the outcomes experienced are and have been determined by what you have allowed them to be based on your beliefs concerning them.

A few specific examples would be say for example that you believe that money is difficult to come by or that you must work long and hard for the money that you earn. I can say with 100% certainty that if this is a belief that you currently hold, that you do find money difficult to come by and you do work hard for the money that you earn.

Many would say "Well, I AM finding that money is hard to come by and that I do have to work hard for the money that I earn, so YES I do believe that because that is EXACTLY what I'm experiencing!!"

This is where a deeper understanding is necessary. This is where AWARENESS becomes absolutely crucial IF you expect to ever change your results. Rather than your circumstances being responsible for your beliefs, you'll find if you'll dig deeply enough that the circumstances that you find yourself experiencing are only being experienced BECAUSE of those beliefs you hold with regard to them. Your level of awareness

This is not just limited to the area of money or work, but every area of life whether it be physically, relationally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.

The purpose and intent of this article is to enable you to see beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever it is that you perceive and believe reality to be will be just that for you in the physical world. It is my sincere hope that as a result you will come to fully grasp and understand the true power of you in molding and shaping the outcomes that you experience in life regardless of which area it may be.

The "TRUE" Power Of You, Your "true" power is limited only by your level of awareness and what you believe to be true with regard to what's possible for yourself.

To change those outcomes, you only need change the perceptions and beliefs which created them. What Is Necessary To Do That? Expanding Your Awareness

If your current perceptions and beliefs that you hold are based on untruths, or what I refer to as "Traditionally established false beliefs", your life will reflect precisely that whether or not it is true.

The current perceptions and beliefs that you hold with regard to yourself and your potential, whether based on real truth or perceived truth will ultimately show up in your outcomes in each and every area of your life. In other words those perceptions, those ideals which you hold as truth, will become your truth and as a result will shape the outcomes in your life. Whatever it is that you "perceive" truth to be becomes the truth that shapes EVERY event, condition and circumstance that you experience in your life.

In reality there is no untruth. What you "believe" to be truth is truth for you and determines what you'll experience. BUT…..there is HIGHER TRUTH which will enable you to experience BIGGER and BETTER results. How do you acquire this higher truth? Expand your awareness concerning what your truth is.

If you have been taught and as a result developed the belief that money is difficult to come by and that you must work hard for the money that you earn, you will experience just that in the physical world. It isn't the circumstances which have shaped your belief, it is rather the teachings that you have received which formed those beliefs and as a result has created them in your life experience.

If you have been taught and as a result come to believe that you can't have that new car, new home, a fulfilling and thriving business, harmonious relationships, optimum health, etc. etc. you are absolutely correct, you can't and WON'T until you change the limiting beliefs that are making those outcomes (or lack of) a reality in your life. This will remain as truth for you unless and until you eliminate the beliefs which are directly responsible for making it a physical reality in your life. Your beliefs are the source of the outcomes and the level of awareness that you hold is what is determining your beliefs.

Think for a moment about some of the desires that you have. Don't limit it to only the small desires, but rather consider what desires that you currently hold regardless of whether you currently feel that you can attain them or not. Maybe there are desires that you have held in the past that you have written off based on beliefs that you have established since that they are "impossible to attain. Dispel any judgments concerning their attainment based on what you currently believe. In fact for a moment consider being able to have each and every one of them fulfilled without boundaries and limitation of any sort and without the possibility of failure.

What would they be?

Would it be to attain a certain monetary goal? If so how much? $10,000.00, $100,000.00, $1,000,000.00, $10,000,000.00?

Maybe for you it's not money at all but rather a healthy wholesome relationship. If so, what kind of relationship would it be?

Perhaps for you it's being able to have a rewarding and fulfilling career that you're passionate about. The possibilities are endless and as unique as each individual.

Whatever it might be that you have a desire to experience doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that you have a desire to experience it and if you're not, there is something going on whether at a conscious or unconscious level that is keeping you from attaining it.

What is this something? It is beliefs that you have established and hold with regard to the attainment or un-attainment of whatever it might be that you have a sincere and heartfelt desire to accomplish.

It is only due to a lack of awareness or "higher truth" concerning the "TRUE power of you which is creating those beliefs and keeping you from attaining whatever it was that you came up with in the exercise above.

Next, let's take a closer look at where these current beliefs that you hold came from.

While most people understand to some extent the power of belief, what most fail to look more deeply into is WHY they hold the beliefs that they do. They fail to examine and as a result to see where the beliefs that they hold come from and/or how to change the beliefs which are creating limitation.

