by Norman Myers

I am Norman W Myers, and my wife Victoria was diagnosed in June with stage 4 malignancy, inoperable brain tumor.

I used to be in a Pentecostal church many years ago. I even did a little preaching but left because, I didn't believe they were the only ones going to heaven.

I divorced my 1st wife of 20 years and took another 5 to get the divorce, no kids. I met Victoria and we married, she had two kids who are now grown and we have 2 grand-kids, 9 and 2.

Vic has been given 3-6 months to live and has gone down rapidly in the past 2 months.

What has helped us is prayer and the Reiki sessions I have been to since this all began..I would have told you 20 years ago that Reiki was of the devil. Today I have learned and expounded on my beliefs and convictions but even more, I Have Learned more about LOVE.

I am in awe as the plaque you show here is something I saw without the words 1 week ago in our Reiki session with our Hospice massage therapist and Reiki Master.

It was a hand coming from the sky and I didn't really know what it meant until now. I now know that whatever happens, that I am on the RIGHT PATH AND YOU BY your Love and unselfishness have given me confirmation of that.

I am so open now to the possibilities of our universe and our own travels through life and The LOVE we encounter and share..YOU are so right. LOVE is the key to all things and that hand on the plaque is just another example of things to come for all of us.

The Bible says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. I believe that, but I also believe that there is a destiny for each of us and we must follow it.

My wife is my life. I have to make decisions, whether she stays or goes to other side, but the decision to enrich and LOVE others will always be there.

I might add that when I saw that plaque, tears welled up from within me. I am broken and contrite but know my journey is continuing..I would be honored to hear back from you as I have to take care of my wife for now.


Norman & Victoria Myers

Chuck's response to Norman...

Hello Norman,

First and foremost I want you to Thank You for sharing here. I also want you to know that my thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with you and your wife, Victoria. I can only imagine where you are. Actually I can't, having never experienced something of this magnitude personally.

What I do know is that Love is in charge and because of that, all things work for a greater good...regardless and unconditionally. I also know the power of doing our very best to keep our focus and attention on Love and off of what stirs and ignites our fears.

Certainly easier said than done in certain situations, yet there is enormous power behind "judging not by appearances."

Traditional western medicine misses the mark there in my a BIG way. In many cases, they tell people in situations like this how "long they have." Although I believe that everyone is doing the best they can, based on what they understand, that's not their place. They don't know. They only "know" what things "look and seem like."

Love changes many things that "seem" inevitable and certain on the surface.

I've seen and experienced the Power of Love time and again since this incident I share here regarding my son. I've personally witnessed events, conditions and circumstances changing form in ways and time frames that conflict with the commonly held beliefs and perceptions of the areas that extend well beyond physical health.

One thing I'm certain of Norman, is that there is a plan far bigger and far greater than we could ever possibly conceive or imagine and that all things do serve a definitive purpose...a grand and meaningful one that includes, yet at the same time extends well beyond us as individuals.

I also know first hand, how difficult it can be to see that at times as we're going through the fire. I've been through many fires personally..."seemingly horrific" things only to discover that when the fire calms, a greater good was always waiting there or soon followed.

Sometimes it's tangible and measurable and other times it comes as a KNOWING...a sense of assurance and comfort that can't be described.

You can't possibly know how much it means to me that my story has somehow provided some form of validation to you during this difficult time. So again, Thank You for sharing.

One thing I do know, is that there are no accidents, coincidences or random occurrences. Love met you where you are and revealed to you the meaning behind it.

I'm honored and humbled that I was able to play a role as a messenger.

I came to know long ago that Love is all pervasive...the driving force behind it all even when it "seems as if" it's not. We all come from Love and return to Love, whatever label someone might choose to use to define The Source of Love based on their understanding.

I also believe, based on my own experiences that when we choose to reflect and project love from within ourselves in the best way we can, in all we think, say and do and then simply let go, things beyond our ability to conceive or imagine often take form.

We can't know nor should we become attached to what form it takes, but when we're open, receptive and willing to see, we're always shown the greater good, at some point.

The text from the Judeo Christian Bible conveys some very profound wisdom in my opinion that conveys the power behind unattachment.

"Thy will be done." Many miracles followed. That came from someone who exemplified an unconditional form of Love for mankind combined with an unwavering trust and assurance that The Big Love had it figured out.

I certainly don't have all the answers Norman but what I do know is that doing our best to Love and let go "unconditionally" has immense power. I believe when we choose to do that in the best way we can, we're always met where we are and can personally see and experience the power behind it in some way, shape or form.

Love, Peace, Comfort and Assurance to Both You and Victoria, Norman as You Transition Through This Difficult Time,


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