A Personal Welcome To Our Abundance and Happiness Webite From Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes
Chuck Danes
Founder of
Enlightened Journey Enterprises
Hello My Friend,

My name is Chuck Danes and I’d like to personally Welcome You, to Abundance-and-Happiness.com.

The Abundance and Happiness website has something for everyone regardless of who you are or what you might be seeking in your own life.

If you're truly seeking greater results in life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually but have found it difficult or perhaps even believe it to be impossible, you'll find great comfort in the fact that the content in the Abundance and Happiness website provides all the insight, understanding and tools you could possibly need to make whatever dream or desire you might have for yourself, quite real.

The potential results available to you regardless of who you are, where you've been or where you have a desire to go are quite literally limitless.

I'm also well aware that a large number of people...the vast majority in fact don't realize just how true that is.

Here's how and why I know it's true.

First and foremost "I know" because at one point in my life I didn't realize it either. And until I made the choice to become aware...to enhance, expand and elevate what I knew...the very knowing that kept me limited and bound in a place where I truly didn't want to be, is the only thing that kept me "trapped" there.

The "Higher Truth" is, I was never trapped. I only became trapped because "I knew" that's how life was. I "perceived it" as being random, chaotic and that life just delivered what it will.

When I chose to elevate and enhance what "I knew" I began to experience enhanced and elevated results...tangible results that aligned and harmonized with what I "truly wanted."

And the same holds "true" for everyone. You included.

Should you choose to explore, discover and apply the many resources I've made available you'll soon understand, if you don't already just how "true" that is for yourself.

Here's why I "Know" That's True...

Abundance-and-Happiness.com exists as a result of more than 30 years of extensive research, personal experience and self discovery. If there's a field to explore relating to personal empowerment and human potential, I can pretty much assure you, I've walked through it.

You'll discover more about those "fields" should you choose to explore the site. I utilize and refer to many of them to accurately convey in a logical, practical and tangible way why you have the ability to be, do and have whatever it might be that you choose to be, do and have.

Those fields of study combined with many years of personal experience led to the creation of the Abundance and Happiness website. What I like to refer to as a personal empowerment portal.

It’s creation came about in 2005 as a result of mentoring and working with countless individuals through the years, all of whom had one thing in common...

They were seeking more for their lives.

Perhaps you are as well.

Whether it's more money, more health, more fulfilling and wholesome relationships, or a greater spiritual connection, there's a common theme amongst all people...everyone desires and is seeking more.

Yet as as true as that is I've discovered, for any number of reasons, few understand how to attain the more that they do desire and as a result never achieve the levels of abundance and happiness in life that is, always has been and always will be equally available to all.

I've also discovered that the vast majority end up settling for far less than what is and always has been equally available to anyone who chooses it for themselves.

In fact, for a number of years, I found myself in the same predicament which precipitated my search and led me down the "conscious path" initially.

That choice would eventually lead me and enable me to discover what I now refer to as a "Higher Truth."

Applying what I discovered has resulted in some profoundly empowering experiences, additional amazing discoveries and has brought me to where I find myself today, with a passion for educating and empowering those who cross my path and sharing those discoveries and experiences with anyone who is open and willing to listen and who are also seeking more for themselves.

You can read more about my personal story if you choose by clicking here.

This page is more about you and pointing you toward a path...a "conscious path" that me and countless others like me have found provides the most incredible results.

Since choosing that path personally, and connecting with countless hundreds of thousands since, I've found the following to be true.

The vast majority of people in the world today either...

  • Aren't aware or don't believe that Abundance and Happiness are their birthright.

  • Don't believe they are worthy of Abundance and Happiness on a conscious or subconscious level.

  • Have developed self limiting/self sabotaging thought and belief patterns which are inconsistent with and block their ability to achieve and experience harmony and fulfillment for themselves.

  • Just simply haven't had access to the proper knowledge and guidance necessary to attain it.

It was through this process of discovery, combined with a burning passion to assist in awakening and empowering others willing to do so to rediscover their "TRUE and limitless potential" that Abundance-and-Happiness.com was created.

Through the years, I have assisted countless thousands in their journeys, providing what I'm able to assist them in becoming more of what they desired to become through these simple, yet powerfully effective and practical methods.

What I have found, as many before me have, is that in a world of fast paced, continually evolving, high tech therapies, techniques, "new found secrets" and "one size fits all cookie cutter approaches" to achieving Abundance and Happiness in life is that the simplest, most obvious and life transforming truths..."profoundly transformational truths", due to their sheer simplicity are many times the easiest to overlook.

