Is it possible that what you "think you know" is the one and ONLY thing that keeps you from receiving what you "truly desire" in life? I KNOW it is and I'll show you WHY that's ABSOLUTELY and beyond the shadow of ANY doubt true, and HOW to change it for good...but I only CAN, IF you'll allow me to.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation Provides
Real Answers, Lasting Solutions and a Quality of Life That
Many Believe They Can't Have...Even Though We ALL Can

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation holds the insight, the wisdom and the keys
for developing unstoppable confidence and getting what you truly desire in EVERY
area of your life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Hello Friend,

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you'd taken a different path in life?

In spite of the many hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations you hold dear, do you ever (or perhaps often) find yourself coming up short and seldom, if ever, receiving what you "long, hope, wish and maybe even earnestly pray for?"

Perhaps you're in the same or similar place that I found myself many years ago; feeling overcome by adversity, desperate, alone, confused, back against the wall, frozen in fear and totally unsure of how to change things...all the while, believing that there's nothing more that you can personally do to achieve whatever your desired outcome might be.

Or maybe you're situation is different. You might be doing really well in some areas of life, but getting each and every area humming at full capacity "seems" really really hard, or worse, impossible.

If you're in the same or similar place; if ANY of the above applies to you, take heart. I'll assure you right up front, the answers and solutions to acquire your more, whatever that might be, do exist. What's more, they're MUCH closer than you might think.

I'm going to reveal more about how I came to KNOW that (and where to find your answer) soon.

But first...

Allow Me to Introduce Myself and Share More About How My Personal Story Might Assist You In Being, Doing and Having More of Whatever It Might Be That You Love

My name is Chuck Danes and I'm the founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises. I'm also the author of The Miracle of You and Your Cells, publisher of the Enlightened Journey Ezine, the creator of, as well as the creator and facilitator of The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

I haven't always done what I do today. In fact, what I do now is totally different (and a whole lot more fun, rewarding and fulfilling) than what I was doing when I was personally asked the same questions I've asked you.

I'm ecstatic to say that I've since assisted tens of thousands of people from all around the world to create a vast array of desired changes for themselves.

If you'll allow me too, I can assist you as well.

As I and many like me have discovered, you CAN have what you "truly desire" in life. You truly can. As true as that is, there's one common thing that keeps many from actually doing that...

If you're ever to have what most people don't, it's going to require that you're open to, ready and willing to DO what most aren't.

Makes sense, right? Contrary to what many "seekers" think, creating and living an extraordinary quality of life isn't rocket science. In fact it's quite "simple." Profoundly simple actually.

How simple? Well, in one way, that's entirely up to you. In another, it's not up to you at all. More specifically, it depends on how willing you are to get out of your own way.

The KEY to being, doing, and/or having more of what you love and value is knowing WHAT to do, HOW to DO It and once you're aware of that, following through and DOING it in the proper order.

That's a BIG part of what I you how. It's what I've been doing for many years.

I'll assure you, what I "get to do" today is far different than what I once thought was necessary to have what I desired. It's FAR MORE fun and certainly more fulfilling than what I once believed I HAD to do to "get by."

In fact what I do now is something that I absolutely LOVE and am extremely passionate about.

It's what I call my "Soul Purpose."

You have a "Soul Purpose" also. The fact is, we ALL have one. What's more, we can ALL engage in it whenever we "choose" to. As rewarding and fulfilling as doing that is, most don't. For many years, I certainly didn't. I didn't even realize I could. I stayed stuck in that "realization" for MANY years until I "unlearned a few things" and discovered that I...that ALL of us CAN.

Part of my "job" is revealing why YOU can. The other part is showing you how.

That's only one of many enormous changes that happened for me after being asked, carefully considering and honestly answering each of the questions I've asked you.

Since doing so, I've spent more than 3 decades researching and studying everything under the sun about human potential. I've explored and devoured everything I could find to better understand the human condition and what makes us tick.

Through it all, I've learned why we believe what we believe, why we think like we think, why we do what we do and why we don't do what we "claim" we really want to do.

I've also discovered why so many people go through life wanting, hoping, wishing, praying, needing and in many cases spending their entire lives working (and trying) really hard to create various kinds of change, without ever coming anywhere remotely close to experiencing the kind of changes that they're wanting so badly and "trying so hard" to make happen.

As I learned first hand, and hope you will too, it's NOT because you can't. It's because at some level, you believe you can't. The fact of the matter is, you can have whatever you truly desire in life even though you may not currently believe or fully understand HOW or WHY right now.

I certainly didn't understand how or why at one point. I thought (in fact I was quite certain) that life just delivered what it would. That's really and truly what I "thought." That's where I was and precisely what I received before my mind and my entire life was changed.

As I discovered first hand, the first thing that MUST be done to experience the same is changing YOUR mind.

Enough about me. Let's get focused on you...

Where do you stand?

Maybe you think creating change is hard. Maybe you think it's impossible. It can be. No doubt about that. But as I learned first hand, it doesn't have to be unless you choose that for yourself.

Creating desired change can (and often does) seem difficult; impossible even. It can also become "profoundly simple." The fact is, whether it's "hard" or whether it's mind boggling "simple" is entirely up to you.

It all depends on what you choose to DO or not do.

I spent many years studying, researching, walking A LOT of paths, frantically looking for answers and enduring a lot of pain before "figuring that out." It was a long hard path to walk. It took a LOT of time and hard work before finding what I call the "short path."

That's why MOST people don't do what I've done. They think it's "too hard." They think it takes too much time.

The truth is, it CAN. It can require A LOT of hard work and A LOT of time too. It CAN also require that YOU experience A LOT of pain also. I certainly did before being pointed toward the short path and began DOING what's truly necessary to acquire the kind knowledge and understanding of HOW to change things once and for all.

But the Higher Truth is, it doesn't HAVE to.

The really great news for you is that there's no need for YOU to spend as much time finding the answers or experiencing the pain that I did. It's unnecessary to spend years DOING all the hard work that I've done, because I've spent more than 35 years searching, seeking, trying, falling, failing and eventually SUCCEEDING in ways that I didn't BELIEVE were possible when it all began.

My mind has been profoundly and forever changed since then.

The point is this...

There's no need for you to endure what I and many others have because I've already DONE all of the "hard stuff" for you.

Ironically, after going through, enduring and DOING all that "hard stuff", I discovered how simple it all truly is.

That's why I created The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. To reveal the simplicity, perfection and unerring nature of HOW things work and WHY they can work for you.

Now it's simply a matter of you deciding if what I've personally discovered makes sense to you.

I'll be sharing some of those discoveries soon. Then it will only be a matter of you deciding if what I've personally discovered makes sense to you.

But first I'm going to ask that you think about and answer 2 more REALLY IMPORTANT questions...

  1. How "sincere" are you about finding your answer?

  2. Once found, how "serious" are you about turning things around?

If your answer is VERY sincere" and "Dead serious", and you really mean it, do yourself a huge favor.

...Get and STAY laser focused for just a bit as I reveal not only WHY, but HOW you can.

Based on my own experience as well as the experiences of MANY others, I'm certain that what I have to share can provide you with the insight and understanding to turn things around VERY quickly. In fact, should you decide to read along attentively, take the steps I'll walk you through and DO what many before you have done, I KNOW it will.

I'll provide all the details about WHAT must be done soon. But first, another REALLY IMPORTANT question. In fact, it could prove to be the single most important and liberating question you've ever been asked.

It was for me. It's proven to be the case for many like me too. And if you're really sincere and truly serious about creating extraordinary change for yourself, it's equally important for you too...even if you're unaware of just how important it is.

Here's the question...

