Immersion Ultimate Transformation Platinum

Immersion Ultimate Transformation Platinum

For the Serious Student of Personal Empowerment

I'm going to begin by making a statement which may not make sense to you initially. It's a very simple yet powerful statement, yet it's the key to life transformation. I'm not talking about little insignificant changes. I'm talking about Total Transformation...what we'll be referring to as the Ultimate Transformation as we move through what follows.

That statement is this...

The key to EXPERIENCING Ultimate Transformation requires seeing above and beyond "perceived" REALITY, to the degree that you can SEE, feel, KNOW and personally witness the miracle creating nature of ACTUALITY...unconditionally.

Although your ability to make sense of that statement may elude you right now, I'm going to do everything in my power to make the HOW and WHY it's true crystal clear as we move through what follows.

Let's talk about life. Namely, yours. How you perceive it, what you're feeling and doing as you move through it and the kind of results you feel you are (or aren't) achieving, but would really love to.

When I say results, I'm referring to the tangible and measurable kind.

Let's face facts. If results aren't tangible and measurable, they're not results, are they?

Here's the thing though which many (perhaps even you) overlook. Tangible and measurable results that we create and experience in life and the world out there, are a mirrored reflection of what's taking place in your "inner world."

Although it's not often looked at in this way, we're ALL creating results ALL of the time. The question isn't "can I create results." The real question is can I create results that enhance the quality of my life and consistently make my journey through life whole, rewarding, fulfilling and fun?

The answer is absolutely, positively, YES...once you know how.

1st and foremost, it's going to be necessary to have a basic understanding of what is creating your current results. Awareness is key. It's the foundation that any Ultimate Transformation is built upon.

Let's take any esoteric explanation and lingo out of the picture for a moment.

What's taking place in your "inner world" is ALL about the stories that are running through your mind.

Regardless of who you are, where you live, what you have, or believe you can't (and feel you may never) get, we each have a unique story to tell. More than that, we're always telling it, either to ourselves and/or those who we encounter during our day to day.

Your life story is no doubt different than mine in some way, shape or form, just as mine will vary to some degree from yours or someone else's.

They may "seem to be" similar and perhaps even identical stories in some (and perhaps even many) ways. But when you look beneath the surface at the deepest levels, there's always something unique...some difference that sets you, your experiences, your outcomes and/or how you perceive them, apart from me or someone else.

Although the tangible materialization and appearance of some event or thing might appear to be identical from a surface level view, what differentiates even the same tangible outcome is "perceptual" in nature.

As unique as our perceptions and individual stories might be, we each have one. What we don't each have is a clear understanding of just how important our perceptions are in determining whether we EXPERIENCE an Ultimate Transformation, or continue on the treadmill of life, consistently experiencing less than we're actually capable of.

So what is it that determines that?

It's all about the stories we tell ourselves and others. More specifically, it's the "stories" that we choose to recall, repeat and consistently run through our minds, which dictate and determine, with almost eerie accuracy, what our future story will be.

Let's refer to your personal story as the story of life. Your version of it. Based on how you perceive things right now, has yours unfolded as a fairy tale, a drama, or does it more resemble one of those really scary horror flicks?

How do you perceive whatever it might be that have experienced, are experiencing, and at some future point in time, will experience?

What's your story?

If you're truly happy, fulfilled, have everything you could ever hope or wish for in life and are living the dream, no question that you'll want to keep doing whatever it is you're doing. If not, some new actions are going to be necessary.

As Albert Einstein so correctly and eloquently stated many years ago...

"You can't solve a problem with the same kind of thinking which created it."

If you ever hope to experience an Ultimate Transformation, both tangibly and intangibly, that's the foundational place to begin. Becoming keenly and consciously aware of WHAT and HOW you THINK most of the time.

Contrary to what so many self professed "gurus" claim today, creating tangible and measurable results requires more than merely "thinking them" into being. It's a necessary and vitally important "step" to be sure. But there's more to it than that.

Perhaps the single most important action is learning and understanding, in an uncommon kind of way, the importance of aligning the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself, in such a way and to such a degree that provides whatever tangible desires you might currently desire but not yet have.

If you're perceptions and the resulting story that ignites and runs through your mind is anything shy of receiving whatever those desires might be, it's going to be necessary to acknowledge, address and deal with it, if you're serious about actually getting whatever it might be that you do desire.

