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Conscious Versus Unconscious Action

"Discover The Secret To Becoming A Conscious And Purposeful Creator Of Your Life Experience"

It's Really Not A "Secret" At All...

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In the last edition of "Enlightened Journey" we covered the fact that we, at the very core of our essence are spiritual beings.

For a refresher you can review that issue by clicking here .

In this edition we'll delve a little more into how that effects each of us in the physical realm and how we can better use that understanding to begin consciously creating the desired results in our lives.

In order to properly set the stage it is necessary to get back to basics and take a deeper look at how and why the results that you experience in life happen. By basics I mean to go to the source or cause of where the events, conditions, and circumstances experienced in physical life are derived from.

By source I mean the level at which all that we experience in physical form begins, proceeding the immutable and unwavering plan that has been laid and made available to us. The source that we will be covering today is not "THE Source" or "THE Cause" which many refer to as God, Father, Universal Intelligence, Source Energy, etc. but rather the source that begins at the level where our free will takes hold and provides us the ability to create our external events, conditions and circumstances in life and which we as humans have the free will to demonstrate as we choose.

It's important to understand that our individual Free Will is only available under the umbrella of the immutable and unwavering Universal or Spiritual Laws, which I refer to as "The Perfect Plan" or "Second Cause" that was put into place and has existed since the beginning of time by what I call "First Cause" who is the "Creator."

Although our free will doesn't allow us to change the construction of these laws or how these laws operate, it does enable and provide us the ability as well as the choice to learn more about them and develop an understanding of their unchanging perfection, and once learned and understood enables us...if we choose, to harmonize our actions in a way that will provide the desired results that we choose to experience in life.

We each have been provided this inalienable right of free will to act within these immutable and unwavering set of what are referred to as Universal or Spiritual Laws. This inalienable right of free will enables you to make the choices in each and every area of your life. These choices based, based on this free will enables you to think what you choose to think, to act in ways that you choose to act, and as a result of those choices mold and shape the events, conditions and circumstances which collectively make up your life experience.

Based on those choices, the "Perfect Plan" in it's unwavering perfection provides to us the results that we experience as a result of those choices and actions.

The source that we will be discovering and delving into today is your thoughts, which under the umbrella of the "Second Cause" or Universal Laws are responsible for creating your life experience.

It is these thoughts, more specifically the emotions experienced as a result of them, which I refer to as "third cause" which are responsible for attracting the events, conditions, and circumstances which you experience in the physical world as you will soon discover.

With that said let's dig deeper…..

It's been discovered that the average human thinks approx. 60,000 thoughts per day. Of these 60,000 thoughts it has also been discovered that among the majority, that only about 5% of these thoughts are "conscious" thought. This means that 95% of the thoughts that the majority thinks each day are mindless recurring patterns which continually play like an endless tape loop at a subconscious or unconscious level which most aren't even aware that they are thinking. In other words, if asked, the vast majority in the world would be unable to tell you what it is that they are thinking 95% of the time.

Now, understanding that, consider this…..

It has also been proven that your thoughts and emotions, just like everything else which exists in the entire cosmos, whether seen or unseen are at their core, pure energy or vibration which is projected outward, attracts to it energy or vibration of a harmonious frequency or resonance that joins with additional energies that harmonize with that frequency resulting in the physical manifestation of what we come to see and experience in our physical existence.

If 95% of these thoughts are unconscious or subconscious patterns of thinking that most aren't even consciously aware of, and consist of recurring patterns of "I'm always broke", "life is difficult", "why does this always happen to me", "my relationships suck", etc. etc., what do you suppose the energy which you are projecting is going to attract to you?

If you said more of the same, you would be 100% correct.

Understanding this, the next step in creating "desired" results would be to make the effort to become consciously aware of what these habitual patterns of unconscious thought consist of before we are able to utilize our free will to change them and as a result the outcomes that we experience.

It's important to understand that your thoughts do not think you but instead it is you who thinks your thoughts. Granted, there are many who believe that the thoughts that they think are uncontrollable. This belief only exists as a result of a lack of awareness or deeper understanding which falls outside of the boundaries of their perception of reality due to any number of reasons. Maybe they were taught that by someone who may have thought that themselves. There could be a number of reasons. Why isn't important at this point. The only thing that's important is that they believe it's true which forms their perception of truth.

