Self Actualization

To Experience Self Actualization Is To Awaken To, Recognize and Transcend The Self Created Illusions
That Are Being Unconsciously Created and Often
"Perceived" As Being The One True Reality

Self Actualization

Self Actualization is nothing more or less than an individual "conscious choice" to
conceive and experience the vastness of all that has been made available to and for you.

Let's talk about self actualization.

It's the very reason that was created.

To assist you in being, doing and having more of whatever you aspire to be, do and have more of. It's important to understand though, that BEING is key in self actualization and the doing and having are mirrored reflections of that choice.

Self actualization is a term that is and has been used in a number of various psychology theories, although presented in slightly different ways based on the individual perspectives of those defining what they "perceived" self actualization to be individually. (e.g., Goldstein, Maslow, Rogers).

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary to self actualize means to "realize fully one's potential."

Although that is an accurate definition, self actualization isn't based one an individual "perception" of what your individual potential is unless that perception is one that points you toward infinite potential.

Someone that may be dissatisfied in some way with themselves or their lives but "perceive" themselves as having reached their full potential isn't self actualized.

This "full potential" that the achievement of self actualization refers to is potential of an infinite nature which based on and due to our individual perspectives and beliefs regarding life and what is possible and not possible for ourselves can and in many cases does dramatically limit an individuals "true potential" keeping them from fully experiencing the infinite and unerring nature of the "flow."

As "true" as that is, the limitations and discontent as well as infinite possibilities experienced are only determined by our individually chosen perceptions regarding what's possible for us which we invariably choose for ourselves.

The form of self actualization we'll be referring to here will refer to self actualization in the way intended which is in it's highest possible form.

It isn't limited to psychology or even physical reality for that matter but will be explored in a deeper and far more expansive way that relates to and delves into quantum reality where ALL physical things come from and where infinite potential exists for anyone who chooses to transcend their self created borders and experience it for themselves.

Depending on your individual preference for defining the "quantum realm", whether the field as scientists prefer or The Kingdom" as the spiritually minded prefer, what is available to each of us, regardless of what area of life it might be, is limited only by ourselves...namely our chosen way of looking at and perceiving things...namely life in general.

In the vast majority of cases all that is required to achieve self actualization simply requires a "paradigm shift" and a willingness to expand one's understanding regarding individual possibility and potential precipitated by action...conscious and intentional action...that enables and precipitates an expansion of consciousness.

This expansion of consciousness is really nothing more than choosing to remove the blinders (belief filters) and letting go of any preconceived notions we might have with regard to what's possible or not possible for ourselves and understanding that our individual potential is only limited to and based on what we ourselves choose.

The term and the concept of self actualization was originally introduced by a man named Kurt Goldstein and based on his perspective, self actualization was the ultimate goal in life although it's attainment based on his perspective was based on and limited only to the individual perspectives of those who aspired toward creating and ultimately experiencing higher than average states of "being" (self actualization) for themselves.

Put another way, the limits that someone places on themselves is the only thing that limits their ability to self actualize which is limited only to what they "perceive" as being possible for themselves individually.

From Goldstein's perspective, self actualization was determined to be the ultimate goal and motive for life itself and ultimately the desire of every individual to realize and reach an individuals full potential.

Although that potential is, always has been and always will be limited to an individuals depth of understanding, perspectives, perceptions and beliefs with regard to themselves and the world around them, thanks to modern day science...namely quantum physics, the potential to rise above what was once "perceived" as being the "highest state" of self actualization possible in previous centuries has been expanded exponentially and is understood as being "conceivable" and attainable by far greater numbers of people in today's rapidly evolving world, more than any time in recorded history.

In other words our world is undergoing an "Awakening" that is allowing individuals to really grasp and understand the limitless potential that we all are quite capable of and have equal access to.

This "Awakening" and the potential and the understanding people have with regard to it, extends far beyond what's experienced in physical reality.

Why is this "Awakening" occurring? Simply because much more data, research and findings clearly show that the potential of each of us individually is quite literally "infinite" in nature.

This fact is supported by both modern day science and the spiritual teachings that have existed since antiquity.

Modern day science is breaking through and making profound discoveries that align with ancient spiritual teachings and allows those who choose to explore and discover it, something "tangible" and logical to base their beliefs on, giving them something concrete and logical...something that they can sink their teeth into, rather than finding it necessary to depend on "blind faith" alone.