So what's your story?

Is it time (or perhaps even WAY past time) for you to finally move from your current and past story, into whatever your idea of happiness, harmony and SUCCESS might be?

You can. The question isn't, has never been and NEVER will be "can you." The REAL question is, will you?

The ONLY reason why you, or anyone wouldn't, or doesn't, has NOTHING to do with not wanting to. It has everything to do with not understanding HOW, as well as WHY receiving what we claim to love and/or want, eludes us so often.

Anyone who I've ever encountered in life WANTS something more, yet few actually DO what's "truly necessary" to get it.

The 27 gazillion dollar question is WHY?

The one word answer is resistance.

Resistance equates to a misalignment and disharmony between the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself. Resistance reveals itself in tangible ways as events, conditions and circumstances that we DON'T want. Resistance happens as the result of some, and in a number of cases, MANY, "less than factual" beliefs which we've acquired at some point in life, have accepted and believe to be true.

Much (perhaps most) of the resistance we experience, stems from nothing more than a event or series of events which happened in some previous chapter, or perhaps a number of chapters which make and oftentimes KEEP their individually chosen story far less desirable than it could be.

Why do you suppose that is?

It's all about habits. We humans are creatures of habit.

We may not think about our consistent and predominant thought processes as being habitual in nature. But they are.

Stop Making Excuses

I understand that many have and will continue to lean on any number of "seemingly justifiable" reasons as to WHY they aren't experiencing a life they absolutely love, yet as "seemingly justifiable" as your personal reasons might seem, the higher truth is...

...They're not justifiable at all. They're not because, in spite of what you may have "learned" and believe to be true, the Higher Truth is, as seemingly justifiable as things might seem, any "reason" you can conceive or imagine, whether it "seems" justifiable or not, is really nothing more than an excuse in disguise.

Although it's tempting, quite common and actually VERY easy to come up with all kinds of excuses which make us feel better temporarily, does making that choice really serve us in the long run?


In life, we get what we "choose" to get. Life provides us with precisely what we ask of it. No more, no less. Whether we're consistently receiving what we love, "claim" to hate, or somewhere in between, there's a very good reason as to why.

It's a "reason" that you have complete and total control over. If you're current reasoning is that, it's too big, too hard and/or you can't, any perceived reason can always (and often is) traced to some "excuse."

Although you may not yet be in the space where you're ready to acknowledge or accept it, and aside from whatever it might be that you yourself are experiencing, the reason is one and the same for ALL.

What is that ONE reason?

It's ALL simply a matter of choice. If your current or past beliefs and choices have provided you with less than you truly desire, it's simply a matter of rethinking things, relearning, understanding and becoming keenly aware of some things that you're currently not. Once you are aware, then it's simply a matter of making some new choices. The kind of choices that align with and provide your desires rather than those which conflict with, are disharmonious to, and actually block and sabotage those things that you hope, wish and perhaps even pray for, and REALLY WANT to have.

While you may have all kinds of beliefs and ideas about what you need to make life ALL that it CAN be, life transformation begins with making a conscious choice to transform your mind.

A choice to transform your mind, makes what "seemed hard" before, simple and easy.

Let's not get off on the wrong foot.

Building your dreams, changing the less than desired things in your life and transforming the many intangible hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations you hold dear into a tangible and measurable reality, is, in far more cases than not, no cakewalk.

Not initially at least.

Creating change in whatever area of life that you "truly desire" to create change in, requires undergoing a process. Starting and remaining committed to that "process" is not only essential, it's a MUST, if you ever hope to achieve what you CAN achieve in life.

Forget all the hype, ridiculousness and airy fairy nonsense that so many buy into due to the "New Age" craze. Creating the life of your dreams requires more than repeating a few mantras and "visualizing it" into being. The fact is, moving from where you are, and into the space where you truly desire to be, can be downright confusing and "seem" really difficult at times...for some, impossible even.

The fact is, due to any number of very limiting beliefs we've acquired during life, many of which are (and for a very long time have been) socially and culturally accepted as being "factual and true", combined with the many "less than desirable" things happening in the world around us, creating meaningful and lasting change can seem, at worst, an impossible task, or at best, an extremely difficult and daunting one.

