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A Multifaceted, Visionary and Heart Centered Personal Empowerment Firm Driven by an Unwavering Commitment To Providing Enhanced Awareness and Measurable Real World Results For Those We Reach
and Serve on a Global Scale...

...In Life - In Business - From The Inside Out

Chuck Danes - Enlightened Journey Enterprises
Chuck Danes
"Creating Real Success and Harmony in life that's sustained long term, requires more than mastering a few personal, business and/or technical skills. It's through a culmination of mastering mental, emotional, relational, financial and spiritual skills as well.

Doing so is achieved in the simplest, most effective and efficient way possible by learning, adopting and adhering to an inside out approach to life. It's a model that provides unsurpassed benefit in all facets of life. It's a unique yet powerfully transformational approach that always serves, benefits and creates a win/win environment for everyone involved." - Chuck Danes : Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises

Who We Are :

Founded in April of 2005, Enlightened Journey Enterprises is a coaching/training/personal empowerment firm located in the greater Oklahoma City area. Our company is dedicated to assisting individuals, groups and organizations worldwide who aspire to Be, Do and Have More in business and in life.

In a phrase...

Enlightened Journey Enterprises is a Coaching/Training/Personal Empowerment Firm driven by and Committed To Providing Hope - Instilling Courage - Elevating Curiosity - Enhancing Awareness - Encouraging Compassion, Collaboration and Implementing a Win/Win Approach, while creating extraordinary, real world measurable results for those who we reach and serve.

Traditional education systems teach about the world. Enlightened Journey Enterprises education systems and services teach you about yourself, your value and what you’re truly capable of.

Our unique approach appeals to a diverse and far reaching audience of individuals, whether aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders or those who aspire to reach and serve greater numbers of people with greater efficiency while at the same time enhancing productivity. Put simply, our unique approach is for anyone who has the desire to experience greater productivity and enhanced results in business and/or life through implementation and consistent application of practical, proven, time tested and powerfully effective holistically focused strategies and methodologies.

Enlightened Journey Enterprises employs a unique, yet powerfully effective approach that many individuals and/or businesses are either unaware of or simply overlook.

Our unique approach educates, enables and empowers our clients to dramatically enhance their results in ways that include, yet extend far beyond the material and monetary aspects of productivity. It's an all encompassing approach to wealth and success enabling and allowing what Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder Chuck Danes refers to as Real Success, Real Wealth, Real Harmony and Real Freedom in business and life in general.

Stated simply, Enlightened Journey Enterprises assists it's clients in reaching and achieving their true potential in business and in life as a whole.

The philosophy of Enlightened Journey Enterprises as a service provider is quite simple...

Choose to BE-come more and you'll become enabled and empowered to reach, serve, contribute, and DO more and as a result, receive more.

As a result, all involved become better equipped to HAVE more of whatever they may aspire toward, while doing less of the mechanically focused things, yet still maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.

Since it's inception in April of 2005 Enlightened Journey Enterprises has played a major role in impacting and enhancing the lives of millions globally. Our commitment, focus and intention is to enhance and elevate our clients understanding of proven time tested principles and strategies, the design and implementation of which is custom tailored to the unique needs and desires of each individual, group or organization.


Our Services :

Coaching/Mentoring/Personal Consultations

Personal Empowerment Home Study Courses

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Trusted Partners

Free Resources

Our Mission :

Enlightened Journey's mission is to enlighten, enable and empower individuals globally from EVERY walk of life to achieve WHATEVER their individually desired outcomes might be in life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

The foundational principles which enable and allow the greatest impact as well as the greatest results to be realized and achieved are no different whether it be on an individual or global scale.

Enlightened Journey Enterprises provides it's clients with a wide array of products/services ranging from cutting edge information, state of the art technologies, individual coaching specifically tailored and designed to create physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual harmony in the lives of those who aspire to be, do and have more in life.


Our Purpose :

Enlightened Journey's purpose is to enhance quality of life one person, group and/or organization at a time, through the various resources and services we provide, ranging from educational resources, state of the art tangible tools, systems and training specifically designed for creating material and monetary wealth as well as personalized guidance through our one on one coaching and mentoring curriculum's custom tailored for each individuals/groups/organizations unique wants, needs and desires.

Our primary purpose and focus is to provide a number of proven resources enabling our clients to enhance quality of life in such a way that Enlightened Journey's founder, Chuck Danes believes to be an essential aspect of introducing and awakening individuals to their "true power and potential."


Our Vision :

It's the vision of Enlightened Journey Enterprises to become the leader in the personal empowerment/human potential field through our dedication and commitment to fulfilling our clients individual needs and desires while at the same time doing so in such a way that fulfills our company mission and purpose which is unique in the business arena.


Our Unique Approach :

Enlightened Journey Enterprises unique approach enables and empowers it's clients to achieve extraordinary results on an individual and/or organization wide basis through implementation of simple, practical yet powerfully effective strategies and methodologies custom tailored to the wants, needs and desires of each client.

Although Enlightened Journey is a business, it's not a traditional form of business in the sense that many business models utilize. Our first priority and primary objective is focusing on the business of life. More specifically our focus and vision is providing clients with an understanding of how and why an "inside out approach" to life and business yields a kind and quality of result that many businesses never "see."

Both you and your business are unique. Cookie cutter approach methodologies simply can't and don't address the unique needs of each individual and/or business.

At Enlightened Journey Enterprises we get that and we address it in a way that no other does.

When you do that all the business that follows just happens in ways that traditional forms of business don't often "see.


Our Commitment :

Enlightened Journey Enterprises is committed to meeting it's clients where they are...wherever that might be and leads, guides, directs and instructs each client to achieve what they desire...whatever that might be.

We do that through providing a warm, caring and personal connection with our clients which enables and empowers those who share our vision, mission and purpose with everything they could possibly need to bridge the gap between where they are currently and where they "truly desire" to be.

In a phrase, Enlightened Journey Enterprises is committed to meeting it's clients where they are, providing EXTREME value and contributing in such a way that enables and empowers our clients to get clear, focused and implement time tested, proven strategies that enable them to get their business in order.


In Life - In Business - From The Inside Out

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