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, Here's Your August Edition Of Enlightened Journey.
September 01, 2006

"Enlightened Journey"

Welcome To The August 2006 Edition Of The "Enlightened Journey" E-Zine

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What We'll Be Covering In This Issue

1) A Personal Note From Chuck

2) What To Do

3) This Months Article


I trust that you have had an incredible month and that you have begun to implement what you have discovered in previous issues of Enlightened Journey"

I receive many contacts each month concerning challenges that various people are experiencing, asking and wondering what can be done to turn things around. These contacts range from challenges in relational issues to health concerns to monetary challenges. Although each of these contacts is unique in it's own way, at the core of each message received, each person that writes is essentially looking for the same thing. As varying as the individual concerns appear to be on the surface, each is looking for the same identical outcome, A way to achieve and experience happiness.

As varying as these individual challenges appear to be, the question that always arises in each and every communication is "What Can I Do." Each person is looking for answers as to what they can DO. The mass majority in our world have been taught and learned that success in ANY area of life is based on what you DO. Although it is true that DOING is an essential and extremely important part of experiencing the desired results in life, too many are taught the wrong things to do and as a result continue to experience the same results. That is a BIG part of the problem. They fail to understand that there is a far more important and effective step in doing than that which can be physically done to correct issues. This is precisely why so many in our world fail to achieve their most heartfelt dreams and desires.

So with that in mind I've titled this edition of the ezine "What To Do." I hope you enjoy it and that it proves beneficial to you in some way.

In order to effectively DO anything and experience lasting results in any area of life is based totally on what you ARE. What you do in the physical world is based strictly on what you are on the inside. To experience the desired results in your life regardless of what area it may pertain to, you must first learn to BE on the inside, that which you desire to experience in the outside world. Your success or failure in ANY area of life depends on your beingness. Until you discover and recognize that as the truth you will continue to experience what seem to be insurmountable and unmanageable obstacles in the various areas of your life. Until this truth is absorbed and allowed to become a part of you, temporary results at best will continue to be experienced.

So the first step in correct DOING is discovering what "internal issues" need to be addressed that have attracted and allowed you to experience the results in your life so far. What thoughts beliefs and emotions have you allowed to exist and which of those need to be changed that will draw to you the desired circumstances that you can then take the necessary physical actions that need doing which in turn will enable you to experience a life uncommon to many.

This is SO important to understand, it bears repeating. It is NOT what you DO in the physical world but rather what you ARE on the inside that is responsible for attracting to you and provides whatever outcomes you are experiencing. Your DOINGNESS happens as a result of your BEINGNESS. If your doingness isn't in harmony with the life experience that you desire to experience change your beingness. This is an extremely simple yet important fact to absorb if you are to change that which "appears" as real in your life.

The only reason that the circumstances that you are experiencing now appear at all is due to seeds that have been sown at some point in the past. Nothing in our entire world can grow without a seed first being planted. Anything and everything that you see and experience in your life came about as a result of a seed being planted. In the same way the events, conditions and circumstances that you are experiencing today are a result of a seed or seeds that you have planted at some point in the past. Although many have a superficial understanding of this principle, they understand it that it is the "physical actions" that they take which are the seeds. WRONG!! That is a very important PART of the process, but it is NOT the first step in the process. Physical actions are the nurturing of the seed. Before ANY physical action can take place in your life, it is first necessary to have a thought. If you are less than satisfied with the harvest that you have been reaping to this point it is going to be necessary to become conscious of what THOUGHT seeds were planted to bring about the results that you are experiencing and unhappy or dissatisfied about and make certain that you don't continue to plant the same type of seeds. If you sincerely desire to experience different circumstances than those that you are currently experiencing it is going to be absolutely essential that you recognize the type of seeds that were planted in the past, find a different form of seed that is more in alignment with your desires and those things that you most desire to experience, plant them, nurture them and soon you will draw to you the opportunities that you can take the physical action on that will enable you to see and experience that which you desire. The process of creation is EXTREMELY simple.

In the same way the events, conditions, and circumstances that you are experiencing in your life whether it be in the area of money, health or relationships are a part of creation and the simplicity of the process is identical.