And as a result they are all too often...overlooked.

In fact, most today believe that in order for anything to be effective, that it must be complicated or difficult, require hard work, sacrifice, struggle, and often times leads to sacrificing what they value most due to their individually held "perceptions" of how significant and pleasing results must be acquired. Yet, amazingly the simplest and seemingly effortless actions taken, are those that can and do have the deepest and most profound impact, on our lives.

It is through the discovery and proper implementation of these simple yet timeless truths, principles and transformational methods that you will finally be provided everything required to discover, know, fully understand and most importantly experience for yourself what is often referred to as the secret of Abundance and the true meaning of Happiness, fulfillment and harmony physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

**** "When The Student Is Ready, ****
The Teacher Shall Appear"
-Chinese Proverb

Regardless of Where Your Individual Paths Have Led Thus Far, Know This. One Of The Great Timeless Truths Of The Universe Is.......

"Everything Happens For
A Greater Good"

Whether or not you are currently aware of it, you have arrived at Abundance-and-Happiness.com by more than just mere chance.

Everything...quite literally everything encountered and experienced in your life, no matter how insignificant or coincidental it may seem to you at the time has a distinct, very specific and in most cases a much bigger purpose than you may realize.

Coincidence and chance encounters, contrary to "popular belief" are non-existent.

The fact that you’re here now, combined with the fact that you have chosen to read this far says a lot about you.

Not only does it set you apart (in a "physical kind of way") from the vast majority, it also indicates that there’s a pretty good chance that you are looking for something more in your own life.

Would that be a correct statement?

Although at this point, I can’t be sure of exactly what that more might be for you, I do know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that WHATEVER it is, "You Can Have It". In fact, I’ll go one step further and say without any doubt, apprehension or reservation that "You Already Possess It".

As unbelievable as that may sound to you at this point it is the Absolute Truth...what I personally refer to as a "Higher Truth."

Allow me to explain...

We each have within us, far more and far greater potential than most can even fathom. As children, we are very aware of this potential. Unfortunately, through the years it can sometimes become buried for an infinite number of reasons. As a result we begin to believe that Abundance and Happiness is nothing more than a pipe dream reserved only for the "lucky and fortunate few."

Those teachings received during our childhood as well as our "experiences" as we journey down our individually chosen paths, mold and shape our individually held "beliefs" resulting in our individually held "perceptions" of truth which serves as the "underlying or unseen cause" that harmonizes with and creates additional experiences in our lives that harmonize with our chosen beliefs...yet at the same time it doesn't mean that it's " Really True."

It's only become "real and true" for us due to our "unconsciously acquired" beliefs and perceptions regarding life and ourselves.

We have naively accepted what we were "told" was true, yet often times those who taught US what was true only did so because of what they were "told and taught" was true as well.

Point being...our currently held "perceptions and beliefs" aren't our own. We've accepted them...they've molded and shaped our lives to this point...yet we've never taken the time to examine if what we were told is "true" after all!!

That's where the importance and transformational power of developing a "Higher Truth" comes into the picture.

The "Higher Truth" is that we were ALL born into greatness and conditioned into mediocrity.

We have "allowed" the beliefs, perceptions and judgments of others to limit our potential as well as our experiences.

I can assure you with 100% certainty, as you will soon discover, that whatever you desire for your life IS attainable and it ALREADY EXISTS "within you". All you need is the key to unlock and release it.

That key is quite simply exposing yourself to and "allowing" yourself to accept, or at least consider a "Higher Truth" which enables you to develop BIGGER "beliefs" which creates FAR GREATER and MUCH MORE desirable experiences in each and every area of your life.

A conscious choice to do so will enable the immutable and unwavering laws that govern the process to open the flow to more of the "desired things" that you choose to experience.

Things that you may have "previously believed" to be impossible or unattainable...and so they were.

It is my sincere hope for you, that Abundance-and- Happiness.com and the transformational tools and resources contained within it, will serve as your Key to unlocking all the Abundance, Happiness, fulfillment and prosperity that you could ever desire or hope for.

That is both my intention as well as my purpose...to assist you in creating a much greater, more fulfilling and harmonious quality of life for yourself.

"Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not quite, the not at all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours" --Ayn Rand

The purpose of this entire dialogue is to impress upon you that...

The Choice To Experience Abundance and Happiness Or Not Is Yours and Yours Alone...

"Your Individual Choices Determine Your Individual Outcomes and The Depth Of Where That Process Begins Is Overlooked By Most"

Here's why that is "true" and what you can do starting "right now" to change those outcomes if they consist of what's less than desired.

