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, Here's Your April 2007 Edition Of Enlightened Journey
April 30, 2007

"Enlightened Journey"

Welcome To The April 2007 Edition Of
The "Enlightened Journey" E-Zine


I hope that you've experienced pleasant and productive outcomes since our last meeting through the pages of "Enlightened Journey" and that all is going well in your life.

This month marks the second anniversary of and since it's launch in April of 2005 has grown IMMENSELY.

For those that have been with me since the beginning as well as those who have been a part of our family for awhile, I would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You for being a part of our growth.

Being provided the ability to reach and impact hundreds of thousands all around the globe is fulfilling beyond words and a gift that I am extremely grateful for.

Thanks to you and your continued support I am enabled to continue and reach an even broader audience.

For those who are brand new I'd like to welcome you to the "Enlightened Journey" family and hope that our contribution makes a meaningful and powerful impact in EVERY area of your life.

You'll also notice that beginning this month, as a test, we are only posting a portion of the newsletter within this e-mail and allowing you to click the continue reading link at the bottom of this e-mail which will take you to an online version of the newsletter.

I hope that you enjoy the changes and ask that you provide your opinion by clicking on the link provided.

For doing so, I will provide you with a FREE six day e-course that I know you'll find not only enlightening but extremely informative in expanding your understanding with regard to consciously creating the quality of life that you desire.

One more thing....

I was referred to a new resource that is available as a free download created by Barry Goss. It's called "The Masters Of The Secret talking e-book" and I found it to be EXTREMELY beneficial and empowering. It includes some very enlightening and in depth interviews with some of the teachers who starred in the new blockbuster DVD release "The Secret" as well as others and they provide MUCH more depth with regard to manifesting desired outcomes in life than what was revealed in the movie.

The talking e-book contains 55 minutes of interviews with various teachers and if you like what you hear you can upgrade to the full version which includes over 18 hours worth of interviews. If you're interested in expanding your awareness and/or seeking answers to some of the tough questions concerning the unfolding of personal life events, The Masters Of The Secret is an incredibly in depth and extremely empowering resource.

You can get your copy here

With all that said let's get into this months editionů..

Conscious Versus Unconscious Action

In the last edition of "Enlightened Journey" we covered the fact that we, at the very core of our essence are spiritual beings.

For a refresher you can review that issue by clicking on the back issues link at the bottom of this e-mail.

In this edition we'll delve a little more into how that effects each of us in the physical realm and how we can better use that understanding to begin consciously creating the desired results in our lives.

In order to properly set the stage it is necessary to get back to basics. By basics I mean to go to the source or cause of where the events, conditions, and circumstances experienced in physical life are derived fromů..

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PS- As always thank you for being a part of the "Enlightened Journey" family as well as for your generous and continued support of

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