REVEALED : The "7 Hidden Keys" that many of the "New Found Secret"
Law of Attraction teachers aren't talking about

'The Seven Hidden Keys To
Conscious Creation'

A Practical Yet Transformational Journey Of Profound Insight
and Self Discovery Revealing The 7 Hidden Keys to Living
Your Dream Life and Experiencing "Real Freedom" Now


Let's cut to the chase...

If you're truly ready to rise above the hype and fluff...transcend the shallow and superficial and get really serious about manifesting desired "tangible results" in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual areas of your life, you'll want to read EVERY single word on this page and pay very close attention to what I have to say...

Becoming "Consciously Aware" Of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation Will Shatter, Shift and Elevate The Self Limiting "Perceptions" and Paradigms That Are Blocking "The Flow" and Open The Floodgates
To More of What You Want

"There's more to "consciously creating" your reality
than knowing about the Law of Attraction

'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' go's WAY BEYOND the Law of Attraction...clearly reveals how to reclaim and begin "consciously utilizing" your "True Power" to attract, create and experience a life of physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual harmony

There's An Awful LOT of Hype and Superficial Fluff
Circulating About The Law of Attraction...

If you're waiting for hoards of money or whatever else you
want to start falling out of the sky, you have that choice...

Finally...The "Whole and Higher Truth" About The Law of Attraction Presented In Explicit and Easy To Grasp Detail and How To Utilize It's Unwavering Power Consciously and Consistently, Absent All The Marketing Hype, Fluff and Shallow, Superficial Nonsense!!

'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' Will Show You How To Break Through
The "Seemingly Impenetrable Barriers" That Have Been Keeping You From
Experiencing A Kind and Quality of Life That You Want, Deserve and
Have Every Right as Well As The Ability To Experience

Are You Ready For and "Really Serious" About Change In Your Life?

If you're...

  • ...truly ready to begin experiencing "real freedom" and "consciously creating" the kind and quality of life that you truly deserve.

  • ...familiar with the Law of Attraction, but lack the depth of understanding to consistently make it work for you in a "desirable" kind of way.

  • and receptive to the latest scientific discoveries supported by ancient timeless wisdom that will elevate your "beliefs" about yourself and your "true power".

  • ready to learn how to "consciously harmonize the "intangible, seemingly mystical and esoteric" with the tangible, practical and logical

  • ...willing to get really serious and are committed to creating dramatic change in your life

  • and receptive to a way of doing that NEVER fails or wavers.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation Will Illuminate Your Path and Provide Crystal Clear Direction To Assist You In Getting More Of
Whatever It Might Be That You Want Starting Right Now!!

"If You Know What You Want 'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation'
Can and Will Show You How To Get It."

From: Chuck Danes
Author, Coach, Mentor
Oklahoma City, OK


Dear Freedom Seeker,

Do you have a sincere desire to experience more in your life, yet consistently find yourself settling for less than you truly desire and deserve?

If you're like most...the answer is yes.

So allow me to ask you...Why are you?

What do you "perceive" to be holding you back from achieving and living your dreams?

Is it...

  • The economy?

  • The government?

  • Your job?

  • Your boss?

  • Your spouse or significant other?

  • Your age?

  • Your current financial situation?

  • Your geographical location?

  • Your __________?

I'm going to ask that you really think about that. What is it that you "perceive" to be keeping you from being, doing or having whatever your "more" might be?

Is there someone or something in your "external environment" that you honestly believe is keeping you from having what you desire most?

If so, what I'll be sharing with you could serve you IMMENSELY. The fact is, it WILL shorten your path to making whatever individually held dreams and desires you might hold "real and tangible", should you choose to allow it to."

That's not some empty promise. It can, as it has for so many others, prove to be a powerfully transformational realization to come to.

What I'll be sharing with you as we progress is based on a number of years of personal experience and personally "believing" at one point, as so many do, that externals...what was going on in the world "out there" determined my results as well.

But as I discovered a number of years ago, it doesn't...unless you choose to allow it to.

That may or may not make sense to you at this point.

I'm confident that if you'll stay with me for a bit, you'll find that what we'll be discussing here will...if you'll allow it to...make perfect sense AND enable you to reclaim your power.

Your True Power.

Allow Me To Begin By Being Very Candid

I think it's important that I preface the following with this statement.

Some of what I'll be sharing may not be what you want to hear, as many of the self professed Law of Attraction teachers are doing today.

Rather I'll be sharing what I KNOW through experience, is essential to hear. Essential for those who are "truly serious" about and committed to creating a greater quality of life for themselves that is.

If you are...IF you're truly serious about and committed to enhancing the quality of your life...any aspect of your life, what I'll be sharing in the upcoming paragraphs WILL assist you in doing so, should you choose to allow it to.

I won't be revealing some "Undisclosed Coveted Secret" or "Newfound Discovery" that provides you with the latest and greatest quick, cheap and blink your eyes easy solution for resolving every issue in your life.

There's far too much of that kind of misleading and superficial nonsense circulating today already.

In my interaction with people from around the globe, I've discovered that such shallow and superficial gibberish hurts a lot more people than it both "tangible and intangible" ways.

What I will be sharing is what I and countless millions like me KNOW to be extremely powerful yet timeless wisdom. that never has...never does and never will fail or waver in it's effectiveness and should you "choose" to "allow it", the power made available to you will become "clearly evident" if you'll only choose to remain open, internalize and apply it.

That's going to be key. Your choices and your willingness to do so will, as they always have and will continue to, determine the quality of your results.

Let's Talk About You, Your Power
and How To Reclaim It

It's my hope and intention that what I'll be sharing will assist you in reclaiming your power.

That's what I do. It's both my passion as well as my purpose to assist those with the desire to become "consciously aware of", reclaim and begin fully utilizing their power.

The first step in the process is to reveal a fact...a very crucial fact. Many have heard it. Most are at least somewhat familiar with it. But the fact is, MOST don't do it, because they are "unaware" of just how important it is. It's a vitally important piece of the puzzle that MUST be understood, if you're ever to reclaim and fully utilize the power provided to you.

Here it is...

If you've been looking outside of yourself for the answers and solutions to fulfill your physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual desires, you're going to continue looking...and looking...and looking unless and until you "choose" a different approach!

Choosing the "I can't because of __________" path is nothing more than choosing to give your "true power" away.

There is NOTHING outside of you that can steal or suppress your power unless YOU yourself choose to allow it to.

The kind of power I'm referring to is a much greater form than most are aware of, yet it's a form of power that all possess.

It's not a form of finite and physical power.

It's a form of power that produces FAR GREATER results...tangible results... with FAR LESS struggle and effort than most have been conditioned to "believe" to be necessary. Equally as important, it's a kind of power that allows EVERYONE to win.

There is no competition and no one loses when this form of power is used consciously and intentionally.

