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The Abundance and Happiness "Premier"
Personal Development - Self Help and
Self Improvement Collection

The Delfin Knowledge System

The Delfin Knowledge
System Trilogy
Higher Balance Guided Meditation System
Awakening Dimensional Consciousness
Guided Meditation System

The Healing Codes and Success Codes

The Healing Codes
and The Success Codes

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

The Secret of
Deliberate Creation

Think Right Now and Instant Inner Power

Instant Inner Power

What Is It That You Truly Desire To Be, Do and/or Have
More Of In Your Life?

The answers DO exist that enable each of us, without exception to experience harmony, fulfillment, and unbridled joy in life. The Abundance and Happiness "Premier" Personal Development - Self Help - Self Improvement and Personal Empowerment Collection provides all you could possibly need for creating and experiencing just that physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

There are times throughout the course of our lives that we're provided an opportunity to explore, discover and expand our awareness far beyond the limited paradigms that so many currently perceive as reality. We're often introduced to various paths that can enable us to discover, recognize and smash through the barriers that so many needlessly allow to hold them back. Often times these "paths" lead to knowledge that reveals and exposes the misconceptions, lies, deceit and downright ignorance that destroy any chance for Real Success. A specialized form of knowledge that enables us to learn and empowers us to excel far beyond anything previously conceived or imagined as being possible.

The fact that you're here right now may be evidence that.....

"This Is One Of Those Times"

Some will immediately recognize these opportunities...these paths...and choose to follow them, others will not. Some will understand and embrace the fact that for change to occur...for real, significant, meaningful and lasting transformation to occur, it's necessary to take focused, intentional and consistent action to create that change within ourselves. The timing as well as the paths chosen are always perfect regardless of how or when that might take place for you.

The how, when and if anyone personally experiences transformation in their own life can only be determined through and by an individuals choice.

That is in immutable and unwavering fact.

One thing is absolutely certain...

"If you always do what you've always done
you'll continue to get what you've always gotten."

Transformation Requires Knowledge...
Applied Knowledge Produces Consistent Results

The personal development and personal empowerment products recommended by Enlightened Journey Enterprises provide the knowledge and depth of understanding that transforms and enhances quality of life. The personal development products offered and recommended throughout the Abundance and Happiness personal empowerment portal have transformed the lives of countless individuals around the world.

If You've Tried And Failed With Traditional Self Help - Personal Development - and Self Improvement Programs and Techniques Don't Give Up!!

The Abundance and Happiness "Premier Collection" Is NOT Traditional Self Help.

Each of the teachers as well as the resources contained in the Abundance and Happiness Personal Development - Self Improvement and Personal Empowerment Collection utilize an "Inside Out Approach" to life.

The Abundance and Happiness "Premier" Personal Development and Self Empowerment Collection contains timeless wisdom, profound answers to life's deepest and most sought after questions PLUS provides Step By Step Guidance for achieving "Real and Lasting Fulfillment and Harmony" in EVERY area of your life from the top mentors, wealth creation masters and spiritual teachers in the world.

Have You Been Hopelessly Seeking The Secret Of ALL Secrets?

Have you been seeking the one secret that will turn it all around for you? The Secret that will enable you to finally experience the fulfillment, harmony, and limitless prosperity that you know is available but haven't yet figured out how to attain? Many have. You are about to discover something that may shock you. What I am about to disclose most aren't willing to tell you.

Brace yourself.....

There ISN'T One!!!

As I And So Many Others
Have Discovered First Hand....

...The Answers Enabling You To Experience Fulfillment And Harmony In EVERY Aspect Of Life DO And ALWAYS HAVE Existed. You Only Needed To "Seek To Find" AND Be Willing To Remain Open and Receptive As Those Answers Show Up.

Transformation Begins With A Choice and Is Made "Real" Through Action

The Self Help - Personal Development - Self Improvement Resources Contained In The Abundance and Happiness "Premier" Personal Development and Personal Empowerment Collection contain proven, powerful and profound life enhancement strategies and business building resources, taught by the most trusted, respected and results oriented teachers of our time that work 100% Of The Time Without Fail IF you'll make both the choice as well as the commitment to work them.

No Hype - No Fluff - No False Promises - No Nonsense

There exists no "cookie cutter" approach to transformation.

You'll soon discover that regardless of which of the self empowerment programs you choose to utilize, the core message of each of these "Master Teachers" is precisely the same......

"You DO Have the ability to experience fulfillment and harmony in EVERY area of your life REGARDLESS of what you've been taught, your current circumstances or what you may currently believe is possible for you."

Physically - Financially - Relationally - Emotionally - Spiritually

AND as you'll soon discover...

"When You Change Your Mind...When You Choose To Shift The Paradigms That Are Creating Your Current Reality
You Will Change Your World...Dramatically and Forever"

It Truly Is That Simple... It TRULY Is that Profound.

You only need develop the awareness that it's true and learn how to implement the unwavering and unfailing process for making it a reality in your life.

IF you'll allow us to, we'll assist you in doing exactly that.

It's FAR More Powerful and Much More Simple Than You May Think

Each of the teachers and coaches featured in the Abundance and Happiness "Premier" Personal Empowerment Collection as well as the resources offered have been rigorously tested, utilized, and given the Abundance and Happiness Stamp Of Approval.

That IS NOT an easy test to pass. Rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality, most powerfully effective, and successfully utilized by millions personal development and self empowerment resources available in the world and your complete satisfaction is ALWAYS 100% Unconditionally Guaranteed.

Helping You Become Consciously Aware Of Your "True" Personal Power To Achieve Limitless Success And Fulfillment In EVERY Area Of Your Life Is Our TOP Priority.

The self help - personal development - self improvement and personal empowerment resources featured in the Abundance and Happiness "Premier Collection" will assist you in achieving whatever dreams and desires you hold for yourself. You only need decide that you're ready to do your part to apply what you discover to achieve whatever that might be for you individually.

"You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job, you will make you a living, but if you'll work hard on yourself you can make a fortune." - Jim Rohn

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Most Importantly... Enjoy The Journey

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Chuck Danes : Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises

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Personalized and Confidential One on One Consultations and Long Term Wealth Mentoring

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

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Eric Pepin Founder Of Higher Balance Institute

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Dr Alex Loyd Founder Of The Healing Codes

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Dr. Robert Anthony

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The Secret Of Deliberate Creation

Deliberate Creation Self Hypnosis

Zero Resistance Weight Release

Self Confidence Creator
Mike Brescia Founder Of Think Right Now International

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Instant Inner Power

Think Right Now!
Leslie Fieger Founder Of Delfin World Personal Empowerment Portal

Leslie Fieger Collection

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy

The Initiation

The Journey

The Quest
Guy Finley Founder Of Life Of Learning Foundation

Guy Finley Collection

The Secrets Of Being Unstoppable

The Illusion Of Limitation

Liberation Of Consciousness

7 Steps To Oneness

The Turning Point

Education Of Soul

Genesis Of Love

The Meditative Life

Mind Movies

6 Free Powerful Mind Movies (Visualization Software)

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