This perception of truth is formed as a belief. For them it is true. But it's NOT necessarily true. It's only due to a lack of deeper understanding and happens as a result of habitual patterns repeated over a given period of time.

Although I COULD go off on a tangent on that subject I'll do my best to stay on the subject matter which is regardless of whether someone believes their thoughts are uncontrollable or not, doesn't make it true.

We do control our thoughts, most just have never been made aware of that fact and as a result allow their thoughts to run wild. In fact they develop habitual ways of thinking. Their thought patterns become a habit.

Just as with any other habit, you have the ability as well as the power to change those habits which appear as and that you make the choice to recognize as counter productive to creating desired results in your life. It's no different with your thoughts. Through discipline you CAN become conscious of them and when you do, make the conscious choice to change them when you discover that they are NOT in alignment with what you desire to experience in your life.

If you were fortunate enough as you were growing up to be surrounded by only positive input or what I refer to as "positive programming", these thought patterns, whether conscious or unconscious, will prove to be beneficial in your life.

This is why so many who may not ever delve more deeply into the process of creation and become consciously aware of how the events, conditions, and circumstances in life are derived, are still able to experience desirable or pleasing outcomes in the physical world. They have been programmed at a subconscious level to think and believe in such a way that projects and as a result attracts energy of a harmonious frequency which is necessary to fulfill their desires.

Even though they might never fully understand how the process works, or have any idea that such as thing as the Law of Attraction or any other Universal Law exists, the energy projected as a result of their positive programming, their individual habitual thought patterns is enough to attract and produce what are perceived as positive outcomes in life.

It is these people that as a result of this positive conditioning or programming, take the action necessary to create in their physical reality what are perceived as desired or "positive" outcomes. More specifically, say for example that you know of someone who is financially secure. They are financially secure because their thoughts are such at a conscious or subconscious level which emanate and broadcast or project an energy frequency that is congruent and harmonious with attracting financial resources.

This process of attracting is what is known and many times called "effortless creation." The only time it is necessary to become consciously aware of what it is that you are attracting to you is if what you are attracting contradicts with what you desire to attract. In other words if you are experiencing results in life that fall short of what you consciously desire to experience, there is something going on behind the scenes at an unconscious or subconscious level which is feeding and as a result attracting and creating in physical form these experiences which you consciously claim that you would rather not experience.

When this is the case it is due to subconscious processes (thoughts and beliefs) that conflict with the conscious desires that you hold.

In many cases when undesirable results happen in life, we attempt to correct these unpleasant situations by "taking control" and taking additional physical actions without being aware of and adjusting the "True Source" or the "real cause" of these outcomes. In the case of unpleasant financial situations, the result is that many will work extra hours in jobs that they find displeasing resulting in stirring emotions that make them "feel bad" which inevitably only serves to broadcast additional energies which intensify and attract to them more of that which they would rather not experience.

The physical body is limited in what it can do, the number of hours it can work. What is attracted and experienced through strictly physical means is in essence attempting to control effects with effects and once the body reaches it's limits results in fatigue, mental and emotional exhaustion, and if persisted in creates imbalance or disharmony in other areas of life.

The necessary action as has been taught to the majority is widely believed to be only this type of physical action taken and what we as individuals can do from a physical perspective. Ask anyone you know what creates their outcomes in life and chances are good that they'll tell you that it's what they do in their work or some other physical aspect of their lives.

It is widely believed that the physical actions performed by the body are what creates the outcomes in our lives. While to an extent this is true there is an action that precedes physical action that must first take place prior to being acted out in physical form which determines what physical actions are taken.

This is where many fall short of fulfilling their most heartfelt dreams and desires. They believe that their results are created based strictly through physical actions and that is what they spend most of their lives doing. Creating their lives, creating their various outcomes through their physical actions.

Many fail to look below the surface as to what causes each of us to take these physical actions which are being performed minute by minute, day by day, month to month, and year to year resulting in living their entire lives believing that life is limited and just an uncontrollable set of capricious external circumstances which they have no say so or control over.

They "choose" to look at the experiences in life from a strictly physical perspective limited to physical action in a limited physical world. Although you do have the free will to make this choice, you will find that your choice to do so will provide mediocre results at best and in many cases extremely undesirable results.