What's more...It's not a form of power that you have to seek out, search for, or acquire. You already have it. We all do.

The fact of the matter is we're all already utilizing this power already, every second of every minute of every day.

Most are just utilizing their power "unconsciously" and "perceiving themselves as being "powerless" to change things.

Depending on where you currently are in your life, more specifically the kind and quality of results that you are and have experienced, you may believe that you don't possess or even have access to this power.

Let me assure you that you do. There's no question that this power exists, EVERYONE has access to it and any who truly desire to can begin "consciously utilizing it" whenever they choose to.

It's an incredible and irrevocable gift that we've ALL been provided.

Modern day science has made IMMENSE progress in discovering the presence of this power. But it goes beyond science. The mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have taught just how "true" that is throughout history.

Most people just choose not to use it in the way it CAN be used. Not "consciously" anyway. Not because they wouldn't like to, but rather because based on past conditioning, as well as past and current results that this conditioning has produced, we become "unconscious" of and oblivious to it.

To reclaim this power, it's simply a matter of awakening and remembering.

It's nothing new and it most certainly isn't a Secret. At the same time most aren't consciously aware of the power they already possess nor how to utilize it in such a way that enables them to be, do and have whatever they "truly desire" in life.

That's why claims such as "Newfound Secrets" or "Latest Discoveries" are so appealing to so many and garner so much response.

It seems that an ever growing number are frantically seeking in an attempt to unveil "The Ultimate Secret" to making their hopes, dreams and desires real and tangible.

Yet it's not a secret and doesn't have to be found. Not outside of yourself that is.

With that in mind, allow me to share a bit of insight based on my many years of personal experience that I KNOW can assist you should you choose to internalize and begin "consciously utilizing" the power freely provided to you.

I'll Begin By Sharing Some "Bad News"
and Some "Good News"

I'm going to share some "good news" and some "bad news" with regard to the power we've all been provided and the choices that we make or don't make that determines without fail how and what we're creating as we exercise this power individually.

Here's the "bad news"...

The vast majority in the world are "unconsciously utilizing" the power freely provided to them to create what they DON'T want, all the while "perceiving" themselves as unable and helpless to get what they DO want.

They "perceive" themselves as somehow unworthy, incapable, unqualified or that their ability to experience harmony and fulfillment in life is dependent on someone or something outside of themselves.

The result is that they continue seeking in the hopes of uncovering some closely guarded Secret or new found discovery.

Here's the "good news"...

The "good news" is you can set yourself apart from the vast majority and begin "consciously utilizing" the power you're already "unconscious" as that might begin attracting, creating and getting more of what it is that you DO want whenever YOU choose to do so.

Whatever you want.

So how exactly do you do that?

It's begins by becoming consciously aware of the power provided to you. Once you're aware, it requires a willingness to develop a deeper understanding as to how you've been "unconsciously utilizing" it.

Once you've discovered that, and you clearly see and understand how you've been unconsciously utilizing your power to create what you don't want, you can "make the shift" and begin "consciously utilizing" it to create what you DO want.

It's my hope and intention that what I share will clearly reveal to you that, regardless of all the wild, far fetched and hyped up claims being made today, awakening to and reclaiming your power is NOT and NEVER has been a Secret at all.

It simply requires a choice. A conscious and intentional choice. A choice that you and you alone can make.

I know how precious your time is, so let's get down to business and discuss in greater depth how you can begin doing just that.

Let's Talk About You, What You Want and The Fastest and Simplest Way To To Begin "Consciously Using" The Power Provided To You To Get It

Although chances are really good that we've never met personally, I know something about you. A number of things actually. In fact I know much more about you than you may currently realize.

One thing I know is that you're looking for more.

I can't possibly know what more you might be looking for specifically but I do know that you're looking for more of something.

How could I possibly know that?

Because...We all are. It's human nature.

For you it might be more money...more vibrant and radiant health...more wholesome and fulfilling relationships, a greater spiritual connection, more time freedom or perhaps all of the above.

Whatever it is, whether all or any combination of the above, is really immaterial.

I don't mean it's unimportant…because it is. In fact, it's extremely important.

I say immaterial because regardless of how big or small your individually held desires are, regardless of which area of life it is...aside from how bleak or grand you might "perceive" the current results in the various aspects of your life to be...I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can have whatever it might be that you "truly desire" individually..

And I DO mean WHATEVER you desire, without exception.

I also know that in order for that to happen for you, is as simple as YOU choosing it for yourself.

More specifically, it's going to be necessary to begin "consciously" choosing it and learning to "allow" it to flow to you.

To this point you haven't. The reasons you haven't can vary and are as unique as you are.

But I do know that you can and should you decide to begin doing so consciously and intentionally, the ways and means to make these "desired things" real and tangible will begin showing up in a number of ways, some of which you might initially "perceive" to be magical and/or miraculous.

That's what surprises so many people once they choose to become "conscious and intentional" in their approach to be, do and have more in their lives. The ways and means that begin showing up to make their heartfelt desires "real and tangible."

But once you do, you begin to see, understand and experience for yourself that getting what you want isn’t nearly as difficult or complex as most have been programmed and conditioned to "believe" which is the ONLY thing that makes it "seem" difficult, complex and in some cases impossible.

In fact, once you begin "consciously choosing" what you want, getting it will seem quite simple initially. Surprisingly simple.

It seems that way because it is.

No...I didn't say it's always EASY to get to that place. I said once you make the commitment to yourself to begin "consciously choosing", the ways in which your desired outcomes are fulfilled is amazingly simple.

Profoundly simple.

Yet for some, getting to this place where they begin "consciously choosing and attracting" the ideas, people, circumstances and resources to make what they want real and tangible, can initially "seem" really hard.

But it's not hard in the physical sense of the word. It simply requires shifting your mindset. Shifting the perceptions and paradigms that you hold regarding life as well as the events, conditions and circumstances that you may currently "perceive" to be random and chaotic, which have determined what you've received in the past...are receiving now...and will continue receiving in the future unless and until you choose something different.

Choosing something different is as simple as changing your mind, becoming very clear on what you want, holding a "conscious intention" and detaching yourself mentally and emotionally from the how and when you'll receive it.

If you're like most, you've acquired beliefs and habitually engage in a way of thinking that conflicts with that way of "doing things."

For the most part we've been programmed and conditioned to resist rather than allow.

And that's the key...

The more you "allow" the faster the how and the when are revealed. Allowing disarms the resistance that keeps "heartfelt desires" from becoming "real and tangible."

Ironically, in the vast majority of cases that is what's so hard for people..."allowing."

How easy or hard it is for you individually only depends on you. More specifically it depends on your willingness or unwillingness to acquire a very specialized form of knowledge that enables you to get out of your own way and begin "allowing" your heartfelt desires to become real and tangible.

It's my personal belief that's why more don't experience a kind and quality of life they desire.

