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, A VERY SPECIAL January 2007 Edition Of Enlightened Journey
January 01, 2007

"Enlightened Journey"

Happy New Year!!

Welcome To The January 2007 Edition Of
The "Enlightened Journey" E-Zine

Are You Finally Ready To Discover How To Experience The Best Year EVER?

What We'll Be Covering In This Issue

1) A Personal Note From Chuck

2) New Year Seeds

3) A VERY SPECIAL Upcoming Event and Life Changing Announcement


Let me start out by wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I sincerely hope that 2007 proves to be the best year ever and that ALL of your hopes, dreams and desires are fulfilled.

I also hope that 2006 brought all that you had hoped and dreamed for. It amazes me the seeds that have sprouted and grown this past year. In reflecting back I am SO GRATEFUL for so many things that grew as a result of seeds that were sown over the past months.

If 2006 didn't produce the harvest for you that you desired, if many of the things that you had consciously envisioned for yourself didn't come to pass, don't fret, become angry or frustrated or develop the beliefs that what didn't happen for you can't happen.

In fact forget about them Right Now. This will only serve to solidify the fact that you CAN'T have them and keep those desires from happening in the future.

Sadly that is EXACTLY what the majority does. They place their predominant focus on what DIDN'T happen for them. They keep their minds fixed on what they DON'T have all the while thinking, hoping and wishing that what they DO desire to experience will somehow magically appear or in many cases, give up on their desires completely, fully believing that since it didn't happen that it can't or won't happen.

2007 can and WILL BE your best year EVER if you'll internalize and begin to utilize and apply what you're about to discover. If you will APPLY it, it WILL change your life, GUARANTEED.

I hope you enjoy it and that it proves to provide tremendous benefit to you...

New Year Seeds

Rather than think about what DIDN'T happen for you this past year, think of ALL the positive things that DID HAPPEN. Express sincere and heartfelt gratitude for them. Instead of placing focus on and giving energy to what might have, could have, or should have been, make a list of those things which did happen for you. Regardless of how you perceive that your year went, there is ALWAYS something that you can find to be grateful for. Make it a habit to take just a few minutes EVERY DAY and express sincere GRATITUDE and you'll find that you'll begin to experience MUCH MORE to be grateful for in the future.

Second, make a list of all you desire to accomplish in 2007 and make the choice to start BEING whatever that might be starting RIGHT NOW.

The absence of things that you had envisioned in 2006 certainly doesn't mean that you failed, although you do have the free will to perceive it that way if you choose. But what will this perception serve to do? Only assure that you will not have it in the future, correct?

Rather than adopting this mindset, it is possible to analyze and discover WHY it is that it, whatever it might be didn't happen for you and use what you discover to make it a reality this year. You have the free will to turn what many would "perceive" as negative outcomes and allow them to be positive by assisting you in growing from the previous year. There are valuable lessons that can be learned from your NOT having, that if properly analyzed, recognized and corrected, will enable you to have whatever it may be at some point in the future. The fact that you don't currently have it but desired it, can, if you choose to look for them, provide valuable clues and direction that will enable you to have it this year, this month, perhaps even TODAY. You can if you choose, discover what it was that kept it from becoming a reality in your life and make sure that you don't repeat the same actions which were responsible for it's absence.

If you honestly expect and sincerely desire to receive different results, a different plan of action is going to be necessary. As Albert Einstein so correctly quoted, "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity."

If you TRULY desire to experience different results in your life this year, it is going to be necessary to change what DID NOT work for you last year.

Ok, let's get our focus off of NOT having and begin to develop the mindset that WILL provide it.

The very first and most crucial step in doing this is by developing the understanding that YOU are responsible for whatever outcomes that did or didn't happen for you. Accepting responsibility is the first and one of the most crucial steps. If you believe that you are not responsible and that the absence of what it is that you desire is based on some set of external circumstances which you have no control over, it will then become impossible for you to create it. WHY? Because you will continue to find excuses for why it is that you are unable to manifest whatever it is that you desire.

The economy wasn't right, there's not enough time, I'm too busy, I don't have the right skills, the people I have to work around, and on and on and on.

If you truly believe that externals, whatever they might be, are responsible for your outcomes you will continue to attract those externals to you that make certain that your personal dreams and desires will NEVER be fulfilled.

Exactly HOW does that work?

Because regardless of what you may currently believe regarding yourself, You are a Limitless Being in a Limitless Universe which attracts to you precisely what your predominant focus remains fixated upon. The seeds which you begin planting today will sprout and at some point in time become your reality which you will experience in the physical world. Seeds that were planted in the past, those seeds which YOU planted are the very seeds that have produced the harvest which you are experiencing in the present.