What many have come to believe to be true with respect to their outcomes regardless of which area of life it is are due to beliefs established as they were growing up which were instilled in them by various people who influenced their lives in some way and who they trusted. As we touched on earlier, where do you think that those who taught you what to believe received their beliefs? In the majority of the cases, in exactly the same way that you have!! They were "told" and "taught" by someone who they trusted and depended on what was safe, logical, necessary, etc. And what about those who taught them? Where do you think that they received their beliefs?

If they were taught that you must work long and hard for the money that you earn, and never delved deeper to discover the self limiting nature that these beliefs create it is based on those beliefs that created that reality for them in their lives and as a result when they taught you the same thing, although it was done with all of the best intent, with only your best interest in mind, it most certainly doesn't mean that it was true.

It only became true because that is what THEY believed to be true and as a result came true for them in their lives. In other words their experiences in life happened as a result of those beliefs which further validated in their minds that it was truth. The result is that with all the good intent in the world, fully believing that what they taught you was accurate, they taught you based on their beliefs and their experiences which kept them from experiencing them which is now responsible for keeping YOU from fulfilling and experiencing your desires.

This is known and what I have come to refer to as "traditionally established false beliefs." VERY LIMITING beliefs in MOST cases!!

Let's look at a few specific examples regarding "perceived truths" which really weren't true at all that are documented and taught in traditional education systems which will better enable you to grasp the reality of what is being shared…..

Think back hundreds of years ago when it was widely believed that the earth was flat. In those days although EVERYONE believed it and taught it to their offspring in the attempt to keep them safe and do what was "best" for them, was it true or based on what they had been taught...a "perception" of truth?

Although it was only with the best intents and purposes, was it true? Obviously not. It was only a "perception" of truth which instilled "fear" which in turn kept people from venturing out too far afraid they might fall of the edge of the earth. It limited their ability to explore and experience beyond their self imposed boundaries, wouldn't you agree?

Let's move forward several hundreds of years. Many have heard of Roger Bannister, the famous Olympic athlete who originally set a new world track record by running the four minute mile. Prior to Bannister achieving that goal it was "believed" to be impossible. The doctors of that day said that the human body wasn't capable. The psychologists of that day claimed that it was beyond the scope of possibility and also claimed it to be an impossible feat. Regardless of what was believed to be true, Roger Bannister had a "desire" to accomplish it, developed the belief that he could do it. The result of that belief was that he did.

What's more amazing than that is that once it was done, something that had never before in the history of the world been done, and which EVERYBODY "believed" couldn't be done, MANY people started matching and even breaking that record almost immediately!!. In fact even high school students!!

How could that be possible??? Because once those who observed Bannister accomplish it, it became a possibility or "believable" that it could be done, which formed the belief, which in turn has been responsible for it being matched and broken NUMEROUS times.

The fact that it couldn't be done was a reality in the world until someone had the "desire", insight and fortitude to look beyond "perceived" truth, gain the level of awareness or "consciousness" that made it possible and as history proves DID it.

Here's a more specific example as it relates to being "taught" things by those we trust…

An experiment was performed many years ago in an elementary school setting where the children were told that it was discovered that blonde haired children did far better in school than dark haired children. Amazingly the grades of the blonde haired children went up and those of the dark haired children dropped dramatically. Then after a time, the children were presented with the idea that the recent findings were flawed and they had made a mistake in the research and the situation was reversed. It was the dark haired children that were the better performers in their school work and the blonde haired children didn't do as well. What do you suppose happened? Exactly….The blonde haired children's grades dropped almost immediately and the dark haired children's grades went up dramatically!!.

So what does all that have to do with you and the results that you experience in your life. Absolutely everything!!

The same reasons that kept people restricted and within boundaries of a flat world for fear of falling off the edge, and the same reasons that kept a 4 minute mile from being run, the same reason that children's grades in school experienced such a dramatic shift, are the same reasons that you are limiting your ability to achieve at levels that you "desire" to experience, which due to what you have been programmed and "conditioned" to believe and as a result currently believe and perceive to be reality is precisely what is keeping you from fulfilling them.

These very beliefs that you have been taught in most cases due to restrictive, limiting and in many cases falsely established beliefs are the very beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing and enjoying all the limitless possibilities that exist for you. You only need discover and dispel the "perceptions" and beliefs that are creating that limitation which you learned through well intentioned teachers throughout your life and discover that many of these beliefs are just like the examples above, merely established as perceptions and are not based on "higher truth" at all. In order to begin experiencing those heartfelt desires that you hold and currently perceive as unrealistic or not logical, you only need break the pattern which make them your reality.

So where do you start?

In order to break this limiting pattern and begin the process of fulfilling and experiencing what it is that you have a desire to experience in your life, it's going to be necessary to develop the knowledge and awareness concerning the "True" power of you, and discern for yourself what beliefs that you currently hold which are merely a "perception of truth" and not based on "real" truth at all.