The "true cause" of what we experience in physical life and the kinds of results that we experience because of those actions goes much deeper than the physical actions performed.

You could say that there's an underlying cause.

Let's look at that now…….

In reality any action performed by your physical body must first be directed by something. There exists an ultimate or preceding cause for any physical action taken.

As an example in order for you to reach out and pick up a glass what must first happen? You must give your physical body the instruction to do so. You must instruct and will it to reach out and grab the glass right? Where does this will come from? Your thought. Before your body can perform any function it must first be given the direction or command to do so.

It is this initial thought which ignites an electrical process and activates an electrochemical reaction in your brain igniting an electrical process through the the neuro pathways within your brain and sends the impulses through nerves and muscle groups or put another way creates the energy which causes your arm to move and enables you to reach out and grab the glass.

In this particular case you are making a conscious choice to reach out and pick up the glass. OK, from that perspective it's fairly obvious, correct?

Now let's look a little deeper into the deeply embedded subconscious functions which sustain our physical bodies. Think for a moment about your heart beating. Is it necessary for you to consciously think or have an individual conscious thought to make your heart beat each time that it does? Obviously not. So how does it do this? It is due to deeply ingrained subconscious thought processes which enable what is known as the para-sympathetic nervous system to perform it's intended functions. This is information or unconscious commands stored at a deep subconscious level which makes the heart beat, the blood pump, the organs to work etc. It is the same with breathing. It is not necessary to consciously think about taking a breath in order to do so.

It is ingrained in our subconscious processes and becomes an automatic function performed effortlessly and unconsciously which enables us to survive. It is an automatic response system which is ingrained within us and necessary to sustain our lives and enables our physical body to exist.

Now, understanding this combined with the fact that the majority are unaware of or unconsciously think 95% of the thoughts that they have, by remaining unconscious of and continually allowing these thought patterns that contradict what we desire to experience in life, in the same way through repetition also become stored at a deep subconscious level and we become conditioned to respond in ways that become automatic and result in recurring patterns which until discovered and corrected will continue to provide the same outcomes.

Here's an extremely simplified explanation of how this works…..

Thoughts form pictures or perceptions which are stored in the subconscious as truth, regardless of whether they are or not, which create emotions which start a physiological process in our bodies which leads to the physical actions that we take.

It's important to understand and grasp that EVERYTHING experienced in your life begins with a thought whether it be conscious or subconscious.

Here are some examples that may further enable you to understand and grasp what I'm attempting to convey……

Albert Einstein can be quoted as saying that imagination is THE greatest creative force. Why would such a great and brilliant man say something that sounds so silly and trivial? Take a look at those words again…..

Imagination is the GREATEST creative force.

Really, imagination? Not education? Not money? Not luck? Not physical action? Not working at jobs that we find displeasing or anything else that you can think of.

Imagination, which is derived from thought has nothing to do with taking physical action initially although it does initiate a physical process within the brain which is the first step in in the process of transmuting something seen or physical from the unseen or spiritual.

You can't see imagination. You can't hold imagination in your hand. You can't smell, touch or taste imagination. Imagination is merely a result of thought. What you choose to imagine, the pictures that you paint with your thought, thought that YOU have control over once you become conscious of it, is what is the most powerful and creative force in the entire cosmos.

It exists as an unseen or spiritual force that until thought of exists only as potential and when thought begins the process of creation, attracting additional energy that is of a harmonious frequency, which through the process of creation molds and shapes your experience in the physical world. Until you think a thought this energy exists as only a potential or a probability of existence.

Let's take a brief look at additional proof that we have available to back up this claim…….

In science this proof is known as and referred to as cause and effect. The definition of cause and effect is that for every cause (action performed) there must be an effect (outcome experienced) equal to the cause. When it comes to thinking, as Quantum Physics has proven, it means that "thought correlates with it's object."

We won't get into a deep discussion about Quantum Physics here except to say that quantum physicists have discovered that subatomic particles, which are energy correlate with the thought of the scientist who is observing them.

Although science discovered that not that long ago, spiritual teachers and mystics have taught it for thousands of years.

