Many claim to have the "Holy Grail" to a life of ease and plenty...But how many actually deliver on their promises? Now you'll know and understand the "Real Truth"

The "Real Truth" About How You Can Transform Your Life Physically, Financially, Relationally, Emotionally And Spiritually

Experiencing Harmony and Fulfillment In Life Aren't Difficult To Achieve Once You Know How and Have The "Proper" Guidance To Lead You There...Now You Will

If There Were A Step By Step Blueprint To Living Life FULLY and Consciously...This Would Be It

After more than 28 years of earnestly seeking, testing and discovering, the unbiased and unwavering truth is clearly and elegantly revealed. Finally you'll know beyond the shadow of a doubt what works, what doesn't and why.

This comprehensive report compresses into one simple yet amazingly powerful and informative message the unwavering and "true" answers to experiencing Real and Lasting harmony in life combined with an uncommon level of awareness that make it virtually impossible to fail.

Thursday, 3:25 pm

From the Desk of Chuck Danes.....
Author, Life Coach, Guide, Personal Performance Trainer and Delfin Knowledge System Alumni

Hello Friend,

Chuck Danes : Delfin Knowledge System Alumni

Chances are, you don't know me personally, but I'm going to start out in a way that you may find a bit unusual by asking a favor of you. Not a favor for me necessarily, but for you. I'm going to ask that you take a few undisturbed moments and read this letter in it's entirety.

I'm going to ask that you completely shut the outside world off just long enough so that you can really focus, fully grasp and absorb the information I'm going to share with you…

I know how busy you are, but it's that important. I believe that once you begin, you'll find thats it's more than just important, but VITALLY IMPORTANT.

I also believe that what you'll discover as a result of taking the short time necessary to do so is a message, a very powerful, informative and eye opening message that will provide immense personal benefit to you with regard to enhancing your quality of life, just as it has me and countless others around the world. Immense benefit that you may not even currently be aware that exists or believe is possible for you. But if you'll honor the favor, as you'll soon discover for yourself…it's far more than just possible, but highly probable.

Do we have a deal?...On second thought...Before you answer, you may find that the next few paragraphs will help you decide. So read those first and THEN make your decision, fair enough?

In return for your favor I'm also going to do YOU a favor...Actually I'm going to do you a favor AND make you a promise.

First the favor...

That favor is to provide you with the very same information that I personally discovered many years ago which unbeknownst to me at the time, as a result of the simple yet profound message it contained within it, would serve to transform MY life. EVERY aspect of my life…..And I know that it can yours as well.

What's really amazing...almost scary actually, is that when I discovered it, due to my "less than optimistic" outlook at the time I almost wrote it of as just some more useless "nonsense" not fully understanding the power contained within it and the impact it would have in turning everything around.

To this day I think back and almost shudder at the thought that I almost turned my back and ignored what would soon prove to be EXACTLY what I had spent so many years looking for.

In fact, it was due to what I discovered and experienced as a result of that message that you are reading this letter right now.

It's because of that amazing yet profoundly simple discovery that I made a choice and a commitment that I would do everything within my power to make sure that anyone and everyone who was willing to listen would be provided with the same opportunity I was, to make an informed, educated and conscious choice and discern for themselves if that same discovery that I made so many years ago couldn't make a profound difference in their life as well....As I and countless others before and after me can attest…I know it can.

Although I KNOW it can, you'll have to discern that for yourself...this letter will provide EVERYTHING you'll need to make that decision and determine if that's true for you.

It's a message that I believe EVERYONE is looking for but that few are aware exists and for a very simple, logical yet troubling reason as you'll soon discover. I KNOW that it's a much sought after and needed message that is needed not only by you and me but by the entire world and once exposed, fully understood and absorbed, will have a tremendous impact in enhancing your quality of life just as it has mine.

That's the favor, now here's the promise....

My personal promise to you is that I'm going to reveal this message to you without ANY of the all too common hype and without instilling a sense of false hope that is so prevalent in the world today.

I know how vitally important that is because throughout my years of searching for answers I came across and even bought into much of the same "Hype" and "False Hope" that is and has been shoved down the throats of those who were sincerely and in some cases frantically looking for answers and solutions to their most perplexing problems.

I know first hand how disillusioning, frustrating and disheartening that can be. I fully understand and appreciate that when it comes to your life…more specifically attempting to find solutions that will improve your life, just how serious that is. The reason I know is because throughout the years I've tried and fallen prey to plenty of the "Miracle Fixes"... "Newfound Secrets"... "Amazing Discoveries".... "Quick Cheap and Easy" yadda, yadda, yadda... only to find that when I was finished with them, I was no better off and as a result far more disheartened and discouraged than when I began.