It's just too simple.

They "believe" it's necessary to struggle and chase and "make things happen" rather than simply learning to "allow" things to unfold naturally.

That certainly doesn't mean that action isn't required as many of the Law of Attraction teachers claim. That's certainly a "feel good" concept that many "wish" were true, but one that cannot and will not produce desired results....tangible results that is.

Point being, the underlying and often overlooked process that allows your heartfelt dreams and desires to become real and tangible" is extremely simple, but learning to consciously harmonize your heart and mind with the immutable and unwavering process that never fails or wavers isn't always easy initially.

But once you make the choice to do so...once you "consciously choose" to make the internal shift and learn to consistently "allow"...the simplicity reveals itself. The ways and means to make your desires real begin showing up. Ways and means that "feel" good...that you love engaging in and taking action on.

How easy it is or isn't for you depends on and stems from a number of factors that are unique to each of us. The really great news is though...any and all of these "factors"...with NONE excluded are within your control.

It's simply a matter of becoming conscious and "consciously utilizing" the control you have which unleashes your power.

It's not a forced kind of control I'm referring to. That only serves to solidify an all too common "perception" leading many to "believe" they've been stripped of their power.

Yet they haven't.

It's simply a matter of choosing to make the shift from "trying so hard" and being so clingy, anxious and attached to what you want, to allowing.

When you master that, things start "showing up" in ways that are often "perceived" as being coincidental, random, and in many cases miraculous.

You become "consciously aware" of and learn to begin "consciously utilizing" your power.

Which brings me into what else I know about you...

I’m also well aware that if you’re in the mindset of the vast majority that you’re Seeking Instant Results but unwilling to "do" what's necessary for getting them.

The most common excuse people use is claiming that they don't have the "time" to "seek and find" the reasons that would enable them to create a kind and quality of life that would provide them with more time and freedom than they could possible fathom.

It's an extremely self limiting yet at the same time a self created dichotomy. One that leads to continual struggle, hard earned results and in a number of cases self sabotage.

It's not's just a choice. More often times than not an "unconscious choice" but still an individual choice nonetheless that so many make which consistently allows less than desired results to continue and become a way of life.

It's a choice that leads many to believe that they have no power.

Harmony and fulfillment in life requires doing. Transformation in life requires action. Yet the "doing" necessary to experience this transformation from lack, limitation, struggle, discord and "hard earned" to abundance, harmony, ease and fulfillment requires a different form of "doing" than most understand or are willing to engage in.

Yet the direction is and always has been readily available.

As timeless wisdom clearly states...

"Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you."

Most people have no problem with the asking. It's the kind and quality of the seeking and the knocking that's the issue which is precisely what takes up all of their time.

In essence it's nothing more than an "unconscious choice" to continue "doing" the very same things over and over again, all the while hoping and wishing and praying that the door will somehow "magically fly open."

They wait for their ship to come in and continue "doing" what they always have all the while hoping, wishing, praying and unsuccessfully expecting different results.

The kind of "doing" that most choose which is strictly physical in nature…working longer…harder...chasing and "trying really hard" is the very "doing" that keeps so many from seeking and continually making excuses as to why they don't have "time" providing them with all the "reasons" they need as to why they can't experience harmony and fulfillment in their lives.

Yet EVERYONE has the potential to do so by simply making a "conscious choice" to take the "time" to discover how to "do" the right things in the right order.

This form of "conscious choosing" enables the less than desired "cycles" to be broken.

This way of "doing things" reveals just how counter productive all this unpleasant "chasing, forcing, resisting and physical doing" is and once understood and a new way of "doing things" is chosen, FAR GREATER results are produced with far less struggle in much less time, increasing the amount of time that so many "claim" they don't have.

Here's another all too common "perception" that many hold...

That "getting more stuff" will make them happy.

The vast majority attempt to buy happiness and fulfillment.

Here's how I know that's "true."

Today the vast majority of people are conditioned by various types of media advertising and are allowing themselves to be programmed to believe that once whatever is being marketed is acquired, it will provide them with the kind of "instant results" that underlie EACH AND EVERY desire we have.

A desire to be "happy."

It’s effective too. It sells A LOT of products. That’s why the vast majority keep buying this thing or that gadget continuously hoping and believing that once they get it, it’s going to make them "whole and happy" once and for all.

But as we acquire more and more of this stuff, we begin to discover that it never does. More importantly, it never will because it never can. The reason is because harmony, wholeness and happiness isn't something that can be bought or acquired "externally."

Happiness and fulfillment is an inside thing. It's a chosen way of "being" inside which once consciously chosen and exercised "allows" things on the outside to change.

Sure getting more stuff is great. I enjoy toys, money and material things as much as anyone. But although toys, money and material things might provide a short term and temporary sense of satisfaction, they can't and never will provide long term happiness and fulfillment that's sustainable for any period of time.

“Real Harmony, Wholeness and Happiness” is found inside. It's NEVER found in external stuff although all this marketing hype and rhetoric is consistently programming those who buy into such shallow nonsense with “beliefs” that it will.

A more accurate statement would be that the masses "allow" such programming to instill beliefs within them and the resulting "perceptions" formed keep them looking for happiness and fulfillment outside of themselves.

Yet it never works. It never provides what they "thought" it would...long term that is.

It's more or less a band-aid approach. It can and does create a temporary form of satisfaction but never long term happiness and fulfillment.

So we keep buying and buying and buying and keep experiencing the same temporary results only to find after a short while that we need to buy something else to get our "happy states" back.

Unfortunately, there are a growing number of quick, cheap and easy “Secrets” being marketed in the self help/personal empowerment industry that are no different.

Due to many of the so called “Newfound Secrets” and "Kick back in your recliner and visualize" to get whatever you want in life overnight programs being marketed today, combined with the claims and guarantees of overnight results, people have become conditioned to want whatever it is they want NOW and expect to see these results immediately in one session, one day, one week, one chapter, etc.

They become attached to the how and when, anxiously awaiting the arrival of this thing, whatever it might be which is nothing more than "unconsciously choosing a state of resistance which is the very way of "being" that keeps whatever it might be that they want from them.

They give most personal empowerment techniques and practices one shot, and if they don‘t yield immediate results, they get discouraged and give up altogether or immediately go on looking for the next "quick fix."

Don't misunderstand...

Immediate results are possible, but before you can expect to see those results, it requires aligning your energy with your desires FIRST. If you overlook or choose not to take this vital step, inevitably you can not and will not reach your goal.

This alignment of energy is an internal process. It requires "harmonizing" the inside with what you desire to see and experience on the outside.

This is the first ESSENTIAL step that so many choose NOT to take.

This internal harmony doesn’t and never will happen by kicking back in your recliner, closing your eyes and attempting to “wish and visualize” your dream life into being as so many of the Law of Attraction marketing gurus attempt (in many cases successfully) to get people to buy into and believe.