In spiritual references Buddha can be quoted as saying that "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

Jesus taught that as we sow, so shall we reap. As we believe so shall we receive. Where is belief derived from? It is established and stored in the subconscious based on previous experiences in life which happened as a result of how we were thinking at some point prior to their occurrence.

If our thoughts at the time were such that harmonized and created an undesirable condition in our lives it then becomes stored as a belief or "perception" of reality. When later in life we are faced with the same set of circumstances we unconsciously refer to this previously stored data accepting it as "Real" which creates an emotion of fear, projects the resulting energy outward attracting additional energies of a harmonious frequency and creates in life more of that which is feared, resulting in a stronger or solidified belief and further substantiates based on the outcome that it's truth.

Here's the catch though...

This isn't necessarily "real truth" only "perceived truth." This process will continue until you become conscious of it's operation, recognize it as a perception and develop the ability to change the thought process which was responsible for creating the undesirable outcome experienced to begin with.

Jesus also said, "As you sow so shall you reap." To grasp the correlation here it is necessary to understand that your thoughts represent the seeds sown and the reaping is the harvest based on what those seeds produce.

As another spiritual teacher stated..."To see things in the seed, that is genius." - Lao-Tzu

We're not that far into this yet and I think you're beginning to see that we are near genious level already!! We're beginning to see things at the seed level...more specifically how our lives unfold starting at the seed level.

Now let's look at additional proof that can be observed in nature……

When a seed is planted, as a result a plant must grow. The only thing which determines the type of plant that does grow is based on the type of seed planted. You couldn't plant an orange seed and expect an apple tree.

It's the same with your thoughts. Plant thought seeds of fear and the outcome produced can only grow into that which you fear. Plant seeds of desired outcomes and all that can grow are desired outcomes.

This is "REAL" reality or "Real Truth" based on unwavering, unchanging and immutable principles put into place by "First Cause." Not a perception of reality, not based on "perceived truth" but "Real Unwavering Truth" proven scientifically and spoken of by the master spiritual teachers for thousands of years.

In the case of "Real Truth"...what I like to refer to as a "Higher Truth", it doesn't matter if you believe it or not. It won't change the fact that it's true. Try planting a seed in fertile soil where it can receive the necessary nutrients and believe with all your might that it won't grow. I can assure you that you will not be able to effect the process of creation at the level of "First Cause" no matter what you do.

But you do have the ability to change outcomes based on what we'll refer to as second cause based on your quality of thought or perception.

Here's a quote that best describes the difference between "Real Truth" and "Perceived Truth."

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." Phillip K. Dick

As another example if you stopped believing in gravity, it doesn't mean that you would no longer be subject to it's influence. Gravity is an unchangeable reality or what we are referring to to as Real Truth.

There are certain aspects of life, what I refer to as "Ultimate or First Cause" which are not subject to change due to individual perception. It is due to this Ultimate Cause, that each of the events, conditions, and circumstances in your life flow from with predictable certainty. It isn't until we get beyond this level of Ultimate Cause where free will becomes available and takes hold. Although we do possess free will, this free will cannot influence or change "Ultimate Cause."

Just as you can't will a plant not to grow, you can't will away gravity. It is something that always has and always will continue to exist. Although you can't will it away, you can and do have the ability to harmonize your actions with it in ways that will prove beneficial. But it's also true that you have been provided the free will to create circumstances that you perceive as unpleasant as well. You can and have the free will to gain knowledge concerning it's operation and take action that will enable you to use it for benefit as well as the free will to use it in a way that you "perceive" to be unpleasant or even harmful.

Just as gravity is a reality in life, as it has been proven "Energy" and the fact that it makes up ALL things in the cosmos is another unwavering and immutable truth. Although you can't change the fact that everything is made up of energy at it's core, you can gain knowledge concerning it's nature, make the choice to discover how it operates, and harmonize your actions with it's limitless and creative power and consciously utilize it in a way that will prove most beneficial in your life.

Ultimate or "First Cause" is and always will be fixed, unwavering, omniscient, omnipresent, the Alpha and Omega and all actions taken as a result of what this "First Cause" created, which is "second cause" meaning Universal Laws...what I like to refer to as "The Perfect Plan" will produce a result regardless of whether you believe it, are aware of it or not.

The only control you have is to determine the best way to operate within this plan...meaning to control the only thing which you have control over which is you, and do so in a way that will enable you to experience the results you desire to experience.