Perhaps you've experienced that too.

That's why I made a firm promise to provide you with no nonsense facts, the truth that I believe will provide you with whatever it might be that you're looking for in your life.....and I do mean WHATEVER in ANY area of your life.

I know how that can sound, because as I mentioned earlier, when I first heard it I remember thinking to myself..."Yea Right, here we go again"...but bear with me and you'll see just as I did that this message, actually the wisdom within the message REALLY DOES apply to EVERY single area of your life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally AND spiritually.

Depending on your individual situation there may be times that something I share may fall outside of what you "currently" believe to be true. If that does happen, I'm going to ask that you just hang in there, remember my promise and as you progress through the message you'll soon grasp and fully understand why that is.

Of the countless resources I've utilized over the years, many of them not only served to further dampen my hopes that the answers I was looking for TRULY existed at all but only solidified my belief that I might just have to "grin and bear" the fact that what I was experiencing at the time, as unpleasant and painful as many of them were, was because that was "Just the way life was designed to be."

In fact there was more than one time I almost gave up looking altogether because, contrary to what I knew and "felt" at some level, I began to believe that hype and false hope was all there was. Thankfully, as I would eventually discover...that wasn't true at all.

Due to my willingness to persist I discovered that answers DO exist. Practical, real life and no nonsense solutions which are so profound yet so simple in nature, I had overlooked them for years. I can't even begin to express how glad I am that I made the choice to keep looking

As promised what I am about to share with you is not going to be based on hype and false promises, but real solutions, true to life, seemingly profound yet amazingly simple answers that address whatever area of life that you have a desire to improve, although I am well aware that there will be those who, just as I did at one point, due to some unfortunate past experiences, may have doubts and apprehension initially concerning the power that this message holds.

That's OK, in fact.....That's Good. In this day and age a healthy dose of skepticism can be a very positive thing IF you use it constructively and don't allow it to blind you and cause you to block out and miss the "Real and True Answers" that are presented to you which could hold the solution to whatever it may be that you are seeking a solution for.

That's why I asked for the favor...because I believe that this message does. In I've already mentioned, I'm absolutely certain that it does.

I believe that it contains information that you have been seeking, that everyone is seeking but that few are aware exists for a very simple and logical reason as you'll soon discover. and that the core essence of the message revealed within it can transform your life in ways FAR GREATER than you may currently "believe" to be possible.

In fact...based on my own plus countless others experiences, I'm ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that it can IF you're willing to keep an open mind, and eliminate ANY and ALL preconceived notions that you may have with regard to what's possible or not possible for you at this point, just long enough to finish it.

Why would I ask you to do that? Because regardless of what you may currently believe...

There is a guaranteed, simple and no-nonsense way to get the results you want in your life… WHATEVER you want...

...and I want to make absolutely certain that any of the current self limiting and restrictive beliefs that you may have with regard to what's possible for you, won't keep you from hearing the core message that will enable you to receive it.

I'm not going to ask you to believe me at this point, but only to suspend your current beliefs long enough to hear me out, and then discern for yourself if what you've discovered might not hold the answers that "Truly Can" transform your current outcomes.

The type of transformation I'm referring to is NOT just about changing a single area of your life, but your ENTIRE LIFE, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally AND spiritually, regardless of what your current outcomes or experiences in those areas might currently consist of.

Now let me ask you...

If that were TRULY possible...If you KNEW with absolute 100% certainty that you really could fulfill EVERY desire that you have, have had, or ever WILL have without ANY limitation, how much time would you be willing to spend to do what it took to experience it? A year?... 2 years?.... 10 Years?

I only need a few minutes....

No, not to change your life.....But to provide you with some proven, powerful yet fundamental truths that CAN and WILL IF you'll make the choice to allow them to.

It All Begins With Awareness…"Correct Awareness"

The ability to make changes in your life, or to achieve anything in life for that matter, begins with awareness....more importantly "Correct Awareness" and the message you're soon to discover will provide you with a level of awareness that will, if YOU allow it to, dramatically increase your ability to begin experiencing far greater results in your life.

It will provide you with an awareness that most today "Don't" possess and enable you to make an informed and "conscious choice" and determine for yourself whether to use, or not, what you discover.

Before making that decision I hope you'll consider the fact that if you are serious, REALLY serious about improving your current results it is going to be essential to your success that you do something different than what you've been doing. Although I will provide the necessary information that will enable you to do that, it will be up to YOU to take the necessary action.