What if you discovered that much of what you "think you know" about life, yourself, others, and what's possible or NOT possible for you, may be (and more than likely is) the very "knowing" that keeps you from having what you truly desire in life?

If you think and believe as MOST do, chances are 100,000 to 1, that sounds crazy to you. I say that, because when I was asked that same question many years ago, it sounded beyond crazy to me. Ludicrous actually. The fact is, it sounds crazy to most. Initially at least. So, if it sounds that way to you too, believe me when I tell you...I get it and I TOTALLY understand.

But if that's the case for you, do yourself another enormous favor. Do your best to put any notions of how "crazy it seems" out of your mind for now. BUT as we move forward, also do your very best to become aware of, identify and disarm any belief to the contrary, while remaining as open as you possibly can to the possibility that it may not be as crazy as you might think...fair?

As crazy as it all sounded to me at the time, little did I know, that soon after being asked, it was revealed to me, in transformational detail, (and to my utter amazement I might add) just how "true" it is.

What I eventually discovered is this...

There’s a transformational power that lies within us all and as I soon realized, I just didn't know what I didn't know.

It was the very question that I needed at the time because, after experiencing what many viewed as being a "far above average" quality of life, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, I found myself in a very different place.

Different is an understatement. It was a VERY scary place.

Words can't fully describe this "place" or what I was feeling. The best description I can provide is to say that I found myself in a very deep and seemingly inescapable rut... physically, relationally, emotionally and financially.

To say it was scary is even an understatement actually. The fact of the matter is, my situation had become UGLY. So UGLY in fact, I found myself overwhelmed and terrified. I was mentally, emotionally and physically drained, my marriage was on the rocks and to top it all off, I was a few days away from what I viewed as complete financial ruin.

What's worse is, my confidence was shattered, any spark of hope was overridden and snuffed out by the nightmarish effects of fear, doubt, and worry, my anxiety level was off the charts and, based on how things looked at the time, it "seemed as if" my short and long term future was going to be anything but pleasant.

What really terrified me is, I'd done everything I knew to do to turn things around and I'd run out of I thought.

Little could I know at the time, that my mind and my circumstances would soon change in ways and in a timeframe I couldn't even fathom at the time.

More about what created that change soon...

Point being, I understand if, like me, the questions I've asked you to this point sound crazy. If so, maybe you're experiencing what I was in other ways as well.

Let's explore that possibility...

  • Do you find yourself sometimes (or often) "thinking and/or wishing" that you'd done a few (or perhaps many) things differently?

  • Do you harbor feelings of remorse or regret about your past?

  • Do you find yourself often hoping, wishing and/or praying that you could HAVE this, HAVE that, or HAVE this other thing but your HOPE of ever getting it is shrinking...or worse gone?

  • Do you often catch yourself fretting about where you are right now, or perhaps fearing (or worse terrified about) what the future might hold?

  • Maybe you're working really hard, yet in spite of you're efforts, you're not receiving what, or getting anywhere near where you "truly desire" to be?

  • Or maybe the dark shadows of frustration, anxiety, fear, confusion, pain and sadness are upon you right now and you don't know where to turn or what to do.

If any of that applies, don't feel alone. You're not. Far from it actually. Since finding myself in the same predicament, I've worked with and assisted many people, from nearly EVERY walk of life, who have felt and experienced the same at varying degrees.

There are countless millions in the world who currently are experiencing, have experienced or will experience one or more of the above...even though NO ONE has to.

The fact is, most people come up against some seemingly impenetrable obstacle during the course of their life. Of those who DO hit a rut and become serious about having more, the majority do experience some or all of the above at varying degrees. That's a FACT.

It's also a fact that, when that happens, MANY people think that there's nothing they can do about it. So at best, they grin, bear it and do their best to hide the pain. I've found that's what MOST people "think" they have to do. They honestly believe that's "Just how life is" and "just how things work", so they might as well just suck it up and learn to "deal with it."

Like MOST people, I certainly thought that at one point too.

But there's something I've since learned about myself and MOST people. Maybe it applies to you.

MOST people aren't receiving (and because of how they think, what they're DOING and HOW they're doing it, never will receive)
what they "truly desire" in life.

It's NOT because we ALL can't. It's because most are "choosing" NOT to even though they may not realize that such a choice is being made.

If you're not experiencing EVERYTHING you truly desire in life, the same applies to you. At some level you're choosing not to. If you'd like to learn how to choose differently, read on because I'm going to show you not only WHY you can, but HOW you can.

Before I do, I think it's only fair that I'm very up front with you here. I can't possibly teach you how to transform your entire life in a single webpage.

The reason why is simple. There are many under the radar things happening simultaneously. Things you're not consciously aware of. If you were aware of them, you wouldn't be experiencing ANY form of discontent and you'd already HAVE whatever it is that you want. It's these subconscious under the radar things that keep us from where we truly desire to be.

Believe me when I tell you, I understand that on the surface it "seems" really complex. But the fact is, it's all very simple. Once you're aware of the simplicity the "fix" becomes easy.

The "key" to SEEING the simplicity and changing things once and for all, requires undergoing a very simple but powerful 2 stage process.

  1. Unlearning

  2. Relearning

That's an extremely important and necessary part of the transformation process. It doesn't matter which area of life you have a desire to transform.

The reason behind that is VERY simple too...

We learn many things in the early years of life, many of which keep us stuck. Things that can make life "seem" really complex and scary too. That's why unlearning is so important. Unlearning is the key to SEEING and understanding the simplicity.

But doing so requires more than reading a few inspirational paragraphs, faithfully engaging in the quote of the day, or trying what many do, by "trying" to think positive thoughts and visualize their dream life into being.

I personally "tried" that "less than effective" approach (and MUCH more) before realizing just how necessary the "unlearning and relearning" process is. Many others have done the same before they realized more was required.

That's why I created The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. In fact, that's EXACTLY what The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious creation was designed, intended and created to do...walk you through the "unlearning and relearning" process simultaneously. and enable you to SEE the simplicity.

I can't possibly do that in a few paragraphs, any more than anyone else can.

What I CAN and will be doing in the paragraphs that follow, is revealing some things to you; some very simple, insightful, powerful and potentially transformational things, that you may not be aware of.

They're things that will assist you in seeing for yourself just how important unlearning is. Once you see that, navigating the path that I KNOW leads to where you "truly desire" to be...wherever that is...becomes simple.

I call it the "short path" that leads to where so many are anxiously and futilely "trying so hard" to get to. In my years of doing what I currently do, I've found that most are unknowingly and unintentionally "choosing" a MUCH longer and far more painful path than necessary.

I certainly did. As I've since discovered...most are.

I'm also well aware of the fact that your time is limited and precious. I am because I've been there too. MOST people "tell me" they have very little (if any) time to DO what they have to do, let alone enough to relearn how to do what's necessary to have what they'd truly love to have. I get it. I really do.

Since MOST people "claim that", I'll say this up front too...

It's a form of self sabotage that stems from making
unconscious and/or uninformed choices

If YOU are sincere and serious about HAVING what MOST people NEVER will, including but not limited to more time and A WHOLE LOT more freedom than MOST think is possible, it's going to be necessary - of VITAL importance actually - to learn, understand and DO what MOST people REFUSE to take the TIME to do.

And yes, I'm going to ask that you DO a few uncommon things, but be assured of this...

There's a Method to My Madness and It's Proven to Be POWERFULLY Transformational, Physically, Financially, Relationally, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually for MANY People Just Like You All Around the World

Find comfort in the fact that, what follows is VERY simple...easy too. If you're SERIOUS about change, it's more than worthy of your time. But it's going to require that you focus, and for a short time, give me your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.