Now let's look at what we've covered from a more physical perspective as it relates to the outcomes experienced in life. Thanks to great advances in scientific technologies it is now possible to record and document brain wave activity and analyze the physical results of those waves.

As an example, were you aware that beliefs that you have established and hold actually create a physical mass within your brain? These physical masses are known as Dendrites. These dendrites can be physically seen and observed with advanced brain scan technology. As a result these Dendrites can be observed as dissipating and breaking apart as old belief patterns change and new dendrites can be observed forming as new beliefs are established.

Denis Waitley PHD who is a psychologist as well as an Olympic trainer hooked Olympic athletes that he was training up to sophisticated diagnostic brain wave equipment and had them "imagine" that they were performing their Olympic events in their mind. Amazingly, what was discovered and recorded is that as these athletes "imagined" themselves performing the various Olympic events only in their mind, even though they were laying down, the same neurons fired and the same muscle groups were activated as if they were out on the field physically performing each event. Imagination at that point as could be observed and recorded became physical and observable.

Let's look at some of the greatest athletes of the world. They will tell you that prior to carrying out their physical activity that they envisioned in their mind the outcome prior to taking the physical action necessary to complete it.

Roger Bannister, who is credited with being the first man ever to run the four minute mile did so as a result of "Believing" that he could. Until then it was "believed" to be impossible. Doctors of that day claimed that the human body didn't have the capacity and as a result "couldn't" do it. Psychologists claimed that it was mentally and physiologically impossible.

But Roger Bannister did it regardless. How? Because he "thought and believed" that he could. Amazingly since that time, the record has been matched and broken a number of times, even by high school students!! Point being...Until someone actually did it, it was believed that it couldn't be done and as a result never was. When it was determined that it could be done, MANY have been able to accomplish it.

OK, now that we have established some physical proof as well as documented cases of the power of thoughts as well as covered what spiritual leaders have claimed for thousands of years, let's bring it all home and determine how YOU can use this information to begin consciously creating "Real Life" physical results in your day to day life. Desired Results.

But first let's recap…..

Thoughts just like anything in our world exist as energy or a vibrational frequency. This frequency is projected outward attracting additional energies of a harmonious frequency creating a physical reaction in the human body and each reaction leads to yet another action/creation which once the entire process is finalized enables us to experience it in the physical world with the five physical senses. In other words it materializes in the physical world and determines the events, conditions, and circumstances which make up our life experience.

With this understanding are you beginning to see just how important it is to become conscious of what it is that you are thinking?

Energy is the base ingredient, the building blocks of anything and everything which makes up our world whether seen or unseen. Our thoughts depending on what they are determine, create, and broadcast a specific frequency. This frequency determines what other frequencies that you attract, which through the process described earlier determines what you will experience in the physical world.

It is thought that shapes your world. It is necessary to become consciously aware of the thoughts that you think if you are to begin consciously creating the life that you desire for yourself.

Since EVERYTHING which exists, has existed, or ever will exist in our world is, broken down into it's purest form consists of energy and you have been provided the ability to consciously control the energy that you project through your thought process ultimately determining what additional energies that you attract which determine your physical outcomes, you also have the ability to consciously control what those physical experiences consist of!!

Anything and everything that exists, has existed or ever will exist in the future exists as a result of thought or consciousness. For those that choose to lean on a spiritual understanding, as I do, consider how the cosmos was created.

God, Source Energy, Ultimate Cause or whatever you choose to refer to Ultimate Source as "Thought" the world into existence!!

Anything that you can see and experience in the physical world, whether it be the computer that you are looking at right now, the chair you're sitting in, the clothes you're wearing, the words that you are reading right now, or anything else that you can imagine also would not be here if it was not first "thought" of and someone had the idea to create it. Everything whether on the unseen, spiritual or physical plain was first conceived in and derived as a result of thought or imagination.

The Universe is unlimited in what it can provide. Try to grasp the concept of "Infinite Potential." Try to grasp the true meaning of Infinity. No beginning, no end. No limitation. If it can be conceived and believed (thought of) it can and will be experienced in the physical world.

