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Time For A "Chill Pill"

Sometimes The Best and Most Productive
Thing We Can Do Is Rest, Kick Back,
Take A Chill Pill and Regroup

"This I Believe Is One Of Those Times"

If a man does not know what port he is steering for,
no wind is favorable to him." - Seneca

This month we're going to be covering something that I KNOW is near and dear to everyone's heart. Well most everyone that is. For some, although I believe "very few", it "could" prove to be quite controversial.

I hope not but it is possible. Since "ALL probabilities" do exist, it's quite possible in fact.

So, with that in mind...if that is the case, if you find it controversial, please understand I have no desire to argue the point, listen to why you think you're right and I'm wrong or any desire whatsoever to attempt to change what anyone believes by force of any form including responding to hate mail. (Yes once in a while I get one of those.)

What I am here to do is provide my "perspective" with the "heartfelt intention" of enabling and empowering the greatest number of people I possibly can to be, do and as a result...have...more.

I've walked the path of listening to, believing and allowing others to mold and shape my beliefs and experienced the "less than desired" results first hand. I also made the choice to switch paths about mid stream, chose to become an independent thinker, get to the core of what was creating my "less than desired" results, discern for my self what was "true and untrue" for myself and experienced MANY MORE of the "desirable outcomes as a result.

I know what I share and contribute works. It's worked for me and countless others. That's why I share it. It's based on personal experience and walking a number of paths experiencing "trial and error" on a number of them.

So I don't "convinced" about anything. In fact I won't be unless it harmonizes with what I've personally come to "know" and have experienced for myself.

Point being, if you don't agree with what I write about in the newsletter and don't want to read any more of it, simply unsubscribe. No need to get angry or judgmental or pissy or attempt to convince me how right you are. I care deeply about everyone and have no desire to step on any toes, so if you disagree and don't like it and feel yours are being stepped on in any way, shape or form, no need to go away mad, just go away. :)

Ok with that not so "feel good stuff" out of the way, for those of you are still with me, let's get to the core of this months subject matter.

I know from personal experience that if you'll absorb it, choose to "believe it" and "apply" it you'll benefit in FAR greater ways than you may currently "perceive and believe" as being possible.

Based on what's going on globally...the shaky and unsettling economy...the rapid shifts in the way the world is doing business... and the number of communications I have with people around the world, it seems to be a very relevant, necessary and EXTREMELY important topic to address as soon as possible.

And right now is as soon as possible. Pretty quick aren't I? :)

All joking aside this IS important...VITALLY important in fact based on what most are sharing with me with regard to how they're "allowing" what's happening in the "external world" to affect their lives as a result.

And with the many changes taking place globally, since it is a subject that's so "near and dear" to everyone's heart, due to many placing their focus on what's going on "out there", it's got a lot of people shaken up, feeling quite "afraid and unsettled." And some are even quite "freaked out" by it all.

And it's hurting a lot of people...they're feeling the pain and the repercussions. They're "allowing" what's going on "out there" to affect them in big ways.

But it doesn't have to. And it shouldn't. In fact if it is, it's only because there are some "underlying issues" that need to be addressed. And we're going to start doing that right here, right now so the pain can go away.

So let's call this edition of Enlightened Journey "The Chill Pill" Edition. Let's all settle in, grab your favorite beverage and let's take a "chill pill."

The "healthy kind" I mean.

If you've already downloaded and read my new book 'The Miracle of You And Your Cells', you'll better appreciate the "humor" behind that than those who haven't...perhaps.

So if you haven't, do yourself and those you love a favor and do so RIGHT AFTER you read this "Chill Pill" edition.

The subject matter is immediately relevant and immensely important for everyone.

So this month we're going to be touching on and addressing some of those "issues" and discussing Financial well being and security. More specifically your financial well being and security and how you can secure it for yourself...regardless of what's going on "out there."

First let's clarify something...

There's nothing "out there" that can affect or impact you and your individual results unless and until YOU choose to "allow" that to happen.