It doesn't HAVE to be that way. It CAN be if you "choose" for it to be, but it absolutely, positively does NOT have to be.

Sure, it CAN be, but it doesn't have to be. Difficulty, like EVERYTHING else in life is a state of mind. Because that's "true", transforming yours is anything but impossible...unless of course you "believe" it is and allow it to be.

Creating desirable change and EXPERIENCING what I refer to as the Ultimate Transformation, can be as simple as making a few new choices.

In fact, creating ENORMOUSLY POSITIVE and exhilarating transformation in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual of your life is simple. Profoundly so in fact, unless you "choose" to continue to hold and breathe life into, the same kinds of beliefs and habitual thinking patterns which have consistently PROVEN otherwise.

Imagined Fears Fragment and Love Makes Whole

Ironically, that's the "problem." It's too simple. So much so, that the overwhelming majority "believe" that experiencing a life of joy, meaning, purpose, fulfillment and success is difficult, impossible, reserved for only the lucky chosen few, or as is often the case, when it applies to them personally, it's "just too good to be true."

And so it is...for them at least. That's their story and they're sticking to it...regardless.

Although sad, it's a degree at least. Due to what we've learned, how we've been taught to DO things, combined with what we receive as a result, the mind perceives complexity and sees otherwise easily achievable hopes, dreams, goals, aspirations and endeavors as being impossible.

But the heart, ahhhhhhh the heart (the spiritual heart) SEES, KNOWS and does it's best to move you ever closer toward the fulfillment of desires and, when allowed to, reveals the simplicity of it all.

But something gets in the way. Do you know what it is? The mind. Not the mind in and of itself. The mind is merely a tool. It's the STORY that's been programmed in the mind which creates seemingly impenetrable walls, ceilings, and ultimately less than we truly desire in life.

The mind "believes" it's true, our perceptions mirror the belief, and the story (whatever that consistently perceived and imagined story might be) becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

That's how powerful the mind is. That's how powerful YOU are, even though you may not be using that power consciously, intentionally and on purpose, to the degree that enables and allows

Let's Get to the Heart of the Matter

When what's in your heart clashes and conflicts with the garbage that's been programmed in the mind, what's known as cognitive dissonance takes place. Cognitive dissonance is a form of resistance that all too often keeps what you'd LOVE to experience in life, difficult, impossible, illogical, irrational and remains as some "future hope" that's always just out of reach and remains somewhere off in the distance.

We all have those brief flashes of insight. Indescribable feelings of euphoria that last for a few seconds, a minute, an hour, or perhaps a day, only to vanish as we're swept back into the cold, harsh and "seemingly unfair" reality of day to day life.

What seemed very real one moment is gone in the next. That's what creates walls of resistance.

And no, seeing above and beyond it all is NOT always (and seldom is) easy, but the how to for transforming what we DON'T want into what we'd LOVE to experience IS "simple."

The Simplicity Reveals Itself When You KNOW, Understand
and Apply What MOST Success Seekers Miss...

It’s been scientifically proven that your thoughts literally create your reality.

There is a physical and spiritual (or if you prefer metaphysical) element to life. Becoming keenly aware of and learning HOW to harmonize these 2 "seemingly separate" parts of yourself, is what enables and allows a kind of transformation that lasts.

Intellectually speaking, it entails acquiring an uncommon form of understanding of yourself, life and how life comes to be. It requires "unlearning" what holds us back and relearning what moves you forward.

Put simply, it's about unlearning what stirs and ignites fear and relearning how to love.

On the EXPERIENTIAL side, it's an acquired form of KNOWING that never fades and is never forgotten.

We've "learned" to make life and the acquisition of what we'd love to have in life "seem" complex. That's what makes it all "seem" so hard, difficult, or in some cases impossible.

That's also what enables and allows "cognitive dissonance" to get (and often remain) in the way, which is what so often limits your results...needlessly I might add.

That may (and more than likely does) sound crazy. Since it "seems that way" to most, it's likely...perhaps even highly probable, that you see things that way too. You could say, in the minds of most, it's "crazily true." But it often "seems that way", only because it's based on a Higher Truth than most are "aware" of.

Nonetheless, it is true, as it always has been and always will be.

