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Hello, Here's Your October Edition Of Enlightened Journey.
October 16, 2006

"Enlightened Journey"

Welcome To The October 2006 Edition Of The "Enlightened Journey" E-Zine

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What We'll Be Covering In This Issue

1) A Personal Note From Chuck

2) "Real Truth" and "Perceived Truth" And Their Effects On The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection


4) Article Links That Expand On Todays Subject

4) Recommended Reading For Deeper Understanding and Development


I hope that life has been kind to you and that this edition of "Enlightened Journey" finds you well and full of positive and creative energy.

In previous issues of "Enlightened Journey" we have mainly focused on and covered the unwavering and immutable Laws that determine how and why the life experiences that you encounter come into being and the role that your beliefs play in the process. In this edition we'll delve more deeply into precisely how and why it is that these experiences happen as they do as a result of your perceptions and your personal role in bringing these various experiences into existence.

I trust that as a result you will develop a deeper understanding of how things "Really" work in relation to the manifestation of your personal life experiences as well as enhance your understanding of the importance of becoming consciously aware of how you are bringing these experiences into existence in your own life. By absorbing and putting into focused action the message shared will empower and enable you to better attract, experience and enjoy the limitless resources that have already been provided to you and awaiting your acceptance of them.

I hope that you enjoy as well as benefit from the information shared. Without further delay, let's get started…….

Real Truth and Perceived Truth and Their Effect On The Body Mind Spirit Connection

There exists within our world very specific, perfectly organized, timeless and immutable truths. These truths are referred to as various things. Some refer to them as Laws, others Commandments, and still others refer to them as Divine will.

Regardless of what they may be called, there existence is what determines your life experience. Regardless of whether or not you are aware of them and regardless of whether you believe in their existence or not they are responsible for shaping the day to day experiences that you encounter in your life.

So many get caught up in the judgmental debate that these truths are either of a scientific or spiritual nature. Even various man made religious circles around the world make the choice to engage in these debates as to who and what is right and wrong. They are neither of these and all of these at the same time. These conflicting viewpoints are based on judgment and can never reflect the perfectly intended plan of Oneness and Unconditional Love which is the essence of the entire Universe. Such logic implies and creates resistance and as a result creates a separateness.

The fact is, the "Real Truth" lies in the fact that there is no separateness in our world and it is only individual perception which makes it so. The real truth is just as mind body and spirit are all interconnected so are we as a species and as a Universe. We as a physical existence are all interconnected at an energy level. The real truth and the ability to achieve balance and harmony in your life experience lies in the understanding of this simple yet profound fact that "We Are One".

Although there may exist many varying perceptions in our world as to what real truth is, the fact remains there is and can be only One real truth. All else is based on speculation and individual perception. All else is a matter of free will and individual choice to flow with or go against that which is "Real Truth.". Those that choose to flow with, experience harmony. Those that choose to resist or go against, experience growth in the form of perceived hardship intended to lead them back toward the path of "Real Truth."

Most in our world perceive that these perceived hardships, these growth lessons are of a negative nature as they are being experienced. This too is only a perceived truth based on a lack of deeper understanding and not based on real truth. The real truth is that these lessons were and are designed out of Unconditional Love to awaken those that are experiencing them to the fact that they are not acting in harmony with the laws that govern our Universe. These lessons serve as the means, the road signs if you will that the choices that are being made are in resistance to that which we were provided the means as well as the ability to experience.

As an example, an experience of perceived lack is a sign that a choice that we have made is not allowing us to experience abundance. At the root of this sign is a lesson to be learned which when discovered and corrected will enable us to experience the limitless abundance that has already been provided. Our temporary perceived lack of this abundance happens as a result of exercising our free will to choose that which leads us away from the abundance that we desire.

So if we truly do operate under a Source of Oneness and Unconditional Love why is it that we are enabled to experience these temporary perceived hardships?

Perceived truth allows the perceiver to experience life based on those perceptions that he chooses to have. "Real Truth" enables those that choose to recognize, awaken to and live by it's perfection, to experience a life of bliss and joy.

