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Dramatically Enhance Any Area Of Your Life With These Proven, Time Tested Resources From The Masters Of Life Enhancement, Personal Empowerment And Self Improvement

What Can The Right Self Improvement/Personal Empowerment Course Do For You?
Sometimes The Unanswered Questions In Life
Can Leave Us Feeling A Little Perplexed.
You have the ability to soar to heights you never imagined.
It's simply a matter of learning to spread your wings.

You CAN Transform Your Entire Life Physically, Financially, Relationally, Emotionally AND Spiritually Whenever YOU Choose To

"Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound."
- James Allen

Let Me Ask You A Few Personal Questions......

  • Do The Inevitable Challenges In Life Sometimes Leave You Feeling a Little Perplexed?
  • Do You Sometimes Feel As If, No Matter What or How Hard You Try, You Can't Seem To Make Any Headway?
  • Do You Have A Sincere Desire To Learn HOW to Begin Living A Life Of True and Lasting Abundance and Happiness?
  • Have You Previously Tried Self Improvement Programs in The Past With Little To No Result?
  • Are You Finally Ready to Discover Real Life Answers To Some Of Life's Most Complex Questions?
  • Are You TRULY Ready To Learn and Apply Simple, Proven, Timely, Practical, Yet Powerful Techniques That Will Have A Dramatic Impact On Your Personal, Professional, and/or Spiritual Journey?
  • Are You Willing To Learn and Follow Simple, Powerful, yet Practical Self Improvement Advice, and Implement It Into Your Daily Life?

If so, you are about to be introduced to THE most powerful, life transforming wisdom available today, and taught by the most caring, trusted, credible, and results oriented teachers of self improvement, personal development, life enhancement and personal empowerment on the entire planet.

I understand that may sound like a BIG claim, but it's much more than a claim.

Regardless if you're considering a new business, looking for timely advice for your existing business, or looking for effective methods to improve your personal life in the areas of Money, Health, Relationships, or Spiritual Development, we have a powerful and proven self improvement course to assist you in accomplishing WHATEVER your desires may consist of.

These Are Not Your Traditional Rah Rah Motivational Type Self Improvement Programs!

Through Their Use Your Life WILL BE Transformed Physically, Relationally, Emotionally, Financially, and Spiritually

With so many choices available on the internet today in the area of self improvement and personal development, it can be confusing as to which self improvement course, self improvement program, or self improvement seminar to pick, and which will provide you with the specific and timely advice and direction that you require to fulfill your desired goals.

There are so many that give "outlandish claims" and "pie in the sky theories and promises", it's hard to know which one to choose, who to trust, and can leave you wondering who can really provide you with the actual results you're seeking.

While there are many very respected, credible, and powerful teachers who are quite well versed in teaching the actual principles which will assist you in quickly finding whatever answers your looking for, there are many more unscrupulous, and overzealous "salesman" claiming to have the "One Size Fits All, 24 Hour Cure" for any problem under the sun, and who's only interest is to make a quick buck, regardless of how they do it or who they hurt in the process.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but after over 27 years of personally utilizing literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of self improvement / life enhancement programs and theories I've come across my share of these that I mention above. You are looking for proven and credible life enhancement products and that is precisely what you deserve to receive.

What I've Disicovered Is....

As individuals, each of us has varying needs and it is absolutely impossible to genuinely make such general claims such as.....

"Discover the Newly Discovered Secrets In My Super Duper Human Fixer Course, Guaranteed to Fix Any Problem in Your Life, Or Skyrocket Your Business in The Next 5 Days or Triple Your Money Back!"

When it comes to personal growth, I'll assure you and can tell you from many years of personal experience, while there are extremely powerful, seemingly magical, and quite profound life enhancement principles that exist that can and will have a dramatic impact in changing the course of your life, there is no such thing as a "Newly Found Secret" or a "One Size Fits All" self improvement course available that can deliver on that kind of promise.

When it comes to achieving and living a life of Abundance and Happiness, the plan was laid long before you or I arrived here.

There are and have been for thousands of years, well established Universal Laws and Principles that you can familiarize yourself with, and implement into your life that can and will change the course of your entire life, but they are certainly not new, and most definitely aren't "Secrets".

Each Self Improvement Course that is offered through Abundance-and-Happiness.com has been personally utilized, tested, and given the stamp of EXCELLENCE by our founder Chuck Danes. Each of these OUTSTANDING programs are based on proven, effective, and sound spiritual as well as scientific principles.

Have you ever tried a self improvement course that promised to fix a specific area of your life only to be disappointed?

