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, Here's Your July Edition Of Enlightened Journey.
August 01, 2006

"Enlightened Journey"

Welcome To The July 2006 Edition Of The "Enlightened Journey" E-Zine

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What We'll Be Covering In This Issue

1) A Personal Note From Chuck

2) Something To Consider

3) This Months Article


WOW, I almost didn't make the deadline for making this the July Edition. Sorry for the late arrival. You've got to love internet technology even if it does sometimes create glitches.

If you are a new subscriber to "Enlightened Journey", as always I would like to welcome you and hope that you find the information shared to be of value. I would recommend that you take the time to review the previous 5 issues of this "Manifestation Series" of the newsletter by clicking the "previous issues link" above which will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of what we will be covered in this and future issues.

I am extremely excited and pleased to say that "Enlightened Journey" and are as of this month collectively reaching and making a difference in the lives of seekers in over 93 countries around the world. I am grateful as well as humbled that I am able to contribute to so many and enabled to fulfill what I have discovered to be my passion and purpose in life, doing what it is that I literally LOVE to do. More specifically assisting individuals like you on a worldwide scale in first of all recognizing the unlimited potential that you possess as well as assisting you in discovering how you can fully unleash and begin utilizing that potential to achieve and experience "Harmony" in every area of your life.

I hope that "Enlightened Journey" has proven to be helpful to you and is allowing you to develop a deeper understanding as to how things REALLY work in our world and trust that you are consistently putting the steps recommended into daily use so that you will not only "Know" how things work, but will also be able to begin "Experiencing" the changes that those steps will provide in your physical world and day to day life should you choose to utilize them.

Regardless if you are new to the newsletter or have been a subscriber since "Enlightened Journey" was launched, I recommend that you continually review the previous editions of the "Manifestation Series" so that the information shared will penetrate the deepest recesses of your mind allowing you to experience an awareness that you may have not previously been exposed to and as a result assist you in experiencing those things that you most desire to experience in your own life as quickly as possible.

With that said let's get into the subject of this months edition.

Unlike the previous editions, the main focus of this edition of "Enlightened Journey" will be to convey the importance of persistence and consistency in reviewing and researching further the information covered as well as consistently applying the action steps that have been covered in previous editions of the newsletter to this point.

Each previous edition has provided either knowledge, specific action steps or both that you can begin to take immediately which will assist you in not only developing the necessary understanding and awareness, but providing the practical steps that you can take that will enable you to begin experiencing the events, conditions and circumstances that you most desire to experience.

It's important to understand that what is and has been covered in each edition of "Enlightened Journey" is not due to individual theory, or some out there philosophy but is based on proven scientific fact which, not coincidentally, align with what many of the great spiritual teachers since the beginning of time were attempting to convey during their time on earth and through the many spiritual writings that have been available for thousands of years.

Don't misunderstand what I am trying to convey. It is not necessary to be a spiritual person, or have a scientific understanding in order for natural laws or what are called Universal Laws to work for you. Universal Laws are not biased and work equally the same for everyone and don't discriminate in their unwavering operation due to religious preference, which country you live in, the color of your skin, your age, gender, educational background etc. These laws are immutable and unwavering and work precisely the same for everyone regardless of individual factors.

There are many who currently utilize and whose actions are in alignment with these laws that aren't even aware of it. As an example there are those who may be financially prosperous but whose health or state of relationships may suffer. There are those that have phenomenal relationships and incredible health but can't seem to get ahead financially. Although they may be in alignment in a specific area, there is many times still an underlying belief which is creating inner disharmony which is ultimatley the cause for them not achieving harmony in the other areas.

Just as The Law Of Gravity works precisely the same regardless of who or what you are, the other Universal Laws that you have recently discovered work precisely the same way. They are at work Always and For Everyone.

I am often asked how long it will take before someone experiences changes in their life as a result of the affirmations and vision board steps that were discussed in previous issues. For this question there is no set time answer that is the same for everyone. Each individual has varying degrees of established beliefs as well as individual circumstances that each experiences in their life. To that question my answer always has been and always will be, "When you are ready to allow it."