Simple Yes. EASY, NO!

As simple as it is why is it that so many have such a difficult time experiencing the results that they claim that they want to experience? Why is it that so many find themselves in jobs that are displeasing and barely able to make ends meet financially, enduring disharmonious relationships, and continually facing health issues? If it is so simple why is it that those that are successful in each area of life are only a VERY SMALL minority of the entire earths population? What is it that this small minority understands that the majority in the world doesn't? What is it that these LUCKY FEW have discovered that seems to elude the rest?

First of all understand that success or failure in life has absolutely NOTHING to do with luck. Those that succeed in life have quite simply learned how to BE that which they desire. Admittedly, many of them aren't sure or consciously aware of what it is that they do to bring about such favorable results and conditions into their lives. In fact being sure or aware really isn't important at all UNLESS you are doing it the wrong way.

Take electricity for example. Although we don't fully understand how it works, it is not necessary. If we are properly taught we can flip the light switch and the light comes on. We plug in the coffee pot and it makes our coffee. The intricacies of HOW it works aren't necessary for us to successfully utilize it if we are taught in a way that harmonizes with it's productive qualities. All we really need to know is how to respect it and it serves as a means to make life much easier and more enjoyable. But learn the improper way and mis-use it and it could change the course of your entire life or in some cases even end it!!

When you come across these people, these individuals that seem to have all that it is that they desire in life, it is because they have developed the inner BEING which is motivating them to DO the things which are attracting to them and allowing them to experience that which they are in the external world, whether they are aware of it or not. Even though they may not be consciously aware of WHAT it is that they are doing or fully understand how the process works to bring them the results that they desire, they have learned, through various means, to focus on that which they desire and in essence through that focus are creating the events conditions and circumstances that they desire to experience. They, whether consciously or unconsciously have placed and kept their focus on that which they desire to experience and as a result are experiencing just that in the physical world.

Those that seem to have a difficult time in the physical world regardless of which area of life it may be, if they choose to become conscious of what it is that they have been focusing on and willing to be brutally honest with themselves will discover that it is that which they have focused on that has brought into physical existence ALL of what it is that they are currently experiencing in life. Many times this lack of focus or learned way of focusing has to be unlearned.

What most fail to understand is how this process, through focusing on the opposite of that which they desire can become an endless cycle providing the same undesirable results over and over and over again. It is much like not correctly learning and respecting the power of electricity and misusing it. As a result of that misuse and not properly utilizing it that can create the undesirable conditions that are experienced in life.

So, let's take a deeper look at that now. Most base what it is that they need to do now based on a fear of what may happen in the future if they don't or to eliminate repeating possible perceived failures that they have had in the past. Doingness based on fear can only bring more of that which you fear.

Take for example the area of money and occupations. Why is it that the majority go to work each day? The answer is obvious isn't it? They need money to survive. The way the cultures of the world have been structured we ALL need money to survive. But let's dig a little deeper and analyze what is really going on beneath the surface. That need for money, when broken down and closely looked at is based on fear. A fear of what? A fear that if they don't DO what they have been taught and feel that they need to do, the money won't be there for them to survive. That if they don't follow what it is that they have been taught and go to work to do whatever that may be even if they dislike doing it, that they won't have the money they need to survive. So, for the majority that is exactly what they do. Wake up each morning, drag themselves out of bed, fight the morning traffic and for years focus on how much they dislike what it is that they are having to do to make the money that they need. Based on the traditional teachings that have been handed down for generations, this has become the mindset of the mass majority. By only placing focus and acting on the physical without being aware that all things physical are the result of a thought, and from where each and every event, condition, and circumstance is derived, they are in reality leaving out the most important ingredient.

Based on these previous teachings and a lack of awareness as to how things in life REALLY work this group mindlessly goes to work fully believing due to their previous teachings that this is how life is suppose to be. This process continues for many throughout life. So many never discover the simple plan that would enable them to do whatever it is that they love to do and as a result attract more of that which they are doing it for.

In previous newsletters you have discovered the all encompassing power of energy and that it is this energy that is responsible for anything and everything that occurs in the entire universe whether seen or unseen.

