Consciousness Is The All Pervasive Underlying Force That Sustains Life On A Universal Scale and Determines EVERY Event, Condition, Circumstance Experienced In Your Life


Consciousness is the driving force, the seed of all creation, the All which
pervades and permeates the entire Cosmos.

"To see things in the seed, that is genius" - Lao-Tzu

All Of Creation, Individually and Collectively, Both Seen And Unseen...From The Microscopic To The Macroscopic And Beyond, When Traced To Its Origin Is The Result Of Consciousness.

The quality of yours determines the quality of your results and YOU are the One who chooses that for yourself.

Choose Consciously...Live Consciously...Create Consciously and you'll experience a quality of life that you may have previously "perceived" as being unattainable which is the one and only thing that "enables and allows" it to BEcome just that.

Consciousness and The Aspects of Mind That Enable and Allow Consciousness to Transmute Into Tangible and Measurable Life Experiences

Should you mention consciousness and ask the average person what it means, most will reply that it refers to an "awake state."

That's actually far more "true" than most understand. But at the same time it's quite a limited perspective based on how most view being conscious and awake. The reason that's "true" is simply because being "awake" and being conscious go beyond walking around with our eyes open as we engage in the many physical activities that we perform each and every day.

In fact most engage in their day to day activities quite "unconsciously" and as a result "perceive" that life just delivers what it will. In the vast majority of cases, due to this "asleep with eyes wide open state", what life delivers is in more cases than not far less than desired and precisely why so many believe that getting what they want is hopeful or wishful thinking at best.

But it's not. Many are just "unknowingly and unconsciously" choosing that for themselves.

That's why it's so vital to become conscious of how you utilize your consciousness which clearly reveals how and why you experience whatever it is that you DO experience in your life.

Once you understand that consciousness...more specifically the quality of your consciousness is what determines every aspect of your life and you choose to direct and harmonize yours with what you "truly desire"'ll get it.

And it NEVER fails. In fact it CAN'T fail. Never has and never will.

So let's explore consciousness and how you can become "awake" to the power that you, I and everyone already has to begin creating and experiencing a kind and quality of life that you may have previously "perceived" as being unattainable for you.

The consciousness we'll be exploring in the upcoming paragraphs has much more to do with the creation of life...more specifically your life and the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in your life than being "awake" in the physical sense of the word.

It's literally the seed level from where life flows from.

It's my hope that the following will assist you in "truly awakening" to a much "Higher Truth" than most choose and through that understanding that you might begin experiencing the transformation in your own life that's made available and possible through "consciously choosing" to do so.

Let's begin by exploring "consciousness" at a deeper level...

Consciousness is the seed of all of creation. According to modern day scientists as well as the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity, consciousness is the omniscient, omnipresent, all pervasive substance...the essence if you will behind ALL existence both the seen and the unseen...The Source of EVERY event, condition and circumstance experienced in your life individually as well as on a global scale.

To discover how to begin to ingeniously create your reality consciously, intentionally and purposefully is as simple and complex as choosing to awaken, enhance your awareness, and begin consciously utilizing your inalienable right...your power to choose in such a way that that harmonizes with what you "truly desire" rather than what you don't want.

It's through awakening and becoming "conscious" in a larger than life kind of way that you'll reclaim your power to do so.

The awakening I'm referring to is achieved through choosing to enhance and expand your awareness regarding life and the unfailing, never wavering process...what I often refer to as The Perfect Plan that determines HOW each and every aspect of life unfolds as well as WHY it unfolds as it does.

Depending on how you arrived at this page, and your current depth of understanding regarding your individual creative ability to be, do and have whatever you choose for yourself, it may prove beneficial to explore and develop an understanding of Universal Laws, also referred to as Laws of Nature or Spiritual Laws as well as Quantum Physics to provide you with a solid foundational understanding as to how and why consciousness plays such a major role in creating each and every event, condition and circumstance in both your individual life as well as the ever unfolding process of creation determining how ALL things in the world around you come to be.

All of creation, those things which can be seen and experienced in the physical world as well as the unseen or meta-physical aspects of creation, when traced to their origin exist as the result of and can always be traced back to Consciousness.

In order to grasp and fully comprehend the crucial nature of consciousness as it relates to the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life and to establish the level of self awareness necessary to become a purposeful, intentional and conscious creator of the events, conditions and circumstances which make up the moment by moment experiences in your life, an understanding of this All Pervasive Creative Force...this essence that we all engage in every second of every minute of every day, is absolutely essential for those who choose to master their game.