Now here's the kicker...

You're going to find that the action necessary, the action that will enable you to begin experiencing the outcomes that you most desire to experience, is a MUCH DIFFERENT and MUCH SIMPLER form of action than what you've been led to believe that it takes to achieve it!!

Some of the information I share is going to convey the story about how and why I know what I've told you is true. It's going to reveal some things about me and my experiences. Not because I want you to know about me, but because I know that my personal experiences, more importantly what I've learned and come to know and understand as a result of those experiences can also help you immensely to transform your own quality of life.

This isn't about me, it's about YOU.

It's about assisting you in finding and recognizing the answers that you're looking for...Answers that reveal the "True Power" that you possess to consciously and purposefully experience in YOUR life the dreams and desires that you hold as sacred. The same answers that I was looking for and that EVERYONE is looking for. Answers that will enable and empower you to experience a far better and more fulfilling quality of life. To provide you with more. More hope, more joy, more fulfillment, more time freedom or more of WHATEVER it is that you might be seeking more of.

I can tell you from personal experience that regardless of what you may currently believe with regard to what's possible for you, a FAR GREATER quality of life DOES exist for you IF you'll remain open and willing to learn how to "get out of your own way" and allow it to unfold.

The message that I'm going to share will assist you in doing just that. To show you that WHATEVER unfulfilled desires you may have, WHATEVER it is that may be missing or lacking in your life regardless of what it might be, is NOT due to the fact that it's difficult to come by or that you must struggle and fight to get it although that is what the majority has come to "believe" and as a result "does" in a futile attempt to get it.

But it is futile....and at best only produces "Mediocre" and "Temporary" results

I believe that's why you're here...because somewhere down deep you know there's an answer....a real and true to life solution that will enable you to begin experiencing better results in your life.

You see, I believe that you have arrived here because you were suppose to....that you did because this is precisely where you're suppose to be. Whether you benefit today or not isn't for me to say, that would be far to presumptuous but I do know that what you're about to discover will at some point serve you.

In fact I have come to know that "Everything" in life happens for a very specific and beneficial reason. Sometimes many just aren't able to recognize it at the time for any number of reasons. But at some point, whether it's immediate or at some point in the future that purpose ALWAYS reveals itself. Sometimes we recognize it, sometimes we don't....BUT there is ALWAYS a reason.

I must admit, I haven't always believed that. In fact I used to believe, many years ago, as so many still do today, that things in life just happened due to a set of random uncontrollable set of capricious external circumstances which we had no personal control or say so over. That life, and the events, conditions and circumstances experienced throughout life just happened.

Perhaps that what YOU believe...If so, I hope you'll recognize that they don't...Here's why...

That belief would end up creating much unnecessary pain and hardship in my life until, after many years of searching, attempting to figure out why, and a seemingly endless stream of undesirable experiences, ranging from mediocre at best to downright terrifying, I finally discovered the truth.

That single discovery was one of many to follow that would begin opening doors that, little did I realize at the time, would provide not only the answers, but the solutions, very simple yet extremely powerful solutions that would serve to transform my life.

EVERY aspect of my life.

Those same discoveries I made can transform your life as fact they can transform anyone's life in EVERY aspect.

It's due to those discoveries that...

I've Made An Unwavering Commitment To Introduce Others To The Same Path That I've Discovered

Since that discovery I've made a choice and commitment to do everything in my power to awaken others to those same truths that have benefited not only myself but countless thousands of others in "profound" ways, in the hope that I might assist them in avoiding some of the same pitfalls and "growth lessons" that I experienced due to a number of widely accepted "majority" beliefs that I once held and have since found to be extremely limiting and restrictive.

As so many are in this age, I'm going to assume for a moment that you have arrived here looking for answers. No nonsense, clear, concise, powerful and life changing answers that address the deepest and most frequently asked questions with regard to your life, more specifically the outcomes and experiences in your life, which traditional education systems, friends, relatives, and the majority who have allowed themselves to become clones of these same self limiting and traditionally established "belief systems", without fully investigating if what they were taught was true for themselves, can't seem to provide. Answers that you somehow know at a heart level exist, but have as yet been unable to find.

If you're current circumstances are anything like mine were, which much of the majority's are, you're also seeking ways to begin experiencing more harmony and fulfillment in your life. You can sense and fully believe at some level, that there must be a better, more simple, and far less stressful way to experience life than the way you currently find yourself taking, but as of yet your search has produced only temporary, life draining and/or disappointing results.