And I'm also well aware of many "claims" people make with regard to money and security not being important to which I'll say to those...

If it's not near and dear to yours, you might consider going and getting your pulse checked.

I don't care what anybody claims based on their individually chosen "perceptions" it's is VITALLY important in today's world.

Some have unfounded, misguided beliefs and perceptions that were derived through indoctrination granted. They choose to judge, condemn, blame and in some cases even despise others for "having too much" yet it doesn't make the fact that money is important any less true.

Money is NOT the root of all evil. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. When you LOVE money more than people and choose to use people to get doesn't make MONEY evil. It simply points to choices..."underlying issues" we'll be referring to them as, that will ensure anything but a life of harmony and fulfillment.

It's not important if you have plenty...but it's VITALLY important if you don't have any or even if you don't have enough to adequately care for yourself and your family.

Tell the people in that situation that it's not important.

And in the sense that it's not important because there is something FAR MORE imortant is quite true. And it's this MORE important thing that can shift the "not having" of money into MORE money than you can currently fathom.

The only reason more don't and "believe" they can't is because they have some kind of "issue" with money.

I receive contacts from a number of people who certainly have "issues" with money...both the giving and receiving...and I can also assure you that those who experience and express these "issues" don't have enough or in some cases any at all. And what's more they never will unless and until they deal with and resolve the "underlying issues" that is keeping money and security from being a part of their lives.

But the lack of money and/or security is only due to a misunderstanding on the part of those experiencing it. A "lack of awareness" I like to call it.

Money, like everything else flows in based on what is given out. To receive you must only give. To give, it doesn't have to be money but something of value. There are countless ways to contribute value. Based on the level of value given, contributed and sent out, you receive back.

It begins at the level of consciousness. Consciousness is transmuted into doing. The kind, quantity and quality of doing determines the kind, quantity and quality of receiving.

The process is very very simple. It's not's not's simple. It like everything else was created that way.

What often makes it "seem" complicated and complex is the way people think about it and the beliefs they hold around it. Due to these chosen ways of "being" they experience results that harmonize with their choice. It's quite simple.

Although they might be doing so "unconsciously" they are "doing and creating" based on that choice just the same.

Like everything money is nothing more than energy. The energy that we ourselves choose to project determines the kind and quality of the attraction.

Those who "choose" a poverty mindset experience poverty. Those who "choose" a wealth mindset experience wealth. That's why the "rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Their beliefs and "perceptions" align and harmonize with wealth and/or poverty. Those with a "getting by" mentality, get by.

And due to a "lack of awareness" many "perceive themselves" as being stuck. But they're not. They are only because they "believe and perceive" that they are. They get to be right.

But it's nothing more or less than an individual choice and that choice as it pertains to your financial well being and security or the polar opposite is yours and yours alone.

Which brings us into the "Accepting Responsibility" subject which can at times be "perceived" as being a bit contraversial as well.

Our mindsets individually are based on the choices that we make or don't make for ourselves.

So you could say if you send out "vibes" that money is evil or money is bad or money is "hard to come by" or money is anything other than what it "truly is" you'll experience results that harmonize with your choice. The Plan NEVER EVER fails or wavers. It's perfect and quite "simple."

A lack of money, fear of money, hate of money has a different "vibe" than an abundance of money, appreciation of money etc.

The fact of the matter is, money is nothing more or less than a medium of exchange. That's all. It's not good or bad or right or wrong. It's not "hard to come by" unless YOU choose for it to be.

It's simply a medium of exchange. No more no less.

Many "perceive" that a lack of money is a problem. As a result, since money is such an emotionally charged topic, they place all of their focus on "the problem" without realizing that doing so only serves to create more of what they "perceive" the problem as being.

But money isn't and never has been a "problem." There's more money circulating in the world than you could possibly spend in 500 lifetimes. It's NOT and NEVER has been a problem. It's a symptom for sure...but it's not a problem and never will be unless you choose for it to be.