What I'm about to share and walk you through, comes from MANY years of experiencing a very diverse number of outcomes, ranging from the terrifying and painful to the awesome and profound.

I've already walked the path. Should you choose to heed my advice and follow it TO THE LETTER, I KNOW, based on that experience, that it will enable you to turn things around in a BIG way...perhaps in a "seemingly miraculous" kind of way as it did for me.

I not only know it CAN, it WILL if you'll remain open, receptive and allow it to. But make no mistake...a few minutes of conscious participation and focus is both necessary and KEY here.

I say "conscious participation" for very good reason. It's this...

What You Focus on Expands
and What You Feed Grows

If you're really serious about change, becoming "consciously aware" of what you FOCUS on most is important. VITALLY important. It is because, whether you're aware of it or not...and whether you believe it or not, it's true.

...What you focus on DOES expand and what you feed DOES grow...unconditionally.

In spite of what many believe, life isn't a random roll of the dice and both 21st century science and the ancient manuscripts verify and validate just how real and true that is.

Granted, it's based on a Higher Truth than many are aware of. But that doesn't make it any less true. It is true, it's always been true and it's always going to remain true...REGARDLESS. You could say it's a "timeless truth" that is, always has been and is going to remain definitively and unconditionally true...regardless.

Another important thing to understand is that approx. 98% of your thoughts (and the thoughts of most) are "unconscious."

What that means is, 98% of the time, MOST people are completely unaware of what they're focusing on and giving attention to. That's precisely why so many honestly believe that they can't have what they desire in life. What they truly desire.

I'm going to do everything in my power to not only assist you in seeing that, but do the very best I can in changing it for you too. But I only can, if you allow me to.

Let's start by DOING something that MOST people don't "consciously DO" nor understand the importance of.

It's a VERY simple, yet enormously insightful 3 step process.

Those 3 steps are...

  1. ...becoming more aware of your "unconscious thought" processes

  2. ...becoming "conscious and keenly aware of" what you're focusing on and giving attention to MOST

  3. ...understanding the importance of shifting from a self limiting and self sabotaging kind of focus to the kind that provides whatever it might be that you truly desire.

Let's set the stage...

You Can Never Create or Receive What You Consciously Desire by Placing Unconscious Focus and Attention on What You Fear and/or Don't Want

We ALL have conscious desires. We're "quite aware" of what those desires are. What we're not aware of, are the subconscious thought process that sabotage and keep those desires from materializing.

Although you may not be "consciously aware" of it right now, if you don't have what you truly desire in life, your predominant focus is, to some degree at least, fixated on what you fear and DON'T want rather than what you love and truly desire to have.

That's what "feeds", enables and allows what we don't want to grow.

I'm going to do my best to assist you in seeing where your predominant focus is fixated, by asking another question that will get you thinking about and more focused on what you DO want...whatever that might be.

It's the same question I was asked when I found myself in the UGLY mess that I did many years ago. It's also the very question that served as my "Wake up call" and served as the catalyst that, once I became "keenly aware" of the answer, turned things around for me in a really BIG way soon after. It's been the experience of many others too.

That question was this...

If you could have anything and everything you've ever hoped for in your life; anything at all, right here, right now, what would that be?

Do yourself a HUGE favor...

Stop for just a minute and think about that...I mean really think about a laser focused and heart centered kind of way.

As you do, think about and DO your best to picture your ideal life in vivid detail...

  • What would your ideal life be like?

  • What would it look like?

  • How would it feel to experience that every day?

  • What would having that change in place right here, right now, mean to you and those you love?

As you ask yourself those questions, become keenly aware of the stream of thoughts that follow. Not the "What would it be like to HAVE what I want" thoughts. I'm referring to the underlying thoughts that surface as you do your best to create the pictures in your mind of how you'd love your life to be.

Tune in, pay close attention and listen very carefully and intently to what those thoughts are.

They may be nothing more than really faint whispers initially. That's why it's important to tune in, focus, listen carefully and become keenly aware of what they reveal. Chances are, they're very subtle under the radar thoughts that conflict with "receiving" whatever it is that you "truly desire."

What specific thoughts surfaced for you? More importantly, what are they telling you?

Do they resemble thoughts like...

negative affirmations

  • "...You can't?",

  • "...It's too big?",

  • "...You're not worthy?",

  • "...It's too hard?",

  • "...He/She won't let me?"

  • "...You don't have the resources?"

  • "...The economy keeps me from it?",

  • "...You don't have the time, the talent", etc?

Do they align and harmonize or conflict and resist with what you desire most?

Are those "under the radar thoughts" supporting, guiding and moving you closer to, or further away from what you truly desire in life?

Once you become keenly aware of WHAT those thoughts are, you're one huge step closer to seeing what must be "unlearned" and well on your way to turning things around.

Let's get you further down the path with a few more questions...

What Do You Want, Why Do You Want It and What Do You Honestly Believe Has (and Keeps) You Wanting Rather than HAVING Whatever It Is?

Nearly everyone "claims" to WANT a better life, don't they? Of course. Everyone that I know does.

Since that's true, an important next question is, WHY do you suppose you and so many others are WANTING something? Why would so many hope, wish, pray, ask and WANT, yet the vast majority of those who do, are NOT experiencing the kind of life that they (and BILLIONS of others around the planet) consistently hope, wish and/or pray for?

Why is it that so many good hard working people have all these WANTS, yet never get beyond WANTING long enough, so they can actually start DOING what's "truly necessary" to begin receiving, having and enjoying what it is they DO want and would love to have?

Let's bring it closer to home...

Why do you suppose that YOU aren't receiving, experiencing and enjoying anything and everything that YOU want and would love to have in your life?

Although your "reasons" may be many, as I learned many years ago, it's NOT because you can't. If you have "reasons" surfacing as to why you can't have what you would absolutely love to have, forgive me for saying so, but ANY "seemingly justifiable" reasons are nothing more than "excuses" in disguise.

That may seem harsh. It may be a hard pill to swallow. It was for me. But it's not intended to be harsh at all. I share that because it's true. Unless and until we face, learn and accept the truth, we can never get to where so many "claim" they want to be.

MOST people have all kinds of excuses as to why they can't be, do or have any infinite number of things, yet they view and perceive them as justifiable reasons.

I KNOW based on "personal experience" that there are NO valid reasons or excuses for doing without. You CAN have whatever you want...whenever you discover how and why you CAN and DECIDE to do something with (and about) what you do discover.

When you do the "right things" in the "right order", all the excuses and "seemingly justifiable reasons" disappear. Take it from someone who's "been there and done that." There was a point in time where I had PLENTY of excuses of my own. Once I faced that, accepted it and eliminated them once and for all, I discovered something ENORMOUSLY freeing...

You CAN create the life of your dreams...literally and regardless.

But although you (and EVERYONE else) CAN, the fact remains that MOST aren't?

The 377 million dollar question is WHY?

If you DID the exercise above you already HAVE your answer. That's the starting place for bringing dreams to life. It provides you with an uncommon kind of awareness regarding YOURSELF that MOST do not have. It's the foundational place to start and opens doors to a kind of awareness that CAN move you from lack, limitation, mediocrity and WANTING, to HAVING anything and everything that your heart truly desires.

Yes, there are more steps to take. There's more to "unlearn" and more to become aware of too. But if you've done what I've asked you to, you're miles ahead and already aware of what most aren't.

Let's take it a step further with a few more foundational questions.

You've no doubt noticed, I ask A LOT of questions. Each and every question I've asked you so far is important. VITALLY important. But there are a few more that will reveal something else. They may seem very basic because they're foundational questions.