The need for instant results or instant gratification often keeps people from taking the most vital step. The time to align their energy, so it actually takes them LONGER to reach their goals or in some cases keeps them from ever reaching them at all.

In essence due to their "programmed perceptions" that they're "allowing" marketing and media hype to program them with, claiming that it's the the short path to happiness, harmony and fulfillment, they are in essence "unconsciously choosing" the "long path."

Kind of ironic isn't it? Sad, yet at the same time ironic. Yet it happens all the time. For some people over and over and over again. They find themselves stuck in the same unfulfilling and "seemingly inescapable" cycles fully believing they have no power to break them.

But it’s not necessary. It’s a choice that we each have for sure and many DO choose that path. But it’s not necessary unless you choose it for yourself.

Let's be real here...

Harmony and fulfillment in life isn't acquired by driving up to the fast food window and driving off into the sunset with each and every one of your hearts desires fulfilled.

Yet that's what many so called "Law of Attraction teachers" today are claiming.

They claim that you can get whatever you want...but that's a BUNCH of hyped up superficial nonsense UNLESS you first take the "time" to align and harmonize what's going on inside FIRST.

Here's the part that MANY Law of Attraction teachers today aren't talking about...

You don't get what you want...You get what you're choosing...

...and it NEVER...EVER...EVER FAILS!!

That's the "Real Facts." You don't get what you get what you're choosing. And the sad fact of the matter is that what many people want is in direct opposition to what they're choosing.

Granted, they're doing this choosing "unconsciously", but it's being done just the same.

What's more is that they're not "consciously aware" of WHAT they're choosing and as a result end up believing that the world is random and chaotic and worse, that they can't get what they want.

That's the ONLY thing that keeps so many trapped in "undesirable cycles" fully "believing" that they have no power to change things.

But it's only because they've chosen to skip the first step...the most essential step which inevitably leads so many down the "long path".

This often overlooked step is quite simply choosing to enhance your awareness and level of understanding regarding yourself, your "true power" and the immutable and unwavering process that insures without fail that whatever you're choosing WILL show up in your life.

The quick, cheap and easy close your eyes and visualize your dream life into being programs don't tell you that.

So many of the Law of Attraction teachings that have become so prevalent today are nothing more than a very superficial and watered down version of the real thing.

They don't delve deeply enough to get to the depths of what's "truly necessary" to get whatever it might be that you want. They don't show you how to make the "internal shifts" that determine without fail what will show up on the outside.

Sure...They talk about attracting...they talk about visualizing your dream life…they tell you about how to construct dream boards and that you can attract whatever you want but they don't provide the substance necessary to elevate your "belief" in yourself as well as your worthiness to begin attracting what you want.

They provide all these "external ways of doing things" and skip the most important part that shifts your internal way of being.

The result? Many develop beliefs and perceptions that the Law of Attraction isn't real or that is just doesn't work for them.

But it IS real and it IS working for you, me and everyone else right can't NOT work!

Does the Law of Gravity work for you? Of course it does just as it works for everyone else...regardless.

It's no different with the Law of Attraction. It's a law. It doesn't change or waver. It simply requires exploring it at a depth that enables and empowers you to FULLY understand it as well as yourself and how you fit into the bigger scheme of things so you can begin "consciously utilizing" it.

That's when you begin "consciously reclaiming" your power.

Many so called Law of Attraction teachers and the countless programs they promote don't provide the depth of understanding that enables you to do so.

Don't misunderstand, there are a number of very sincere, committed and dedicated teachers and personal empowerment tools available today that provide incredible insight and direction with regard to consciously and consistently enacting The Law of Attraction.

But there's also a bunch of extremely shallow, hyped up and superficial "Misinformation" circulating in a number of "Law of Attraction marketing circles" providing "so called" guidance on how the Law of Attraction works and how to make it work for you when the truth is those who are creating, marketing and selling these "cookie cutter approach" products have absolutely NO clue about how to make it work for themselves.

That's by no means a's an observation. An observation that impacts a lot of people that I communicate with in a "less than desirable" way.

There are also a number of well intended people in the personal empowerment industry who truly do have all the best intentions, but unfortunately, they don't fully understand the Law of Attraction either nor what's necessary to make it work in a desired kind of way.

They teach people how to do, rather than "be" which is the very way of "doing things" that has failed to provide what everyone is looking for.

Although their intentions are good, without even realizing it themselves, they teach you only one small part of the truth, fully believing that it's the whole truth.

But in the vast majority of cases, it's NOT.

They overlook and fail to show people what I often refer to as the "Higher Truth."

That doesn't happen by simply reading a Law of Attraction book.

The really sad and unfortunate side effect of this is that when students who are "truly seeking" answers...who are depending on these teachers and/or the shallow superficial products that are being promoted and they experience little or no success, they more times than not quit searching altogether and turn away fully believing that the Law of Attraction isn't real....that what they "truly want" isn't attainable.

But it is and it always has been.

And that's precisely what's been happening to a number of people "seeking" answers. Perhaps even you or someone you know

If that's the case, take heart.

Rest assured the Law of Attraction (although recently provided a new label) is VERY real and very much active in YOUR life EVERY second of EVERY minute of EVERY day.

It's NOT a new found or suppressed Secret. It's NOT some newly discovered "quick fix" or some newfangled new age woo woo.

The Law of Attraction is extremely powerful and it's existed since time itself began. It’s drawing to you everything in your life...EVERYTHING without exception.

But it DOES NOT and WILL NOT deliver whatever you want until you make some other choices first.

More specifically...Conscious and Intentional Choices.

Just because you've done things in a certain way and haven't yet received WHAT you desire doesn’t mean that you can't have it. Nor does it mean that getting what you want in life isn’t extremely, simple because it is...

...and you can experience that simplicity for yourself, ONCE you know, understand and choose to DO the right things in the right order.

In fact, whatever hopes, dreams, goals, visions or aspirations that you might have for yourself and those you care about most, I'll assure you that they're much closer and more easily attainable than you might think. What's more it's materialization can happen MUCH more quickly than perhaps you and 99% of the worlds population realize or believe.

That's why such a small percentage of people get what they want although they can...meaning YOU can anytime you choose.

It’s simply a matter of "consciously choosing" to do the right things in the right order...period.

The first essential step in the "doing" process requires aligning and harmonizing the internal aspects of you with whatever results that you want for yourself.

You do this aligning and harmonizing by choosing to elevate your awareness and understanding regarding yourself and the principles that enable you to begin "consciously choosing"..."consciously intending" and then "allowing" what you want.

Choosing this way of doing things automatically elevates your belief which elevates the quality of your results.

It’s an inside out approach to life that ALWAYS proves to be far more effective and simple, producing FAR GREATER results with far less struggle and unpleasant effort than the approach that the vast majority choose.