You're Creating the Reality You Experience. The Key to Lasting Transformation is Relearning How to Align Yourself With and Consciously Create a Life You'll Love

That takes us back to our "stories." We have ALL KINDS of "stories" as to WHY we're not experiencing what we claim we'd LOVE.

The most self sabotaging and self limiting story that "needlessly" holds so many back, has something to do with "feeling and BEING" worthy. MANY in today's world don't think they are, so let's address (and hopefully dispel) THAT self sabotaging story right here, right now.

You ARE Worthy. You DO Deserve Prosperity and you CAN Have it. The FACT is You Already Do. It's all around you. You can access your own unique idea of prosperity and more, IF you're WILLING to Unlearn, Relearn, and actually DO What's Necessary to toss out all the self sabotaging nonsense so you can finally receive and EXPERIENCE It!!

The KEY is to stop trying so hard to make things happen. Give yourself permission to say goodbye to trying, struggling, worrying and fretting FOREVER!

Doing so is as simple as becoming aware of and then "unlearning" what holds you back and relearning what moves you forward

Due to the years of conditioning we've received from our parents, our education systems, our governments and a list of institutions far too great in number to list here, unlearning is a necessary and vitally important part of the having the life you love process.

The bad news is, it's a process. It's a process that CAN take years. No, it doesn't HAVE to. Because of how most go about it, it actually DOES.

But it certainly doesn't have to. In fact, it can be a profoundly rapid undertaking and become quite easy too. It CAN that is, once you have the right tools to lead and guide you through the maze of distraction, disappointment and perceived complexity.

It's simply a matter of enabling and allowing yourself to rise and SEE above it all.

The FACT is, transformation CAN (and often does) happen in The Blink of an Eye, once you understand HOW and allow it to. Because it's ALL about YOU and YOUR choices, the time it takes for YOU is entirely up to you.

It's All Simply a Matter of Conscious Alignment and Harmony, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically

We each have a Spiritual Purpose and a Physical Purpose. The mind which governs the mental domain translates beliefs, thoughts and perceptions into tangible experiences.

The mind, being the awesomely powerful tool that it is, consists of conscious and subconscious attributes.

On the conscious side, we want and desire more of the good things life has to offer. On the subconscious side, as much as we think about and would LOVE to have something, our long term conditioning keeps us seemingly trapped in a reality that conflicts with the materialization of that kind of life...the kind that we'd absolutely love.

Cognitive dissonance takes hold and keeps us "seemingly trapped."

The reason WHY is simple - The programmed and conditioned mind serves as the middle man between the spiritual and physical world.

The subconscious mind seeks pleasure and avoids pain. Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, regardless of how "unconscious and unintentional" it might be, keeps us "seemingly trapped" in an inescapable loop of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, rather than tuning into, moving into and HAVING what's already ours.

Becoming the master of life and attaining "enlightenment" is a misnomer. You already ARE enlightened and you most certainly ARE the master of your life.

Yet it's equally true that an estimated 97% are "unconscious masters" who endure the grind rather than enjoy the gift of life and all it has to offer.

Becoming a "Conscious Master" and moving into the "space" where everything IS, is simply a matter of aligning heart and mind and relearning HOW to harmonize the spiritual and physical.

Which brings us to a VITALLY important point...

Everything Physical Finds it's Root In the Spiritual and Whatever is Spiritual (a literally infinite number of things) Can Be and IS Made Physical

The fact is, the spiritual and the physical aren't different things or places. They are one and the same. There is no division or separation with the exception of what the mind perceives...what it's "learned" and been programmed to perceive.

It's all simply a matter of Conscious Alignment - the conscious and the subconscious - the mental and emotional - the spiritual and the physical - the heart and the mind.

Yet VERY few if ANY of the countless self help/personal development programs available today provide this all encompassing system.

That's What Makes the Immersion Total Transformation Platinum Package SO Unique and Why It's Considered The PhD of Personal Empowerment and Self Actualization.

Ultimate Transformation Platinum

For the Spiritually or Intellectually Minded Success Seeker who feels trapped, betrayed, disillusioned and is truly tired of the Personal Development/Self Help treadmill...

Nonetheless, it's true. Immersion Total Transformation Platinum provides a comprehensive approach to life. It works from the inside out and the outside in "simultaneously."