Your answers will determine the kind and quality of foundation that you'll be building upon from this point forward. They'll determine the kind of changes that you'll experience or NOT experience in the future.

It's the foundation that you construct and choose to build upon that determines if your future choices (and results) will be awesome, meaningful, lasting and desirable, or mediocre, short term, fleeting and "less than truly desired."

In many cases...MOST actually, it's necessary to tear out some, much and in some cases all of the old foundation and build a new one.

These next questions will determine if you'll experience the change/s that you claim to want or if you'll remain where you are.

Here are the same 2 foundational questions I was asked that set the wheels in motion and led to enormous change, not only within myself, but in "tangible and measurable ways" which impacted each and every area of my life in ENORMOUSLY pleasing ways.

Maybe my asking you those SAME questions, will set the wheels of change in motion for you too.

The 2 questions I was asked next were these...

  1. "Are you open to looking deeply within and becoming brutally honest with yourself to pinpoint, identify and eliminate once and for all any source/s of conflict that are happening within you?

  2. Are you truly ready and willing to become aware of and shift any deep rooted beliefs that are keeping you from creating and experiencing the kind and quality of life that you "claim" you want to live?"

Now I can't know about you. But when I was asked, because of where I was at the time, I didn't have to give those questions much thought. I immediately responded with a BIG yes. Then I listened intently, internalized what was shared, and followed, TO THE LETTER, a very "Specialized and powerful form of knowledge, insight and direction" that was provided to me.

I did JUST as I was instructed, followed through and the rest is history.

What I discovered is MANY things that I wasn't aware of. The 4 most important and beneficial things I personally discovered and internalized were...

  1. I am far more powerful than I previously thought I was

  2. I was far more than capable of using that power "consciously"

  3. I was more than worthy of receiving what I truly desired

  4. That I actually could have what I desired most...regardless of how things "seemed."

Here's what I've come to KNOW in the years since that insightful and enlightening period.

The same applies to you. What's better is, the same can happen for you. It CAN happen for ANYONE who's sincere and serious about allowing it to happen by simply choosing to unlearn, relearn and DO what's necessary...what's truly necessary.

I'll reveal HOW and WHY I KNOW that's true as well as provide you with the "next steps" that can move you from where you are to where you "truly desire" to be soon.

Before I do, I want to share something else that's VERY important. It led to me to coming to a very sobering yet liberating realization many years ago.

Sharing it may assist you in moving beyond seeking, wanting and desiring what's readily available to you, me and anyone else who gets serious about finding it.

It's this...

Before You Can Escape From Prison,
You Must First Realize That You're in One.

I had a very profound wake up call many years ago. Little did I know beforehand, that I had not only been living in a prison, I was the person that had constructed it too.

It wasn't a literal prison in one sense, but it was very real in another. It definitely kept me confined and limited in many ways. I certainly felt trapped. Yet at the time, I had no idea it was a prison. I honestly believed that's just how life was. That's why I remained there for so long, prior to my wake up call.

What I would eventually discover is that, at the time, I simply didn't know what I didn't know.

During my prison stay, I made a lot of money. I acquired a lot of toys. Based on most people's "beliefs and opinions" I was living the "good life."

Yea right. It looked REALLY good on the outside. But on the inside I felt trapped and felt as if I was dying a slow, tortuous death.

I thought that where I was, what I was doing and what I was receiving was as "good as it could get."

The jailer wasn't a mean or bad person. He was just doing the very best he knew how, based on what he was taught and thought he knew. He went through the motions just like he was told, taught and "believed" things needed to be done.

Actually, as it turned out, I've since discovered the judge, the jury, the jailer, and the prisoner were one and the same.

It was me.

Without ever knowing or realizing it, I had needlessly sentenced myself to a very long and grueling prison stay. Thankfully, I found the keys and got out.

Since freeing myself, I've found that many have done and are doing the same. Although few "know it", MOST are still "locked up" in their own self created prison.

Maybe you "feel" locked up, confined or limited too, to some degree. It's possible that you're doing well in some areas of life but not so well in others. Maybe you're like me and you've acquired all the "stuff" that you thought would make you happy, but in spite of all the many things you've acquired, you feel as if you're dying on the inside.

Maybe you're doing everything you've been taught to do...what others have taught you is the right and/or only way to do things. After all, what needs to be done, "needs to be done" to survive, and make things happen.

It really doesn't matter what it takes or how you feel about it, right?

Well...if you think that's "right", that will become your experience. When you change that mindset it can become MUCH better. If you're anything like me, chances are you don't know how much better it can get.

Maybe you work hard at your 9-5 work release program. Maybe you even have your own business but it keeps you trapped hours on end, 6, maybe 7 days a week doing what you think needs to be done to "take care of business" so you can achieve the success that you hope, wish and maybe even "think" is just around the corner.

You go through all the motions, always thinking about what the "good life" might be like on the outside. You think about what might happen at some future point in time once you "take care of business" and do what "needs to be done" so you might finally know what it means to be free.

Maybe as the years have passed, you've continued working really hard. Your heartfelt hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations call out from time to time. You think about them on occasion, yet you never do anything different to fulfill them.

After all, what is there to do? You're doing exactly what you've been taught to do, you're DOING plenty of it, yet you still don't have what you "truly desire."

You don't have the time. You don't have the resources. You don't have don't have don't have this other thing that you "think you need" to get to the next level so you can "finally" be happy.

So you keep on keeping on, doing the same thing over and over and over again, but the scenery doesn't change much.

Regardless of what you do, how much you engage or how hard you try DOING what you've been told, taught and "believe" needs to be done, you can't seem to get ahead. Your time is limited so you can't do anything more to move beyond the norm and the common results that doing the "common thing" always provides.

It's quite possible that mediocrity has become a way of life. You've learned to settle for "common results" fully believing that's how life was designed and intended to be.

Sure, you might receive an occasional boost here and there. You buy that house. You get that new car. You engage in an extra curricular activity from time to time. But soon after, that temporary "boost" and short lived satisfaction fades away. It never lasts long.

So you go after another boost, and another and another, "thinking", hoping, wishing and praying that maybe this time, it will last. But it never does.

All the while, your REALLY BIG "heartfelt" hopes, dreams and desires" never move past the hope, dream and desire stage.

You have all these "seemingly justifiable reasons" why things are as they are. When the economy gets better...when the kids are grown...when the summer comes...when those investments mature, then I'll have more time and be able to do what I really want and would LOVE to do.

Something or someone out there always keeps you from fulfilling your dreams.

Wake up call time...

Take it form someone who's lived it already. You're just too busy keeping yourself locked up in your own self created prison to find a simpler, easier and far quicker way.

You're in the same prison that I and so many others have needlessly kept themselves trapped within.

But guess what?...As was the case with me, since the judge, jury and the jailer is “YOU”, you CAN set yourself FREE anytime you choose.

Millions upon millions of people around the world keep themselves confined in their own self created prison without ever knowing it.

Maybe you are too.

It's not you really. It’s your false and limited perceptions about “who you are”, what you're capable of and what's truly possible for you. and available to you. That's what puts you in prison, keeps the walls around you and blocks the "time" as well as the physical, financial and relational results that you "truly desire" and would love to have.

That's the one and only thing that keeps you from seeing the unlimited potential that you have and your ability to consciously create the heartfelt desires you have for yourself and those you love.

Many don't know it. No one does it on purpose. It's certainly not intentional. Nonetheless, in far more cases than not, we unknowingly do it to ourselves without realizing we are, or that we have.

MOST do just that.

I've also found that when you've experienced enough stress, fear, anxiety and pain, due to your own self inflicted confinement, you're ready to bust loose...regardless of what it takes.