Have you ever purchased a self improvement program with an "Unconditional Guarantee", only to find that when you do try to get your money back, the person that sold it to you has vanished from the face of the earth?

Have you ever attended a self improvement seminar with high hopes of learning the next new innovative solution, guaranteeing to propel you to incredible wealth, only to find yourself listening to the same old worn out rehashed theories that you've heard hundreds of times before?

If so, don't feel alone. Many have!

Each self improvement course available below includes no nonsense, true to life success strategies that REALLY work in a POWERFUL way. and are taught by the most trusted, reputable, and results oriented "Masters of Self Improvement" in the world. Each self improvement course below is quite literally considered to be the most powerful, most effective self improvement advice on the planet.

If you're looking for unrealistic promises and "Stand on your head and blink real fast for 10 minutes a day to produce whatever you want" programs, you're probably not at the right place.

If you're looking for high pressure sales tactics to get you to purchase "Right Now" you will be disappointed.

But, if your looking for real, life changing answers to lifes most complex questions, answered by the most trusted, respected and sought after teachers in the entire world, you'll find them here.

If you're looking for true to life, powerful, life changing principles that you can begin to use immediately, that will have a dramatic impact in improving your quality of life, you've come to the right place.

If your looking for real life results based on scientific fact as well as age old spiritual principles, and taught by the most credible, caring, and reputable, life enhancement teachers available, considered to be the "True Masters" of lasting success, you'll certainly want to investigate further.

Regardless if you're a long time student in the self improvement arena or brand new to discovering the world of potential and possibilities available to you, you'll find a self improvement course or self improvement seminar that suits your needs which will empower you to create real and lasting results, with credible, proven methods and techniques that will have a dramatic, and often times profound impact in improving YOUR life.

We Have Just The Self Improvement Course That Will Help You Attain It.

Regardless of what kind of results you are seeking, or which area of life that you are trying to improve, you will find a credible, powerful, and life changing self improvement course tailored to your specific need.

Before you go on.....

Regardless of what you are seeking, or how many self improvement courses you study, it's an undeniable fact that.....

"Correct knowledge in and of itself is useless. It is in the APPLICATION of correct knowledge that True Abundance and Happiness can be realized and experienced."

Unless and until you are willing to APPLY what you learn, these or ANY OTHER self improvement/personal development courses will be of NO benefit to you. Unless you are willing to put into ACTION the knowledge and wisdom contained in each self improvement course listed, save your money!!


If you're serious about creating REAL and LASTING change in your life and understand that it is going to take a little effort on your part to create the life that you desire, find a self improvement course or courses below that resonate with you and be prepared for some MAJOR change in your life.

Are You Still With Me?

If So.......


REGARDLESS Of Which Area Of YOUR Life You Are Trying To Improve, You'll Find The Perfect Self Improvement Course For You In The Categories Below Created And Taught By The Masters Of Life Enhancement And Self Improvement

Each of the life changing business building/personal development courses below have one thing in common. They focus on and show you how to create LASTING change.

How Exactly Do They Do That? By initiating powerful and lasting change where it's absolutely necessary.


.Real and Lasting change cannot and will not happen by changing a few external circumstances. In order to experience dramatic and long lasting results that will allow you to experience a life unlike anything you have previously experienced, you may need to learn how to do a few things differently than you have in the past. We'll show you how to do just that.

You're about to discover just how simple it can be AND....

You'll be pleased and amazed with the results.

Create Dramatic and Lasting Change In Your Physical, Financial, Relational, Spiritual and/or Business Life With These Incredible And Proven Effective Home Study Courses

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation provides an uncommon depth of understanding regarding life and your ability to consciously and intentionally harmonize the physical, financial, relational and spiritual aspects of your life whenever you choose to do so.

The 7 Hidden Keys reveals in a practical yet profound manner that anyone can easily grasp and understand, the often overlooked principles that determine the continuous unfolding of creation and what you can do to consciously harmonize yourself with their immutable and unwavering power to begin creating more of the results that you desire.

As you'll discover it goes much deeper than the Law of Attraction.

Get The Whole Story Here

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy

The Delfin Knowledge System

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy is designed for the serious student of life. It's for those who are serious about and truly committed to creating a life of joy, meaning, purpose and personal fulfillment. Since it's introduction in 2005, tens of thousands of people from around the world have used "The DELFIN Trilogy" as their primary tool for personal self-knowledge and learning to consciously, intentional and purposefully create long term transformation.

Unlike so many programs today that only provide bits and pieces for achieving life mastery, The Delfin Knowledge System is a comprehensive learning system and has often been referred to as the PhD. of personal empowerment learning systems.

