"Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom Really and Truly Are Your Birthright. And They Always Have Been"

Are YOU Ready To Reclaim Yours?

Great News...You Can...Starting Right Here, Right Now!!

Within Moments From Now, You'll Clearly Understand How, Why as Well as be "Re-Minded" of the Fact That You CAN Create "Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom" For Yourself as Soon as YOU Start Choosing To

Physically - Financially - Relationally - Emotionally - Spiritually

It's Much More "Simple" and "Doable" Than Most Perceive

Contrary to what many in this day and age "believe" to be true, your innate ability to create Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom is an inherent part of who you are. In the same way you have also been provided the gift and have the ability to create the polar opposite.

What you create and what you experience in each and every area of your life is within your control and it's how you choose to use this gift which has been freely provided to each of us without exception, that determines the kind and quality of life that you'll experience.

To put it as simply and succinctly as possible...

Creating Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom requires your conscious participation.

Doing so isn't mandatory by any stretch of the imagination. Yet it is an option and IS something that you CAN do for yourself if ever and whenever you choose to do so.

Everyone has their own ideas...perceptions...beliefs and individual definitions as to what Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom is and isn't.

It's equally true that everyone has their own individually chosen views with regard to their ability and/or inability to make their heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires real and tangible, whatever those individually held desires might be.

Due to any number of various factors you also hold various beliefs regarding your ability or inability to make Real Freedom a tangible reality in your life which also determines the kind and quality of life that you'll experience individually.

And although that's "true", there's one consistent theme that always applies...always holds true and always clearly reveals the fact that there is a common thread that binds us all together. And it's this common thread which does, always has and always will remain a consistent reality regardless of what you currently believe to be true or untrue which always determines the kind, quality and quantity of tangible effects that you'll personally experience or not experience in life.

What are these consistent and common factors?

The simple fact that for every cause there will be an effect that aligns perfectly and precisely with the cause responsible for it's creation.

What you believe to be true about yourself, your capabilities and the infinite number of possibilities available to and for you as well as those that you "perceive" yourself as needing to dodge, avoid and run away from serve as the cause. Everything that follows are merely effects.

Are you SERIOUS about and FINALLY ready to begin personally experiencing how Simple, Real and Doable creating "Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom" can be?

If so, it's going to be vital that you remain open, willing, and receptive to expanding your point of reference. It's going to be necessary to temporarily disarm, disengage and replace the current belief filters that are keeping you from doing so.

I think it's important first of all, to set the stage and clarify what Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom is, based on what I've come to know and understand through many years of exploration, walking a number of paths in life and personally experiencing a very broad and diverse range of tangible results as I've explored and walked down the various paths I have.

It's my personal definition at least, yet one that I've come to know through experience CAN become everyone's definition as well as their experience should they be open, willing and ready to accept the fact that it's both true and attainable.

Aside from your own perceptions and conceptualizations as to what you currently perceive as being possible or not possible for you...

Experiencing "Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom" in life is to experience physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony.

And yes, to make certain there is no misunderstanding, that means you CAN have it all. In fact the Higher Truth is, you already do have it all. And if you're not personally experiencing what's always been readily available to you, it's going to be important that you accept the fact that you just don't "know it" yet.

Once you understand how true that is and begin consciously utilizing the inherent gifts which have been provided to you, you'll clearly understand and "know" in a very real and tangible kind of way, that you can experience whatever hopes, dreams, desires you may have for yourself, anytime you choose to do so.

That is IF you'll simply make a commitment to yourself, choose to become aware of and recognize the underlying triggers that ignite fear, doubt, worry and self sabotage and once that choice is made, simply learn and understand what's necessary to get out of your own way, make the necessary adjustments, and "allow" yourself to consciously, intentionally and purposefully open the flow that delivers whatever the desire might be.

It's then and only then that Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom can become a tangible reality for you.