One of the MAIN things that makes The Immersion Total Transformation Platinum package SO unique, is that it approaches the intellectual and experiential process together. It's a total immersion package that provides both the Intellectual Understanding and the Experiential Tools that enable you to break through and SEE beyond the maze of confusion, struggle and complexity.

Each facet provides you with the knowledge, techniques and processes that get to the core of every desire, reveals every block that holds you back and provides what could be best described as a complete and absolute transformation that lasts...beginning on the inside AND transforming on the outside.

Look, after more than 3 decades of reaching, connecting and working with millions of people with various beliefs, and very diverse backgrounds, I'm keenly aware that MOST aren't aware of their power.

Are you?

  • What if you discovered that you could raise the vibrational intensity of the food and water you consume?

  • What if you had access to a natural process that enabled you, at will, to heal more quickly and you knew how to release pain?

  • What if you had the ability to move into happiness on demand and overcome remorse, regret and emotional trauma for good?

  • What if you could transform failing or so so relationships into fulfilling ones?

  • What if you were able to transform the horrid and ugly memories of the past into an unshakable sense of trust, gratitude, total peace and completion right now?

You CAN. The only thing "lacking" is the understanding that you can, the knowledge that shows you how and the tools that take you there.

The Immersion Total Transformation Platinum Package Provides ALL of That and More

The Immersion Total Transformation Platinum Package provides the intellectual understanding, the EXPERIENTIAL KNOWING and more.

It's not your traditional personal development/self help tool...not even close. You don't need development or help. What's "truly needed" is a KNOWING that enables you to SEE that any further development or help isn't necessary.

All that's "truly needed" is allowing yourself to acquire and enter into an uncommon form of awareness, an expansion of consciousness, that happens automatically through awakening.

Awakening provides what we're ALL looking for. It's an immersion of sorts that provides you with an indescribable KNOWING and an indescribable sense of Completion.

It's simply a matter of learning HOW to use the tools that you already have at your disposal. They are inherent within you. The key is KNOWING that, so you can begin USING what you DO already have in a conscious, intentional, purposeful and lasting kind of way.

The Immersion Ultimate Transformation Platinum package provides the tools and techniques to help you see yourself as you "truly are" and enables you to develop deeper levels of self-love and appreciation.

Once you discover the power of self-love, you reclaim your vitality, joy, sense of self worth and your ability to create a life overflowing with love, and ultimately the things that you love, both tangibly and intangibly.

It's a process that extends well beyond what most traditional personal development and self help tools provide.

It incorporates a highly specialized form of knowledge and an experiential understanding rolled into one, which collectively provide and create what MOST call miracles.

The FACT is, you ARE a miracle. Life itself is a miracle. Everything you experience in life IS a miracle. You already HAVE everything necessary to transform less than desired "miracles" into those that align and harmonize with your deepest and most heartfelt desires.

  • An incomprehensible form of awareness

  • Physical healings

  • Healed personal and interpersonal relationships

  • Clearing of past pains and resentments

  • Dramatic long-term life changes realized through heightened states of consciousness which enables desired miracles now

You CAN have that and Immersion Ultimate Transformation Platinum serves as your guide and walks you through every step of the process.

It's a series of highly specialized tools that provide an indescribable and unforgettable kind of KNOWING, Assurance, Confidence and Unshakable Trust that lead to Self Actualization and ultimately, the realization of your Personal Transformation.

Learning, understanding and USING what you do have, transmutes and transforms every aspect of your life from what is commonly feared, avoided and "less than desired", into what is "truly loved" and desired, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When you discover and become keenly aware that Love and self-love are very real and tangible forces, it will change your life in ways that MOST can't even conceive or imagine.

Together, we are on a path to help you transform your life for the better, so you feel the joy and happiness you’ve been dreaming about and that you might HAVE the things that make life truly full, free and complete.

Here's What's Included in The Immersion Total Transformation Platinum Package

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation

- 3 plus decades of insight and wisdom condensed into 6 modules of eye opening insight and empowerment

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation contains 6 immediately downloadable MP3 modules.

Module 1 lays the foundation and meets you where you are. It begins with a very real, practical, rational and logical look at life and how most approach it.

Your innermost perceptions about what is possible and who you are control your life. It’s time to open your eyes, REALLY open them.

Really look deeply. You discover what internal conflicts are blocking your way and keeping you from where you truly want to go.

