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, Here's Your June Edition Of Enlightened Journey.
June 30, 2006

"Enlightened Journey"

Welcome To The June 2006 Edition Of The "Enlightened Journey" E-Zine

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What We'll Be Covering In This Issue

1) A Personal Note From Chuck

2) An Overveiw Of What We’ve Covered So Far

3) The Power Of A Vision Board


I hope that you have had an incredible month since we last met in the May Edition of "Enlightened Journey."

I’d like to welcome all the new subscribers that have made the choice to receive the newsletter. To better understand what will be covered in this addition, as well as get up to speed on what we've covered in this Manifestation Series of the newsletter, I recommend that you read the past issues.

For the benefit of everyone, let’s quickly recap what we’ve covered in the past 4 issues of this series of "Enlightened Journey"

For those that have received all the issues, it will serve as a reminder and for those of you that just recently subscribed, it will provide you with a basis to better understand today’s newsletter.

In February’s Edition……

We discovered that ALL things in existence, whether visible to the human senses or otherwise, broken down and analyzed in their most basic form consist of pure energy. We discovered that the thoughts that we think on a daily basis are too, pure energy.

We also were introduced to the fact that ALL energy vibrates at a certain frequency and attracts to it additional energy which vibrates at the same frequency and through a process of time form matter. (things that we can experience with the human senses.)

In the March Edition…..

We were introduced to the fact that our current thought processes happen as a result of our previously established beliefs. We also discovered that many of these established beliefs, that we currently hold as truth, in most cases were formed without ever investigating their validity, and developed the awareness that those which instilled many of those beliefs in us established them in the same way. The result is, in MANY cases, "Traditionally Established FALSE Beliefs."

We also discovered that each of the events, conditions, and circumstances that we experience in our day to day lives doesn’t necessarily happen as a result of truth, but instead what we "perceive" that truth to be. (Our beliefs)

In The April Edition…..

We discovered the fact that our emotions are experienced as a result of the thoughts that we think and the beliefs that we hold.

We learned that each of the emotions that we experience emanates a specific vibratory frequency, which acts as the seed, and attracts to it, energy which emanates or vibrates at the same frequency which determines the harvest (results) that we each come to experience in our day to day lives.

We discovered that love vibrates at a much higher rate than fear. Compassion vibrates at a much higher rate than anger, etc., and the importance of learning to recognize these emotions and become conscious of the thoughts and beliefs which are causing them so that you can effectively change them and as a result begin to change the outcomes that you are experiencing.

In The May Edition……

You were introduced to the idea of written affirmations which when properly constructed and used, allow you to experience the emotions connected with already having those events, conditions, and circumstances that you desire to experience.

You discovered that written affirmations, more specifically the consistent and daily review of "properly structured" affirmations, serve as a part of the nurturing process of the seeds that you are planting (your written desires) much like the sun and the water are nurturing factors for various seeds that are planted in nature. They also serve as an effective tool to penetrate the subconscious and begin the process of overwriting and changing the previously established traditional false beliefs that you may currently hold.

Each of these that we’ve reviewed have a very distinct and important purpose in the process of beginning to change those outcomes which you currently find lacking or unpleasant into those results that you most desire to experience.

If you will allow them to be absorbed and consistently take the necessary action steps that will produce the inner change necessary, your external world will also change and you will begin to experience those results in the external world.

Ok, now that your memories have been refreshed and brought up to speed on what we’ve covered so far, let’s get into this months subject matter……

The Importance and Power Of A Vision Board.

What Is A Vision Board? Basically A Vision Board is a collection of images that represent your life as you would like it to be.

This month we’ll delve into a process and a tool that will further assist you in developing the necessary understanding as well as the mindset which will assist you to begin attracting the necessary energy which will allow you to begin the process of bringing those events, conditions, and circumstances that you most desire to experience into physical form and into your life.

The information provided and the steps that will be covered here will serve to expand and reinforce what we covered in the May Edition Of "Enlightened Journey", and in effect works hand in hand with the creative visualization and written affirmation process which we covered and hopefully you took the time to do.

The combination of properly written affirmations, combined with daily visualization, and the use of a properly constructed dream board will assist you in effectively developing the necessary thoughts and beliefs, and as a result the "creative emotions" within you that will emanate outward and join forces with additional energies to make your desires manifest in your reality.

To better grasp how and why the process works this way and why it is so important in relation to your future results let’s take a deeper look at precisely how the process works.

As you have discovered in previous issues, the thoughts that you think and the beliefs that you hold work together to form the internal emotions that you experience. These emotions, like everything else in the Universe consist of energy and vibrate at a specific frequency depending on the emotion experienced. As you have discovered previously these energies are projected outward and attract to them energies of the same vibratory frequency and join together to begin the process of manifestation in the physical world.

A Vision Board is an extremely effective tool in the manifestation of your dreams and actually accomplishes several things at once.