When you've had enough of the hard work, struggle, sacrifice and the mediocrity, lack, limitation, discord and lack of time that accompanies it, you want to devise an escape plan.

Take it from someone who's "been there and done that", when the timing is right and you finally decide that enough is enough, you want to know where the keys are.

I share 7 of those keys and a whole lot more in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

Since you're still here reading this, there's something more that you WANT in life, right?

If so, now's the time to decide if what I've shared might assist you in moving from wanting, hoping, wishing and praying into having whatever your desire might be. makes sense to you.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation reveals you HOW to get it...whatever IT is.

Let's get back to you and the question I asked a few moments ago...

Why do you suppose that YOU aren't receiving and/or experiencing anything and everything that YOU want in life?

If you already HAVE everything you want, there's no need for you to do anything more than you've done. Just keep doing that. Nothing I have to say or share will provide any further benefit to you.

On the other hand if you're not, but you're "sincere and serious" about HAVING whatever it is, then what follows could provide the answer, the solution and enable you to have whatever it might be that you're looking for.

The reason why you (and MOST everyone else) aren't experiencing what they say they WANT is VERY least it can be. Here's how simple it is...

It's because of what you "think you know."

There are ALWAYS exceptions of course. Yet those exceptions are so few and far between, there's no need to waste any of your precious time discussing them here.

In 99.9999% of the cases, what you "think you know" is what enables you to have (or keeps you from HAVING) the kind and quality of life that so many "claim" to want...period.

Just so there's no margin for error or misunderstanding, I'm going to be VERY specific here...

  • If you WANT greater health but DON'T have it, it's because of what you "think you know."

  • If you WANT greater financial abundance but you AREN'T receiving it, it's because of what you "think you know."

  • If you WANT harmonious and fulfilling relationships (intimate or otherwise) but they aren't showing up, it's because of what you "think you know."

  • If you WANT to feel awesome, amazing and experience an indescribable peace and sense of assurance, but you're feeling awful, tired, stressed out and anxious, it's because of what you "think you know."

  • If you WANT to experience a deeper, richer and more personal spiritual connection but you "feel disconnected" in ANY way, shape, or form, it's because of what you "think you know."

Believe me when I tell you. I KNOW how crazy that might sound, but it really and truly is that simple...

...It really doesn't matter WHAT you WANT to BE, DO or HAVE more of personally. If you DON'T have it, it's only because of what you "think you know."

Here's something else that's going to be important for you to KNOW and DO if you're to move from WANTING to HAVING...

It's going to be necessary to shift from "WANTING" to a KNOWING that whatever you currently WANT is already waiting for you. What's truly necessary to HAVE your desires fulfilled, is opening yourself to them so you can receive them. It's also going to be necessary to make the shift from WANTING and develop a sincere and heartfelt "DESIRE" to receive whatever it might be that you currently do WANT.

But to DO that is going to require that you enhance your understanding about WHY you can, HOW you can and what's "truly necessary" to DO first so you CAN actually receive what so many spend their entire lives WANTING.

Put simply, it's going to require that that you expand your "awareness." That's where it ALL begins.

For now, let's leave it at that. We'll get back to exactly WHY that's true soon. Should you decide to stay with me, read and "internalize" EVERY word that follows in it's entirety, I'm VERY confident that you'll discover for yourself just how vitally important and powerful what you think you know is, just as I did....without having to experience the "seemingly unbearable and inescapable" period of pain, struggle and hardship that I experienced, before figuring that out.

Because I've experienced just that and KNOW just how true it is, I'm going to make you a promise...

Once you DO "figure out" WHAT is keeping you from what you "truly desire" in life and choose to DO something about it, you'll experience a kind of change...perhaps MANY changes of a "seemingly miraculous" nature that will not only boggle your mind, but change the entire course of your life.

As "simple as it all is, many people have a difficult time believing it, let alone figuring it out.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation reveals WHY that's true and WHAT you can and MUST do to finally HAVE and experience whatever your desired changes in life might be.

The first step though, is becoming keenly aware of what's running through your mind at the deepest levels. That's WHY I share and walk you through a VERY SIMPLE 3 minute process that serves as the catalyst for ENORMOUS change, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

It's a VITALLY IMPORTANT 1st step that MUST be taken by those who aren't receiving what they "truly desire" in life, but are sincere and serious about HAVING.

So if you didn't engage in the process I've walked you through, do yourself a HUGE favor.

Go back, get focused, tune in, listen, become keenly aware of, and pay VERY CLOSE attention to the stream of "conflicting thoughts" that surface as you think about HAVING the kind and quality of life that YOU want.

Here's something else I've come to KNOW...

To Be, Do and Have What MOST Don't, is Going to Require DOING What Most Won't

You may be remiss to actually DO the exercise above. You may honestly "believe" that doing such a simple thing has no meaning, purpose or power as it pertains to you. Chances are good that you believe that DOING it has no connection with what you receive (or don't receive) in life.

If so, I understand. I believed the same at one point.

Because of that, I know it's quite possible (and highly probable) that you "think and believe" that too. I do, only because MANY others (MOST others) who I've coached and mentored over the past several years, thought and believed the same at one point.

My thoughts and beliefs have changed dramatically since then. Perhaps yours will too once you've finished reading what I have to say. It's my hope that the "seemingly complex" pieces of the life puzzle will all come together very soon.

Regardless of what you're experiencing and aside from what you believe right now, be assured of this...

You Can Turn Your Life Around Very Quickly Whenever You Decide it's Time...Regardless.

I meet and communicate with a lot of people from all around the world. Most tell me they WANT various things in life. But the quality of life they experience consists of FAR LESS.

They could change it. They just haven't decided it's time.

It took me a long time to decide. A LOT longer than necessary. Definitely a lot longer than it would have, had I known what I know today.

When my mess began, I never would have dreamed I'd be able to do what I love, receive what I love, let alone reach and assist millions of people around the world. Today it's a reality.

You can experience the same. You can have and do what you love too...regardless.

It's simply a matter of YOU deciding that it's time.

It's my time I definitely didn't "know" how simple creating change could be at one point. I didn't believe it actually. Until I did it. As I shared, I kept myself from doing it. When I got in my ugly mess I changed my mind very quickly and decided the time was now.

It's pretty amazing; almost mind boggling how a few simple questions can change your life.

Over the years, I've assisted a countless number of people from nearly every walk of life to create all kinds of change. In many cases, my contribution has completely turned lives around. In far more cases than I can count, the people who underwent these changes and transformations didn't "think they could" initially.

If you don't think you can but you're ready, willing and serious about doing it, you're the kind of person I'd love to assist.

That's what I do. I LOVE assisting people to change their lives and show them how to be, do and have what we're all quite capable of...ESPECIALLY when they think it's "hard" or they don't think they can.

It's still a bit hard to fathom sometimes, but this is what I get to do every day. Empower people all over the world. Talk about a really cool and fulfilling job...whoa!!

Since moving through my own personal mess and becoming able to assist so many others since, I've discovered that anyone can create whatever change that they decide to.

Here's what I KNOW today that I didn't think was possible before my wake up call...

  • If you're not doing what you love, you can.

  • If you're not experiencing the quality of relationships you'd love to, you can.

  • If you don't have the size of bank account that you wish you did, you can.

  • If you're not experiencing optimal and vibrant health, you can.

  • If you never have the "time" to do what you'd love to do and experience what you'd love to experience, you can.

  • If you're not experiencing anything and everything that your heart desires, you can.

You really and truly can...regardless of where you are now. It doesn't matter what, how big, or how small your hopes, dreams and desires soon as you decide you can.