So many believe that experiencing positive change in life takes some external and physical action on their part to initiate. That is why so many work 2 jobs only to find that it still doesn't provide the necessary funds in many cases to meet basic obligations.

Experiencing positive and lasting change in life is an "inside job." Doing what you have always done and expecting a different result is, in the words of Albert Einstein "insanity."

One thing that is crucial for you to comprehend and understand is that regardless of where you currently find yourself in relation to your outcomes in life, whether you perceive them as good or bad, YOU and you alone are the one responsible for the outcomes that you experience on a day to day basis in your life, whether financially, relationally, emotionally, or physically. There is no outside force, person or people in your life that are responsible for limiting or sabotaging your efforts. Although this statement may make some feel uncomfortable, it is an undeniable and proven fact.

When things, whatever they might be aren't working in your external world, it is usually due to some form of inner disharmony. This disharmony is usually the result of some subconscious false belief which you may not even be aware exists at all, that conflicts with whatever it is that you have a sincere desire to accomplish whether it be in the area of money, health or relationships.

That's the bad news. But there is good news. That news is, YOU have the ability and the power to change those beliefs which aren't serving you.

Accepting responsibility is a very important and necessary first step in effectively changing the events, conditions, and circumstances that you most desire to experience in your life. Once you can honestly accept this fact, then it will become much easier to begin effectively initiating the necessary inner changes that will enable you to begin attracting and experiencing the life experiences that you desire to experience.

Little do people understand that inner disharmony happens as a result of previously established false beliefs.

It is well known and has been taught for thousands of years in spiritual circles that "As you sow, so shall you reap." Science, although putting it in different words states that "For every cause there is an effect."

So many take this to mean that the external actions that are taken are what produces the external effects. While to a point this is true and external actions can produce temporary external results, it is inner harmony that will lead and guide you to positive and lasting results.

It's amazing to me that as a young child I was raised to believe that science and spirituality were conflicting and exactly opposite in their beliefs and based on the religious background that I received, if one were to lean toward the scientific understanding would spend eternity in a very unpleasant fiery place. Based on where this information came from, and trusting that those who were looking out for my best interest knew better than I did, I adopted it as my own belief.

As I became old enough to begin seeking deeper meaning in my own life I discovered that in fact science and religion, once all the individual interpretation, judgment, and flawed human intervention, resulting in traditionally established false beliefs which resulted were removed, that both science and the various religious circles at their core were conveying exactly the same thing, only in different ways. The core truths and principles were identical. The only difference was in the delivery.

I still recall as a teenager being approached by someone stating and sharing with me that "We Are One." Based on my understanding at the time based on what I had been taught and due to the beliefs that I had absorbed, I believed that one of two things was going on. Either this guy had totally flipped his lid or had become the victim of one to many encounters with some heavy drugs.

To my amazement later in life, I would soon discover that the reality of what I had been approached with at that young age but would reject based on these beliefs that I had established was Absolutely Correct! Due to my lack of understanding at the time combined with the beliefs that I had absorbed, it would be years later before I made this life changing discovery, even though Albert Einstein had made the discover a hundred years earlier that ALL things broken down into their purest and most basic form consisted of nothing but pure energy. (E=MC2) This one scientific fact that everything in the entire universe at it's core is the exact same substance proves and validates it.

What I once "believed" to be "way out there" based on false teachings, as it turns out really WAS the truth!

Even once I did discover that many of the false beliefs that I had absorbed were keeping me from reaching and experiencing my full potential, there were still many deep inner layers that had to be removed before I would be able to fully experience the freedom. It took some serious soul searching, the need to become brutally honest with myself, and specific actions that I would need to take which would replace many of the false beliefs that I had come to accept as truth before I would begin experiencing what Harmony in life really felt like.

What does all this have to do with you? Absolutely Everything! I appreciate your patience as I build up to the point that I am trying to make. Just as I and so many around the world have been inundated since childhood with numerous false beliefs through well intentioned parents, family members, flawed public education systems, many religious circles etc. you have also absorbed many false beliefs that need to be discovered and replaced with beliefs that are in alignment with your deepest desires before you can expect to begin experiencing the "Harmony" and enjoying the quality of life that you desire and were intended to experience.