The first step in the process is developing the awareness of the possibility that what you have been taught is precisely what may be keeping you from fulfilling those desires that you hold. Now that that possibility has been presented, the next step would be to discover for yourself which of those current beliefs held are keeping you from attracting and experiencing those desires that you hold as dear, recognize them for what they truly are and then dispel and replace them with beliefs that will enable you to experience them.

It is not my intent to change your beliefs but rather to provide you with a level of awareness that will enhance your life experience. You have been conditioned to see and experience a world that others have envisioned for you which in MOST cases is a world of lack, limitation and unfulfilled desires.

You have the ability as well as the free will to discover the knowledge that will enable and empower you to begin experiencing your BIGGEST desires.

How do you establish this knowledge? By first becoming aware of the conscious as well as the unconscious beliefs which are limiting your results and keeping you from fulfilling your most heartfelt desires and then making the commitment to develop the knowledge or an "expanded awareness" of who you truly are. The "True" power of you that will enable you to fulfill whatever desires you may have.

How exactly do you do that? By becoming consciously aware of the desires that you have and determining if you are experiencing them in your life. If you're have beliefs, whether conscious or subconscious which are keeping you from doing so.

To expand those beliefs you only need become more aware of what already exists and the underlying principles that are at work which will expand your belief concerning the manifestation of your desires.

That's what we'll cover in the next lesson...

Developing An "Awareness" of The Universal Laws.

Until then ponder this thought....

You must become the person that you want to be on the inside before you will see the physical aspects of your desires manifest in the physical world. Whatever your current physical results consist of, are in direct correlation and being experienced in your life based on your internal dialogue.

Expanding your awareness as to why and how is an extremely exciting, rewarding and necessary step.

We ALL have Faith. We all have awareness to an extent. It is what YOU have faith IN and what YOU are aware of that that is determining what is showing up in your life.

If you're satisfied with where you are and what you're creating there is no need to change. But are you TRULY satisfied and fulfilled in EVERY aspect of your life or "just settling" for what you currently "believe" is as good as it can get?

When you tap into "Higher Truth" you will soon discover that...

The results that you are currently experiencing, regardless of how grand you may "perceive" them to be are infinitesimal in comparison to future possibility and potential.

You ARE an infinite and limitless being existing in an infinite and limitless Universe, the results or effects which are limited only by your willingness and ability to conceive and believe them as reality.

You have Infinite potential. You can and will experience based on the extent of your awareness and your "faith." Change your awareness and you will change your faith. Expand your awareness and you will expand your faith. Expand your faith and you will transform your entire world.

It is EXTREMELY simple. Now all you need to do is utilize the free will provided to you and DO IT.

You already have EVERYTHING you need to create your reality in whatever way you choose.

I hope you'll take the initiative to discover and explore the "TRUE" power that you hold to experience harmony and fulfillment in each and every area of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually

It's there you only have to make the commitment to yourself to dig deeply enough within yourself to find it.

Until next time.

To Your Success and Fulfillment Today and Always,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

"Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep." -Denis Waitley

Make A Commitment To and For Yourself and Your World To Raise Your Awareness and "Awaken" The Winner That You Are...The Possibilities Are Infinite

You "Truly Can" Be, Do and Have Anything That You Have A Sincere Desire And Make A Conscious Choice To Experience

Quotes of insight and wisdom to reflect on...

When you change the way you look at things……the things you look at will change. - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Energy flows where attention goes.

Whatsoever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive and it shall be given you. - Mark 11:24

“To the enlightened man... whose consciousness embraces the universe, to him the universe becomes his 'body', while the physical body becomes the manifestation of the universal mind. His inner vision an expression of the highest reality, and his speech an expression of eternal truth and mantric power.” — Lama Gouinda

Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. - Hebrews 11:1

We must not allow other people's limited perceptions to define us. - Virginia Satir

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” — Max Planck

Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility. - Oprah Winfrey

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” — Oliver W. Holmes

“You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.” — James Allen

“Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened unto you. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds, and to him that knocks it shall be opened” — Matthew 7:7-8

“Facts are the enemy of reality.” — Don Quixote

“Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.” — Saint Augustine

“According to your belief is it done unto you.” — Matthew 9:29

“The thinking that has brought me this far, has created some problems that this thinking can solve.” — Albert Einstein

“Whosoever shall say to this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast onto the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.” — Mark 11:23

“The structure and phenomena we observe in nature are nothing but creations of our measuring and categorizing minds.” — Fritjof Capra

“The ultimate creative capacity of your brain may be, for all practical purposes, infinite.” — DRW Ross Adley - Brain Research Institute UCLA

“Any idea that is held in the mind that is either feared or revered will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate physical form available.” — Andrew Carnegie

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