It’s the approach that the ultra successful and truly fulfilled choose and which the vast majority don‘t which is precisely why the ultra successful and truly fulfilled are such a small minority.

To become a part of this ultra successful and truly fulfilled minority is as simple as "choosing" to recognize and change what you're currently doing that hasn't and isn't providing the desired result.

Ok, enough about that. Let's move on to something else that I know about you.

I also know, based on the fact that you don't already have whatever it might be that you want, that it's only due to one of 4 reasons...

  • you don't yet know how to get it.

  • you don't believe you can have it

  • you don't believe you're worthy of receiving it

  • you haven't taken the "correct action" necessary to make it "real and tangible"

If you did, you'd already have it wouldn't you?

Of course. If you knew how to get it, believed that you could, knew you were worthy of receiving it and had taken the right action in the right order necessary to create it, you wouldn't be wanting it.

Keep that in mind as we move along.

There's something else I know about you which is absolutely key in getting what you want if you're really serious about and "truly do" want to begin getting whatever it is.

You're going to have to change something that you've been doing, that you're currently doing or not doing to make it happen.

It's going to be necessary to take a different approach. To choose a different "path" if you will. A path that will enable you to break the "cycle" responsible for keeping you from getting what you want.

Think about it...

"If you continue doing the same things you've been doing to get what you want, which has proven to be futile in producing it, you'll only keep producing and getting more of the same as you have."

Make sense?

We’ve touched on the necessary kind of change already. Internal change. It’s that type of change that MUST take place to consistently get what you want yet is precisely what most overlook and/or choose NOT to do.

As we've touched on already, most people look outside of themselves for the answers and solutions, hence why the ultra successful and "truly fulfilled" are so "few" in number.

In fact, the kind of change or changes that most choose, which more times than not are of an "external nature", actually takes them further away from what they "truly want."

That's why understanding the importance of and learning how to begin consciously choosing an "inside out approach" to life is so vital.

But the fact of the matter is, most aren't.

Then finally, based on my interactions with people from around the world, here's something that I know about the vast majority and it's something that most have an EXTREMELY hard time accepting.

In fact some find it offensive. No offense is intended. I believe it's vital to become aware of and understand for those who "truly do" have a desire to begin getting more of what they want.

This may pertain to you and maybe it doesn't. But it's so prevalent today among those who "want" but aren't "getting", it's worth addressing.

Most believe they have all these valid and logical "reasons" why they can’t have this thing or achieve that outcome.

But there not reasons at all.

The truth is, what most "perceive" to be and refer to as justifiable reasons are really nothing more than excuses in disguise.

In fact, excuses are the ONLY reason that more people don’t get what they want.

In my years of coaching and mentoring people from all walks of life, I’ve discovered that the vast majority do their best to come up with all these excuses as to why they can’t have what they want rather than looking for and finding the reasons that they can.

In essence, as unconscious as this way of "doing things" might be, they’re looking for and a result find the "way out", rather than choosing to look for and discover the “way in.”

The result?

Without fail they get exactly what they're looking for.

The reasons that we can find the way in and the direction for doing so is readily available and easily accessible. Most just won’t take the time to discover them. They prefer to take the quick, cheap, and easy path which without fail provides limited results which in turn results in making even more excuses.

Inevitably, as a result of "choosing" to "do" things in this way, they choose the "long path."

But YOU don't have to. It's simply a choice.

And then finally...

Before we get into how you can begin finding the "reasons" that you CAN have what you want (finding the way in) rather than consistently making excuses as to why you can't, let's get really clear on the potential you already have to get whatever it might be that you're currently looking for individually.

I'm personally well aware of the potential you hold to get whatever your "more" might be.

It's very possible...highly likely in fact that YOU don't...but I do.

The reason I do is because I've taken the "time" to explore and discover just how "true" that is. Far more time than most "choose" to.

In fact I've spent more than 3 decades studying the science, the biology, the neurological functions and the spiritual principles that support and validate the potential that you, I and everyone else has been provided.

"Consciously initiating" this power revolves around nothing more or less than a choice. An individual choice.

It's an incredible gift that you've been given. A freely provided gift that we each possess and are consistently utilizing.

It doesn't matter who you are, what country you live in, what your current situation is like, your age, gender country of origin or anything else for that matter.

There is no one that is currently walking around on this planet that doesn't have this potential or been provided this gift although granted most are "unaware" that they do and as result "unconsciously" utilize it to create "undesirable results all the while "perceiving that the world is random, chaotic and determined by a roll of the dice.

Yet it NEVER is!!

Here's what most fail to understand...what they're "unconscious of."

What you’re seeing unfold around you right now in each and every aspect of your life is evidence of this inherent gift provided to you, yet far too many overlook the fact that what's unfolding is due to "unconsciously utilizing" the power and potential they already hold.

More specifically, it’s due to their “unconscious choices and actions” that are producing whatever results are being experienced whether “desired or undesired.”

In the vast majority of cases, the potential provided to each of us to “consciously create” DESIRED outcomes remains overlooked. People choose to allow their "true power" to lie dormant.

In most cases that's only due to choosing to remain asleep, unaware that it exists and refusing to do the “internal work“ that creates an internal shift enabling desired outcomes to become real and tangible.

The fact of the matter is most aren't aware and as a result don't "consciously utilize" the potential they already possess to be, do and have whatever they choose.

That's what keeps the vast majority in the world from getting what they want and consistently creating what they DON'T want. Their beliefs (or the lack of) in either themselves...their potential or a combination of both.

But just because you may not be aware of or to this point haven't "consciously utilized" your power and potential in a way that enables you to create whatever it might be that you want, certainly doesn't mean that you don't already possess the ability to do so.

Nor does it mean that you can't learn to tap into and "consciously utilize" that potential to begin experiencing a kind and quality of life that's more in alignment with what you truly DO want.

Unless of course YOU choose that for yourself.

A number of teachers that are far wiser than me have been sharing just how "true" that is for a long, long time.

Many just "choose" not to listen.

You can, as so many do, continue making excuses for yourself or you can choose the "less traveled path" and begin finding the reasons as to why and how you can begin “consciously creating” an extraordinary life for yourself.

A kind and quality of life that the vast majority "unconsciously choose" not to.

There's no right or wrong choice, it's simply a choice that you have the right and the ability to choose or not.

It's you that has to live with the results that your choices produce so whichever you choose is totally up to you.

The most key aspect of awakening is coming to the realization that it is you that is creating whatever it might be due to the power you've been provided.

It's my job and my passion to assist as many as I possibly can to awaken to the gifts and the power freely provided to them so they might know and understand how to begin choosing consciously.

To reclaim and "consciously utilize" their power.

Here's another extremely powerful yet often overlooked fact regarding choices…more specifically YOUR choices that most overlook...

If you choose to believe that your potential is limited and that lack, limitation, struggle, disharmony and discord is just how things get to be right.