Now that may leave you thinking….

Hey, wait a minute!! I DID think about making more money, I DID wish for that new job, I tried really hard to meet that perfect person, etc. etc. etc. So WHY isn't it working if this is true?

The simple answer is that instead of placing focus on BEING what it is that you desire, the predominant focus is being placed on the "absence of" whatever it is that you desire to experience. On NOT HAVING. Rather than BEING in your new business, you are focusing on the lack of money or satisfaction that your current job continues to deliver to you and hoping and wishing that something else will come along that will alleviate the LACK or DISLIKE that you are experiencing. Yes you may be thinking about how nice it would be to have a business doing what you love and are passionate about but rather than BEING that, the predominant subconscious focus is on eliminating the job or other circumstances that you dislike. This state of mind places your predominant focus on the LACK OF rather than the FULFILLMENT OF.

If you've been a subscriber of "Enlightened Journey" for any length of time now you've grasped the idea that, at least intellectually, that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you place your predominant focus on will show up in your physical world. The energy created based on that focus attracts to it energy of a harmonious vibrational frequency or resonance and manifests in physical form.

The Universe doesn't waver in how it manifests. EVER. It also makes no judgments as to what is manifest. It only creates based on what it is that you are asking it to deliver. It operates 100% of the time in a perfect, unwavering and precise manner. It has since the beginning of time and will continue to operate in the same fashion into infinity. It operates perfectly, flawlessly, and never wavers. There is NEVER even one electron out of place. Just as the Law of Gravity never wavers, neither do the laws of creation waver. NEVER. NOT EVER!!

Imagine for a minute if The Law of Gravity failed for even one minute. There would be total chaos in the world wouldn't there? Now think about this for a moment. Does the Law of Gravity work the same for those who are uneducated as well as those who have a PHD. Yes. Does the Law of Gravity work the same for those who are Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, etc? Yes. Does the Law of Gravity work for those who are perceived as good, bad, right, wrong, black, white, etc. Absolutely!!

In the same way, the process of creation doesn't waver either. EVER. If it did, just as chaos would ensue with the absence of the Law of Gravity, so it would be if the Laws of Creation were to waver. You cannot regardless of how hard you may try, change or interfere with that process. It doesn't matter how much you wish for it, pray for it, yell at it or whatever, you can NEVER change what is inevitable. The process of creation IS inevitable. It works the same for EVERYONE regardless.

Now the REALLY GOOD news. This process works the same for those who experience harmony in their lives as well as those who are currently experiencing discord. It operates precisely in the same fashion for those that accumulate massive wealth the same it does for those who are currently in lack. It doesn't waver, EVER.

Here's the key....

If you desire to change the outcomes that you experience in life based on this inevitable, unwavering, and non-prejudice process you only need change yourself. You only need discover how to harmonize with what already is and always will be and as a result, if properly done, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you desire to experience will show up. It MUST. You only need make the slight paradigm shift in your mind that will ALLOW it to.

That is the ONLY Difference in those that HAVE or those that perceive they DON'T HAVE.

Many attempt this change in various ways. In the example of acquiring more money the majority think they will FIX IT by attempting to work harder, longer, or in some way try harder to DO something. Although many times this doing does produce temporary results, they are just that, temporary. This DOING that so many attempt only leads to more stress, anxiety, fear, more fatigue, imbalance and disharmony. This DOING, say for example to make a commitment to work 10 more hours per week is a physical action which produces a physical result and more times than not creates a disharmony within yourself. Would you rather work 10 more hours per week or spend that 10 hours having fun with those you love or doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing?

Attempting to FIX external outcomes using external means will ALWAYS create limited and temporary results 100% of the time. Although it may produce temporary results in one area it will NEVER enable you to experience harmony in ALL areas. This common way of FIXING things is known as manipulating effects with effects. It violates EVERY Spiritual and Scientific Law of Nature and can never produce lasting results. In the scientific community the process of creation is known as Cause and Effect, NOT Effect and Effect. In Spiritual circles this process is known as Sowing and Reaping, NOT reaping and reaping. Yes perhaps it will yield temporary amounts of money that you FEEL you need by "Working Long and Hard" but you will NEVER experience True Harmony and Happiness" by continually following this "Flawed" traditional teaching. While it's true that this process will enable you to "Survive" you will NEVER experience the life of harmony and fulfillment that you have the potential as well as been provided the "Birthright" to experience.

What is the difference in Survival Mode" and experiencing a life of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity? Quite simply the Choices that YOU have the "Free Will" to make.