We have all been provided the inalienable right of free will to choose which path we will follow. Any forced compliance by the Source would eliminate the inalienable right provided to each and every person on the earth and as a result would eliminate individuality and the ability to grow and discover in this experience referred to as life. The physical events, conditions and circumstances that are experienced in physical life are the direct result of how you choose to exercise YOUR free will, your choice.

To clarify…….

If you choose to believe that money is scarce and hard to come by, you will experience hardship and lack in the area of finances.

If you choose to perceive that relationships are difficult to maintain you will experience that difficulty in your relationships.

If you choose to perceive that your health is in jeopardy you will experience health conditions based on that perception.

In "Real Truth" there exist no such things as hardship, lack, difficulty, or illness but only Harmony, Abundance, Ease and Well Being.

In perceived truth there exists, as is experienced in your life those circumstances which you perceive to be true.

YOU choose to experience that which you experience in your world. That which you choose is and will be the same as that which you experience. If you are disheartened with your current circumstances you have been provided the free will to make different choices. That is the beauty of and the challenge with free will.

That my friend is "REAL TRUTH."

Discover it, absorb it and live it and you will experience heaven on earth. A world of fulfillment, joy, inner peace, harmony and limitless prosperity has already been promised and given to you. You only need to rediscover and recognize it as truth.


What is polarity and what can be learned from it?

Polarity exists only as a human perception so that we as individuals can clearly see and fully understand the differences in good or bad, joy or sadness, wealth and poverty, abundance and lack. If poverty did not exist as a perception we would not understand what it was like to experience wealth. If the perception of bad did not exist we would not know or understand what it would be to experience what is perceived as good. If sickness did not exist we would not understand or comprehend what it meant to be healthy. If these various perceived states, these polarities did not exist, free will could not and would not exist. We would exist as mere puppets without the ability to choose and grow through our experiences and as a result be denied the opportunity to grow and experience.

You have the ability and the free will to choose wealth over poverty. You have been provided the gift of choosing health over sickness. You have been provided the inalienable and precious choice to experience fulfillment and harmony over emptiness and discord.

What is it that determines these various experiences? Your free will to choose how you will perceive them. How you perceive them is what determines the emotions that you experience as a result of them and the thoughts that you have concerning them. That and that alone is what determines what your reality in the physical world consists of. What are you currently choosing? Your current life experiences will show you and lead you to that which you perceive as harmonious IF you will exercise your free will to learn from them and "allow" them to.

Our universe as well as our world was created in perfect harmony and abundance. Any perceived experience that might exist in your life which is perceived as contrary to this harmony is your warning sign that there is a disharmony within yourself. Until you acknowledge and make the choice to change this disharmony you will continue to experience the lessons that happen as a result of it. This too can be perceived however you choose to perceive it. You can make the choice to recognize it, correct it and use it as a growth tool to enhance your outcomes in the future or as easily you can make the choice to resist it, become angry with it, despise it and as a result allow it to persist until you gain the lesson that it was designed and meant to provide.

Common Perceptions That Lead To Struggle

Many believe that they experience various emotions as a result of and due to their life experiences. This is a "Perceived Truth." The "Real Truth" rather is that you have life experiences as a result of and due to the emotions that are experienced. That YOU CHOOSE to experience. Please reread and absorb the life changing truth that this statement holds. You DO NOT experience your emotions based on your experiences but rather your life experiences are attracted to you based on the emotions that you choose to experience.

Many believe that if only they could only "Have" something then they could "Do" something and as a result it would enable them to "Be" something. This common belief is engrained in the minds of many and goes against the perfectly planned laws of creation. The "Real Truth" is, To "Have" you must first "Do". To "Do" you must first "Be." So, the "real truth" is that you must Be, Do and Have. The "perceived truth" of the masses is that you must have, do, and then be. This common misunderstanding is precisely why the majority "Do" without while the small minority who understand the power of this real truth possess and enjoy the majority of the material possessions in the world as well as experience the joy and fulfillment that was intended for everyone to experience.

By developing the inner wisdom of what real truth is and shedding the preconceived and false notions and perceptions of perceived truth, you will in turn experience the effortless harmony in life that happens as a result of the perfectly planned, and constructed mind, body, spirit connection.