The Law of Attraction will draw external results to you just as you choose.

If you choose to believe that your potential is unlimited and that joy, harmony, fulfillment, abundance and plenty is your birthright and you take the actions that harmonize with what you get to be right.

The Law of Attraction will draw external results to you just as you choose.

The process is ALWAYS harmonious.

I'm going to assume since you're still with me that the latter isn't what you've been choosing or you wouldn't still be here with me.

Most WANT to believe they can. Many will even tell you that they know they can but down deep they have “unconscious blocks” that are keeping their heartfelt desires from becoming “real and tangible.”

But these blocks only exist due to a lack of awareness. A lack of deeper understanding regarding the power provided to you.

To bust through the blocks simply requires enhancing and elevating your awareness.

The biggest block most have is that they allow their current external circumstances to control their thinking rather than "consciously choosing" to allow their thinking to mold and shape their external circumstances.

That's where The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation comes in.

It's designed to assist those who are ready, to enhance their awareness and understanding and reclaim their power.

What exactly is The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation?

In mid 2009 I held a live conference with participants from countries around the globe.

It’s called The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation because it provides ALL the keys to consciously and consistently "do things" in a way that attracts what you want.

But what's revealed in the 7 Hidden Keys delves much deeper than providing a shallow introduction to the Law of Attraction.

It reveals the WHOLE story about how and why the Law of Attraction works in the way it does, the underlying principles that work in harmony with the Law of Attraction and how to begin consciously and intentionally harmonizing with it to make it work for you in a "desirable" kind of way.

The 7 Hidden Keys revealed to those in attendance in a very clear and logical way, where their “true power” lies and how to tap into it enabling and empowering them to get more of what they want in the simplest and quickest way possible.

It goes far beyond the shallow and superficial.

It gets to the heart of what's necessary to begin creating desired results.

No it’s not fast food easy but it’s incredibly enlightening, empowering and will enable you to grasp the simplicity and perfection of the creative process and the crucial role you play in it.

When you've completed The 7 Hidden Keys, you'll understand fully what to "do" to become a conscious, purposeful and intentional creator of your reality.

It won't do it for you...but it WILL show you how.

During The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation conference, we spent more than 8 and a half hours gathered together, exploring and discovering where your “true power” is found and how to begin “consciously and consistently” using that power…your “true power” to begin getting more of what you want.

We also explored how and why so many "perceive" themselves as having no power.

The 7 Hidden Keys Isn't Just Rehashed
and Regurgitated Data

The 7 Hidden Keys isn't based on information that I got out of a Law of Attraction book.

What I share in The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation is based on more than 3 decades of research, personal experience and exploration.

Some of those years were extremely pleasing and a number of them NOT so pleasing. In fact some of them were downright scary and displeasing as I was going through them.

But amazingly it was those scary and displeasing periods that provided me with the drive and the will that led to stretching beyond what I "knew" to be true and would later discover to be the very knowing that limited my personal outcomes.

It's because of that period that I was enabled to fully reclaim my power. Had this period of "discontent" NOT happened, I might still be where many find themselves today which is settling, "getting by" and "unconsciously choosing" a mediocre at best quality of life.

I'm confident that what I share in The 7 Hidden Keys will provide you with what you need to reclaim your power too and begin getting more of what you want, should you choose to "allow" it to.

The 7 Hidden Keys provides what I've found to be an eye opening and profoundly empowering perspective regarding your individual potential and your ability to consciously and consistently create more of the desired outcomes that so many in the world today "perceive" to be unattainable.

Rest assured, as I think you've gathered by'll be spared all the hype and fluffed up nonsense that is so prevalent in many of the Law of Attraction circles today that only serves to dishearten and turn those who are "truly seeking" answers that enable them to achieve their hopes, dreams and goals away.

The 7 Hidden Keys reveals in a very practical, clear, concise and no nonsense way that ANYONE can understand, where your “true power” lies.

It gets to the heart of what's necessary to begin consciously and intentionally utilizing your "True Power" in a very practical way.

As mentioned, the kind of power we’ll be discussing isn't a kind of power that's of an external nature. It's a power that you already possess yet it's a form of power that enables anyone who chooses to remain open, receptive and is willing to "apply" what I've shared and taught to countless thousands over the years, the ability to experience "real freedom" and "lasting happiness" in each and every area of their lives.

The 7 Hidden Keys delves deeply into what's necessary to begin exercising your "true power" and experiencing a kind and quality of freedom that requires nothing more than you already possess.

More importantly we'll be discussing both why and how you can begin to develop and utilize the inherent gifts provided to you immediately, and begin experiencing more of whatever individually held desires that you choose for yourself.

If you've been exposed to all the marketing hype and fluff surrounding how to achieve greater results in life...perhaps even tried a few of them without'll find the 7 Hidden Keys to be not only refreshing but powerfully transformational.

What I teach is not the band aid approach and it's not fast food easy. But it is extremely powerful and will transform your life by simply choosing to internalize and apply what you'll gain.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation makes it quite clear and apparent…

There Are No "New Found"..."Magical" or "Hidden Secrets"
To Getting What You Want and Experiencing Physical, Financial,
Relational, Emotional and Spiritual Harmony In Your Life

It's simply a matter of choosing to become aware of how to utilize what you already have and begin "consistently applying" that understanding.

You'll come away from the 7 Hidden Keys armed with a level of awareness and understanding that is all too uncommon in today's world.

Here Are Just A Few Highlights Of What You'll Discover During These 6 Power Packed Sessions…..

  • The one and ONLY thing that sets the "Lucky People" apart from the "Unlucky."

  • The 3 things you ABSOLUTELY MUST know and DO to produce significant results in life (without these you're spinning your wheels)

  • How what you "Know" to be true is often times the VERY THING that is keeping you from getting what you want and how to shift it

  • What so many "unknowingly refuse to do" that is the VERY thing they MUST say yes to which automatically and effortlessly enables and empowers them to create significant change

  • A very practical, easy to understand yet "profound look" at how EVERYTHING in the cosmos is intricately interconnected and how you can begin using this awareness to begin experiencing more of the desired outcomes in your life

  • A VERY clear and concise look at why you don't and won't get what you want in life UNLESS you understand and consciously enact this unfailing principle

  • How a deeper than average look at modern day science, timeless wisdom and nature provides a powerfully eye opening look at how to get more of what you want (As "simple" as it is, this will blow you away!!)