If this is where you find yourself currently…..don't feel alone because you're not..... Most are. But the fact that most are doesn't make it any easier or any more comforting and most certainly doesn't make it right, does it?

Sadly, the majority, for lack of becoming aware of and discovering the "Proper" place to look, spend unnecessary years and in some cases entire lifetimes "looking" but never finding the answers that would turn it all around and enable them to begin experiencing what is and always has been available to them.

It's NOT that they're difficult to find!! In fact they are quite easy to find...once you know how and where to look!!

If that's true, then why then do so many continually experience the same mediocre, un-fulfilling and disappointing results???

They simply don't know where to look...but the answers most certainly DO exist. Most just haven't taken the initiative necessary to develop the awareness of "Where" to find them OR they've found them but due to their simplicity they overlooked them!!

Which brings us to the next level of awareness...

Past "Conditioning" Can Blind You To The TRUE Answers OR Have You Looking For Them In ALL The Wrong Places ?

Could it be possible that due to their "past conditioning" that they have developed the "Belief" that in order for something to be effective that it must take hard work or must be in some way be difficult?

Allow me to be a bit more direct and personal....Could it be that YOUR past conditioning could be blinding YOU to the obvious answers or have you looking in all the wrong places?

Admittedly, at times these answers can "appear" to be unfindable or worse, non existent because based on what most have been "taught, conditioned and led to believe", they continually seek them in all the wrong places OR more often than not if they do find them they are often overlooked or written off and wrongly "perceived" as ineffective because of their simplicity.

They continually attempt to fill their seemingly unfulfillable voids, all the while thinking, believing and as a result experiencing that "This is as good as it gets and this is just how life was meant to be" because that's precisely what they've been "Taught" and led to believe.

But then at some point in time, often times after years of unnecessary disharmonious experiences, hardship and/or struggle, many discover and come to the realization that "Maybe it's NOT. Maybe life really isn't suppose to be this difficult."

In such a fast paced, busy, and high stress world, at some point in time the vast majority DO come to this realization. They begin to sense that there must be an easier, better, more fulfilling way to go through and experience life....That there MUST be more.

They begin to develop a hunger deep inside somehow sensing that there must more to life than 50-60-70 hour works weeks, overloaded schedules, traffic jams, constant struggle, stress, anxiety and fear. There must be more to life than working long hard hours, engaged in unfulfilling and undesirable careers, failed relationships, many attempting to make it through week to week or month to month, scraping and struggling just to make ends meet with little if any time left over for their families or for the extra curricular activities that bring them pleasure.

For some this realization develops and surfaces as a result of mental and physical exhaustion. For others it may be due to some form of traumatic experience. For still others it may happen as a result of recognizing an imbalance or disharmony in the truly important areas of life until they've finally had enough and they just can't do it anymore. For still others.....??????

Regardless of how it happens or for whatever reason, inevitably at some point it happens. But once it does, once this realization sets in, then what? What steps do you take that will enable you to reach and experience the harmony and fulfillment that you seek and at some level have come to "know" exists? Once you finally do arrive at this place, where do you turn for the answers that will provide it and enable you to experience it for yourself?

Here's What The Majority Does

Many begin by attempting to fill these voids by seeking out avenues that provide material increase, fully believing that if only they could only reach a certain level of financial status, then life would become more enjoyable and fulfilling. Of those who do, they soon discover that once they have achieved this level of monetary attainment, which is all to often wrongly "perceived" as success, that it's attainment can and often does create dis-harmony and discontent in other important areas of life.

Although a necessary and important aspect, they soon discover that it's not the monetary gain in and of itself that brings them fulfillment and leads them to the level of satisfaction that they "thought" it would, but rather that it can and often does only lead to MORE stress, increased anxiety, further frustration and discontent without becoming fully aware of the other essential and necessary key elements required to attain what they were attempting to achieve to begin with, which is a place of "true and lasting harmony."

Still others during this search may encounter and experience health challenges that awaken them to the fact that fulfillment in life consists of much more than material and/or monetary gain.

There are NUMEROUS examples that could be used, each as unique and individual as those who experiences them, but regardless of what they are or what each might consist of on an individual basis, they always lead back to the same unfulfilled and disappointing path, wanting and seeking out something more. More money, more love, more health, more.....

Many who reach this crossroad, in an effort to acquire this more, turn to traditional self help / personal development type programs fully believing that if they could just gain a few more organizational or professional skills then surely life would become easier.