To enable you to better understand why a perceived resistance can alter the manifestation of your desires and create what appears to be disharmony consider this.....

Gratitude disarms resistance Resentment creates resistance

Unconditional Love disarms resistance Hate creates resistance

Joy disarms resistance Anger creates resistance

Compassion disarms resistance Judgment creates resistance

Acceptence disarms resistance Resistance creates only more resistance

In reality, according to "Real Truth" there is no disharmony. There is only perceived disharmony. This disharmony that you perceive based on the outcomes in your life experience happen as a result of resistance. When you are in a state of resistance you may consciously believe that you are escaping the influence of that which you are resisting. The "Real Truth" is that through resistance you are in fact through placing your predominant focus on that which you are trying to escape from feeding and nurturing them and as a result giving more energy and power to them and attracting more of those things which you choose to resist.

When you think thoughts and allow yourself to experience and dwell on emotions of fear, guilt, shame etc. below the surface you are in fact resisting that which you don't want to happen and because of the unwavering process of creation operating in perfect harmony, attracting to yourself in relation to and based on precisely what you are asking for and believe that you will receive through those thoughts and emotions. The resulting experience regardless of your perception of it is based on unwavering and perfect Unconditional Love. Ask and you shall receive.

Whatsoever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive and ye it shall be given to you.

When you think these thoughts and experience these emotions based on fear, guilt and shame you are in essence proclaiming and solidifying your belief that those things which you fear, have guilt about or shame of will come into being in your life and as a result, just as you believe, so they do. As within, so without.

Fear, guilt and shame (resistance) create, emanate and broadcast out a very specific vibratory output or energy which through the Laws of perfect harmony can only attract to and produce physical results based on what is being asked for. In the same way couragessness, acceptance, and peace also emanate and broadcast a specific vibratory output or resonance which too can only attract and produce physical results based on what is being asked for. The creation process is unwavering and the only difference in what is received and experienced happens as a result of what is being asked for through that vibrational output which YOU are responsible for creating.

So how do you eliminate the resistance? Learn to ACCEPT EVERYTHING as it is (surrender) and "Trust" or "Have Faith" that it is happening for the ultimate good and you will diminish the power and at the same time the manifestation of these perceived negatives.

The following wisdom is much more than just a mindless entry in the Judeo Christian Bible and much can be gained from it if you will choose to absorb the truth that it holds......

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

When you are in a state of resistance, and your focus is being placed on those things which you are resisting, you are in "Real Truth" expressing and communicating through the energy or vibrational output which is broadcast as a result, your "Faith" to the Source and as you ask, so shall you receive!!

Just because you aren't currently experiencing your most heartfelt dreams and desires with the five physical senses certainly doesn't mean that they don't exist. They certainly exist, just as much as those things that you are currently experiencing as a result of your resistance. You are just not currently experiencing them in the physical. To clarify this fact let's use the example of a dog whistle. When a dog whistle is blown although as a human, you are unable to experience the sound that happens as a result certainly doesn't mean that the sound doesn't exist, does it? It most certainly exists. It is just at a frequency that is above your ability to comprehend and experience. So it is with those things that you have a desire to experience in your life. Just because you can't yet see and experience them with your five physical senses certainly doesn't mean that they don't already exist. They do.

You only need shift from a state of resitance to that of acceptance and you will experience them in your life.

Anything and everything that can be conceived in the mind already exists at some level. This includes your desires. They too, like the frequency of the dog whistle are currently only at a frequency which is above or below your human ability to comprehend and experience them with the physical senses. So how do you bring them within a range of frequency that allows you to experience them in the physical world? You focus your thoughts on those things that you desire and allow yourself to experience the emotions attached to the fulfillment of them as if you already were experiencing them. In words that are more easily understandable from a human perspective you conceptualize, visualize, and fully experience them in your mind and only think those thoughts and experience those emotions that are in alignment with you already having them. From a deeper spiritual perspective you are in essence creating an energy if you will, through those thoughts and emotions which broadcasts and attracts energy of the same consistency or vibratory resonance and they become manifest in physical form.

How they manifest is what you need to remain open to and aware of. Many times the means provided for them to manifest go unnoticed by those who's desire it is to experience them. If you remain focused only on the way that YOU want them to manifest you may very well miss the way that they were intended to be brought to you.

