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Personalized, Transformational, and Profoundly Empowering Wealth Mentoring For Those Who Aspire To Create and Experience Physical, Financial, Relational, Emotional and/or Spiritual Harmony

"Real Wealth and Harmony" Is Your Birthright...CLAIM IT!!!
2009 Could Be The Year It All Happens For You!!

Chuck Danes
Founder Of Enlightened Journey Enterprises

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"In a time of drastic change it is the learners
who inherit the future."
- Eric Hoffer

Will You Be One Of The 50 Selected To Receive 3 Months of Subsidized Mentoring From Enlightened Journey Founder Chuck Danes?

Enlightened Journey Enterprises founder Chuck Danes, is extending an unprecedented limited time offer to a select group of 50 individuals who hold a higher vision and "sincere desire" to achieve and experience more in their lives.

If you've been provided access to this web page...you could be one of the individuals who will be provided an opportunity to receive 3 months of personalized mentoring with Chuck. (subject to a prescreening interview.)

Here's what it's all about and how it works...

Due to a number of global events that are currently effecting the vast majority and the many contacts received at Enlightened Journey Headquarters as a result, Enlightened Journey Founder, Chuck Danes decided that he would both create and fully subsidize a program to assist those who have a "sincere" desire to enhance the quality of their lives yet due to various reasons "believe" that they might not otherwise be provided the opportunity to be part of such a program.

It’s no secret that the world economy "appears" to be in a shambles and that the vast majority are "allowing" it to affect various areas of their lives.

But, if you understand the underlying principles that create EACH and EVERY one of the events, conditions and circumstances in EVERY area of your life, of course you also understand that’s all just an illusion. The only way that it can and does affect you personally is if YOU allow it to.

The trick to keep such events from affecting you personally is understanding how and why it does affect you, recognizing the "illusion" for what it is, and once achieved, learning to harmonize with and staying open to the all pervasive creative power of the Universe.

Chuck is going to make certain that the 50 people who are chosen are provided that opportunity.

The 3 month "Wealth Mentoring" curriculum which is conservatively valued at $2,750.00 USD will assist you in both defining and creating whatever visions you might aspire to reach and achieve for yourself in the various areas of your life as well as be provided with Chuck's personal guidance to assist in charting out a custom tailored, clearly defined course. (A Gold or Platinum MIB membership is required to receive the subsidized mentoring)

He'll work closely with you to clearly define and create an effective plan of action that will both enable and empower those participating to reach whatever their individually chosen desires might consist of.

These 50 individuals, will be interviewed and hand picked by Chuck and those selected will be enabled to participate in a form of mentoring that has proven time and again to make even the most seemingly unreachable desires a very real part of their lives.

The Enlightened Journey Mentoring Program
Is Not Conventional Business Building Coaching

This form of coaching is not a business building curriculum. This is a custom tailored and personalized wealth mentoring curriculum designed to assist participants in acquiring what Chuck refers to as a "Wealth Consciousness" that will both enable and empower those with a "sincere desire" to achieve more, to reach and achieve whatever level of success that each has the willingness and the ability to define and conceptualize for themselves.

Although the mentoring aspect of the program is being merged with a physical business platform, this platform is only being utilized as a "tangible vehicle" to create the "tangible" aspects of wealth, namely material wealth, should you be one of the 50 chosen to participate and have a desire to utilize it.

Active participation in the business model is strongly recommended but will not be required to qualify for the subsidized mentoring curriculum.

The mentoring curriculum will be custom tailored based on the individual needs, desires and values of those chosen to participate and is designed to enhance what Chuck refers to as the "inner creation of wealth" (a wealth mindset) that he believes to be an absolutely essential aspect of creating "outer wealth and success."

What you will discover goes FAR deeper than motivational rah rah and traditional "positive thinking" strategies.

The mentoring curriculum as well as the My Internet Business online business model is being strategically joined to provide everything required to enable those selected to both reach and achieve an uncommon level of success for themselves as well as provide all the components necessary to achieve a wholesome, healthy, harmonious and stress free lifestyle.

The Wealth Mentoring curriculum is being fully subsidized by Enlightened Journey Enterprises with each individually held mentoring session being facilitated personally via online conferencing technology by Enlightened Journey's founder Chuck Danes.

If the idea of receiving 3 months of personalized, goal achieving and 100% fully subsidized wealth mentoring, combined with a lucrative and proven turnkey business model that collectively provide everything required to elevate your results in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life...do not hesitate to take action.

We anticipate these spots filling up VERY quickly. Once the 50 mentoring spots are filled, the subsidized mentoring offer will discontinue.

As much as we would love to assist all who inquire, due to the financial costs associated as well as the time investment that one on one mentoring requires, a maximum of 50 participants is all that the mentoring program can efficiently handle.

Obviously we can't "know" how long it will take for those spots to fill. It could take an hour...it could take a week. Due to the immense value as well as the numbers of people that this offer is being extended to, we do anticipate spots filling up VERY quickly.

You, being an already active member in Passport To Wealth, or being someone who has recently inquired, are being provided the first right to accept or decline the mentoring program prior to the offer being extended to the Enlightened Journey Community on 12-16-08.

This is a unique and potentially life changing program that has never before been offered and chances are very good that it will not be again.

If you have a sincere desire to achieve more, whether in the physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual aspects of your life, and are "truly" ready to achieve and experience whatever level of results that you aspire to achieve for yourself, Enlightened Journey's mentoring program may prove to be precisely what you have been seeking.

Chuck's Unique and Personalized Style
Of Mentoring Meets You Where You Are

Obviously there are countless perspectives, beliefs and perceptions that are as unique as each individual. There is no cookie cutter approach to assisting individuals to achieve whatever individually held desires they hold for themselves.

Chuck's coaching style is such that takes these factors into account and custom tailors a plan to meet each individual where they currently are as well as where they want to go enabling him to be effective regardless of the common variances that make each individual unique.

Regardless of where you might currently find yourself in relation to attaining desired results or the lack of in your life, whether already having achieved a high level of success or finding yourself with unfulfilled hopes, dreams and desires that for whatever reason you've been unable to reach, Enlightened Journey Enterprises wealth mentoring curriculum will assist you in charting your course and taking your results to the next level.

Perhaps you've all but given up hope of ever reaching and achieving your goals and desires. Chuck's mentoring will assist in providing you with a profound depth of understanding, enhanced awareness and a dramatically elevated belief with regard to yourself and your "true potential" enabling you to bust through, rise above and shed the lack and limitation mindset that so many hold today which is 100% of the time the often unrecognized underlying cause which keeps so many from ever discovering and reaching their full potential.

If this describes where you currently find yourself, this mentoring program will prove to be IMMENSELY beneficial.

Chuck's years of experience and unique ability to convey the knowledge and wisdom he's acquired over the years in a way that's personalized and tailored to harmonize with each individuals perspectives, makes him an extremely effective, truly unique and powerfully empowering mentor.

His diverse style will bring a sense of clarity, renewed hope, promise and a dramatically enhanced belief in yourself as well as the potential that you already hold, that will both enable and empower you to break free of the self imposed boundaries and barriers that so many "perceive" themselves to be trapped within.

Chuck's vast understanding of the spiritual, metaphysical, scientific, and physiological aspects of the world in general combined with a road map that is tailored to each individuals needs, desires and values will both enable and empower you to begin reaching heights and experiencing whatever hopes, dreams, visions and goals you might have a desire to attain individually.

All current My Internet Business and Passport To Wealth members will have the first right of refusal to accept or decline the mentoring.

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