What so many who are seeking Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom consistently overlook and fail to realize is the fact that in ALL cases without exception, we are in some way, shape or form, in a sense being constantly yet unnecessarily victimized by our beliefs.

At least we "perceive" that as being true. In the bigger scheme of things...the Higher Truth is, we're not "truly" being victimized at all. We are, in reality unconsciously choosing to victimize ourselves.

It's our individually held and chosen beliefs that keep us "seemingly stuck" in victim mode. Put another way, it's our individually held beliefs which consistently dictate and remind us of what we can and can't do, what we can and cannot have, what we're capable and incapable of, which always determines in our own minds, what is right and true in this moment.

Yet any outcome that seems to be random, uncontrollable, and/or unchangeable is only made real and possible through our own limited perspectives with regard to life. We've adopted and choose to remain "seemingly trapped" within our own self created circumstances due to our limited points of reference.

We can and often do, as a result of these self chosen yet limited points of reference, choose to remain unaware of and oblivious to the power freely provided to each of us.

We have the choice and the ability to choose the empowering path or the self limiting and dis-empowering path.

Those who choose the "less than empowering" and seemingly random path, "unconsciously" and "unintentionally" utilize this very same freely provided, immutable and unwavering power to create and sustain the less than desired cycles which reveal themselves as events, conditions and circumstances that are always unfolding and always showing up in tangible form in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Whether those individual experiences are desired or less than desired, they all flow from the very same place. The kind and quality of our experience is determined by what we believe or don't believe to be true.

It's certainly no secret and there's absolutely nothing new about that. What does seem to remain outside the grasp of most, is the fact that there are many layers and many things going on within ourselves that keep so many from discovering and understanding the simplicity of why and how things unfold in life as they do.

We can and in more cases than not DO get so focused on, worried about and even lost in our beliefs that, without even realizing what we're doing, we consistently and habitually focus on our stories (past, present and future) which remind us where we've been and what we've experienced at some point in the past which only serves to dis-empower and freeze us up in the moment and can only serve to create additional fear, doubt and worry about what "might or could happen" at some point in the future.

It's that very way of perceiving and DOING things that keeps us "seemingly" trapped and helpless which keeps our heartfelt desires from becoming real and tangible.

It's the one and only thing that deters us from fully experiencing the many joys, pleasures and desirable outcomes that life CAN, and if we choose, WILL provide.

It's our fears, anxieties, doubts, worries and apprehensions in this moment that unfold and determine the events, conditions and circumstances that inevitably unfold at some point in the future...


And I say sometimes for a very good and specific reason. The reason being is due to the fact that much of what we fear and choose to remain so anxious about, never takes tangible form.

Fear no doubt dis-empowers us, it drains us, it weakens us and it keeps us from fully enjoying and fully experiencing the awe and magnificence of the moment, yet the tangible creation of what we are so anxious, doubtful, worried about and fearing, in more cases than not, never takes tangible form.

But it CAN, DOES and ALWAYS WILL keep us from fully experiencing the peace, joy, harmony and fulfillment that is equally and readily available to us all in the here and now.

And although the fears never take tangible form in many cases, neither do the things that we Love and desire. And it's simply because we allow the fear to dominate our lives which keeps us from moving toward what we Love.

And it's then that we "perceive ourselves" as being unable to make Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom a daily experience.

And due to those self limiting and self sabotaging "perceptions" we "get to" experience a kind and quality of life that harmonizes with our choices.

So let's begin by peeling back some of the layers and developing a deeper understanding as to how and why we CAN experience Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom anytime we choose to do so.

What You Currently Believe, Perceive and Choose To Hold Onto as Being True Has Been Derived From External Sources

The individual perceptions and beliefs we each hold are in more cases than not, those which have been learned and acquired from others. Put another way, we've for the most part been taught, conditioned, programmed and indoctrinated as to what's real, right and true based on the beliefs and perceptions of others. We've adopted these various beliefs and perceptions without ever questioning, exploring and attempting to validate, prove or disprove if what we've been taught is "really true" at all.