When they manifest is also not within your control nor should you concern yourself with. The Universe, God or whatever you perceive the Source of these things to be, will deliver them in perfect timing. Your concern with the how and when regarding them only creates a sense of "not currently having" and the energy created and broadcast as a result will attract and provide to you more of "not having."

This is why it is so crucial to understand and learn to develop the mind body spirit connection and develop the balanced harmony of the three (the Trinity) to begin fully experiencing the life that you desire to experience. Through developing this harmony you will begin to "Trust, Know, and Have Faith" that ALL things happen for your benefit and that the timing in which they happen is ALWAYS perfect. This is also known and often referred to as Surrender. Through Surrender you are disarming resistance and emanate an energy of trusting in the perfect timing and creation of your desires and as a result speed up the process in which they will be delivered.

In a nutshell, Stop Resisting and as a result you will start creating and experiencing your desires.

Life on the physical plain was created to be perfect in every way. In fact from a spiritual perspective IT IS perfect. The only thing that keeps it from being so is your perception of how things should be and your inalienable right of free will that you exercise as a result of those perceptions. You receive and experience the events, conditions and circumstances in your life based on the perceptions that you hold. If you desire to experience different life results, it will be necessary to change your perceptions regarding them.

In a Universe based on Perfect Harmony and Unconditional Love you will receive "whatsoever" you ask for. Change the perceptions of what truth is and in turn you will change the internal communication device which is responsible for attracting to you and manifesting the events, conditions and circumstances that you experience in your life.

That my friend is real truth and through proper application will enable you to experience a life of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace, and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What I choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Time Sensitive Message!!

I received the following notification this morning from a friend, mentor and associate Bob Dignard-Fung from Costa Rica that I have found to be VERY MUCH in tune with the attraction and manifestation of desires. Please take the time to read it and if you feel compelled, take action on it. Even though you may not yet fully understand the complexity of how these things work, make certain that your thoughts remain conscious during this period and stay focused on those things which you desire to experience.

We are in EXCITING TIMES my friend!!

Here's the notification I received……

The Transition of Transmutation 1017 Article Author: Article Date 2006-09-19

A cosmic trigger event is occurring on the 17th of October 2006.

This is the beginning, one of many trigger events to come between now and 2013. An ultraviolet (UV) pulse beam radiating from higher dimensions in universe-2 will cross paths with the Earth on this day. Earth will remain approximately within this UV beam for 17 hours of your time. This beam resonates with the heart chakra; it is radiant fluorescent in nature, blue/magenta in color. Although it resonates in this frequency band, it is above the color frequency spectrum of your universe-1 which you, Earth, articulate in. However, due to the nature of your soul and soul groups operating from Universe-2 frequency bands, it will have an effect.

The effect is that every thought and emotion will be amplified intensely one million-fold. Yes, we repeat, all will be amplified one million times and more.

Every thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times in strength.

What does this mean ?

Since all matter manifested is due to your thoughts, i.e. what you focus on, this beam will accelerate these thoughts and solidify them at an accelerated rate making them manifest a million times faster than they normally would.

For those who do not comprehend - your thoughts, what you focus on, create your reality. This UV beam, thus, can be a dangerous tool. For if you are focused on thoughts which are negative to your liking, they will manifest into your reality almost instantly. Then again, this UV beam can be a gift if you choose it to be.

Mission-1017 requires approximately one million people to focus on positive, benign, good willed thoughts for themselves and the Earth and Humanity on this day. Your thoughts can be of any nature of your choosing, but remember - whatever you focus on will be made manifest in a relatively faster than anticipated time frame. To some, the occurrences may almost be bordering on the miracle.

All we ask is positive thoughts of love, prosperity, healing, wealth, kindness, gratitude be focused on.

This UV beam comes into full effect for 17 hrs on the 17th of October 2006. No matter what time zone you are in, the hours are approximately 10:17 am on the 17th of October to 1:17 am on the 18th of October.

The peak time will be 17:10 (5:10 pm) on the 17th of October. You do not need to be in a meditative state throughout this time, though it would be beneficial. The main key time, no matter what time zone you are in, will be the peak time of 17:10 (5:10 pm).