Once you truly grasp this concept and deeply begin to understand how it is that our universe operates in it's unwavering unprejudiced and flawless operation, you will soon figure out why 97% of the population retires in what are considered poverty conditions, why more than half of all marriages end in divorce, and why there is so much illness and disease to cope with. It is all based on and because the majority have been focusing on the wrong things. We, through previous false teachings, focusing on perceived failures of past events and the fear that is created because of them, and placing all of our physical attention and actions on the wrong kind of DOING is precisely why the majority in our world go to their graves without ever fully experiencing what is and always has been theirs to experience. It is because we have learned since childhood that it is necessary to work hard doing WHATEVER it takes to survive. By focusing on survival that is precisely what you are going to receive, survival. That which you are thinking about and focusing on represents the seed of that which is going to grow in your life.

So what can be done about it? How can we change this survival mode which is keeping us stuck in mediocre conditions? Quite simply begin focusing on that which we desire for our lives. NOT focusing on that which we are experiencing now which is merely the result of and based on that which we have focused on in the past. We are experiencing what we are now because of that focus, (the seed) so the only obvious answer would be to change the focus and begin to plant those seeds which will grow into what we desire to see at some point in the future. That is the correct DOING that needs to be implemented into life IF you are to experience the kind of life that down deep you know is yours to experience. It is absolutely essential to learn to go within and weed out that which has been responsible for producing the less than desirable outcomes that have been experienced to this point in your journey and replace the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions which are what have attracted the undesirable conditions in your life to this point with those that will begin attracting to you those which you most desire to experience.

This single principle will work powerfully and miraculously in ANY area of your life whether it be money, health or relationships IF you will absorb it, and consistently utilize it.

It really is VERY SIMPLE once you get the hang of it.

August Article

This months article is one that I wrote some time back and placed on the site. It seems to be the place to include it again. I hope that it proves to be beneficial for you.

Get Out Of Your Own Way By Chuck Danes

Do you ever think about how unfair life is? Do you often allow your emotions to get the best of you? Do you ever allow fear and anxiety to fill you, bind you up, paralyze you, and keep you from achieving all that you know down deep is yours?

If any of this describes you, I have some simple yet profound advice. What is it? Get Out Of Your Own Way.

Exactly what do I mean by that? Precisely this…..

You have already been provided all that you could ever want and need to fulfill you in this lifetime. Everything and anything that you could possible imagine, your hopes, dreams, desires, are all attainable and within your grasp, waiting for you to accept, grasp, and allow to come to you. You already possess the ability to manifest far more than sufficient quantity in the areas of money, health, and relationships. You have been provided with all the gifts you need to live and experience a life of harmony, joy, inner peace, and unlimited prosperity in whichever area that YOU CHOOSE to experience it in.

If that’s TRULY the case why do you continually fall short of realizing these abilities? Why is it that you appear to experience struggle and strife from day to day, week to week, and year to year. Why does it seem so difficult sometimes just to make ends meet? Simply because you have not yet discovered the simple steps that it takes to learn how to get out of your own way. You have not yet discovered the truth of your TRUE unlimited potential which was supplied to you and which you have had the ability to use since the beginning of time. You have forgotten and lost sight of the REAL TRUTH concerning who and what you REALLY are and allowed the perceived hardships and limitations of day to day living to dominate your thought process, blocking the manifestation of that which you most desire to experience. You have allowed what “Appears To Be” to blind you to what “Truly Is” and instead of accepting that, you feed and nurture that which you claim that you don’t want to experience, which attracts more of the same.

Re-examine the first three questions that were asked at the beginning of this article. Did you answer yes to any of them? If so, you are creating, more specifically attracting situations that you would rather NOT experience.

You fail to realize that the perceived hardships of today are due to seeds that you have personally sown at some point in the past. And when they show up in whatever form they do you always seek out some temporary external solution believing that it, whatever it is, will somehow fill the void, only to find that at some point in the future the same void returns and presents itself to you once again, sending you again anxiously scurrying about looking for the solutions in the external world where you have failed to find them so many times before, only to find yourself once again unfulfilled, anxious, fearful, all the time knowing that somewhere deep within that there must be a better way. If only you could find it.