The result is that we often "perceive" certain things as being true when the Higher Truth is that what we've learned, accepted and adopted as our own truth, is then acted upon and reflected through our own ways of "Being" and Doing things in the world which in the vast majority of cases, is of a kind and quality that keeps Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom from becoming a tangible reality in our lives individually.

Although our learned, adopted, accepted and self chosen truths unfold in our lives just as we believe they will, they are in many more cases than not, based on less than empowering and very limited data that transmutes itself into less than desired tangible results.

Put simply, much of what we've learned and choose to live our lives by, is NOT based on a Higher Truth.

Let's face facts. Those who experience an extraordinary quality of life certainly aren't in the majority class. Not because they CAN'T be but rather because they don't believe they CAN be.

We do have the ability as well as the responsibility to enhance and expand our beliefs if we desire greater and more pleasing tangible results yet most don't.

Why do you suppose that's true?

The reason is quite simple.

We are for the most part, conditioned to believe that life is supposed to be hard. We've adopted a way of thinking, believing and BEING that the attainment of physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony is nothing more than some novel "pie in the sky" idea which is what keeps so many hoping, wishing, praying and without even being consciously aware, choosing to remain in wishful thinking mode.

Our learned beliefs are for the most part of a kind and quality that align and harmonize with fear, cynicism and pessimism rather than Love, possibility and potential. We're for the most part hard wired to run away from and avoid what we fear, rather than consistently focusing on and moving toward what we Love.

One thing is certain...

As we believe we receive and it never fails, never wavers and can never create anything more or less than we ourselves are choosing for ourselves.

We've become conditioned to and without being "consciously aware" of what's happening, we habitually choose to avoid and run away from what we fear rather than open ourselves, move toward, embrace, accept and experience what we Love.

We only have 2 choices in life. Every choice we make and every action we take falls under the heading of either Love or fear. The reason WHY we don't experience many of the things that we fear, is simply because Love overpowers and snuffs out fear.

By the same token, we "perceive" ourselves a being unable and incapable of creating what we Love simply because we "allow" fear to keep us from moving forward and doing what we Love which always provides tangible results that align and harmonize with our choice.

So what do you suppose would happen if you chose and began right now in this very moment to simply begin "allowing" your beliefs to be OK as they are?

What if you began "allowing" everything to be OK as it is?

What do you suppose would happen if you simply let go of any labels, judgments and preconceived notions about what is happening in your life currently?

What if you simply did the best you know how to do in this moment and simply "allow" everything else to unfold, be OK and happen just as it's happening, regardless of what that is?

Here's exactly what would happen...

Everything would be OK as it is and you'd move into the space where everyone is trying and struggling and anxiously DOING so much in their futile attempts to arrive at the place where EVERYONE is "attempting" to get to without or with very limited success.

You'd begin to experience the peace, comfort and assurance that all is unfolding, perfectly, precisely and without fail just as it was designed to. You'd move into the space and adopt the mindset that all things happen for a very specific reason, for a definitive purpose and they ALL, regardless of what they are or how you might currently perceive, judge and label them, ALL serve a "greater good."

You'd move from the place of resistance of what you fear to acceptance of what you Love which is what's necessary to consistently and effortlessly experience the kind and quality of life that so many are so anxiously and fearfully attempting to force, make happen and futilely trying so hard to achieve.

The things that "show up" externally as a result of our learned ways of BEING, further solidify and validate in our own minds that the events, conditions, circumstances, obstacles and blocks that we consistently encounter as a result and so often perceive as being so real, are only products of mind and keep Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom from becoming a tangible reality.

And it's that very "perception" and our individually chosen beliefs, judgements and labels that continue to reinforce the fact of just how "true" that is which make and keep the blocks and obstacles insurmountable and a consistent reality just as we ourselves are choosing and believing they are.