In many cases although they may experience "temporary" change, more times than not they find themselves right back where they started or in some cases worse off than when they began, repeating the same previous non productive patterns, falling back into the same initial mindset, experiencing the same limited and disappointing results, and inevitably end up asking themselves the very same question. Isn't there more? THERE MUST BE MORE!!

Although the attainment of these various external "quick fixes" many times do provide temporary results, they are just that..."Temporary", and eventually that same inner desire, that same deep inner "knowing", those same perplexing questions resurface at some point and leave the seeker experiencing that same all too familiar void which results in seeking an answer to the very same question. Isn't there any easier way? Isn't there more?

The "More" You're Looking For DOES Exist and It IS Attainable

Well my friend, there is more.... MUCH more than the vast majority are aware exists, believe is possible for them, or can even fathom, and it's attainment is far easier to acquire than most realize and are willing to accept. Contrary to widespread "belief" there is a way for you to experience fulfillment, harmony, plenty and joy in every aspect of your life. It IS possible to experience abundance, happiness, contentment and limitless prosperity in each and every area of life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

Regardless of the "majority mindset", what the masses "perceive" to be true, you can experience "Real and Lasting" harmony, peace and well being in the three all encompassing life categories of money, health, AND relationships.

With that being true, then why is it that most DON'T experience it?

The #1 reason is because they don't "believe" that they can. They have yet failed to develop the awareness that IT, whatever IT might be IS not only available to them, but readily available in far greater quantity than what they can possibly conceive and the attainment of it is FAR EASIER than what they have been "conditioned" to "Believe" it to be.

Why? Because most have been taught, told and "conditioned" to believe throughout their lives, based on the "Majority Mindset" that "Life is hard", "Money doesn't grow on trees", "You must work hard for the money you earn", "Big dreams and desires falling outside the scope of average aren't "logical", are reserved for the lucky or fortunate few" and that "You must "settle" for whatever is given you and "Do" whatever it takes regardless of how you "feel" about it because that's just the way life was designed to be."

Still others due to any number of infinite possibilities acquire "unfounded and falsely established conditioning" most frequently during childhood, creating low self esteem and/or self worth issues, establishing the deeply embedded internal "beliefs" and feelings that at some level they "aren't worthy" of "having" their desires filled, more times than not at a deep subconscious level which many times they aren't even aware of.

As a result they unwillingly and unknowingly begin creating and experiencing events, conditions and circumstances in their lives that further support this deeply embedded "false belief", even though at a "conscious level" they truly DO have a sincere desire to acquire and experience more.

The bottom line is this....

The vast majority fail to ever fully experience their most heartfelt dreams, desires, hopes and wishes because....

The vast majority have been inundated, conditioned and programmed since childhood with "Traditionally Established "FALSE Beliefs" which keep them from doing so!!


As a result of this "conditioning", there are those that NEVER look deeper for the answers at all, usually because based on what they have been "taught" they don't "believe" they exist, or of those that do make the choice to look deeper, they end up looking for them in all the wrong places based on where they've been "Taught" and "Conditioned" to look for them, inevitably falling short of finding them, which further substantiates the fact in their minds that the answers sought DON'T exist at all.

As a result many prematurely give up the search altogether not realizing that if they would only persist, that once discovered and embraced they would become empowered to develop the necessary awareness which would uncover and disclose "The REAL Truth" that would enable them to experience ALL the more that they desired with FAR LESS STRUGGLE than what they previously conceived was possible.

Based on their personal experiences, they teach their children what is right, safe and logical with all the right intentions never fully realizing that what they experienced, which was FAR LESS than what was actually available to them, were only based on self limiting beliefs that they held....."False Beliefs!!!"

It's a sad, unfortunate and continuous cycle.

So how do you begin to break this cycle?.....Where do you turn to recognize what is and isn't "really" true?...You begin by.....

Analyzing Where Your Current Beliefs Came From....WHY Do YOU Believe What You Believe?

Understanding that, think about and analyze where the current beliefs that you hold come from. Why do you believe what you believe? Are those beliefs in alignment with what you have a desire to experience?

Do you have a desire to experience more money, better relationships, health, but for some reason you're NOT experiencing that?

If so...There's a VERY SIMPLE and logical reason!!...You have a conscious or subconscious "BELIEF" that is keeping it from you.

It's NOT that you can't or that you're desires are far fetched, too big, unrealistic, illogical, etc etc. It's only because at some level you don't "Think" you can or that you're "Unworthy" of receiving them!!