  • How and why your brain is only a VERY SMALL and limiting aspect of creating desired results in your life and how a total dependence on it will keep you from ever coming anywhere near reaching your FULL potential

  • The one thing that you must do in the area of your job, career or business if you TRULY expect to experience above average results

  • The aspects of mind and why "being aware of" and understanding ALL of them is essential for creating "desired outcomes." (There's much more than most "think")

  • How to recognize if what you already "Know" is leading you closer to or further from what you desire to experience

  • An uncommon depth of understanding that clearly reveals that you already possess EVERYTHING you require to experience TOTAL harmony and fulfillment in your life and how to recognize and unleash it to make it work for instead of against you

  • What "True Power" is, how to tap into it at will and how your current "perception" of power may only enable you to produce "VERY LIMITED" and finite results in your life

  • How to "allow" those things that you most desire to experience to come to you and why attempting to "make" or "force" them only serves to push them further away

  • Why what you see in the physical world is a VERY LIMITED and restrictive view of what's "truly" available to you and how, by expanding your awareness beyond what you currently "perceive" reality to be will enable you to produce "FAR GREATER results with far less "unpleasant" effort

  • Why and How the majority are unconsciously creating the "undesirable" results that they experience and the simple and precise steps that you need to take to turn it all around

  • Who and what you TRULY are and your personal ability to consciously and purposefully manifest "Desired" results in EVERY aspect of your life (Your MUCH more than you realize)

  • Why any desire you have had, currently have or ever will have already exists as a probability and how to transform it from "wishful thinking" into "real and tangible" making it a reality for you

  • Why the desires that you have, regardless of how BIG they might be or "illogical" others might tell you they are, are far more than just "pipe dreams" or "wishful thinking" and the "ABSOLUTELY Essential" steps you MUST take to make them a reality in your life

  • How any experience in your life, whether past, present or future has been or is being created (or co-created) by you and how to begin consciously, purposefully and consistently creating desired results

  • The little understood facts concerning precisely what creates the BIG results in life and why most overlook and miss this "key" understanding (It's NOT doing more and/or working harder!!!)

  • A "Crystal Clear" understanding as to How and Why the events, conditions and circumstances come into your life (and why so many that you desire don't) from a physical, mental and spiritual perspective (It's goes MUCH deeper than the Law of Attraction)

  • A thorough understanding of the various aspects of mind, what it truly is, how it works and how to consciously utilize and harmonize yours to create desired results with predictable ease (It's easier than you might think)

  • The various levels of consciousness which exist and the crucial steps you MUST take to fully leverage it enabling you to begin creating "specific" outcomes in your life

  • What the thoughts that you think "Truly" are, their origin and how to shift them at will to create "seemingly miraculous" results

  • The crucial role that your emotions play in manifesting EVERY experience you have in your life both the "Good" and the "Bad"

  • The "True" meaning of "effortless creation" and how each and every action you take toward achieving your desires can and will be enjoyable when you "choose" for them to be

  • How to determine "intuition" from random, scattered and self sabotaging thought processes that only serve to take you further from your "desired" outcomes

  • A heightened sense of awareness that will enable you to effortlessly and forever overcome and dispel the fear, doubt, worry and anxiety which are directly responsible for dramatically limiting your current results (This in and of itself is priceless)

  • The unwavering, immutable and verifiable Laws and principles which once understood and "properly" harmonized with makes it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to fail in ANY endeavor (They're FAR more simple, consistent and active than you might think)

  • Why external sources, REGARDLESS of what they are, have ABSOLUTELY ZERO effect on your personal outcomes once you understand the basic truths regarding their existence

  • A dramatically elevated sense of Faith and Belief through establishing "correct" awareness which is ABSOLUTELY essential to finally become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances in EVERY aspect of your life

  • Why your physical actions, no matter how intense or consistent often times produce such limited, mediocre and TEMPORARY results and precisely what you can do to begin creating what most "perceive" to be miracles

  • How each and every experience you have had thus far, regardless of how painful or unpleasant you "perceived" it at the time has unfolded "perfectly" and provided precisely what you needed at the time to bring you closer to your desired outcomes...

  • The number one most creative force in the Universe and how to use it at will whenever YOU choose

...And so MUCH More!!

In a nutshell...

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation will put you "light years" ahead of the vast majority and provide you with a depth of understanding regarding you, the world around you and the immutable and unwavering process that will enable you to begin consciously, intentionally and consistently creating "Desired Results" in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of your life.

The 7 Hidden Keys condenses what I've discovered over more than 30 years of personal experience, exploration and coaching others into 8 plus hours of powerfully empowering and insightful wisdom that will enable you to clearly see, understand and most importantly begin consciously utilizing your "true power" and the irrevocable gifts provided to you.

You'll understand at a depth that many never take the "time" to acquire, how to begin getting more of whatever you want.

Let's take a look at what you get with The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation.

Here's what you get with
The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

Immediate access to more than 8 1/2 hours of clear, concise and no nonsense wisdom and insight in downloadable MP3 format

: The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation conference was held live, recorded, and is available for IMMEDIATE download in MP3 format

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation is delivered in the same uncut, hard hitting, unedited format exactly as it was presented to live participants from around the world.

You'll be provided with an in depth understanding of the immutable and unwavering yet often overlooked 7 Hidden Keys that without fail determine the events, conditions and circumstances in each and every aspect of your life and how to harmonize with them to begin "consciously and consistently" producing more of the desired outcomes you "truly desire" whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

These principles are explored and explained through delving into the latest in scientific discoveries which provide a "tangible" means for validating what the sages, mystics and masters since antiquity have always shared and taught.

We'll explore aspects of mind and how you fit into the bigger picture of life and the "true power" you hold to create whatever "tangible results" that you desire for yourself.

You'll understand at a depth that the vast majority choose not to seek out how to begin consciously, intentionally and purposefully create (or if you prefer co-create) your life by design rather than by default.

The 7 Hidden To Keys To Conscious Creation
Isn't For Everyone

If you’re truly ready to move beyond all the hype and superficial fluff that the vast majority “want” to hear, and discover what I believe more NEED to hear to begin producing significant results in life, you’ll find The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation profoundly enlightening and empowering.

If it’s quick, cheap, easy or free "wave the magic wand cookie cutter approaches" that you’re seeking...if you're looking for "Just close your eyes and wish your dream life into being" type guidance, The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation won't be your cup of tea.

But if you’re seeking deeper understanding based on more than 30 years of personal exploration and experience...if you're seeking what I and countless thousands of others have found to be a profoundly empowering yet uncommon understanding regarding life, how life unfolds and how to consciously and consistently make your life work for you in a more "desirable fashion", you'll find what I share and my way of doing things quite beneficial.

Obviously that’s a choice that only you can make for yourself.

Regardless of your individual choices, whether you choose or don’t choose The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation as your path, it’s my hope that you’ve at least come away with a deeper understanding regarding you and the power you hold to be, do and have whatever you choose for yourself.

I most certainly don't claim to have all the answers.

Yet one thing that I DO know to be an unwavering and absolutely certain fact, is that harmony and fulfillment in each and every aspect of YOUR life is very "Truly is" your birthright.

It's simply a matter of choosing it for yourself and believing in yourself.