Now...granted there are a number of people experiencing "less than desired" symptoms. So let's get to the "root of the problem" so we can eliminate the symptom, OK?

To resolve the symptom it's only necessary to get to the root of the problem. The REAL problem.

And you may or may not WANT to hear this but, since I'm not in the "popularity contest business" but the personal empowerment business with a passion and a deep caring for people and assisting them in "gettting what they want" that happens occasionally. Sometimes people just don't want to hear it or at the least except it. But that's not going to eliminate the "undesirable" symptoms and that is my intent this month so bear with me here and hopefully we'll be able to do that.

I have to tell people what they may not "want or like" to hear but sometimes "need" to hear . Id' be doing both you and myself a "disservice" if I didn't "do things" that way. Id' be a terrible coach and mentor.

Coach's don't always make the players happy, but they do EVERYTHING they possibly can in the best way they know how to assist the players in winning the game. And this is a "serious game" we're addressing here. It's called the game of life and their are no funzies...or take backs.

And I made a commitment a long time ago that I was going to play full out and assist as many as I possibly could along the way to win at their game.

So you with me?

Ok, back to financial well being and security and how to create it for yourself.

I get an occasional e-mail where someone is expressing anger over attempting to provide value and expecting "nature to take her course" and receive back based on that value. I don't want to step on anyone's toes but if you feel that way, have no desire to get to the "root of the problem" then please opt out of the value I provide.

I'm not a religion. I'm not a non-profit orginization. I'm a teacher and mentor who does the best he's able to enable and empower people to create and experience a greater quality of life for themselves. The value I receive back is based on the value I send out.

Apparantly you don't see it and that's OK, just keep your limiting beliefs and mindset to yourself or share it with someone else who thinks and believes the way you do. I personally don't. I'll honor your beliefs and choices and ask...rather expect you to provide the same coutesy. Fair enough?

I won't get off on that. Point being...

Money is a VITAL part of life. And most people don't "feel" very secure if they don't have enough.

Yes Love is the foundation from where everything comes from, but I can't walk into Wal-Mart and exchange love for the food I and my family need to survive. I can't expect to tell the gas station attendent how much Love I feel for him/her and the world and expect them to allow me to fill my gas tank up. I can't write or call my mortgage company and tell them the love I'm feeling today and expect them to tell me to just forget this month's payment. I can't send a "love note" to the gas company, the electric company the water department or anybody else in response to my monthly bill and expect them to float me through on "love."

And neither can you.

Yes "Love" is the key. It IS what makes the world go around. No doubts or question about that. I think I've made it clear that I fully believe and understand how vitally important love is inthe last few editions of the newsletter. Where the doubts and questions come into play is people's understanding of what "love" is and the way they choose to express it.

Most people have a very limited understanding as to what Love is and the role it plays in EVERY area of our lives...yes EVERY area.

I addressed that strongest in last month's edition of Enlightened Journey titled "Unconditional Love." Some people got it and some didn't.

Love is where everything comes from. Love created it in my opinion.

But Love doesn't only provide what we want. It provides what we choose. It provides what we expect it will. And it ALWAYS has, always does and ALWAYS will.

And we ourselves choose that for ourselves. Love is operatioonal on ALL levels. Cause and Effect is operational on ALL levels. The Law of Attraction is operational on ALL levels.

What we put out, we get back. And what we put out is based on OUR choices. We get to choose that. Love gave us that right. It's an immutable and unwavering incredible gift that we've each been provided equally. There's no one or no thing can ever take that right away from us.

They can if we choose for them to but we have to "allow" that to happen. Solidifies the fact that our choices determine the outcome.

And we get to freely make whatever choices that we desire.

It's Love that enables us to choose to express cynicism and pessimism and provides us a return that harmonizes with our choice. That's how great and awesome love is. It enables us to choose and provides a return based on our choice or choices "unconditionally." It always harmonizes with our choices.