The Delfin Knowledge System provides a comprehensive understanding of how to align, harmonize and "consciously apply" in a powerfully transformational kind of way, the spiritual, mental, emotional, biological and mechanical aspects of life, pointing out and revealing the short path for being, doing and/or having more of whatever it might be that is truly desired in any aspect of life.

For the serious student seeking deeper understanding, personal fulfillment and practical application skills, The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy provides all any student could possibly need.

The Secret Of Deliberate Creation

The Secret Of Deliberate Creation

Dr. Robert Anthony PHD. masterfully reveals what he has discovered on his 30 year quest to cracking the code and unlocking the "Secret Success Code" contained within the Think and Grow Rich formula discovered by Napoleon Hill. The six CD set which makes up The Secret Of Deliberate Creation will explain the unwavering and immutable laws which, once understood and properly applied, "Guarantee" powerful and profound results and will enable you to achieve and experience a firestorm of success in your life. Through this exciting and widely acclaimed and utilized personal development course you'll soon master the simple yet powerful step by step process for harmonizing with and making the governing laws of the universe powerfully effective in bringing about desired results in your own life. For a FREE sample of what you can expect, check out Dr Anthony's six day e-course The Million Dollar Secret That Can Change Your Life

The Success Codes

The Success Codes and Dr Alex Loyd

Dr. Alex Loyd knows what few have discovered when it comes to the reasons for achieving or not the success you desire in life. The Success Codes provide a way to undo harmful and destructive memory pictures or what science calls "cellular memories" which are keeping you from achieving the success that you desire and are attempting to attain. The Success Codes provide the means to release the destructive memory pictures that you in most cases aren't even aware that you have which are hindering your chances for success not only in your personal and professional life, but in the areas of health and relationships as well. Based on the same powerful and life transforming protocols as The Healing Codes, The Success Codes will assist you in removing those counterproductive "cellular memories" allowing you to unlock doors of opportunity and success that you never dreamed possible.

Instant Inner Power Mike Brescia

Instant Inner Power!

Discover How To Go From Feeling Afraid, Hesitant Or Depressed To Confident, Determined & Happy - In An Instant! These incredibly effective habit changing CDs aren't your traditional self improvement program. The Instant Inner Power Series is designed in such a way that you plug in the CD, hit the play button and forget it. Discover a simple and effortless way to create lasting change from the inside SIMPLY and EFFORTLESSLY with this state of the art technology. Using a powerful tool called 'Anchoring' you can now quicklysummon your most enabling emotional states any time you want. You REALLY CAN experience Instant Inner Power!

Take The Power Pause : 3 Steps... 3 Minutes

John Harricharan : The Power Pause

Award winning author, lecturer, and intuitive consultant John Harricharan reveals his Powerful, Effective, and Life Changing formula, "The Power Pause", for attracting unlimited Abundance and Happiness into your life. Download it immediately and begin experiencing life changing and seemingly magical results very quickly. Your life will never be the same after learning and using this incredible formula. Greatly improve your life results in the areas of Money, Health and Relationships. Profound, Simple AND Extremely Powerful!

Achieve Optimum Health and Well Being For Yourself And Those You Love With These Proven Resources

The Healing Codes

The Healing Codes Dr Alex Loyd

Discover The Optimal Health Solution FAR MORE POWERFUL Than Anything You Have Ever Seen Before. The Healing Codes Will Revolutionize The Health Industry

Did you know that recent scientific discoveries show that 95% of ALL illness and disease is caused by stress? Not the external stress that most relate to but rather an internal stress which keeps the immune system from functioning the way it was intended. With The Healing Codes you'll discover how to Super Charge your immune system, Help your body heal itself, Turn on your natural healing systems to heal pain, stress, fear, depression and disease. Learn how to turn on your body's cells from "Protect Mode" to "Growth Mode". In growth mode, your body's cells can protect you from, or heal almost anything! Discover how to Create Cells that will not allow illness to develop within you! You REALLY CAN experience renewed energy and optimal health, Simply, Safely and NATURALLY. Learn How.

Think Right Now!
Learn How Changing Your Thoughts And Beliefs
Can Change Your Entire Life!

WHAT IF YOU HAD THE SAME MINUTE-BY-MINUTE THOUGHTSAS THE SUPER SUCCESSFUL? Mike Brescia has developed THE ULTIMATE in mental conditioning programs that can help anyone wipe out intense fears and enjoy HUGE successes in all areas of life. Think Right Now is the ultimate in self improvement course technology that focuses specifically on re-patterning negative and self sabotaging thoughts and beliefs in SPECIFIC life areas.