As true as that is, it's a fact that most aren't. Since you're here, chances are, you're not either.

The reason WHY is simple...

Getting What We Want, Need, Desire, or Have to Have in Life, Simply Requires Getting out of Our Own Way

I can't be sure of where you are, what you think you know about yourself or what you believe about life in general. We all have our own unique "perceptions of truth."

What I do KNOW is this. Your "perceptions of truth" aren't necessarily true. Any perceptions you hold stem from what you've been taught, believe and think is true. Most of the people I encounter on a daily basis believe that they're limited, that they're not worthy, that getting what they want is hard and requires hard work, struggle and sacrifice.

The bottom line is, we don't think we have what it takes.

Here's the Higher Truth though...

higher truth

At some level, we ALL know what we're capable of.

Down deep, we ALL know we could be, do and have more. We all sense it too, regardless of how faint that knowing might be. We know, deep within ourselves, that there's more to life.

You know it too. At some level, you know what you're capable of. It may be a faint knowing. It's quite possible that it's buried beneath layers of self limiting and self sabotaging "perceptions."

But it's there.

There's something within each and every one of us that enables us to know that. When we don't experience what we know, it's only because of what we've learned and think is true. What we think we know suppresses it. What we think we know keeps us from acknowledging and fully expressing who we truly are and what we know down deep that we COULD be, do and have.

Because of what we learn, we tend to look at and see everything in our lives from a surface level view. We see this thing or that thing that we DON'T WANT and it solidifies our "belief" that change is hard, that life is a struggle and that we must just settle for whatever hand we're dealt.

We say we WANT to believe that we can HAVE what we want, but due to what we're taught, many times we don't even try. We think it's too hard or impossible so we don't do anything different to see for ourselves that there's a far better and simpler way.

What we think we know creates the very thing that we don't want. What we think we know suppresses, buries and sometimes silences the faint and deeply buried knowing that we all have.

What we bury and overlook is this...

There's a Seed of Greatness Inside Each of Us That We Overlook Because of What We Learn and Think We Know

It may sound or even seem crazy, but what we learn and think we know combined with what we've learned to do in life, is often what keeps that seed of greatness from sprouting. We don't acknowledge, feed, nourish, and allow that seed to grow.

That's what keeps us from achieving the really great things that we claim to want, need or HAVE to have.

The reason we do that is very simple too.

The bottom line is, We never get to The Heart of The Matter and address change where it needs to be addressed.

Sure, we DO plenty. We work really hard to make surface level changes all the time. I DID plenty and worked really hard too.

Chances are, you're working really hard and addressing all the temporary surface level stuff too. You gain some momentum from time to time, but it doesn't last. When we don't get to the heart of the matter, the same issues always return.

I found myself getting into the same mess over and over again. Maybe you do too.

I couldn't figure out why. If you experience the same issue over and over again no matter what you do or how hard you try, physically financially, relationally, mentally or emotionally, it's only because you haven't yet gotten to the heart of the matter and resolved it.

I kept doing the same things over and over and over again, until I figured it out.

I kept telling myself what most do. "I want to change that." I really did want to. At the time I didn't think I could. The ONLY reason why, is because I didn't know how. I didn't know it was possible. What I thought I knew is that it required hard work, struggle, sacrifice, and a LOT of things that I didn't have and couldn't get.

What I would eventually discover is...I didn't know what I didn't know.

I wasn't aware and didn't understand what was truly available let alone necessary to create the kind of lasting change that I really did want.

I kept on doing that and making all the surface level tweaks here and there, I just didn't know how to make the changes stick, long term. So I ignored the wanting and did my best to go on with life. I continued on doing the same things in the same way I had been doing them.

At that time I wasn't at all familiar with 2 very wise and very on target nuggets of wisdom that I discovered. One of those nuggets was conveyed by a very well known scientist, Albert Einstein and the other by a well known "spiritual master" thousands of years ago. His name was Lau Tzu.

Here's what those 2 brilliant minds so wisely and eloquently conveyed...

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity."


"To see things in the seed, that is genius."

Hey, I'm no Einstein and I definitely don't see myself as a Guru. But I figured out after a while, they were right. It took me quite awhile to figure out WHY they were, because I'm a slow learner.

So, that's what I kept doing over and over and over again and guess what happened? Yep, I kept getting the same results. After working with many people over the years, I've realized, that's what most do.

Maybe you are too.

One thing is certain. If you keep doing the same things, planting the same seeds and choosing NOT to understand what's happening at the "seed level", you'll continue receiving, looking at and seeing the VERY same or similar harvest.

Planting new seeds and DOING new and different things is going to be necessary. And it doesn't begin as a surface level process.

Maybe you've changed jobs, changed spouses, changed geographical locations, have tried working longer and harder, etc etc. but have never known to or decided to "change anything" below the surface.

I can't know that. I'm just guessing. That's what I did and what a lot of other people do too which is why I'm taking a shot in the dark and guessing that you might be doing the same.

If you are, take it from someone who did the same for a very long time and experienced A LOT of unnecessary pain and hardship along the way...STOP the insanity!! It can get really painful, very scary, mentally, emotionally and physically draining AND quite ugly after a while.

Who likes pain? Not me.

Maybe, like me and many others, you're at the place where you've decided it's time to "Get to the Heart of The Matter." Perhaps you're sincere, serious and "truly ready" to look below the surface and do what's "truly necessary" to transform and resolve things once and for all.

If so, I can assist you with that. It's what I've done for MANY years for people from many walks of life. I've been extremely blessed to assist with and personally witness enormous transformation in the lives of many, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I can do the same for you if you'll allow me to. As I shared with you early on, I can't DO everything necessary to transform your life in a few paragraphs. But I CAN and DO reveal everything you could possibly need to know in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

I certainly don't expect you to take my word for it.

Here’s what Simon from Australia had to say about The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation…

"What makes the 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation audios so unique is the clarity, simplicity, and authenticity in the way it is explained."

“I feel very fortunate to have come across the 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation audios which I listened to almost every day for 9 months. It totally made me think about what is possible when we have the courage to change the way we look at things in our lives. Big things, small things, all things.

It led me down an incredible path which included doing my own investigation into the concepts that Chuck reveals in the 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

I found that there are actually a ton of references and sources to validate what Chuck teaches from the top scientists, billionaires, and spiritual teachers of our time. What makes the 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation audios so unique is the clarity, simplicity, and authenticity in the way it is explained.

I wouldn't trade places with anyone because my life is AMAZING and only getting better. As I have learned from The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation, and from experience, that what you focus on really does expand in your life.”

- Simon - Sydney Australia

There's A LOT of nonsense and airy fairy metaphysical mumbo jumbo being taught today. A LOT of self professed gurus and so called Law of Attraction experts are "claiming" to have The Secret for receiving everything you could WANT in life.

I'm here to tell you that "There are NO Secrets nor any "New Found Discoveries" for creating an extraordinary quality of life...period."

But there is a very real science behind it. There's timeless ancient wisdom that instructs and conveys what to do and how to do it with stunning precision and simplicity how to be, do and have what you truly desire in life. The simple observation of nature, when looked at and understood in an "uncommon kind of way, reveals just how abundant your life can become when you align and harmonize with it.

Once you become aware of and understand how it all ties together, you SEE in an "uncommon kind of way" just how rational, logical, feasible and practical it all is.

The fact of the matter is, what you once thought and believed to be rational, logical, feasible and practical gets turned on it's head.

Perhaps it's quite obvious and apparent to you by now that I don't use hype and nonsense. That's not my style. I don't need it. I have plenty of proof that The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation has a positive and transformational effect on those who are sincere, serious and truly ready to sort through all the "rubbish and nonsense" and get to the heart of the matter.