They keep "Real Peace, Real Harmony and Real Freedom" from becoming real.

The result? We keep looking at and dwelling on the shortcomings of the past which can, do and always will only create more of the same in the future. We "unconsciously disengage and dis-empower ourselves" which keeps the tangible creation of desired results always at a distance.

The result is that the vast majority fall into habitual ways of Being that simply won't allow Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom to become a tangible reality. The self created blocks that we ourselves imagine, create, believe to be and "allow" to keep us from what we truly desire for ourselves are often perceived as being insurmountable.

But there's something that many overlook with regard to the perceived and self created blocks and barriers in life whether it be in the physical, financial, relational emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

The "perceived" obstacles and blocks that we honestly believe to be separating and keeping us from being, doing and having what we truly desire in life have absolutely NOTHING to do with what's going on in the world around us.

They are NOT external. They are merely a reflection of what's happening within us. Each and every event, condition and circumstance that we experience in the world of shape and form is nothing more than the tangible creation of what we are choosing for ourselves which is ALWAYS aligned, harmonized and unfolding perfectly and precisely due to what's taking place and happening within ourselves.

One of the most challenging inner obstacles so many face as they move toward creating significant, positive and meaningful change in any aspect of life, is gaining freedom from their own self-sabotaging and habitual patterns of thought.

These consistent thought patterns stem from both conscious as well as subconscious beliefs which we've ALL been exposed to, have ALL adopted and ALL hold which in far too many cases aren't any more real or true than the fact that the earth is flat.

And it's those beliefs and the consistent thought patterns that always follow which determine our behaviors, determine the quality of what we do or don't do and inevitably unfold into what we each experience in our lives in tangible form.

And in the vast majority of cases, these various beliefs we've adopted as our own limit and/or restrict us from being, doing and having whatever you might personally believe, perceive and define Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom as being.

We've each been taught what's rational, logical, feasible, possible and not possible for ourselves and in the process lost sight of the fact that whatever limitations we might be experiencing in life individually, are self created or if you "prefer" co-created.

And it's what we've been taught and believe to be true which keeps us hoping, wishing and praying that things would somehow improve and become better than they are.

What if you let go of those attachments? What if you discovered that what you've been taught and developed beliefs about are the very thing that keep you "seemingly trapped" within the undesirable cycles that you consistently hope, wish and pray could be different and/or better than they are?

Real Peace, Real Harmony, Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom would become a way of life. And it becomes real, simply because there are no "conditions" attached.

That's when your Real Power begins shining through.

I haven't always understood or believed that. In fact at one point in my life, I was quite certain that the opposite was true. And as I would discover at a later point in life it became and remained true as long as I chose such a shortsighted perception and chose to hold it as my truth.

My once held truth consistently unfolded and showed up in life just as I believed it would. It wasn't until I recognized that fact and chose to explore and understand what I now refer to as a Higher Truth, that significant, lasting and meaningful change became possible.

And it can do the same for you. But it requires a choice.

And the way in which it's made Real and Tangible for YOU is by "Consciously Choosing" it in EVERY Aspect of Your Life.

Most everyone "claims" that they would LOVE to experience "Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom" in life. And although most have any number of personal definitions as to what that is as well as any number of "excuses" as to why they can't, aren't and perhaps never will be able to make it a tangible reality, EVERYONE without exception has the ability to make harmony, joy and fulfillment in life real and tangible.

Yet you don't have to look very far to know and understand that only a handful do.

So why is that? More importantly, why is it that YOU aren't FULLY experiencing Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom for yourself?

Why is it that you can't seem to make life hit on all cylinders in the way you "truly desire" it to be?

What is it that YOU "think, believe and perceive" to be the determining factor that separates YOU or anyone else for that matter from those who are experiencing fulfilled, content, happy and Ultra Successful lives?

Are you ready and serious about discovering the answer?