You have dreams and desires for a VERY specific purpose which is far to in depth to cover here but the bottom line is that you have them because your SUPPOSE to experience them!! Due to self limiting conditioning and maintaining the "Majority" mindset, for most...It's IMPOSSIBLE for them to ever be fulfilled because you "Believe" you cant!!

Here's the part that the majority have a difficult time grasping and accepting because of any number of FALSELY INSTILLED "limiting beliefs" they have allowed themselves to become limited by...

  • The more that you are seeking REGARDLESS of what it may be, doesn't come from or require working harder and longer at jobs that are displeasing and unfulfilling, continually competing for your rung on the ladder of success.
  • Contrary to widespread belief, money IS NOT hard to come by, life ISN'T designed to struggle through, experiencing continual stress, anxiety, and fear, continually experiencing a gnawing hunger to experience more.
  • The current events, conditions, and circumstances that you experience in life DO NOT happen as a result of some random and capricious set of external circumstances which are outside of your control, but are experienced only because of what you "BELIEVE" at a conscious or subconscious level that they will consist of.

So why is it that the majority continually experience these outcomes? Because they continue to lean on the very same understanding, hold on to the very same "Beliefs" that the "Majority" holds which directs and instructs them to take the very same actions that failed to create the more they desired to begin with.

Until they are ready to come to the realization that external actions or things in and of themselves will NEVER make life truly fulfilling, without other essential key elements in place, they will continue to repeat the same old unproductive patterns over and over again based on the same limited understanding, producing the same disappointing temporary results, all the while hoping, wishing and expecting some miracle or stroke of luck to somehow change their less than desired circumstances.

Here's The "Good News" and The "Bad News"

The "Bad News" is...

Unless a "new awareness" is established, and the deeply embedded subconscious beliefs which are responsible for keeping this more from you are recognized, eliminated and replaced, the physical results experienced in your life ARE NOT going to change.

It's not only LUDICROUS to think so but..... IMPOSSIBLE!!

BUT....The GOOD news is...

There is a way....A MUCH easier way. There ARE answers which do exist, very simple, profoundly powerful and life transforming answers that can and will fill the empty void that so many have relentlessly and without success sought out and attempted to fill and satisfy utilizing these traditionally established, limiting, self sabotaging and ineffective methods while at the same time enable you to experience the many physical pleasures of life in FAR greater proportion than you previously "perceived" or "believed" was possible.

There IS more, MUCH MORE of WHATEVER you desire to experience...

More money, more health, more rewarding relationships, more time freedom, more.…...... In fact a limitless amount of whatever that "more" may be for you.

So, if that is true, why are YOU not experiencing the MORE that you desire? Why does this more seem to continually elude you?

Because like the majority, you are going about attaining it in the wrong way. You have been conditioned to believe that in order to acquire this "more" that you must "DO" in a way that produces only temporary and very limiting results at best, if any results at all. As a result of these beliefs, of this self sabotaging and limiting mindset, you find yourself continually seeking more of what you "thought" would fulfill that empty place by "working harder", getting better, or somehow "DOING more" only to discover that this DOING only leads to more stress, anxiety, disharmony, imbalance, disappointment and frustration always leaving you hungry and seeking for "more."

You have not yet discovered that "Real and Sustainable" wealth, "True Wealth" whether in the area of money, health, or relationships can NEVER be achieved by "DOING", Resisting, and continually attempting to swim against the current, but rather flowing with and "Allowing" it to carry you to the desired destination.

You have not yet developed the "Knowing" that whatever it is that you are seeking is NOT somewhere off in the distant future to be acquired at some future date, but is right before your eyes, already within your grasp, only awaiting YOU to reach out and accept it, and "Allow" yourself to experience it RIGHT NOW. It's ONLY because the previous "Conditioning" that you have received is blinding you to the fact that it already is and always has been available to you.

If that sounds a bit "out there" or "esoteric" to you at this point, I fully understand. At one point it did to me as well, but it's only because you lack the awareness, the deeper understanding as to how to make it a VERY real part of your life experience. Just because you aren't AWARE of it certainly doesn't mean that it doesn't exist……IT DOES, but until you become aware of it, recognize it and take the "Proper Steps" to change it, you will continue to experience the same disappointing results.

Until you are ready and willing to become "consciously" aware of precisely how to do that you will continue "doing" in a way that will continue to leave you continually falling short and ALWAYS looking for more.

Here's How I've Come To "Know" What I Know And Why It Can Help You

Who am I to share this knowledge and how do I know that what I share is accurate?