Perhaps at this time, if you can, find a peaceful spot or location to focus in. The optimum is out in the vicinity of grounded nature, likened to that of a large tree or next to the ocean waves. Focus on whatever it is you desire. What is required for the benefit of all Earth and Humanity is positive thoughts of a loving nature.

We call this UV beam trigger event, “g818“ gateway. Please forward this message to as many people as you know who will use this cosmic trigger event to focus positive, good willed thoughts. We require approximately 1-million people across the globe to actively participate in this event.

This is a gift, a life line from your universe so to speak, an answer to your prayers. What you do with it and whether or not you choose to participate is your choice.

Warmly Bob Dignard-Fung

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Resources To Promote Higher Learning and Deeper Understanding.

I recently finished reading a book by David Cameron called A Happy Pocket Full Of Money , which I found to be an extremely entertaining, effective and powerful tool that will assist you in better understanding the process of creation, more specifically, the actual manifestation of your life experiences.

Of the many programs that I have studied and various books that I have read through the years, I believe that A Happy Pocket Full Of Money is one of the best yet. David also offers the book in a CD version for those that can't find the time to read.

If you are seeking a deeper understanding of how to begin consciously creating the desired results in your life as well as the steps to achieve it, this is a book that you MUST READ!

Don't let the title fool you. Although by implementing the steps given you can and will generate money, the principles and direction provided will also enhance your experiences in relational and health issues as well.

Here's How To Get There. . David also offers many other excellent resources that promote higher learning and deeper understanding. One resource in particular that focuses specifically on wealth creation in the monetary sense is called The Wealth Fundamentals Pack which provides the mindset as well as many resources to create monetary wealth that you may have never considered before.

Also, be sure to check out the many free resources that David offers at his website I know you'll find what he shares extremely beneficial in your growth process.

I hope that you have enjoyed as well as benefited from this months edition of "Enlightened Journey". Until the next edition I hope that you'll allow yourself to think about and fully absorb what has been shared. Once you fully grasp and comprehend the reality and power of these truths and make the choice to integrate and implement them into your day to day activity, you will begin to notice a dramatic and many times seemingly magical transformation in your current life experiences.

That is our hope as well as our purpose. To assist you in achieving fulfillment, harmony, and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

Until the next edition of "Enlightened Journey" I wish for you ALL good things.

Always Remember That You Can "Be, Do and Have" ANYTHING That YOU CHOOSE To Experience.

Have An Incredible Month,

For Additional Self Empowerment and Life Enhancement Resources

Should you choose to expand your knowledge and awareness further regarding precisely how it is that the occurances in your life come into being as well as effective step by step guidance in improving specific life areas there are many incredible life enhancement teachers as well as personal empowerment and life enhancement programs (which I call Power Tools) that will assist you in doing that back at the site.

Each of the life teachers that are featured as well as the programs recommended have been personally tested and approved by me and are guaranteed to provide exceptional value and effective, credible and powerful life changing guidance that will assist you in making the necessary inner changes, that will allow you to experience the desired results in your life, based on your individual needs. Should you choose to utilize these resources and in the unlikely event decide for any reason that they aren't for you, your money will be cheerfully refunded with no questions asked.

Myself as well as hundreds of thousands around the world have found them to be life changing and they will do the same for you IF you will choose to take personal action and implement the steps that each recommends.

Although there are many life enhancement teachers to choose from, each of them teach the same life changing principles but in their own unique style.

Regardless of which life area that you may need assistance in rest assured that you will find a teacher or life enhancement product that fits your individual need.

Whether or not you choose to utilize the recommended resources at this point in your life, understand this. You were created as a limitless being who possesses within yourself the ability to experience a life far superior to anything you have experienced to this point. You have the ability to experience sufficient financial resources, phenomenal health, and fulfilling and harmonious relationships regardless of what you may have been taught and have established as belief at this point in your life. You only have to develop the understanding as well as the belief that it's true. At some point in your journey, I hope that you do. You Really Can "Be, Do, and Have" Anything That You Choose To Experience.

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What I choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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