Take a few moments to STOP whatever it is that you're doing, tune in, focus and become keenly aware of what happens when you think about attaining, achieving and reaching whatever you desire to be, do and have in your life.

What comes to mind as you think about what may be and perhaps IS keeping YOU from making your heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires Real and Tangible?

What perceptions do you currently hold that lead you to "believe" that you are being kept from being, doing and having every hope, dream and desire you currently have or ever have had in life from being fulfilled and becoming a consistent and tangible reality?

As you reflect on and think about those questions, become observant, conscious and keenly aware of the many habitual thoughts that surface telling you why you can or can't, why you should or shouldn't, what you should or shouldn't be DOING that you "perceive" to be keeping you from being, doing or having whatever your individually held desires might be.

What do you personally perceive as being "true" with regard to the fulfillment of or the impossibility and/or impracticality of your most cherished and heartfelt desires becoming real and tangible?

The answer to those questions will enable you to become crystal clear about what you are and have been consistently imagining, creating and experiencing without even being "consciously aware" that you have been. It's also that same revelation that will determine what you'll continue to experience unless and until a decision to DO things differently and begin to consciously create desirable change is made.

Some do and some don't. But rest assured...

That my friend is the ONE and ONLY factor that sets the ultra successful, the truly happy, fulfilled and often labeled as "the lucky people" apart from those who experience the polar opposite and always seem to continually struggle or merely "get by" in life?

There are countless beliefs and perceptions that individuals hold as to why they CAN or CAN'T experience Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom in their own life. But aside from the many possibilities, they can ALL be boiled down to ONE single, immutable, unwavering and ultimate "truth."

And this one ultimate truth is at the core...what I like to refer to as "The Seed Level" of why we experience whatever it might be that we each experience in life.

The one word answer is "Choices."

Although we each hold different beliefs, perceptions and consistently "imagine" what's possible or not possible for ourselves as a result of what we've learned to be true, if your currently held "truth" is keeping you from being, doing and having more of what you desire for yourself and those you love, it's imperative that you tune in, become keenly and consciously "aware" of what's happening inside before you'll ever see greater tangible results on the outside.

And to pinpoint the choices be made, requires going far deeper than DOING things this way or that way. It goes beyond doing and having this thing or that thing.

Doing and having are merely effects which are derived from a cause. The cause is the seed level that so many choose to ignore.

More specifically, those who are Ultra Successful and Truly Fulfilled in every aspect of their lives DO something at the "seed level" that most choose not to do and in the vast majority of cases either refuse to do or unknowingly overlook altogether.

Those who are happy, fulfilled and content in life, simply make conscious, intentional and purposeful choices at the seed level that align and harmonize with what they truly desire for themselves. Those who consistently struggle, scrape, and/or simply get by and continue on in their habitual and unconscious choices to lead and experience lives of quiet desperation, continue to focus on, judge and place additional labels on their current as well as past experiences, all the while believing that life was designed to be what they themselves are consistently and unconsciously creating for themselves.

To be, do and have more in life requires breaking the self limiting and self sabotaging cycles that you are sustaining through your habitual unconscious thought processes which serve as the seed that consistently and continually creates the polar opposite of the desired effect.

Regardless of what you might currently "perceive" as being "true or untrue" regarding yourself and your ability to experience abundance, harmony, ease and plenty OR lack, discord, difficulty and mediocrity, the tangible reality that shows up in each and every aspect of your life, points directly back to you.

Either is determined by and made a very real part of your life due to any infinite number of consistent, habitual and individual choices made...namely YOURS.

Accepting that fact and becoming keenly "aware" of just how true that is, is the first essential and necessary step for making Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom a consistent and tangible reality in every aspect of your life.

The Key that determines what you'll experience in your life personally is nothing more or less than a choice. You can begin DOING things consciously and intentionally or remaining as the vast majority "choose to do" and continue to create "less than desired" tangible results, unconsciously and habitually.