Whatever we choose to project love returns. No judgments, no discernment no nothing. Simple and perfect Love that reflects back to us whatever we decide to send "out there."

If you have "issues" with me doing that, it's quite simple to opt out. I offer YourNetBiz as a tool to assist people in resolving their financial issues. It's not for everyone for sure.

But don't allow pessimism and cynicism to keep you from recognizing a ways and means that would enable you to resolve the financial and security "issues" that so many are experiencing.

I'm not a big political guy as many of you know and rarely do I address political issues. But due to the nature and the subject matter of this edition it's important. It has to do with entitlement programs. Some of you will agree and some of you won't. And that's OK.

John F Kennedy made a most "profound statement." Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Entitlement programs are about gimmee gimmee gimmmee. What's in it for me rather than how "the flow" was created to work.

The flow is effortless and it never fails. When it fails...which it's obvious that it's because the flow becomes disharmonious. It's all about gimmee, gimmee, gimmee with no outbound giving.

Look at nature. If you plant a seed can you expect a harvest? Yes. Does the harvest always "harmonize" with the kind and quality of seed planted. Without fail. If you don't plant a seed can you expect a harvest? NO. That's how nature...the flow was constructed to work. You can stand over a field all day long and say gimmee, gimmee, gimmee and nature is going to provide you with an empty field.

And that's where Loreen Muzik comes into the picture. There's just no way one person has the physical time and mental energy required to accomplish this massive goal.

Loreen is an AWESOME lady. And for those of you who know me, you know I don't use that word lightly. She's awesome. Actually, that's an understatement. She "gets it." She understands "the flow" and has an uncommon passion and "heartfelt desire" to assist others to become successful as well.

She is also quite well versed in online marketing. She's immersed herself in a very "uncommon way" with a desire and passion for understanding how online marketing works. But she's MUCH MORE than an online marketer.

In her previous life she was a human resources director. She gets and understands people.

Being an X human resources executive, she has an uncommon understanding of people. She calls her NEW career "funemployment." I love her attitude, her intention and her sincere desire to assist people in becoming and creating more.

We resonate well because of that.

If you see YourNetBiz as a "potential" path for you, check out Loreen's site and see if what she has to share resonates with you. She can't, anymore than I can, make you succesful or Rich AND Happy but she can and will provide you with the tools and guidance that will enable you to do so.

If I didn't think she could...if I had ANY doubts regarding her gifts and what she has to contribute, I wouldn't be introducing you to her. She's AWESOME in my book.

There are only 3 Very Simple Reasons Why...

Feelings of Unworthiness

A Choice Not To Provide Value

Cynicism and Pessimism Surrounding The Ways and Means That Show Up

That's it. It's as simple and complex as that.

It's all based on beliefs, a mindset and a willingness or unwillingness to take action. When the mindset and the beliefs are in harmony, the action becomes fun. Effortless even. That's why Loreen calls her new career "funemployment." She loves it. She's passionate about it. And she's VERY GOOD at it.

It didn't just haapen though without her taking some steps that aligned with her passion and what she loves. She had to "do" something but what she "chose" to do aligned with what she loved and is passionate about.

Many fail to see the fact that "perceived" adversity is an immense gift in disguise. It's an opportunity for growth and stretching beyond our self limiting borders that we construct for ourselves. Why? Because we feel safe and secure within those borders. We fear what lies outside of them rather than understanding that if we'd only cross those lines with vigor, joy, knowing and grateful anticipation, excited as we focus and keep our eyes on the goal in our minds eye rather than the "perceived obstacles" that our physical eyes see, that the achievment of that goal...regardless of it's scope or size is a given.

There is no mountain that is unscalable. We can whenever we choose, reach, stand on the pinnacle and savor the awesome scenery anytime we choose to do so.

So many times we may venture out but do so with a bit of doubt, apprehension, wondering "what if", fearing that we just might not make it and often, due to our own choices, fall short of where we hoped to arrive.