The ONLY way that you are going to initiate and experience the lasting changes in your own life and effectively begin rooting out the false beliefs that have blocked you to this point, are by implementing the steps recommended in the previous issues. Although these aren't the ONLY way to begin replacing the beliefs that you have absorbed, they are the quickest, simplest to initiate and convey and EXTREMELY POWERFUL, IF you'll initiate and utilize them consistently. Just gaining the knowledge of HOW to do it, won't take the place of taking the necessary action that will allow you to make the necessary inner changes that will actually "allow" you to begin experiencing the results in your life.

I encourage you to take the time each day and consistently put into action the action steps that have been recommended in the previous issues.

That is a big part of why "Enlightened Journey" came to be. To assist you in discovering and allowing you the opportunity to accept or reject what I have come to know and believe to be truth. Regardless of how simple they may seem the action steps recommended will have a positive and powerful impact on your life IF you will use them consistently. I have since discovered that the simplest and easiest to implement principles have provided the biggest changes in my own life. Many times the simplest principles that so many overlook and write of as useless will be the most powerful and provide the most significant results.

It is these very principles and action steps that have been responsible for changing countless lives. It is through coming to a clear understanding of how Universal Laws work and making the effort to align with their predictable, unwavering and immutable nature that have turned the poor wealthy, the sickly and dying to total health, and nearly failed relationships into rewarding and fulfilling lifelong partnerships.

As much as I would love to be able to cover each and every individual life scenario in these editions of "Enlightened Journey" it would be impossible without making each edition hundreds of pages in length. That wouldn't be very feasible for you or for me. Although I attempt to share as much as I can, the intent of this newsletter is to open your eyes to the possibility that another world exists that you may not currently be aware that provides a much more fulfilling quality of life than you may have experienced to this point. There is no way to properly and in a timely fashion delve into all that I have come to discover through a newsletter.

For those that choose to delve more deeply into discovering more regarding Universal Law as well as receive additional step by step guidance in your journey toward deeper understanding, heightened awareness and discovering specifically how to improve your quality of life, there are a number of incredible life enhancement teachers as well as many personal empowerment and life enhancement programs (which I call Power Tools) that will assist you in doing that back at the site.

Each of the life teachers that are featured as well as the programs recommended have been personally tested and approved by me and are guaranteed to provide exceptional value and effective and credible and powerful life changing guidance that will assist you in making the necessary inner changes, that will allow you to experience the desired results in your life, based on your individual needs. Should you choose to utilize these resources and decide for any reason that they aren't for you, your money will be cheerfully refunded with no questions asked.

Hundreds of thousands around the world have found them to be life changing and they will do the same for you IF you will choose to take personal action and implement the steps that each recommends.

Although there are many life enhancement teachers to choose from, each of them teach the same life changing principles but in their own unique style.

Regardless of which life area that you may need assistance in rest assured that you will find a teacher or life enhancement product that fits your individual need.

Whether or not you choose to utilize the recommended resources at this point in your life, understand this. You were created as a limitless being who possesses within yourself the ability to experience a life far superior to anything you have experienced to this point. You have the ability to experience sufficient financial resources, phenomenal health, and fulfilling and harmonious relationships regardless of what you may have been taught and have established as belief at this point in your life. You only have to develop the understanding as well as the belief that it's true. At some point in your journey, I hope that you do. For your own sake I hope that you will begin to make the action steps in previous issues a regular and consistent part of your life.

This Months Article

Here's a recent article that I posted on the site. I hope that you find it beneficial. It fits perfectly with todays newsletter. Enjoy.

"Get Out Of Your Own Way"

As always, I'd like to Thank You for supporting and allowing me to fulfill my vision and purpose of assisting others to realize their TRUE potential.

Have An Incredible And Prosperous Month,

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I sincerely hope that this edition of "Enlightened Journey" has assisted you in some way and that it has provided you with a sense of heightened awareness in your ability to begin to attract to you and begin to experience the quality of life that you desire, deserve, and were intended to experience.

Until we meet again on the pages of the August edition, I wish for you a month full of Love, Joy, Inner Peace, Fulfillment, and Unlimited Prosperity in EACH and EVERY area of your life.

What I choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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