Both are choices. Neither is right or wrong yet one delivers far greater and more pleasing results.

Those who choose to expand their point of reference and choose to understand that they simply "don't know what they don't know" will know and experience the power behind it and those who choose NOT TO, won't.

And it "truly is" as simple or complex as that. To create and experience Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom in life is more often than not "perceived" by the vast majority as being complex or even impossible.

Rest assured, you and everyone else, regardless of what you or they might choose individually, ALWAYS get to be right.

You can learn understand and see the simplicity and perfection or choose to remain as so many do "seemingly trapped" within the randomness and complexity.

But the "perceived complexity" as well as the simplicity and perfection that drives and sustains it all is one and the same.

Any choice to remain seemingly trapped and powerless is only an individually chosen perception based on the beliefs you've adopted and CHOOSE to hold. And the choices you make or "perceive yourself" as not being able to make due to those beliefs and "learned" ways of BEING are the very thing that are and will continue to determine the kind and quality of life that you'll personally experience.

Those who experience phenomenal and extraordinary results in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives simply make different choices than those who don't.

Recipients of "Real Health, Wealth and Freedom" simply make "conscious choices" at the level where it ALL begins and are ready, open and willing to learn and understand the most fundamental principles which form an unshakable foundation to build upon.

Once learned, understood and adopted as a new way of being, they choose to take the necessary action that aligns and harmonizes with whatever it might be that they "desire" once those choices are made.

But not just ANY form of action as so many who consistently experience "less than desired results" consistently choose to "unconsciously" engage in.

Making Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom REAL requires learning to understand the difference between ACTION and Inspired Action.

Inspired Action is a form of action that "feels good."

Those who choose to live lives of mediocrity and go through life in quiet desperation are those who tend to make "unconscious choices" as well as choose to hold and follow the traditionally held belief that the acquisition of "Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom" if possible for them at all, requires hard work, struggle, sacrifice and/or is nothing more or less than the product of luck, fate or chance.

And for those that consistently "choose" such a shortsighted and self sabotaging way of seeing and perceiving life and themselves, they DO without fail get to experience a kind and quality of life that aligns and harmonizes with that choice.

Again...they ALWAYS get to be right. YOU ALWAYS get to be right.

Yet what most overlook is the simple fact we each without exception are creating and experiencing a kind and quality of life that is perfectly aligned and harmonized with what WE ourselves are choosing FOR ourselves.

You were freely provided with far greater power than you may be currently aware of.

YOU, I and EVERYONE else is exercising their innate and freely provided power every second, of every minute of every day. Most are just utilizing that power "unconsciously" and perceiving as a result of what they are consistently "getting", that life is random, unfair, chaotic and simply delivers to us what it will.

And it's that choice that will sustain and self replicate the very outcomes and tangible results that we each experience and "claim" that we don't want.

To experience more of the hopes, dreams and desires that you hold and perhaps currently "perceive" as being nothing more than hopeful and/or wishful thinking, it's going to be necessary to begin making different choices than you have in the past.

It's going to be necessary to DO some things that you may have previously refused to do or have unknowingly overlooked.

The first choice necessary for experiencing "Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom" for yourself as only a small minority do, is choosing to break away from how the "majority" choose to do things. It's going to be essential that you're open, willing and receptive to transcending and breaking away from the majority think tank.

As the ancient text clearly conveys, it's going to be necessary to...

"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

It's also going to be necessary to understand the importance of enhancing and elevating the beliefs you currently hold regarding yourself, your individual potential and the infinite number of possibilities, both desirable and undesirable which are both equally available to and for you.

Doing so requires nothing more or less than a choice that that precipitates a "paradigm shift."

Shifting your paradigms and how you view life is going to be paramount in enhancing the kind and quality of your life unless your choice is to consistently experience the same kind and quality of results that the vast majority do and perhaps always will.