It is only a matter of what you perceive and believe to be true, the limitations that YOU place on yourself and your willingness to become consciously aware of what you are thinking. The ONLY limitation that you have is what you can imagine for yourself. As you believe, so shall you receive.

You exist within and have available to you an infinite and limitless ocean of potentiality. What you can experience in the physical world, YOUR physical world is limited only by your ability to conceive it. Without the ability to imagine, conceive and believe it as possible, it not only will not, but cannot be created and experienced in your life.

This month make a conscious effort to become aware of your thoughts. Make a conscious effort to think about what you're thinking about. Really analyze your thoughts. As you think them begin to discern if they are in alignment with what you really and truly would like to experience in the physical world. If you determine that they are not, make the choice to change them right then and there.

Remain aware that you have at your disposal an infinite field of possibility and potential which is determined only by your ability and willingness to bring it into your physical reality. If beliefs that you currently hold go against what you may have a sincere desire to experience you only need recognize and change the beliefs which are keeping you from experiencing them in your life.

Plant only the seeds that will grow into what you envision for your future...more importantly begin "consciously" envisioning. Nurture them with only thoughts and external stimulation that support their growth. Make the conscious choice to absorb yourself in only that which gives you strength and power and eliminate that which weakens you and you will soon discover the awesome and limitless creative power that has been provided to you.

Physical outcome - physical action - conscious thought - belief- subconscious thought - infinite field of potential.

Think about this for a moment. Many years ago prior to any space exploration, various movies then considered as science fiction portrayed space ships, men going to the moon.

At that point in time it was merely fiction and many of these movies at the time were considered far fetched and impractical. Now look at the world today and what has been accomplished with regard to space travel and observation. Modern day science enables us to actually observe and determine events which are taking place millions of light years away. The possibility for this to happen, which years ago only existed as a form of entertainment and existed only in someone's imagination, which at the time was considered to be impossible has as of today been far exceeded.

What was once considered an impossibility is now being acted out in the physical world and taken for granted by many. So how is this possible? Could it be that the energy broadcast outward, impossible as it may have "appeared" at the time evolved and now has formed into a physical reality? From the mind of some television producer somewhere came the idea or thought to produce some outlandish and perceived impossible events which at one point was "perceived" as impossible can now be studied observed and learned from in physical form.

It is no different with you in your physical life. The energy that you broadcast today, the thoughts that you think, the ideas that you have, the beliefs that you hold, the actions that you take at this most basic subatomic creative level at some point in time are going to take shape into what you perceive as your physical reality regardless of how logical or illogical they may currently be perceived by someone other than you.

As Napoleon Hill said..."Whatever the mind can conceive and believe...it can achieve."

You only need develop the awareness that this is true, expand your perception of what is possible, which in "real truth" is limitless, and begin to consciously and intentionally focus those thoughts to create the desired physical manifestation of it in your life.

We all are creators of the events, conditions, and circumstances which make up our life. Many are consciously limiting the full potential available to them, some are unconsciously creating what they do as well as what they don't want to create, then there are those who have discovered the knowledge and put it into "correct action" which is enabling them to experience life in such a way that the majority believe to be impossible for themselves, and so it is.

You exist as a limitless and infinite being who exists as an integral and very crucial part of what makes up the whole of infinite potentiality. You only need to become conscious of it. The only thing that could possibly keep you from doing so is your choice, your free will. You are responsible. Your experiences in life today are being experienced as a direct result of the quality of your thoughts at some point in the past. Change your thoughts and you will change your world.

Look beneath the surface and discover that your physical body is limited to things and actions in the physical world. Discover the truth of your ability to project thought energy which will attract to you additional energies that will form in physical reality limited only to that which you project. Discover the "Real Truth" that you are FAR MORE than just a physical meat suit.

You are an infinite being provided limitless and infinite potential to bring into your physical reality "Whatsoever ye desire." You were created in the image and likeness of "First Cause" or "Source" and are limited only by what you perceive and believe to be true.

When analyzed deeply you will discover that there are different levels or layers of action that you have the free will to discover and utilize or not and what action you might choose to take or not in the physical world which is only determined by the core action or what I refer to as third cause. Every action, beginning with this third cause which is the quality of your consciousness, determines the next level of action taken, the result of which is determined only by the initial action or "true cause" of all proceeding actions.