We live in a world where the predominant teaching tells us, "Go to school so that you can get a good job so that you can make the money that you need. Then, after working for forty years you can retire, enjoy life and live well." This is the traditionally established belief that has been taught and ingrained in our thought process for hundreds of years in the traditional education systems, and various other places and as a result determines what we believe to be true.

We are taught from early childhood by our parents, friends, teachers, government, clergy, etc. But how true is it today REALLY? The evidence that is easily verifiable tends to provide a VERY DIFFERENT story. The REAL EVIDENCE shows us that hard work does not necessarily equal wealth, at least in the vast Majority of the cases and in fact in MANY cases creates dis-harmony and discord in other areas of life as well.

The sad fact of the matter is that Most people are NOT wealthy. The REAL FACTS are that the majority of people in our world struggle just to make ends meet. In fact 80% of the people who "Work Hard" all their lives doing precisely what it is that they have been "Taught" to do, wind up retiring, If they EVER do, in what are considered POVERTY conditions. The REAL FACTS are that Only 3% are able to retire and maintain a lifestyle that enables them to do what they desire to do when they desire to do it.

If "Hard WORK" is the answer to creating wealth why is it that the majority end up experiencing the opposite? The answer is VERY obvious. The majority DO exactly what they have been taught and conditioned to do, get the jobs, many times jobs that they dislike, work the long hours and have little to show for it. That is the Real Fact. And when they do retire, 95% don't experience what they have been "Taught" they would receive. The common belief is based on traditionally established beliefs and forms perceptions in the minds of those who allow them. Rather than receiving what this "False Teaching" tries to portray; instead the majority of those who follow that advice get to survive on social security or a meager pension that barely even provides the very basic necessities for survival.

So what happened? Why is the information we are getting NOT getting us the desires we have, as far as wealth goes? Why is it only a few people who seem to get monetarily wealthy and become free to do what they like when they like are only a VERY SMALL percentage. Why is it that the knowledge they seem to have appears to be NOT working for me? The answer is simple.

Because as explained above by merely "working hard" without the essential ingredients in place, the majority are attempting to manipulate effects with effects. To develop lasting effects, it is necessary to go to the TRUE SOURCE of those effects. The Cause.

Now here is the REAL TRUTH….

All things are derived through consciousness. Anything and everything which you can see or experience in the physical world were first derived due to consciousness. The car which takes you where it is that you desire to go began as a thought in the mind of Henry Ford. The airplanes which the world depends on to carry them from destination to destination began as a thought in the minds of the Wright Brothers. The Microsoft corporation was at one point in time only a thought in the mind of Bill Gates. The creation of the world and the entire cosmos was thought into existence by the Source.

Although the examples are endless and the outcomes vary tremendously, the Source from which each and every one was derived is identical. They happen as a result of and come from the One TRUE Source. They all began and were derived from consciousness. It doesn't matter what you perceive this consciousness to be, whether God, Infinite Creator, Source Energy, Gaia etc. A thought supported by a belief regardless of who or what you perceive yourself to be IS materialized in the physical world. Each of these examples began as merely a thought and so it was.

The only difference in outcomes is based on WHAT is thought and believed.

It is no different for you. WHATEVER you choose to think and nurture with a belief is going to show up in YOUR physical world. It doesn't matter how you perceive it, whether good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. Your predominant mindset is going to deliver to you whatever that mindset is focused on receiving.

The TRUE Source of monetary wealth happens as a result of "Wealth Consciousness." The true source of happy and harmonious relationships happens as a result of "Wealth Consciousness." The true source of vibrant health happens as a result of "Wealth Consciousness."

What do you truly desire to accomplish and experience in 2007?

The capabilities that you possess for 2007 just as in past years are limited only by what you perceive to be true for yourself. The infinite and limitless possibilities are limited only by YOUR choices that YOU have the "Free Will" to make. What is it that you truly desire to experience in your life? Is it a change in career? Is it to develop a healthy, wholesome and fulfilling relationship? Is it to start a new business for yourself? Is it to earn a million dollars? A Billion dollars? A Trillion dollars? WHATEVER it might be, the outcome will only be limited by your ability to conceive and believe it into existence.

Regardless of what it might be, you DO have the ability to fulfill it and bring it into your physical reality. You only need change your perception regarding what is possible or not possible for you. For many it will require a paradigm shift in your mind and an understanding of how TRUE, Lasting and sustainable wealth is derived. For those that would only make the "Choice" to discover it's truth they would find that It's NOT nearly as difficult as many PERCEIVE it to be. In fact the plan that has been laid at the beginning of time is extremely simple!!

So how do you accomplish it?