Make no mistake...experiencing an extraordinary quality of life begins as nothing more and nothing less than an individual choice. And it's a choice that you and you alone can or will choose not to make.

The "Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom" Index Provides EVERYTHING You Could Possibly Need To Make Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom a Consistent and "Tangible Reality" for YOU.

The Real Health and Wealth Index serves as the gateway to in depth, empowering, enlightening and transformational knowledge, information and resources in the Abundance and Happiness Personal Empowerment Portal specifically related to enabling and empowering YOU to consciously, intentionally and purposefully create, experience and enjoy a harmonious, fulfilled and prosperous quality of life in each of the 5 primary categories that collectively enable you to know and experience "Real" health, wealth and freedom for yourself.

The emphasis I personally place on health and wealth is based 100% on natural health and wellness resources, techniques, systems and methodologies regardless of which aspect of life that might be.

It's my belief as well as my experience that the only way to achieve what I often refer to as Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom in your life, is through adopting an inside out approach to life, meaning placing emphasis on emotional harmony and stability which automatically creates a sense of internal well being which without fail and with unwavering certainty, positively affects the other areas of life.

It's well documented throughout history, is the belief of many 21st century scientists who have studied, experimented with and understand the science of success as well as been my personal experience that once emotional mastery and spiritual wellness is acquired the desired outcomes in EVERY other area of life become much more simple to achieve...almost automatic in fact.

There are actually 5 areas in life that once harmonized will provide you with a fulfilling and abundant quality of life and enable you to fully and finally experience what I refer to as "Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom."

Those areas are...

Physical Wellness

Financial Wellness

Relational Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Contrary to what so many believe today...

"Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom" encompasses much more than some predefined sum of money and/or the material accumulation of "stuff."

Although an extremely important aspect, money and material wealth are only a small part of a much larger picture.

Your individual ability to experience this Real Health and Wealth personally is, always has been and always will be your birthright.

If that's true (and it is) how do you go about claiming it for yourself?

Through acquiring knowledge and applying the knowledge acquired.

The information and resources provided here in the Real Health and Wealth Index are broken down into individual categories and will enable you to focus on and discover transformational knowledge and resources in whichever area of your life specifically that you choose to enhance.

You'll be provided the essential foundational understanding necessary to create fulfillment and harmony in each and every area that so many desire and seek yet so few understand is ALREADY theirs.

As a result the vast majority never take the time to discover and apply what will enable them to experience the harmony and fulfillment that always has, always is and always will be available to them for themselves.

As you'll soon understand and discover for yourself, the only consistent means of fully experiencing Real Health and Wealth in your life is based on an immutable and unwavering "Higher Truth" that all things in the physical world whether it be in the area of health and wealth or any other area of life first begin and are made possible at the unseen level...what we choose to refer to as the level of cause.

Put another way..."All things in the physical world begin, are made possible and exist as a result of an immutable and unwavering process known as creation which is governed by Universal Law or Laws of Nature that without exception or fail begins at the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual level, whatever you might choose to refer to this unseen level as.

Regardless of your current depth of understanding or the beliefs that you currently hold as to how Health and Wealth or Illness and Poverty are derived...

All things seen come from the unseen. All things physical are derived from the spiritual or metaphysical and whatever is being created and experienced in your life personally is, without fail being experienced based on your individual choices.

The Health and Wealth Index will assist you in "awakening" to this immutable and unwavering process as well as provide the foundational understanding necessary for you to begin making "Conscious and Intentional Choices" enabling you to harmonize, align with and create for yourself whatever outcomes you desire.

This unseen place that we'll be referring to as 1st Cause is, depending on your individual perception, known and labeled as many things by various people and cultures whether God, vibration, energy, consciousness, Source Energy, Universe or whatever you may personally choose to refer to 1st Cause as.