A Vision Board……

  • Acts as the first step in bringing your visions (desires) into physical form
  • Serves as a consistent reminder of your goals
  • Ignites the positive emotions within you
  • Allows you to absorb the images in detail at a subconscious level

Understanding that ALL that exists in our world that you can experience with the human senses originated initially from a thought, your vision board will serve as the first step in bringing from the unseen or spiritual realm and giving physical form to those events, conditions and circumstances that you desire to experience in your life.

In addition, your vision board serves as a continual reminder of the things that you most desire to experience and keeps your intent fresh in your mind.

One of the most important aspects of your vision board is that it will stir the positive emotions within you that are necessary to begin attracting to you those things that you most desire to experience.

Through proper and consistent use of your vision board you are actually, without effort, absorbing your visions into the subconscious portion of your mind, which will overwrite previous subconscious pictures that are not in alignment with your current vision and which will go to work "behind the scenes" and assist greatly in developing and experiencing the necessary emotions that will attract your desires to you.

Designing Your Vision Board

Your vision board doesn’t have to be an extravagant creation in order to be effective. It can be as crude as a poster board that you buy at the local department store or even an empty wall in your home or office.

My personal vision board consists of a large cork board with a wooden frame around it which I have placed on a tripod in front of my home office desk so that I am constantly exposed to the contents that are on it.

What you use to construct your own vision board isn’t nearly as important as the fact that you have one.

For an example vision board of mine that displays my personal visions in the "lifestyle" category you can view it here . Although your personal vision board needs to be put together in a way that resonates for you personally, the pictures here will give you a visual of what I am talking about.

Now, to construct your own vision board, think about the things that you really desire to have in your life and begin to collect pictures that represent those desires, and place them on your vision board.

Make sure that you cover all areas that you have a desire to better or change in your life. If one of your visions is to attain a certain weight, find a previous picture that you have of yourself when you were at your ideal weight. If you don’t have one, maybe find a picture of the body that you desire to have and replace the face of that body with your picture. :)

Find pictures for ALL categories of your life that represent the things that you desire to experience whether monetarily, professionally, in your relationships, etc. Be as thorough as you can covering every aspect of your life that you desire to change in some way.

Whatever your vision board consists of, they should be in alignment with your hand written affirmations.

Now place your vision board in a place where you will see it often.

It’s really as simple as that. No complicated formula necessary, but don’t let the simplicity of this important step in the manifestation process fool you. It will go a long way in bringing those things that you most desire to experience in your life and one step closer to experiencing them.

The time it takes to begin seeing the results in your own life depends on your individual ability to develop the necessary beliefs that will allow them to happen.

Remember that it is the previously established beliefs that you hold and the depth of them that has allowed the current situations that you find yourself experiencing to manifest. The time necessary to make the necessary "inner changes" is dependent totally on your willingness and ability to consistently apply what you have learned thus far and allow yourself to be open minded enough to absorb information that may go against the beliefs that you have established thus far.

For those that find it difficult to believe that

Keep this in mind as you let this information soak in and in the event that your old beliefs begin to take hold and you begin to rationalize that this is just to "out there" or far fetched to understand and believe which may cause you begin to question it’s validity, consider this thought…….

"Just because you can’t see the wind certainly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. But it most certainly DOES. You can’t SEE the air that you breathe, but you know that it exists."

Develop this same knowing and belief regarding the manifestation of the unseen visions that you have for your life, stay alert so that you recognize the opportunities that arise, and they too (your goals, dreams, and visions) will become as real to you as the things mentioned above.

For those that may be skeptical I understand. I too at one point in my life was skeptical of many things that I now present to you through the newsletter as well as at the site. Although I was presented with many of these concepts as a very young teenager, my previously established beliefs kept me from seeing and recognizing it's power and validity.

I am living proof that it works, and although at the time I didn’t fully understand how, I and my family are now living in what was once what I now call my previous "mini" vision board. It REALLY IS that powerful.

I’ll tell you more about that in another issue.

Have a Great month,

Oh, I almost forgot!!

For those that aren't yet aware, The Secret came out a few months ago. After viewing it on the internet and personally experiencing the power that it's message holds, I decided to purchase a copy. WOW! What a powerful, empowering and life changing production!

It is a 90 minute documentary that clearly conveys the message of Universal Principles and how they work in relation to the creative power of your thoughts and emotions in creating the day to day life experiences that you come to live out in your day to day life. It also gives first hand accounts and testimonials regarding the power of having a vision board. If you haven't yet seen it, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. It is EXTREMELY powerful and enlightening.

And as always, I'd like to Thank You for supporting and allowing me to fulfill my vision and purpose of assisting others to realize their TRUE potential.

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I sincerely hope that this edition of "Enlightened Journey" has assisted you in some way and that it has provided you with a sense of heightened awareness in your ability to begin to attract to you and begin to experience the quality of life that you desire, deserve, and were intended to experience.

Until we meet again on the pages of the July edition, I wish for you a month full of Love, Joy, Inner Peace, Fulfillment, and Unlimited Prosperity in EACH and EVERY area of your life.

What I choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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