This is opening new doors of understanding for many who might not otherwise have even realized that a door to unlimited self actualization actually DOES exist for them.

In Goldstein's view, self actualization is the ultimate goal of all individuals with each individual accomplishment achieved in life serving to bring them one step closer to attaining and experiencing self actualization for themselves and any outcome experienced, being secondary or a subcategory if you will of achieving the Ultimate goal of experiencing self actualization.

Put another way Goldstein's perspective was that any individual accomplishment achieved, although an individual manifestation, when collectively joined with other achievements the "underlying intent" and motive of each and every person achieving these outcomes was with the hope and intention of reaching and experiencing self actualization individually.

The concept of self actualization was brought to the spotlight some years later by a psychologist named Abraham Maslow who in 1943 released a paper known as 'A Theory of Human Motivation', which explains Maslow's view on self actualization and is widely known today as Maslow's Hierarchy of need.

In the way Maslow presented it, self actualization describes an individuals final level of psychological development that is assumed to be attainable only when all basic physical and mental needs are fulfilled in a "physical and tangible" sense, and the "actualization" of an individuals full personal potential takes place.

But Maslow's interpretation is also limited to physical things meaning it was predominantly established based on individual potential from a Newtonian Physics perspective.

This is why Quantum Physics is such an exciting field of study to delve into for those who are truly seeking to fully experience...or to come as close as possible to experiencing self actualization for themselves.

In this light, self actualization isn't limited to physical potential at all and a dependence on becoming self actualized based only on "physical appearances and experiences" is quickly becoming recognized as outdated.

Why is that? Simply because as the sages, mystics and masters of the past have conveyed and always taught and which modern day quantum physicists are discovering and supporting in ever greater numbers in a physical and tangible kind of way, there exists potential and possibility that extends beyond and FAR EXCEEDS what can be experienced in a physical sense, the experiences of which are limited to the physical senses.

The potential and possibility that's available to you, me and anyone else who strives to recognize and understand their "true potential" extends far beyond the "physical realm" or what I often refer to as the Newtonian world.

An INFINITE amount of potential and possibility in fact limited only to and by an individuals willingness and ability to expand and enhance awareness and venture into areas of study that transcend what they "previously perceived" to be their physical limitations.

Self actualization in the greatest meaning of the word, and how we'll be looking at it here is not and never can be "truly attainable" simply because what's possible..."truly possible" for us individually is infinite in nature. In other words, regardless of how far we might much we might delve into and develop an understanding of the metaphysical/spiritual realm and how many experiences we might have along the way regardless of how profound, the potential for greater understanding and experiences, being "infinite in nature" has no limit. There exists no ending or beginning to what's "infinite" in nature.

In other words there is always something bigger...something more and something grander to experience.

To experience self actualization for yourself will require a willingness to understand that it’s NOT beneficial to believe your Mind on matters that are very important to you in life.

To personally understand and experience Self actualization requires transcending the limitations of both the brain and the mind.

Self actualization simply requires an expansion of consciousness.

To put it in the way presented by one of the spiritual masters of the past…self actualization requires “Judging not by appearances” and coming to the place that you know and understand that physical experience is very limited due to the predominant mindset held by the vast majority and exists only a physical manifestation based on what you yourself have created due to your own individual choices made throughout life.

These choices made go beyond the choices of a physical nature such as what you do for a living or how you respond or react to experiences of a physical nature but extend to aspects of mind which equate to what you yourself have the ability to believe and conceive as possible for yourself.

To experience self actualization requires seeing beyond the physical events, conditions and circumstances that you’re currently experiencing or have experienced at some point in the past. It requires developing the understanding that “physical things” and what is being experienced with the five physical senses is only a very small and insignificant picture of what’s truly available to and for you.

This is why the brain and the mind are so limited in producing desired outcomes and why it‘s “perceived“ by so many to be difficult or in a number of cases impossible to create and experience what many today would refer to as miracles.

But it’s not impossible or difficult once you understand how to leverage the creative power provided to you.

This begins by developing an understanding regarding the importance of transcending the limitations of brain and mind.

Your Mind can only base its conclusions regarding “reality and possibility” on past data acquired through and based on “physical experience” that it has collected and stored at the subconscious level during your lifetime. These experiences, which you have formed “perceptions and beliefs” about based on what you presently see as well as the past experiences encountered during your physical life is a very limited perspective.