Becoming keenly aware of how and why life unfolds as it does and applying that understanding is vital. It's certainly worth it simply because, it's the catalyst that enables enormous change to take place.

The mere thought of doing what's necessary, may seem like bad news. That's why a lot of people never do it.

Here's the good news. It's not necessary for you to spend years like I did.

The reason why, is because I've spent many years doing the "hard stuff" so you don't have to.

It's proven to be an intense, mind expanding and eye opening journey, I'll assure you.

A few of the specific areas of study I've engaged in since being asked those transformational questions I asked you when we began this dialogue, include various fields of physics, the new biology, neural-biology, epigentics, cosmology and far too many other areas of science to list here.

I've studied and researched the lives of some of the most happy and successful people on the planet.

I also engaged in an extensive, intense and many year study of the ancient texts from various cultures. I've studied the lives and teachings of the mystics, sages, masters and philosophers since antiquity and far too many other fields to list here.

I've condensed that many year study into a very logical, practical, effective and easy to understand format, all of which is included in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

When all this began, I had NO IDEA whatsoever that I'd discover what I have. I didn't know it could be discovered. Based on what I was taught and "thought I knew", I believed that life just happened as it would. I had no idea that we had the power we do or the ability to effectuate change.

But We do. We ALL do. Most just don't know that they do. That's precisely why we continue to "unconsciously and unknowingly" get in our own way. Even those who know and believe we do to some degree, in more cases than not, aren't aware of how to do the right things in the right order.

I'll share more about why that's true soon. For now I'll just say, what there is to be discovered about yourself, life and the ability that is inherent within YOU...within all of us without exception, is much bigger and far more more powerful than I ever dreamed it could be.

The same holds true for most everyone. The reason why is simple. We're certainly not taught what I discovered in school. Neither are you. Neither are your children or grandchildren.

The bottom line is, we don't know what we don't know.

That's why I've condensed and share EVERYTHING you need to know in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. And when I say EVERYTHING, that's what I mean...EVERYTHING you could possibly need to transform ANY and/or EVERY aspect of your life.

It doesn't matter what your preference for learning might be. If science is your thing, The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation includes it. If a more spiritual approach resonates with you, The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation covers it. If the simple observation of nature is more your cup of tea, The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious creation takes an uncommon, in depth "seed level look" at how the simplicity and perfection of nature never errs, wavers or fails in providing abundance on a Universal scale.

You CAN experience that abundance in your own life too.

It's simply a matter of YOU becoming AWARE of how things "truly work" and DOING what's "truly necessary" to EXPERIENCE that abundance for yourself.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation reveals it all. Based on the many e-mails and letters I receive, The 7 Hidden Keys provides what MOST self improvement and personal empowerment programs overlook.

Case in point...

Here's what Michael M. had to say about The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation...

..."you give such a clear explanation of what is going on, both metaphysically and scientifically, that there is no other choice"

Dear Chuck,

I have completed the 7 Hidden Keys...and I have discovered what I have been "doing" "wrong"...I have not been accepting of what is, but rather have been fighting it.

I have known that this was my problem, but for whatever reason would not attend to the solution, which you provide. I am so thankful and I'll never lose it again.

I now adopt a MINDSET of wanting what I have! I no longer wish for something with great unhappy expectation so it can save me from my present, self-created circumstance.

I suppose I will have to tattoo this on my arm so as not to forget it.

In any case, you give such a clear explanation of what is going on, both metaphysically and scientifically, that there is no other choice.

And Your explanation far and away exceeds the majority of the "self help gurus" BECAUSE you give the insight of Unconditional Love, which is all there is, as you so eloquently say so many times, rather than just to push, push, push, against things. Pushing against has been my lifelong past-time.

I am beat up and winded, but with my new understanding, the path is clear. I truly appreciate and honor YOU. Thank you so much for this gift.


Have a great week!

Michael M. - USA

Perhaps you're beginning to see why I can’t possibly teach you everything necessary to create whatever you want, need, desire or HAVE to have, in a single webpage.

That’s why I created The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. It's a program where I teach and walk you through every step of the process of changing your mind, your heart and your results.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation contains a very specialized form of knowledge and the no nonsense, NECESSARY way of DOING things that will assist you in unlearning what keeps you from what you want and enables you to relearn how to do the right things in the right order so you can receive what you truly desire in life.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation will change your mind, your way of doing things and your life if you're sincere and serious about doing so.

I KNOW The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation can assist you in creating WHATEVER changes you WANT, NEED or feel you HAVE to make, whenever you decide that the timing is right.

Going through what I have, has helped me to realize something of vital importance. It pertains to you, me and everyone else.

It's a realization that can and very well may, assist you....maybe even change your life in really big ways.

The Answers Exist. Abundance Abounds. Prosperity CAN Become a Way of Life. REAL Freedom CAN Become Real When YOU Decide It's Your Time.

You REALLY and TRULY can have what you desire in life. It's simply a matter of YOU deciding that it's time. No less. If you're at the place where you're ready, willing, able, sincere and serious about DOING that, The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation will show you HOW and WHY you can.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation was held in a Live Conference setting that was held online, recorded and is now available in an immediately downloadable MP3 format.

It's proven to be a very effective, insightful and powerful tool that teaches people, in a very clear, concise, practical and immediately actionable kind of way, what needs to be understood and done for creating desirable change.

It reveals who you truly are, what you're truly capable of and what to do to create significant, meaningful and lasting change in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of your life.

Most importantly the 7 Hidden Keys exposes "the seed level", reveals how to get to the heart of the matter and leads you through what needs to be done to create Real, Meaningful and Lasting Change.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious creation isn't for everyone.

It's for you if you're sincere, serious, committed and ready to unlearn what's keeping you from your heartfelt desires, are ready to change your mind, open your heart and start DOING things in a more conscious, intentional and consistent kind of way.

I KNOW, based on "personal experience" as well as the experiences of many others, The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation provides everything you could want, hope or need to enhance and elevate your beliefs, begin "thinking consciously" so you can begin DOING things in such a way that enables and empowers you to HAVE whatever changes you truly desire in your life.

When the principles are learned, understood and the concepts I teach in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation are applied, your mind, your heart and your results change.

The HOW and WHY are simple...

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation gets to "The Heart of the Matter."

Perhaps a more accurate statement would be to say that The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation provides in uncommon detail, a very specialized form of knowledge that will assist you in Getting out of Your Head and Into Your Heart.

Whether you currently understand it or not...

That's where your "true power" is found.

When you understand that and choose to tap into that power, you'll know how to create Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Joy, Real Harmony and Real Freedom in life.

I've invested many years in compiling and condensing the information I share in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation into a workable, no nonsense solution that you or anyone else can use and benefit from, if and when you decide that the time is right.

I've taken what are often "thought of" as very complex scientific and holistic principles and converged them into a very practical, easy to understand format, which, when learned, internalized and applied will transform your life.

The time I've invested in compiling what I share in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation has proven to the best investment I've ever made personally. It's served a lot of people from around the world, from every walk of life.

Those "troubling years" I experienced and and the years it took to gather the information I share in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation have served me and many around the world very well. Well beyond my initial expectations.

The fact is, as ugly as my situation "seemed" when I began this journey, going through what I did was the Greatest Gift I could have ever received.

It was a period of numerous benefits, not the least of which opened my eyes and awakened me to a whole new perspective about myself, others and life in general.

The knowledge and insight contained within The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation changed my mind, my heart and my entire view of, as well as my approach to myself, others and life in general.