It has been well over 28 years that I began earnestly, relentlessly, and at times frantically seeking those very same answers that you are seeking right now and have since finding them have assisted thousands, traveled far, learned and experienced much and as a result have grown and progressed IMMENSELY since those first days.

I have personally experimented with and utilized countless methods, techniques, and formulas, many claiming to be "newfound secrets", quick fixes, etc. and have discovered through personal experience what does and does not work. I am NOT implying that I have "arrived" by any means. I too am still a student of the process. I still have much to learn and experience and am quite certain that even as much progress that I've made, as much as I have discovered and experienced to this point, I have barely scratched the surface to future potential and possibility.

In fact……. as I've discovered, potential and possibility is INFINITE

I have discovered that regardless of how far we may progress in our understanding, no matter how many "profound awakenings" we may experience, regardless of the number of "perceived miracles" that we encounter during our journey, there is always something more to be discovered. Some deeper answer, some far bigger and more meaningful experience that leads us far beyond what we at one point thought was "As good as it can get."

It's not that the "perceived" challenges in life quit coming....they always do and always will. It's your perspective or your "Belief" and depth of understanding regarding them that makes them painful or joyful and also determines their duration. It's NOT that they don't appear as real, because from a physical perspective they are VERY REAL. The key to moving quickly through them is to stop resisting them when they come, recognizing and learning from the lesson they are intended to provide enabling you to learn and grow from the lesson they are intended to teach and quickly progress through them.

It is recognizing what these challenges are at their core, the true essence of them which are intended to be merely "growth lessons", and developing the mindset and accepting that "All things work to together for a greater good." To be grateful and to become empowered to express sincere gratitude for them fully understanding that they are merely "gifts in disguise" designed to take you to the next level of understanding, enabling you to "experience" and become more and as a result, and oftentimes in "seemingly miraculous" ways, "acquire" MORE. FAR MORE!!

Once you grasp the powerful truth contained within that statement and learn to harmonize your being, your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs with it, you will begin to see and experience for yourself, physical outcomes in the way of events, conditions and circumstances that you previously "believed" to be unattainable.

My intent today is to share with you what I have discovered through my own personal challenges and "growth lessons" as well as my incredible victories in the hope that your path to deeper understanding, greater peace, harmony and experiencing the "More" that YOU desire to experience might be shorter, less painful and far easier to acquire. I share with you what I have discovered so you might not repeat the same mistakes and walk the same self limiting, unproductive and at times painful and fearful path that I traveled in my "struggle to awaken" thus far.

Throughout these past 28 years I have devoted countless hours studying, researching and earnestly seeking the answers that I somehow knew existed that would prove to provide the "More" that I sought which would eventually fill the empty void that at one point seemed impossible to satisfy. I sought those same answers that you are seeking today in numerous circles of man made structured religions, through an intense and in depth study of science, Quantum Physics, studying the human physiology, nature, and various spiritual texts from around the world.

I discovered and utilized countless numbers of life enhancement tools, seminars, books and programs, many of which I gained tremendous benefit from and which have made a positive and profound impact on my life as well as those which falsely promised "instant miracles" and "quick fixes" which weren't worth a fraction of their cost. I have studied under and received guidance from some of the most insightful and profound mentors and enlightened spiritual teachers in the world.

I have experienced and attempted to fill my own void by unsuccessfully attempting to manipulate the external results (effects) that I desired through the same futile, non-productive and energy draining means that the majority so unsuccessfully utilize because that is what I was "taught" and came to believe was the "only way" to achieve and arrive at the place where I had such a sincere and burning desire to go.

I have worked the 16-18 hour days 6 days per week, fully believing that the monetary reward gained would fill the relentless void that was present, and as a result experienced first hand the mental, physical and emotional exhaustion and imbalance that result, and that I've since discovered that so many unnecessarily experience today.

I have experienced the "temporary" satisfaction of a six figure income and acquired millions of dollars, as well as experienced the demoralizing devastation of bankruptcy not once but twice, and the intense fears and anxiety which so many today experience, associated with wondering how to properly provide for my family in the way that I desired and which they deserved.

I know all too well what it is to spend countless hours experiencing gut wrenching anguish, spending hours on my knees begging and pleading to God to please rescue me from this perceived hell all the time wondering why it was that the answers didn't come.

I bought into the false teachings that there is "unanswered prayer" which only further served to feed my fear and as a result only increased, intensified, and prolonged the undesired circumstances.

I have experienced the full gamut of emotions.....apathy, grief, intense fear, continual worry, anger and even at times complete and total hopelessness. More than once I almost gave up all together.