As such the Real Health and Wellness index and the independent areas of life which collectively enable a life of wholeness and fulfillment to be experienced by you, addresses and utilizes this 1st Level Of Cause in each specific area and builds upon this inescapable "truth" whether it be the physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual aspects which collectively make up your individual life experience.

As one spiritual master puts it...

"To see things in the seed, that is genius" - Lau Tsu

That is where the Health and Wealth Index places it's focus...at the "seed level."

The Health and Wealth Index will provide you with a glimpse of how the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of your life come into physical form beginning at this "seed level" or what we'll be referring to as 1st Cause and the essential role you play in the process.

A choice to better understand and "consciously" utilize this 1st Cause as the foundation to build upon, you'll also discover information and resources to harmonize, the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the physical you enabling and empowering you to consciously and effectively harmonize all aspects of you and your life.

A "conscious choice" to do so will enable you to experience a quality of life that the vast majority "believe" to be unattainable and/or are completely unaware is readily available to them.

Although my personal belief is that "Real Health and Wealth" is achieved as the result of experiencing harmony, fulfillment, prosperity and abundance in EVERY aspect of life...meaning "consciously harmonizing" the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects which collectively make up our lives, that doesn't necessarily mean that is what you currently perceive health and wealth to be.

The Health and Wealth index will enable you to discern and choose for yourself whichever specific area that you have a desire to enhance and provide you with a number of tools to educate and empower you to achieve and experience whatever that might currently mean for you individually.

Now, allow me to ask you...

What Does Real Health and Wealth Mean To You?

There are no "right" or "wrong" answers to that question.

You can talk to 100 different people with regard to what health and wealth means to each individually and come up with a number of answers that vary significantly.

The reason is that we as individuals, have each formed our individual perceptions of what health and wealth means to us based on our individually established "perceptions" and "beliefs" as well as formed our individual perspectives and beliefs as to what is necessary for harmony and fulfillment to be achieved by us.

Sadly, the vast majority, IF they "believe" it is available to them at all, "perceive" that it requires struggle, excessive effort, sacrifice in other areas of life that they truly value to achieve their "desired" outcomes which only serves to create additional "disharmony" in their lives.

That's why I have chosen to create and provide you with the Health and Wealth Index. To provide you with resources for achieving whatever level of Health and Wealth that you might currently choose for yourself, in whichever area that you choose, based on your unique and individual perspective.

The links below will direct you to the various aspects of what makes "Real Health and Wealth" possible for you individually based on your individual perspective and is categorized into the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of life.

Simply click on the link that best suits the area of health and wealth that you most desire to create for yourself and you'll be redirected to the page that provides the understanding, the knowledge and the resources to assist you in achieving whatever aspect of health and wealth that you desire to experience.

Contrary To What Many Have Been Taught and Might Currently "Believe"... "Real Health and Wealth" Whether Physically, Financially, Relationally, Emotionally or Spiritually Is Already Yours

There's but one thing you have to do...

Claim It!!

The categories below will direct you to topic specific resources to assist you in doing and achieving just that.

Physical Health and Wellness

Financial Health and Wellness

Credible and Proven Systems
For Creating Monetary Wealth

Relational Health and Wellness

Emotional Health and Wellness

Spiritual Health and Wellness

Real Health, Real Wealth and Real Freedom Isn't The Result Of Luck, Fate Or Chance...Unless YOU Believe It Is

Health, Wealth, Harmony, Peace and Fulfillment Are Your Birthright. You Only Have To Choose To Reclaim Yours To See How "Real and True" That Is.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

Shows You How In A Clear and Simple Kind of Way. Learn How To "Consciously, Consistently, and Intentionally" Put The Laws Of Nature To Work For You Starting Right Now

Click Here If You're "Serious and Truly Ready"
To Be, Do and Have More

I'm Finished With Real Health and Wealth Index
Take Me To Physical Wellness

I'm Finished With The Real Health and Wealth Index
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End of Real Health and Wealth

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