What Is Your Reality?

By Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes is the Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises


The Creator of The Widely Acclaimed 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

What Is Your Reality?

And is It Providing What You Truly Desire In Life?

By Chuck Danes

For years I have heard various people after having returned from and enjoyed a great vacation, engaging in an inspiring talk with friends concerning future hope of fulfilling their fondest hopes, dreams and desires, future possibility etc. at the conclusion make the statement, "Well, back to reality!"

Have you ever shared with someone some of your fondest hopes and dreams, I mean really poured your heart out to them explaining in detail what it is that you would just love to accomplish or experience and have the conversation end with this dis-empowering statement?

Do you allow yourself to engage in or be exposed to such limiting and destructive dialogue? Have you bought into the idea that in reality life is designed to be endured rather than enjoyed and that only the "Lucky Few" are enabled to enjoy the many luxuries available. Have you conceded to a reality picture of continuous struggle and developed the belief that it's OK to settle for just "getting by" in the various areas of your life?

If so I have some exciting, eye opening and empowering news for you.

The Real Truth concerning reality, YOUR reality, is that it is and will continue to be whatever it is that you perceive it to be. Let me put it another way. Your current reality picture, the experiences that you have from day to day in your life are a direct reflection of what you perceive reality to be. Do you doubt that?

Let's take a look at what might have happened or not happened had "back to reality" been the attitude of some of the greatest inventors and explorers in history.

Think for a moment if Christopher Columbus had allowed his mind to settle for such an attitude. Consider if you will what might have happened if Thomas Edison had allowed himself to get caught up in this way of thinking. What might have been or not been if the Wright brothers had allowed themselves to be affected by the influence of this pessimistic viewpoint? I could mention thousands whose contribution to the world if not followed through on and who might have "gotten back to reality" would have you experiencing a far different world than what you are able to experience today.

What is the difference between these shapers of history and you? Did they not have 2 arms and legs, a mind, and a physical brain just like you? Were they not just mere men? With that being the case what sets them apart from the rest of the worlds population? Quite simply, their reality picture consisted of their ability to create and do what others had not previously done. Their perception of what was possible is what empowered and enabled them to act on and achieve what is now considered and remembered as some of the greatest discoveries in the history of the world. And so it came to be.

Had these forward thinkers allowed their minds to conceive such incredible creations and then suddenly, due to a constricting and limiting internal reality picture thought, "Awe, that's just a pipedream. Oh well back to reality" the world would not enjoy and experience many of the things that it currently enjoys. Reality, YOUR reality, just as it was with these forward thinkers of past history, is and will continue to be precisely what you perceive, allow and enable it to be.

Sadly, the "Perceived reality" of the majority is much more limiting than REAL reality. The "Real Reality" is that you were created in the image and likeness of the Creator, whatever you may perceive that to be. You possess the ability to achieve whatever you can conceive. Real reality is not based on any form of lack and limitation, doubt, fear, and anxious moments. These are only perceptions, life draining and disempowering illusions of those who don't fully understand and grasp the limitless potential that they have been provided and have the ability to fulfill if only they would shift their perception of what their true reality consists of and enables them to do.

If you believe that money is hard to come by and that you must work hard long hours to earn what you need for survival, your reality picture will reflect exactly that.

If you believe that the relationships that you are involved in require constant work in order to remain healthy, your reality picture will reflect exactly that.

If you believe that your health is determined only by external or hereditary conditions and you fear acquiring an ailment or disease that has been passed down through your ancestors from generation to generation your reality picture will reflect exactly that.

Your experience in the external world is merely a reflection of and in direct proportion to the continuous internal dialogue that you allow to go on within you. To change your reality in the physical world, you only need to change your perception of what reality is.

You have been provided the free will to perceive and experience based on that perception with regard to your life experience.

You are a creator of circumstance. Your reality picture in the external world is created and only limited by what you believe to be true. Your outcomes in the external world are a direct reflection of the internal thought processes going on within you. That is the REAL reality. Modern day science has proven it and spiritual teachers have taught it for thousands of years. Contrary to the beliefs of the mass majority, you are not a creature or victim of circumstance but instead a creator of circumstance. You are not the victim of a series of capricious uncontrollable circumstances which appear to just happen from minute to minute but instead the creator of each and every event, condition and circumstance that happens in your life.

You, whether you choose to believe it or not are personally and directly responsible for the outcomes in your life. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions of the past are being lived out and experienced by you in the present. If you choose to begin to change that which you currently find unpleasant then it is necessary to change the inner workings within yourself which are attracting them and manifesting them in physical form.

Regardless of what you may currently perceive reality to be the REAL REALITY is that you can Be, Do, and Have anything that you choose to create for yourself. Whatever you make the choice to perceive, you will experience. The life that you are currently experiencing and the life that is available to you is under your control. You only need to properly utilize the free will that has been provided to you and choose to create a different perception which in turn will manifest into a different reality for yourself.

How exactly do you do that? The first major step is changing your mind regarding what reality is.

I fully understand that what you may have been taught throughout your life may seem to conflict with this truth. If that is the case with you then I strongly encourage you to begin seeking out for yourself the real truth concerning who you are and what you are capable of becoming. By doing so you will soon discover the life enhancing power that this truth holds. Your life as well as your current circumstances will shift dramatically and you will finally become empowered to create the life that you dream of experiencing. Shift your perception of reality and your reality will change. What you perceive truth to be on the inside is precisely what you will experience on the outside.

Discover the truth concerning who and what you TRULY are. Develop an understanding of the unwavering process of creation and begin to plant the seeds that will grow into your most sought after and deepest desires and you will begin to experience and reap the rewards of your newfound power.

The physical world is full of illusions. Fear is an illusion. Limitation is an illusion. Lack is an illusion. They only exist and persist because you enable and allow them to. Your perception of them and focus on them is what feeds them and allows them to grow. Abundance is all their is. What are you experiencing an abundance of?

What do you perceive your current reality to be? Whatever it is I can assure you that 100% of the time without fail that your current experiences in life do and will continue to reflect precisely that. If you are not currently experiencing abundance, happiness and harmony in each and every area of your life, change your perception of what reality is and you will change the events, conditions and circumstances that you are currently experiencing.

Develop a deep and unshakable belief in this inescapable truth and you will have discovered your ability to change the entire course of your life.

Are you TRULY ready to change the circumstances in YOUR life? Begin right now to develop the self awareness of determining for yourself what your inner reality picture consists of. If you need any assistance in determining exactly what it is, observe the current events, conditions, and circumstances in your external world.

By doing so you will have a concise and crystal clear answer to the question……..

What is YOUR Reality?

-Chuck Danes

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Chuck Danes is the founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises as well as an author, coach, personal performance trainer and the creator of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation. For more than 3 decades Chuck has been assisting individuals around the world from all walks of life, in bridging the gap between where they are and where they truly desire to be in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives. Chuck's monthly personal empowerment ezine, Enlightened Journey is freely distributed to tens of thousands in 194 countries around the world.

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