"Our Creator, or whatever the Source of your understanding might be, has provided us the with one of the greatest and most precious gifts we could ever receive. This gift is known as our inalienable right of "Free Will" or the "Freedom of Choice".

The choices that you have made to this point have determined where you find yourself today. Those choices which you make today will determine your outcomes for your tomorrows. If those choices are the same that you made yesterday, the results your tomorrows bring will be no different than they have in the past.

There is no way possible for me to know where your past choices have led you thus far. What I do know is that whatever they were and whatever results you may have experienced because of them was for a very specific and meaningful purpose.

Whatever has happened in the past is of no consequence to the infinite potential that you hold to begin consciously shaping and molding the future.

Regardless of how you may currently "perceive" those outcomes, they have served as a means to help you grow...enabled you to fully experience your life and whether you currently realize it or not have served to bring you one step closer to where you desire to be.

If where you currently find yourself isn't where you "Truly Desire" to be, you only need to awaken to the fact that you can discover and begin to experience those desires based on making different choices...conscious and intentional choices that harmonize with whatever desires that you wish and choose to experience.

Choices that can, will and do provide every hope, dream and desire that you can possibly conceive.

That is the intent and purpose of Abundance-and-Happiness.com. You will soon discover, if you choose, that whatever you desire to experience in your life can and will be fulfilled once you make the choice to "allow" it to. Your life and the experiences encountered in your life are ONLY a matter of choice.

That may seem incomprehensible to you currently, yet through acquiring a deeper understanding of very simple, practical, proven and timeless truths...what I refer to as "Higher Truths", combined with conscious, consistent and proper application of immutable and unwavering principles that govern the process, you will soon know, perhaps for the very first time that Abundance and Happiness can be achieved and experienced in EVERY aspect of YOUR life.

You now have a choice to make. You can choose to believe or disbelieve what I've shared. You can choose to put off discovering and learning more until tomorrow, perhaps forget and never come back or you can choose to start Right Now to create a life beyond your wildest imagination. Or, if you choose, you can remain as you are. That choice is most certainly yours to make."

If your choice is to grow with us, Congratulations. You'll be astounded with the results. No matter what area of your life you have a desire to improve, we can and will assist you in attaining it...Physically, Emotionally, Financially, Relationally, and/or Spiritually.

So take a few deep breaths, sit back, relax, and let's begin our journey of self discovery.

The "REAL TRUTH" concerning who and what you "TRULY" are is about to be revealed to you. You are soon to awaken to the potential that you hold Right Here Right Now, to achieve and begin experiencing Abundance and Happiness in each and every area of your life.

I know that not only will you enjoy your visit, but through choosing to "apply" what you are soon to discover, you'll become both enabled and empowered to begin a consciously, intentionally and purposefully creating the events, conditions and circumstances which make up each and every area of your life.

I'd also recommend subscribing to our monthly newsletter, Enlightened Journey.

You'll receive our monthly ezine choked full of additional insights and guidance to assist you in understanding that Abundance and Happiness truly are within your grasp. You only need make the choice to open up to it and "allow" yourself to experience it for yourself.

If you prefer a faster and more condensed approach to creating Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Harmony and Real Freedom in your life, you might prefer my latest creation, The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation.

It provides some very insightful and profoundly empowering direction that I personally guarantee provides everything you could need to get what you want.

It clearly and concisely shows you how to "consciously utilize the tools you already possess to be, do and have what you "truly desire" for your life.

What makes it even better is that you can download and listen to it immediately.

It's my intention as well as my hope for you that you'll allow me, Abundance-and-Happiness.com and the Enlightened Journey team to fulfill our purpose in doing everything we possibly can to make certain that you get what you want out of life.

Whatever you want.

Rest assured...

You "truly can" be, do and have whatever you choose for yourself and you ALWAYS get whatever you choose.

The best advice I can provide for consistently getting what you want rather than what you don't want, is choose to expand your awareness, learn how to choose consciously and intentionally and you'll receive what you "love."

Everything you could possibly need exists within the Abundance and Happiness website to do just that with the exception of your willingness to internalize and apply what has been made available to you.

Check around, spend some time exploring and you'll see how "true" that is for yourself.

Enjoy your journey.

To Your Success, Fulfillment, Abundance and Happiness Today and Always.

Your Partner In Growth and Personal Empowerment,

Chuck Danes

PS - Keep on keepin on and don't EVER quit on your dream.

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"Knowledge in and of itself is useless. It is in the Application of Correct Knowledge that Abundance and Happiness are realized" -Chuck Danes

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