You'll understand why you attract what you do in your life, and why you “cannot” accomplish those things until you're aware of, acknowledge and deal with it.

Look at the way that you think about yourself, the world and what's possible for you. Plus your particular map is currently NOT going in the direction you want.

Each module builds on the next, guiding you through from where you are to where we ALL desire to be... to creating an abundant and prosperous life.

As you progress through The 7 Hidden Keys you'll learn how to identify the internal and external processes that seem to hold you back. You'll become keenly aware of how to identify conflicting energetic patterns and potential of love, empathy, compassion and gratitude, and how fear sabotages.

Recognize the positive difference love, gratitude, trust and assurance brings into your life, and Learn to ignite this power within yourself!

Gain your rightful energy and Transcend limitations while gently guiding the student toward the understanding and actually EXPERIENCE for yourself the reality that Unconditional Love is an all pervasive, infinite and all encompassing guiding force regardless of outward appearances or how things look, feel or "seem" in the world out there.

The Complete Love Seeds Series in Audio MP3 Format

Love Seeds continues the intellectual journey that picks up where The 7 Hidden Keys left off and delves ever deeper into the realization that Love Is.

Love Seeds serves to feed and satisfy the intellectual mind via providing a comprehensive conceptual understanding of The Power of Love and how to harness it's all encompassing power consciously, intentionally and on purpose to become the master of your life.

Love is so much more than a feeling. The fact is, it's all pervasive although few understand how, why and as a result, never come to KNOW that it can and does transform ever aspect of the physical reality we call life just as we choose...unconditionally.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System - Moving from the Intellectual to the Experiential

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation transcends the limitations of mind moving you beyond the limitations of intellectual and conceptual awareness and into profound experiences that can't be described.

It moves you beyond the limitations of "intellectual understanding" into an EXPERIENTIAL one. enables the participant to SEE, KNOW and EXPERIENCE, in an up close, personal and profound kind of way, the true nature of Source, what Love "truly is", and the infinite possibilities that exist for you, in a totally immersive kind of way.

Unlike most meditation techniques, the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness system does more than quiet your thoughts…

  • Enhances sixth sense abilities and builds a bridge into the full power of you mind

  • Balances your brain hemispheres for laser-focus and deep intuition,

  • Enables access to heightened states of awareness providing direct spiritual and metaphysical experiences.

  • Experiential understanding of what becoming One with God/Source/Universe truly means

Rather than merely understand that you CAN in an intellectual kind of way, the Immersion Ultimate Transformation Platinum provides the education, the process and the technique which moves you from the limitations of believing into a space of immersion of KNOWLEDGE, INSIGHT and WISDOM that never fades and can NEVER be forgotten.

The immersion experience causes immediate changes in individual consciousness, breaks down, through and transcends the confines of time and space, enables you to enter into an EXPERIENTIAL connection with The Infinite, thereby removing any blocks brought on by "perceiving" duality, separation or individuality.

The Power of a Reality Check - A "Conscious Look" at the Whole of Reality - The Awesome, the Grand, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The world can be a dark and scary place when you view it as most do.

The Power of a Reality Check is a grounding tool consisting of an ongoing 6 week education that provides the whole story about what's truly happening in the world and WHY.

It's not what most "think and believe." Once you KNOW, when you begin to SEE and make the choice to APPLY these "things", you know what it means to find and master the Razor's Edge between the physical and spiritual, while creating for yourself a "safety bubble" or sorts.

If you're ready to take a very revealing and insightful look at the hidden yet very real what "truly limits" you in life can SEE beyond the smokescreen and the political illusion that's been intentionally created to keep an otherwise "unified people" divided, The Power of a Reality Check reveals what's REALLY happening in the U.S. which is PRECISELY why the bought and paid for corporate media venues refuse to air it and have made the choice to engage in what's called a Media Blackout.

4 Live Up Close and Personal Q&A Sessions to Get All Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

As an added bonus, the first 100 participants will be invited to participate in 4 live Q&A events. Each event will enable participants to ask any questions regarding the process, the techniques, or

What could be better than that?

30% of all proceeds go to a humanitarian project that focuses specifically on the health and well being of less than fortunate children.

Breathe, relax and decide. There isn't a wrong way. There's only your way. If this "feels like" THE Best way for you to reach the next level, take action and let's get started.

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