And most "call" that failure. But it's not. It's successfully creating an outcome with a lack of understanding and awareness of the perfection and simplicity of the process. What we chose to put in was disharmonious with what we desired.

The result is that we often become cynical and pessimistic thinking that it's someone or somethings fault without understanding that it's our choices...our chosen way of "being" that brought on and created what we so often "perceive" as being failure.

Creation never fails. The process NEVER EVER fails. It's perfect, precise and profoundly simple. When we perceive failure, it's only necessary to look within ourselves, discern what we put out there that created it, make the necessary adjustments and allow the process to create a more desirable form of perfection that harmonizes with what we want rather than what we don't.

The really great and incredible thing about that though is we can if we choose learn not to "do it" the same way next time. It's not "game over" unless we choose to call it game over. If we're here living and breathing the game isn't over. We can sit on the bench if we choose.

But many don't. Many choose to look at the economy...look toward governments...toward "externals" of every shape and form and become dependent on and as a result "settle" for getting by.

Let me share something REALLY REALLY important with you...

You weren't created to get by. You were created to serve, contribute, shine your light and spread the seeds that are unique to each of us. Engage in what you love, are passionate about so others might benefit from your unique gifts. That's what it's "truly about." It's not about what's in it for's about how can I serve you which in turn is reflected back and serves me in far greater ways than most can "fathom or conceive." Which is precisely what instills fear, doubt, worry and apprehension. We can't conceive the end result prior to seeing it.

Doubt that? OK...why do SO MANY say I'll believe it when I see it!! That's not how the game was created. You have the right and the ability to play it that way if you choose but you'll spend a good portion of your time on the bench or in the penalty box all the while "perceiving yourself" as a victim. And you have that right as well. But it's not going to get you what you want and it is going to bring you more of what you don't want.

Then we blame it on this scam...we blame it on this guy or that girl or this institution, when in fact we ourselves attracted whatever it might be in exact accordance to what we were choosing to "be" at the time.

The process never misses. It never rests. It's always perfect. Always harmonious. It NEVER fails or wavers.

And the ref is a really really cool and loving guy/gal/person. He/she/it always calls the game just as it's being played and never misses a foul or an off sides or illegal procedure or unsportsmanlike conduct or the really really great plays that we choose to make. Not EVER.

We ourselves choose at any given moment what we'll be.

Fear doubt and worry are a chosen way of "being." Judgment, unforgiveness, non acceptance, distrust are chosen ways of being. Apathy, grief and anger are chosen ways of "being."

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control are chosen ways of "being."

Hating your career...engaging in a vocation that you feel you have to do is a way of being. And "funemployment" is also a way of being.

The difference is the kind and quality of result. That's it. It's ALL just energy and it always harmonizes with whatever energy you choose to put out there.

And the process...the flow...the Perfect Plan...the Source...the field... the quantum hologram...the plenum delivers to us in exact accordance to whatever we choose for ourselves.

And it NEVER EVER fails.

I hope you get this. I really, really hope you see that you're the focus. That creating success and wealth for you is the intention.

Because one thing that Loreen and I clearly understand and that's the fact that when we provide value. When we choose to give and contribute to others and assist them in getting what they want, we get what we want. And we ALL win the game.

There are no losers the way we play the game. Everyone gets to engage in "funemployment" if and when they choose to. But you do have to play. Sitting on the bench isn't going to get the game won.

One thing that both I and Loreen clearly understand is that on the other side of the veil is an unlimited playing field with more trophies than you could possibly ever want and need. Stepping through the veil only requires a choice. A conscious, intentional and focused choice followed up with action and it's available to anyone who chooses to do so.

That includes you.

If you're willing to play "full out." If you're willing to

Because one thing is certain. You have to know where you're going in order to get there. And you have to have a strong enough what and why to do so.

Loreen, I and the universe...or God...or Source...or Love or whatever the Source of your understanding might be will take care of the rest.