With this initial action being so important and crucial to experiencing the desired outcomes in life it is not only necessary but crucial to become conscious of what this third cause consists of and begin to consciously and with focused intent realign and harmonize this crucial cause with "First Cause" in such a way that produces desired results.

There are typically 3 classes of people.

There are those who consciously think their thoughts.

a) Based on negative expectations
b) Based on limitless potential

There are those that unconsciously think their thoughts

a) but were programmed with information that resonates with success
b) that unconsciously think their thoughts based on negative programming.

Then there are those who consciously think their thoughts but whose perceptions or filters based on previous experiences limit the scope of infinite potential and as a result only enable them to experience physical results based on those perceptions.

As spiritual beings, we each have the same identical ability to attract the events, conditions, and circumstances which make up our lives. There are none who are more capable than another. The only difference in outcomes is based on our free will as to what we think, imagine and believe is possible. We each have been provided with a mind, we each have been provided with the physical tool which the mind utilizes to carry out it's instruction.

We each have been provided the inalienable right of free will to use what we have been provided in whatever way we choose to use it. The only difference in outcomes is based on your choice as to how you will exercise that free will which ultimately determines what type of life experience you will have in the physical world.

You are a creator of the events, conditions, and circumstances which make up your life. Become conscious of your abilities, harmonize your future actions with the unwavering and immutable plan that was laid at the beginning of time itself, and you will soon know what it means to experience heaven on earth.

Life is merely a process of growth. An educational journey that once properly understood, harmonized with and acted upon can be fulfilling and enjoyable far beyond what the majority can grasp.

When you do encounter difficulties make the choice to allow your perception (your thoughts) to stay focused on the fact that "ALL things work together for good" and are ultimately designed to show you that something behind the scenes is out of harmony with what you consciously have a desire to experience. If recognized and properly acted on will lead you back toward the path of your desired outcomes.

Remain in and retain an attitude of gratitude regardless of how things "appear" in life and you will soon discover that difficulties can not persist.

Allow this to soak in this month. Really allow yourself to grasp the infinite possibilities that you possess. Look at the current physical outcomes that you are experiencing and utilize what you have discovered here to determine what it is within you, which thoughts and beliefs do you possess that are creating these outcomes and which may be keeping you from or allowing you to experience all that you consciously desire to experience.

Strengthen those areas that you find you're not by carefully observing the areas that you find that you are and utilize those same principles where you "perceive" yourself to be weak. The outcomes will be "miraculous."

YOU ARE a limitless and infinite being existing in a limitless and infinite Universe. That limitlessness is limited only by what you allow it to be

What I share with you has come to me from years of in depth study of science, spirituality and the observation of nature as a result of encountering a number of undesirable experiences that I have personally experienced in my own life.

I knew somewhere down deep that there was a better way. This study combined with a heartfelt desire to discover what I now refer to as "Higher Truth", discovering the importance of and developing the discipline to go within through the use of meditation, I believe with all my heart that things have been revealed absent human influence and intervention which will greatly benefit you in your life.

I don't ask that what I share with you is taken and accepted as "your truth" but would rather hope that it encourages you to take the initiative to delve deeper and discover truth for yourself. Much of what most "perceive" truth to be are merely teachings handed down from generation to generation without ever being investigated as to their validity by those who receive it. Many times these teachings are nothing more than what I call "Traditionally Established 'FALSE' Beliefs." One thing that I do know and have come to believe beyond the shadow of a doubt is that.....

The answers that YOU seek already exist within you. You do have the ability to discover a "Higher Truth" for yourself. You only need make the choice to seek it out and find it. I would only encourage you to look within yourself first.

It can save you many years of toil and a lot of heartache.

Making the choice to do so can and will make a profoundly powerful difference in the outcomes that you experience in the physical world.

From a place of deep caring, compassion and empathy for you and those you love, I hope that you will.

Have an incredible month,

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Spiritual Writings Which Support Today's Newsletter

"Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. For EVERYONE who asks receives and he that seeks finds and to him that knocks the door shall be opened."

"Everyone who seeks truth will find it." Luke 16:18

"And ALL things, WHATSOEVER ye shall ask in prayer, believing ye shall receive." Matthew 21:22

"You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

"Be still and know that I am God."

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT seen."

"As a man thinketh so is he."

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