In fact it's the seed that will both enable and empower you to begin consciously creating your reality in a far more desirable and predictable manner than the vast majority "perceive" as being rational, logical, practical, feasible or even possible for that matter.

The articles and sub-sections contained within this Consciousness section will explain in detail, yet provide a simple to grasp concept regarding the importance of becoming and remaining consciously aware of your individual consciousness (your thoughts) which serves as the often times overlooked and misunderstood source or cause of the events, conditions, and circumstances which make up EVERY area of your life as well as the little understood aspects of consciousness which serve as the driving force behind all of creation.

Through discovering these "seemingly" individual and separate aspects of consciousness, it will become quite evident that all that exists, from the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond all inevitably lead to and are the result of "One True Source" referred to as the Super-Conscious Mind.

This Super Conscious Mind has been provided many labels. God, Source Energy, Higher Power, Brahman, etc. etc. etc.

It's my hope that you won't allow man made labels and self limiting indoctrination to limit what Source has made available to you, me and everyone else who consciously chooses it for themselves.

It's also my hope and wish for you that you'll choose to explore, discover and become consciously aware of the "true power" you hold to be, do and have anything that you choose to experience.

The first and most vital part of becoming conscious and utilizing the quality of your consciousness intentionally, purposefully and consistently begins by making the choice to keep an open mind and become aware that what you may "perceive" as being "true" may be the very "truth" that is keeping you from creating and experiencing the kind and quality of life that you so desire for yourself.

Please don't take my word for anything.

Explore what's shared here with regard to consciousness and then make an educated and informed decision for yourself.

The links below will redirect you to additional information and provide a deeper understanding of the various aspects of mind both individually and collectively that will serve to awaken you to the power that has been freely provided to you should you choose to adopt it as "your knowing."

Here's what I know based on many years of research and experience...

Absorb it, learn it and apply it and you'll hold the key to creating a kind and quality of life for yourself that so few in today's world understand is their birthright.

The Conscious Mind

The conscious or objective aspect of mind which is finite in nature is the aspect of mind connected to the physical or finite world. The conscious aspect of mind is what determines your normal or day to day level of awareness.

The conscious is limited to the physical and finite although plays a vital and necessary role in every aspect of your life. In addition to planning, reason and logical thinking processes etc. it's the conscious aspect of mind that enables us to be conscious of the fact that we are conscious at all first of all.

It enables us to fully appreciate life and the, conditions and circumstances we encounter and experience in life.

But it's role is very limited in creating the REALLY BIG desires we hold.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious aspect of mind, which is "infinite" in nature is the subjective or right brained aspect of mind who's primary purpose is for the storage of data, the preservation and restoration of health and serves as the communication device or the "connecting link" with the Super-Conscious mind also referred to as God, Universal Intelligence, "The Infinite Field Of Potential" or as science has labeled he/she/it "The Unified Field."

MultiDimensional Consciousness

Multidimensional Consciousness is so "multidimensional" in nature, any attempt at a description that's clear, concise and worded in a succinct kind of way, could never scratch the surface let alone describe what the experience is.

That's the funny thing about consciousness, including but not limited to Multidimensional Consciousness. It's an experience, a place, a space and an awareness of uncommon proportion that can't be intellectualized nor described, regardless of how masterful and articulate a writer might be.

It's something that must be EXPERIENCED to understand the sense of "Completion" that's derived. And it can be, by anyone who chooses for it to be.

The Collective Consciousness

The Collective Consciousness is made up of the "perceived" individual consciousnesses of the planets population which serve collectively to form a "Matrix" or appearance of reality from a physical perspective.

The Collective Consciousness is also referred to as the Gaia Mind that attempts to keep you limited and in check. Those who choose to remain asleep and "unconscious" of this aspect of mind are kept in just that state. In check and limited as the vast majority is.

The Super-Conscious Mind

The Super consciousness or Super-Conscious mind is the One Mind, The All which makes up the whole of each individualized consciousness, each of which exists as an integral part of this "One True Mind" differentiated only by individual ego and free will.

The Super-Conscious mind is the omniscient, omnipresent, all knowing and ever present Source which serves as and determines how EVERY event, condition and circumstance, both the physical as well as the meta-physical into infinity unfolds.

Awakening and Igniting The Sixth Sense Is The Key
To Experiencing MultiDimensional Consciousness,
Enabling and Empowering You To See, Be, Do and
Have More of What So Many Are "Seeking" Yet
Cant Seem to Find...COMPLETION.

We All CAN!!

Here's The Key That Opens the Door...

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