If you are going to be successful in creating the life of your dreams, you have to believe that you are capable of making it happen and following those beliefs up with "inspired action."

That's where FAR too many unnecessarily fall short. They simply don't "believe" they can and choose not to take the time or make the investment in themselves to learn the "correct action" to take.

I believe The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation can assist you in seeing and understanding just how "true" that is.

Regardless of your currently held beliefs I know one thing to be an absolute fact. Inside each of us is that tiny seed of the "you" that you were meant to become.

To make it grow only requires a bit of love, caring, nurturing and action.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation will assist you in understanding just how simple that can be...IF you'll allow it to.

But it can't and won't happen by itself. It's going to require your active participation in the process. Your participation begins by developing your depth of awareness and understanding regarding yourself and your “true power.”

Perhaps you don't believe that you can. You may even believe that The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation is just another shallow and superficial self improvement program.

It's certainly not my intention to change anyone's beliefs. Yet at the same time I do ask those who I mentor to simply "suspend their existing beliefs" just long enough to remain open and receptive to a way of "doing and being" that I and many like me have personally found to be extremely empowering and beneficial.

It's only a matter of "suspending your disbelief" just long enough to discover just how "true" it is for yourself and how you can start producing extraordinary results in your life.

To assist you with that I'm going to present you with an "ethical bribe" as well as an "unconditional" guarantee.

Here they are...

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For a limited time, for each '7 Hidden Keys' orders processed, you'll receive a 1 hour personalized one on one coaching session (via oovoo or skype) to those who request and answer any specific questions you might have with regard to applying the 7 Hidden Keys in your personal situation.

My private coaching consultations alone are valued at $250.00 per hour and although my colleagues have done their best to sway me from making what they're referring to as being "an absolutely insane offer", as one of the next 50 to order The 7 Hidden Keys, you'll benefit from my "temporary state of insanity."

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A Fully Transcribed Version Of The Entire 7 Hidden Keys Conference In Downloadable PDF Format

In addition you'll receive a fully transcribed version of the 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation conference in e-book format enabling you to read along as you listen. This dual learning format initiates a "whole brain learning" technique that will enable you to retain more of the information shared throughout the conference and assist in absorbing and integrating the information at a subconscious level.

The transcribed e-book version of the The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation consists of more than 150 pages that you'll be able to refer to again and again.

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Any and All Additional Tracks Released Enhancing and Expanding The Information Shared at 'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' conference For 6 Full Months
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As an additional bonus you'll receive any future lessons and tracks that Chuck intends to record in the near future. (4 additional tracks minimum)

Each additional track will expand your understanding even further and provide additional insights that build upon The 7 Hidden Keys as well as provide additional actions you can take to enhance your results to even greater levels.

The current tracks anticipated to be added are...

  • The Power of Acceptance

  • The Power of Forgiveness

  • The Power of Meditation

  • Additional topics to be determined

When each additional track is completed you'll receive e-mail notification complete with the password and page to access the additional lessons.

Fast Action Bonus #4

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In Addition, All Confirmed 7 Hidden Keys Orders Will Also
Receive The Groundbreaking E-Book, The Miracle of You and Your Cells

You'll also receive a downloadable copy of my latest book 'The Miracle of You and Your Cells revealing how to harmonize the physiological and neurological aspects of the "physical you" clearly revealing how to begin attracting more of what you want and FAR LESS of what you don't want.

The information revealed in 'The Miracle of You and Your Cells' provides insight and understanding that so many overlook when "trying so hard" to attract physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual harmony that underlies each and every hope, dream and desire we have individually.

The Miracle of You and Your Cells will serve to enhance and solidify your understanding in a "practical, logical and tangible" kind of way further supporting and enabling you to consciously and consistently apply the power revealed in The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation.

Curious But Perhaps Still A Bit Apprehensive
If The 7 Hidden Keys Can Assist You
In Getting What You Want?

I'll Make It Easy To Say Yes

Since you're still here with me, you're more than likely ready…maybe even way past ready to discover how you might begin to consciously and consistently create and experience positive change and transformation in your life.

Perhaps you’re curious, maybe even excited but for any multitude of reasons you're still hesitant…maybe even a bit apprehensive.

That's quite understandable so here's what I've decided to do...

I'm going to put your mind "COMPLETELY" at ease…

I’m going to make acquiring "The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation" conference MP3s a no-brainer for you.

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You’ll gain immediate access to the downloadable MP3s of 'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' conference with absolutely ZERO risk on your part.

I'm going to provide you with a 30 Day Promise that will enable you to fully review 'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' for yourself with ZERO Risk.

I'll take out all the stops and eliminate any and all the risk to ensure that you're 100% Satisfied and that what you'll discover and the benefits you'll receive are everything and more than I claim.

Here's My No Hassle No Risk Promise To You
Try it --- you'll love it --- or you won't pay

Here's my risk free promise...

Test Drive The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation For 30 full days. If after listening, you don't feel that you've received an EXCEPTIONAL value...that it can't positively impact EVERY aspect of your life, simply let us know and I'll provide a 100% no hassle no quibble refund and keep the The 7 Hidden Keys transcript as our gift to you.

No Fine Print

If you don't honestly feel you've gained MUCH MORE than the small investment required, simply let us know within 30 days of the date of purchase and I’ll refund your full investment with ZERO questions asked.

I can't make it any more simple and risk free than that. Exclusive introductory pricing AND an Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.

Plain, simple and to the point.

There You Have It...Now It's Simply A Matter of Choice

That's what "The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' is. That's what you can expect. Now it's simply a matter of choice...yours.

I hope your individual choice enables me to touch, impact and transform your outcomes in some aspect of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally, spiritually or ALL of the above.

'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' will prove to be an event that you won't soon forget and should you choose to apply what you'll discover, provide a lifetime of benefit that far exceeds the modest investment to acquire it.

Gain Immediate Access To 'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' and The Fast Action Bonuses Now For Only...


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'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' will provide you with ALL the understanding, the insight, the direction and the tools you could possibly need to make 2010 and beyond your best, most productive and most rewarding years EVER!!

It's my hope for you that you’ll choose to discover just how “true” that is for yourself.

To Your Success Always,

Chuck Danes

PS - It's my hope that at some point in the near future, you might look back on this day as the day that I was able to assist you in being, doing and having more love, joy, peace and prosperity in your life. Perhaps even the day that you can look back and say that it was this day that you chose to turn your life around.

Should that be the case, please share your victories with me and I look forward to meeting and sharing face to face with those of you who receive the bonus coaching session.

PPS - You TRULY Can BE Do and Have ANYTHING That YOU Choose To Experience In Your Life. It's my hope that 'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation' might provide you with the Awareness and Understanding that will assist you in getting it, whatever that might be for you.

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Thank You for sharing your time with me.

For One Single Payment of $149.00

For 2 Easy Payments of $79.00

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