You continually attempt to fix effects with effects not fully understanding the need to seek out, discover and develop the knowledge of the TRUE Source from where these effects come.

So where is this Source? Where does this place of peace and serenity exist if at all? How does one find inner peace and comfort in times of trial? When the money’s short and the bills are long, the children are sick, the relationships that you most treasure appearing to be in turmoil, how is it that one can experience peace and serenity? Where are these answers to be found that will correct what "appears" to be real?

They lie within. Within Each And Every Person That Has The Desire And Willingness To Seek Them Out And Discover Them.

All that is required is to learn to get out of your own way and learn to quietly go within and awaken that which holds and draws to you the answers that you are seeking. To quiet the constant anxious, fearful, and worrysome internal babble that has you convinced that pending doom and disaster is lurking just around the next corner waiting to jump out and lead you down the next path of hardship, rather than placing your focus on the fulfillment of the desires, dreams and visions that you hold as dear.

So precisely how do you get out of your own way? What exactly does it mean to go within?

Here is the step by step breakdown….

Discover the real truth concerning who and what you TRULY are. Take the initiative to discover and eliminate the self limiting false beliefs you have absorbed and have “allowed” to block your path. Replace those which you discover aren’t leading you toward the fulfillment of your deepest desires with those that will. Understand that when hardship “appears” to be looming that it is only that, an “Appearance” which can easily be changed. Understand that the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that you allow are merely seeds that you have the choice and free will to feed and nurture or ignore. Come to the understanding that those seeds which are planted, nurtured, and fed will grow, not only in nature but in your life and that any other outcome is impossible and would go against the Laws of Creation Learn to develop and express sincere gratitude for that which you experience regardless of how it may appear, fully accepting the fact that ALL THINGS work together for good. That these perceived challenges that you are experiencing today are a direct manifestation of the thoughts feelings and emotions that you have experienced at some point in the past, and merely stepping stones that will enable you to reach your desired destination. Become conscious of your day to day thoughts and emotions. When you discover they are not in alignment with your desires, change them Begin to understand that happiness is a choice, YOUR choice, and that by choosing that, the weeds that you have allowed to grow as a result of your previous mindset will soon whither away and be replaced with the sweet fruits that result as an effect of implementing your newfound knowledge.

In a condensed version simply focus on your inner happiness regardless of external appearences, focus on and see only positive outcomes in your minds eye, and express thanks for all tht you encounter along the way.

Do you have any doubt as to what is being conveyed? Try this exercise….. The next time troublesome thoughts and emotions ignite within you, focus on them. Really look deeply and focus on what the perceived problem is. Analyze it, ponder it, and allow it to fill your entire being for just a few minutes. Now stop for a second and become aware of how you feel. Really analyze how your body feels, how clear your thinking is. etc. Not very pleasent is it?

Then try this..... When a situation arises that you usually act upon as you did in the example above, this time discern first of all if there is something that you can do about it. If there is take immediate action to correct it, but only do so with the solution in mind, focusing only on the positive end result that you desire as you take the steps to complete it. If there isn’t anything that you can do at the moment, first of all break focus from the problem. Think about a pleasant time you’ve experienced at some point in your life. A time that really gave you joy or pleasure. Allow your thoughts to shift away from what you can’t currently do anything about right now anyway and purposefully shift your focus to that pleasant experience whatever it might be. Really allow yourself to experience this pleasant memory and experience it like it was happening all over again. Once this is done, then shift your focus to seeing the problem, whatever it may be as resolved. See the end result that you desire to experience. Feel it, hear it, touch it, taste it, and see it. How does it feel now that it is no longer a problem? Now express Gratitude for receiving the answer and go about your day to day activities. Now stop for a minute and analyze how your body feels. How clear is your thinking?

Do you feel the difference?

Don't analyze, think about, or wonder how or when your solution is going to happen. Just "allow" it to happen. Remain aware of signs that may show up. Be alert to potential opportunities that may arise. Don't worry about HOW, just "Know" that they will. Don't concern yourself with WHEN, just understand that they will. Refrain from engaging your logical and analytical thinking process. Creation and attraction is NOT logical in relation to widespread and commonly held beliefs.