You only need develop the "Wealth Consciousness" that will provide it, whatever IT might be. You only need to begin BEING whatever it is that you desire to experience. The old saying "I'll believe it when I see it" will 100% of the time have you continually looking for it but never experiencing it. Until you believe it from a deep inner place and begin BEING it, you will NEVER see it!!

Many, in good faith will develop new years resolutions for themselves this year. Of those that do, only a very small percentage will be fulfilled. Why? Because although the intentions are sincere, many of those that will set them fail to take the initiative or spend the necessary time to do the internal work necessary that would easily and effortlessly make each and every one of them a reality.

They will attempt to FIX or CHANGE things by focusing and placing effort on the effects.

Here's another truth....

The majority in our world would say "Hey, forget about this wealth consciousness stuff. I want it now. I don't have time for that stuff." I'll go to work and "Work Hard" and DO whatever it takes to make it happen. Although this MAY produce some results for you, it will create DISHARMONY in other areas of life if it produces any results at all. Until you develop the "consciousness" concerning it's reality, whatever it might be, regardless of how big or small, will only remain wishful thinking or at best produce only temporary results and you will continue to "work hard" for the rest of your life.

A belief that working hard is necessary, will produce that reality in your life just as a sincere belief that you can Be, Do and Have anything that you desire to experience in life with effortless ease will produce that for you. You only need develop the "Mindset" that this is true. WHATEVER that mindset is will be experienced in your life 100% of the time.

You might consciously think that it would be nice to have a million dollars but also possess the belief that this is too much money for you, and that a million dollars is beyond your ability to manifest, so it will be. It will remain a wish. This is known as "Poverty Consciousness."

To have a million dollars, or ten million dollars or even a billion dollars and to receive it in a way that is pleasing to you, you only need develop the consciousness that will provide it to you. A "Wealth Consciousness" that will make it real, just as a "Poverty Consciousness" will keep you stuck and always struggling to "Get By."

So, How exactly do you develop this Wealth Consciousness? For some it is necessary to become aware of and discover exactly how the process of creation works. Since the process is unwavering and never changes it is possible to discover precisely how it operates. Once this is accomplished you only need harmonize yourself with it's immutable and unwavering operation to make 2007 the most fulfilling, joy filled and prosperous year yet.

For others it is just a matter of applying what they already know on an intellectual level to be true. Knowing it doesn't make it happen for you. Applying that knowledge is what produces the results.

Regardless of where you may currently find yourself in life, as James Ray so correctly quotes....

"All results no matter how magnificent are infinitesimal when compared to future possibility."

By beginning your new year planting the proper seeds you will soon discover that your life will unfold and deliver to you a limitless harvest of desired outcomes FAR in excess of anything that you have ever experienced or previously "thought" was possible.

You TRULY ARE a limitless and infinite being existing in an infinite and limitless Universe. You only need discover that truth for yourself to begin experiencing the rewards that it provides.

It is my sincere and heartfelt hope for you that 2007 proves to be the year that enables you to develop this necessary "Wealth Consciousness" and enables you to begin experiencing the life that you were intended and created to experience.

One of Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace, and Limitless Prosperity In EACH and EVERY area of your life.

What I choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Have an Incredible Month,

Chuck Danes

PS. - In a few days I will be sending an e-mail to you that will want to be SURE to look out for and read. There is a launch taking place that I am not currently at liberty to reveal that, if you choose, will enable and empower you to develop the necessary wealth consciousness as well as provide EVERYTHING you need to make not only 2007 but the rest of your life a tremendous, fulfilling, harmonious and joyous journey.

This should happen on the fourth or fifth of January. I won't know precisely when for another day or so, but remain on the lookout. It may prove to be EXACTLY what you've been waiting for.

PPS- Always Remember That You Can "Be, Do and Have" ANYTHING That YOU CHOOSE To Experience.

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Myself as well as hundreds of thousands around the world have found them to be life changing and they will do the same for you IF you will choose to take personal action and implement the steps that each recommends.

Although there are many life enhancement teachers to choose from, each of them teach the same life changing principles but in their own unique style.

Regardless of which life area that you may need assistance in rest assured that you will find a teacher or life enhancement product that fits your individual need.

Whether or not you choose to utilize the recommended resources at this point in your life, understand this. You were created as a limitless being who possesses within yourself the ability to experience a life far superior to anything you have experienced to this point. You have the ability to experience sufficient financial resources, phenomenal health, and fulfilling and harmonious relationships regardless of what you may have been taught and have established as belief at this point in your life. You only have to develop the understanding as well as the belief that it's true. At some point in your journey, I hope that you do. You Really Can "Be, Do, and Have" Anything That You Choose To Experience.

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