If the timing is right for you and you're sincere and serious about creating real, meaningful and lasting change, it can do the same for you.

The specialized form of knowledge that I've spent 3 decades acquiring through research and experience is all contained within The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation.

I've condensed those experiences and years of study into an 8 1/2 hour prerecorded live conference format that you can listen to and learn from at your convenience.

If you're sincere and serious about as well as committed to creating meaningful and lasting change in whatever area of your life that you choose, The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation shows HOW you can and WHY you can.

Take that knowledge, plus what you'll learn about YOU, your true potential and what's truly possible for you, and you'll know what Real Joy, Real Fulfillment, Real Success and Real Freedom can become the "New Norm."

I find immense pleasure and an indescribable sense of fulfillment in what I do today. I take that very seriously. I take your hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations quite seriously too.

It’s more than a passion. It's my Soul Purpose to assist people who are truly ready to move through fear, eliminate their pain and experience a life of lasting joy, abundance, meaning and purpose.

Because of where I've been, where I was and what I do now, I’ve also come to know and understand in a very up close and personal kind of way, that we CAN and DO find the answers and solutions when the time is right.

This may be your time and it may not be. That's up to you.

Before deciding yes or no, I'd encourage you to tune in and listen to what your heart is guiding you to do.

If you're sincere, serious and the timing is right for you to make a YES decision, The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation can liberate you and assist you in breaking free for good.

As The 7 Hidden Keys clearly reveals, freedom or confinement is a choice. It shows A LOT of hows and whys far too great in number to cover here. Apply what you learn and you CAN liberate and set yourself free forever.

If you're truly ready to create meaningful and lasting change in your life; if you're sincere and serious about committing to learning a can't fail process for achieving extraordinary results in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life, The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation is a tool that will teach you, guide you, and reveal the path that will enable and empower you to do so.

It's what I refer to today as the Real Freedom path. If you're ready to experience it, The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation will show you how to get there.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation reveals not only HOW you can, but WHY you can. Then, it's simply a matter of you DOING what it conveys.

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  • An immediately downloadable, prerecorded copy of the original 8 ½ Hour Live 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation Personal Empowerment Conference held and moderated by Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder/CEO Chuck Danes

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After working with so many people over the years, I've become keenly aware that everyone claims to want an abundant and happy life. I'm equally aware that an abundant and happy life is quite attainable. But I've also come to know that the quality of life that so many claim to want isn't being and can't be achieved in the way most people think it "needs to be done."

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation will without a doubt, assist you in becoming "keenly and consciously aware" of HOW what you think you know can and will keep you from what you "truly desire" to have in life. It reveals and shows you WHY and HOW you can "Get to the Heart of Matter", and WHY you must change your mind if you you're sincere and serious about receiving greater results.

Here's just a portion of what you'll learn in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation Conference...

  • The one and ONLY factor that sets so called "Lucky People" apart from the "Unlucky."

  • The 3 things you ABSOLUTELY MUST understand, align and harmonize to produce significant results in life (without these you're spinning your wheels regardless of what you do or how hard you work)

  • Why and How what you "Think you know" is oftentimes the one and only thing that keeps you from actually getting what you do desire.

  • A very simple yet extremely powerful 2 minute, 2 step process that reveals why you're not experiencing or receiving whatever it might be that you do desire.

  • What so many "unknowingly refuse to do" that is the VERY thing they MUST say yes to which automatically and effortlessly enables and empowers them to shift and create significant change

  • A very practical, easy to understand yet "profound look" at how EVERYTHING in the cosmos is intricately interconnected and how you can begin using this awareness to begin experiencing more of what you desire…WHATEVER that is

  • A VERY clear and concise look at why you don't and won't get what you want in life UNLESS you understand and consciously enact this unfailing principle

  • How a deeper than average look at modern day science, timeless wisdom and nature provides an eye opening and powerfully insightful look at how to get more of what you want (As "simple" as it is, this will blow you away!!)

  • Why your brain is only a VERY SMALL and equally limited tool for creating desired results in your life and how a total dependence on it will keep you from ever coming anywhere close to reaching your FULL potential

  • The one thing that you absolutely must do in your job, career or business if you TRULY expect to experience above average results

  • An uncommon depth of understanding that clearly reveals that you already possess EVERYTHING you could possibly need to experience TOTAL harmony and fulfillment in your life and how to recognize and unleash it to make it work for instead of against you

  • What "Real Power" is, how to tap into it at will and how our "limited perceptions" of this Power can only produce "VERY LIMITED", finite results in life

  • How to "allow" those things that you most desire to experience to come to you and why attempting to "make" or "force" them to happen only serves to push them further away

  • Why what you see in the physical world is a VERY LIMITED and restrictive view of what's "truly" available to you and how, by expanding your awareness beyond what you currently "perceive" to be true will enable you to produce "FAR GREATER results with far less "unpleasant" effort

  • Why and How the majority are unconsciously asking for the "undesirable" results that they experience and the simple and precise steps that MUST be taken to turn it all around

  • Why any desire you have had, currently have or ever will have already exists as a probability and how to transform it from "wishful thinking" into "real and tangible" results

  • Why the desires that you have, regardless of how BIG they might be or "illogical" others might tell you they are, are far more than "pipe dreams" or "wishful thinking" and the "ABSOLUTELY Essential" steps you MUST take to make them a reality in your life
  • How any experience in your life, whether past, present or future has been or is being created (or co-created) by you and how to begin consciously, purposefully and consistently producing desired results

  • The little understood facts concerning what enables BIG results in life to become commonplace and why most overlook and miss this "key" understanding (It's NOT doing more or working harder!!!)

  • A "Crystal Clear" understanding as to how our mental, emotional and physical attributes converge, always work together to determine the events, conditions and circumstances in your life and why it seems as if so many that you desire don't. (It goes MUCH deeper than the Law of Attraction)

  • A thorough understanding of the various aspects of mind, what it truly is, how it works and how to consciously utilize and harmonize yours to create desired results with predictable ease (It's easier than you might think)

  • The various levels of consciousness which exist and the crucial understanding you MUST have to fully leverage the power of yours (An absolute MUST for creating "specific" outcomes in life)

  • What the thoughts that you think "Truly" are, their origin and how to shift them at will to create "seemingly miraculous" results

  • The crucial role that your emotions play in manifesting EVERY experience you have in your life both the "Good" and the "Bad"

  • The "True" meaning of "effortless creation" and how each and every action you take toward achieving your desires can and will be both fun and enjoyable when you "choose" for them to be

  • How to determine "intuition" from random, scattered and self-sabotaging thought processes that only serve to take you further from your "desired" outcomes

  • The unwavering, immutable and verifiable Laws and principles which once understood and "properly" harmonized with makes it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to fail in ANY endeavor (They're FAR more simple, consistent and active than you might think)

  • Why external sources, REGARDLESS of what they are, have ABSOLUTELY ZERO effect on your personal outcomes once you understand the basic truths regarding their existence

  • A dramatically elevated sense of Faith and Belief through establishing "conscious awareness" which is ABSOLUTELY essential to finally become a conscious, intentional and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances in EVERY aspect of your life

  • Why your physical actions, no matter how intense or consistent often times produce such limited, mediocre and TEMPORARY results and precisely what you can do to begin creating what most "perceive" to be miracles

  • How each and every experience you have had thus far, regardless of how painful or unpleasant you "perceived" it at the time has unfolded "perfectly" and provided precisely what you needed at the time to bring you closer to your desired outcomes...

  • The single most powerful and creative force in the Universe and how to use it at will whenever YOU choose (You already have it. It’s just a matter of using it consciously)

  • ...And so MUCH More!!

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