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Abundance-and was created in 2005 and designed with the intention of reaching, serving, assisting and empowering individuals from around the world, who are "sincere and serious" about creating and EXPERIENCING a greater quality of life. is a comprehensive, personal empowerment resource providing free access to a global audience who desire to create meaningful, lasting and sustainable change.

Without educational resources like, many of the individuals we reach and serve globally would have no access to the life transforming knowledge that we share, due to various social, cultural and/or economic conditions.

Although the access we provide is open to and freely provided globally without charge or expectation of return, providing Free access to the information, does not happen without cost.

That's WHY the donation page was created. To enable willing visitors as well as Enlightened Journey Community Members who understand the power of giving and who desire to give back for the value they've received, the ability to do so.

If you've benefited, feel you have received value and have a "heartfelt desire" to give back, your donations are certainly welcomed.

To date we've reached and played a role in empowering millions upon millions of individuals in nearly every country on the planet with billions more to reach.

Your donations assist us in meeting the financial obligations incurred, support us in expanding our reach further as well as assist us in fulfilling our vision of educating, assisting, enabling and empowering those who are less fortunate and who otherwise may not have access to this "Specialized and much needed form" of knowledge.

Why do we do what we do and provide free access? The answer is simple...

When one wins, we all win.

"“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have
done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” ~ Albert Camus

The most powerful form of giving is done with a spirit of joy and heartfelt gratitude, and should result in an immediate positive vibration for you, so we would ask that you carefully consider your decision prior to giving and give from your heart.

If the information on has assisted you in your growth and you feel compelled to "Joyfully and Cheerfully give back" and support our mission in reaching greater numbers around the world through and/or freely distributed monthly publication, The Enlightened Journey Ezine, your generous support is most certainly appreciated and humbly accepted.

If it's on your heart to give back and contribute in a monetary way, please use one of the options below.

On behalf of Enlightened Journey Enterprises and those who have and/or will benefit from our "work", Thank You in advance for your generous support in helping us continue to fulfill our vision of reaching more and spreading the good news.

To make a donation, simply click on the PayPal logo button below: All transactions are encrypted and 100% safe and secure.

If you prefer to make a donation via check, money order, or cash, please use the following mailing address:

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, Oklahoma 73099

Please make checks payable to "Enlightened Journey Enterprises."

As always "Thank You" for your support and generosity.

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