The individual aspects of mind whether conscious or subconscious has no knowledge of things that are infinite in nature which exist and have always existed through all eternity…things that are available to anyone choosing to expand the quality of their consciousness and who choose to develop their ability to “conceive” infinite possibility and potential as being possible for themselves.

Many people today depend solely on the brain to determine the quality of their lives.

This perspective is even more limited than understanding the power of the mind.

The brain is nothing more or less than a physical tool that the mind utilizes to direct and instruct the physical body, which is limited to and by the data that the mind has collected and stored throughout your life.

The power of the mind is only limited to experiences based on individually held beliefs and perceptions regarding this possibility.

Self actualization is achieved when you can truly transcend and learn to understand not to base your potential on “physical appearances” and understand that any experiences you are having or have had to this point have been limited only by your individually held perceptions and beliefs regarding what’s possible for you in reality.

In order to access data having to do with Who You Really Are, and why any particular thing is occurring in life, regardless if you perceive this occurrence as “good or bad”, it’s necessary to tap into and access data from outside your present level of awareness…to extend beyond the physical time line that we as “physical entities“ are limited by and “perceive“ as being so real and true in “physical life.”

This data is only accessible through your soul which transcends and extends far beyond what’s often “perceived” as possibility based on common logic and the limitations of mind.

Your individual ability to self actualize appears in your life as a "knowing" which becomes automatic through choosing to consciously and intentionally shift and expand your existing “paradigms” exponentially, which once “known”, accepted and understood at the deepest levels within yourself begin to unfold and become “physical experiences” in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.

Although there are an infinite number of paths that enable you to reach this depth of understanding and “inner knowing” for yourself, meditation has proven to be by far the shortest and most enlightening path, enabling you to transcend your own self created limitations as well as understanding and experiencing what it means to become self actualized.

Once you can "trust this" and develop the inner knowing regarding it‘s realness, and tap into the infinite potential and possibility that is available to you, you‘ll be one major step forward in not only knowing what self actualization "truly is" at an intellectual level, but personally experiencing the limitless and boundless nature of the “real you” and the infinite probabilities available to you, that choosing to do so provides.

The willingness to tap into this “place” expands your understanding at the consciousness level and elevates the quality of consciousness that without fail determines your physical results.

This expansion of understanding equates to an expanded “quality of consciousness”, elevating your beliefs and your perceptions regarding possibility and potential enabling you to “conceive” possibility that extends beyond what you might currently “perceive” as being possible which in turn enables greater experiences to become “real and tangible” in each and every area of your life.

Regardless of how much we might grasp the "higher truth" concerning who and what we "truly are", the horizon continues to expand the more that we choose to expand ourselves at the consciousness level.

Thanks to huge advancements in modern day technologies it's now possible for anyone who chooses to do so, to discover this INFINITE potential and possibility for themselves and as a result transcend the self imposed limitations that were once the predominantly held mindset of the world's population known as the collective consciousness.

This limitation was only due to the "individual perceptions" held by so many and as a result did limit those in centuries past with the exception of the masters and teachers who understood and taught that Infinite potential is in fact the one "true reality."

I personally like to refer to this "true reality" as Actuality" which is a reality limited only by one's beliefs and ability to conceive a world beyond what many consider to be limitations of possibility and potential.

One of the important steps for me personally to begin seeing and experiencing what self actualization really means individually and that enabled me to stretch outside of what is often perceived as limitation, was to discover and explore what are known and often referred to as Universal Laws or as they're often called Laws of Nature.

Regardless of which path you might choose individually to self actualize or to develop the ability to clearly see that self actualization is possible for you, rest assured it is an attainable, achievable and transformational way of being that will expand your world and the possibilities and potential that are, always have been and always will be available to and for you.

The fact remains that there is much more to life than what can be perceived or experienced in a physical and finite way. There is much more available to you and for you and a "conscious choice" to expand your understanding with regard to how "real and true" this is, will propel you forward not only with your understanding but will also unfold and reveal itself in the "physical aspects" of life enabling you to personally experience the infinite amounts of love, joy, inner peace, fulfillment, and limitless prosperity that is, always has been and always will be readily available to you when you make the choice to "allow it" to become real, enabling you to experience it for yourself.

A life filled with physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony and what I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Self Actualization Is Achieved Through An Expansion Of Your Consciousness

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