Freedom From Depression Now!I Am Healed Now! Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now!I Love Exercising Now!
Accelerated Sales Success Now!Eating For Excellent Health Now! Setting & Achieving Goals Now!I Am Smoke Free Now!
Financial Abundance Now!Real Self-Esteem Now! Real Self-Esteem Now For Kids! (9-13 yrs)Supreme Confidence Now!
Unstoppable Motivation Now!Infinite Joy Now!

...and many more.

Click On The Link Above For FREE details!

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System
Eliminate Stress With The Power Of Meditation

Higher Balance Foundation Guided Meditation System

Eric Pepin founder of The Higher Balance Institute Complete self improvement course on the art of effective meditation. Includes complete understanding of the benefits of meditation as well as powerful guided meditation techniques that are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE to produce amazing results simply and quickly. If you have never experienced a PROFOUND sense of "Knowing" or have tried other meditation techniques in the past with little to no success, allow Eric Pepin and The Higher Balance Institute to show you how to quickly and easily, Experience Deep Inner Peace and Well Being In As Little As 30 Minutes Per Day With This 1 Easy To Follow Method.
This program is truly PROFOUND!

Home Based Business, Business Development, and Internet Marketing Programs

Home Based Business Ideas

Considering a home based business or looking for home based business ideas to develop? These home based business ideas may be just what the doctor ordered to launch your very own lucrative and successful home based business.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have ever considered having your very own home based business but aren't sure where to start or how to make it a reality, affiliate marketing may be the just answer you've been looking for.

YourNetBiz Provides a Turnkey Online Business Model That Can and WILL Change Your Wealth Quotient AND Your Quality of Life

YourNetBiz provides a simple, affordable, yet powerful turnkey approach to creating unlimited online wealth regardless of your experience level. YourNetbiz co-founder, Rob Hannely makes it easy and provides all the tools and step by step process you need to generate SERIOUS income for yourself while assisting others to improve their quality of life exponentially, even with limited time and financial investment.

YourNetBiz unique turnkey system is 98% automated and has EVERYTHING ready to go, enabling you to be up and running in a matter of hours. Just promote your YourNetBiz business and watch it happen.

If you have a sincere desire to work from home, either full or part time, the YourNetBiz home based business model provides a direct marketing approach with "high end" returns and may be the answer you've been seeking.

Discover how YOU can create SUBSTANTIAL Wealth not only financially, but physically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.YourNetBiz provides a lucrative, affordable and no nonsense approach for home based business seekers that is taking the online community by storm. EXTREMELY rewarding and POWERFUL!

It MAY Just Prove To Be Just What You've Been Seeking and Become YOURNetBiz

Solo Build It Provides EVERYTHING Required To Build Your Very Own 24/7 Income Producing Website Regardless Of Internet Knowledge, Level of Education, Or Previous Business Experience!

Have you ever considered building your own website but don't think you have the technical knowledge, skills or tools to make it happen? Look no further! With Solo Build It you don't have to.

Solo Build It! is unlike any site building / self improvement course you've ever seen before. Solo Build It! offers an excellent ALL IN ONE education, site building tools, website hosting, automatic search engine submission, and ongoing assistance package for newbies or seasoned online marketers alike. Learn how YOU can become an online success with this incredibly simple, hold you by the hand, complete step by step to success on the internet, education. Many free resources to get you started. If you are even considering an online business save yourself years of trial and error and money and check out Solo Build It.

Discover How Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs Can Provide You With The Education AND The Opportunities For Massive Success In EVERY Area Of Your Life!

These Incredible Internet Marketing Affiliate programs will provide you with all the tools you need to develop the wealth mindset PLUS the opportunity to allow you to create lasting wealth for you and those you love.

Whichever Self Improvement Course You choose, you can do so with complete and total confidence, and rest assured that you are receiving the best self improvement program available anywhere, and that whichever particular course you feel that best fits your needs, will deliver EXACTLY the results that it promises, GUARANTEED.

Achieving True Success In Life Is Merely A Choice. A Choice That Only YOU Can Make.

To quote the legendary Jim Rohn.....

"You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job, you will make you a living, but if you'll work hard on yourself you can make a fortune."

Begin Right Now to achieve your dream of living a life of Abundance and Happiness.

You Can Do It!

Whether you choose to utilize a self improvement course , or not, is like all things in your life, YOUR choice.

It is the choices that you make today that will determine your tomorrows.

One thing is absolutely certain......

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll continue to get what you've always gotten."

It is our sincere hope that whatever choices you make, today and in the future, will lead you one step closer to living a life filled with Love, Joy, Inner Peace, Fulfillment, and Unlimited Prosperity in EVERY area of YOUR life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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