Do not underestimate the power of this simple exercise. Many times the simplest things in life produce the most amazing results. This exercise is one of them. Begin to understand the simple, powerful and miraculous process of manifestation. Discover and accept the truth concerning the Unconditional Love that is yours and provides precisely what you ask based on your beliefs. Develop the self awareness to dig deeply enough to discern what those beliefs that you hold really consist of at their core. Change those which you find aren’t serving you. Don’t allow your thoughts to focus on problems that you can’t do anything about at the moment which creates self induced stress, fear and weakens your body as well as your spirit, and at the same time attracts to you MORE of that which you are attempting to eliminate. And ABOVE ALL, express sincere and heartfelt thanks for the growth that you experience along the way.

Take immediate and focused action on that which you can change with only the solution in mind. Break focus from that which you find you can’t currently do anything about and allow yourself to experience and ponder on only pleasant things. Engage ALL of your physical senses and experience the end result, the solution. Persevere and practice this exercise and before you know it your perceived problems will melt away like snow in springtime.

Yes, it may take a little practice to master. It may require a little discipline before you will begin to experience the effortlessness of shifting your thinking. But persevere in it's implementation and it WILL.

Once you have accomplished and mastered this exercise and learn to consciously and consistently use it, you will have learned what it means to "get out of your own way." Yes it may take effort initially to retrain your mind. But I can assure you that the reward is FAR GREATER than the initial effort.

The answers you seek are readily available. All your hopes, dreams and visions for the future can and will become a reality in your life IF you’ll allow them to. Anything that you are able to conceive and hold in your mind can be and IS experienced in the physical world. That which you place your focus and emphasis on whether consciously or unconsciously IS attracted to you, manifests and becomes your reality. You are the producer and director in this movie called life. You possess the power to rewrite each scene. Become consciously aware of the script that you are writing. Allow each scene to express abundance and limitless prosperity in each area of your life and you will begin to experience just that.

Now you know what it means to "Get Out Of Your Own Way." Implement what you have discovered and that which you most desire to experience in your life will be attracted to you.

You have the ability to experience Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace, Harmony and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

Allow It, Receive It And Experience it. How? It's really quite simple....Get Out Of Your Own Way. © Chuck Danes. All rights reserved worldwide

For Further Understanding

Should you choose to expand your knowledge and awareness further regarding precisely how it is that the occurances in your life come into being as well as effective step by step guidance in improving specific life areas there are many incredible life enhancement teachers as well as many personal empowerment and life enhancement programs (which I call Power Tools) that will assist you in doing that back at the site.

Each of the life teachers that are featured as well as the programs recommended have been personally tested and approved by me and are guaranteed to provide exceptional value and effective, credible and powerful life changing guidance that will assist you in making the necessary inner changes, that will allow you to experience the desired results in your life, based on your individual needs. Should you choose to utilize these resources and in the unlikely event decide for any reason that they aren't for you, your money will be cheerfully refunded with no questions asked.

Hundreds of thousands around the world have found them to be life changing and they will do the same for you IF you will choose to take personal action and implement the steps that each recommends.

Although there are many life enhancement teachers to choose from, each of them teach the same life changing principles but in their own unique style.

Regardless of which life area that you may need assistance in rest assured that you will find a teacher or life enhancement product that fits your individual need.

Whether or not you choose to utilize the recommended resources at this point in your life, understand this. You were created as a limitless being who possesses within yourself the ability to experience a life far superior to anything you have experienced to this point. You have the ability to experience sufficient financial resources, phenomenal health, and fulfilling and harmonious relationships regardless of what you may have been taught and have established as belief at this point in your life. You only have to develop the understanding as well as the belief that it's true. At some point in your journey, I hope that you do.

As always, I'd like to Thank You for supporting and allowing me to fulfill my vision and purpose of assisting others to realize their TRUE potential.

Until The September Issue Have An Incredible And Prosperous Month,

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Until we meet again on the pages of the August edition, I wish for you a month full of Love, Joy, Inner Peace, Fulfillment, and Unlimited Prosperity in EACH and EVERY area of your life.

What I choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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