Regardless of where you currently find yourself in relation to your current results....I know the disappointment...I know the anguish...I know what it's like to almost give up all hope. I fully understand know how it feels.....I know where you are....I've "Been there and done that"....But I also know the "Good" that can come from it.

So what could possibly be the "GOOD" that came from those experiences? It initiated my search for finding deeper answers. The "True" answers which would initiate the transformation I had been seeking which enabled me to experience the joy and fulfillment that I knew all along existed but hadn't been successful in discovering.

Those experiences happened to show me that I wasn't "Doing" in a way that harmonized with what I desired to experience and as a result of my conditioning, MY choice to continue refusing to seek out different answers than what I had been leaning on, because based on what I'd been "Taught" I thought I already had them, took me down a path that provided me with a "seemingly endless" stream of results which would eventually leave me with no other choice.

Although I had finally arrived at that place where I made a choice to do something different, it would take me years longer to discover what DIDN'T work.

So that's how during the "infancy" stages of my search I discovered that...

Traditional Self Help and Personal Development Programs TOTALLY Miss The Target

Prior to delving deeply into my studies, I began my journey utilizing various self improvement / personal development programs related strictly to rah rah type motivation and positive thinking.

Although many played a significant role in my gradual personal transformation from an intellectual standpoint, they lacked the depth of knowledge and wisdom and necessary "practical application" that I sought and knew at a heart level was available. Although many provided temporary benefit from a physical perspective, they didn't address the deeper "subconscious" aspects that I would later come to discover were essential as it relates to achieving "True and Sustainable" harmony and fulfillment in life.

From those I progressed into more in depth and descriptive personal empowerment programs which, although they delved deeper than conventional motivational and positive thinking programs, they still failed to provide the depth of awareness and understanding that were necessary for long term results.

Although they were effective in heightening my awareness as to how things in life happened, I discovered at the conclusion of each that there was something still missing. Some tiny piece of the puzzle that was keeping me from personally and permanently breaking through the barrier and experiencing the fulfillment and harmony that I had come to know was available but had yet to fully discover and experience. Although I knew from a "conscious" perspective there was more available I just couldn't seem to find what that something was.

Although some of these self help and personal development resources provided great insight and direction, it seemed that due to my analytical thinking process, that for some reason I was unable to initiate the lasting change necessary that would enable me to experience what I most desired. I knew it was available, I had developed the intellectual understanding as to how and why, I believed in the process for attaining it, but for some reason the physical manifestations that I had come to "know" were possible and available still didn't happen.

I continued seeking, through various channels, sure that through persistence that I would eventually find the answers I was seeking. After many years of "growth lessons", a few temporary victories, and NUMEROUS painful and extremely stressful setbacks, and through a personally initiated extensive study of the "deeper aspects" of life and finally discovering what I now refer to as "Real Truth" through a number of avenues, I finally discovered the answers that I had been looking for.

I came to the realization that for all those years prior, all the trying, all the pain, all the frustration happened as a result of initially seeking those answers in all the external places that I had been taught to look and as a result "believed" would provide what I was seeking and through persistence would bring fulfillment if I only worked hard and long enough, got better, did more, acquired more, etc.

As I progressed and developed a deeper understanding, I became "crystal clear" in fact that physical activity in and of itself without the "key essentials" in place only produced temporary and mediocre results.

In conclusion I spent MANY trying and at times painful years looking, doing, and continually failing to reach where I desired to go until I discovered WHY it was happening and what I could DO to change it.

Many of the teachings that I had been told were correct and which I "believed" at the time to be true had me frantically looking in the external world for my answers. As I discovered...

That's NOT where I found them and it's NOT where you'll find them either.

The purpose and intent of this letter today is not to share my story of growth with you but instead to make you aware that you are not alone in your quest to fill whatever void you may be experiencing in your own life.

Because of my personal experiences or more specifically what I learned as a result of them and the many years I spent searching, it's possible that you won't have to. In fact it's possible, if you choose to to find the very same answers as I discovered without any further "seeking" in the wrong places, for you to acquire them RIGHT NOW.

I've shared with you everything I possibly can at this point and hopefully you've gained some benefit from it and have a clearer understanding concerning your potential and what's TRULY possible for you. There's only so much that can be done in this format.

I'm going to assume that if you're still reading that you truly ARE serious about making some changes in your life.

This will enable and empower you to do that...

Introducing The "Total Transformation" System

I'm introducing you to what I have discovered and believe to be the most comprehensive, powerfully effective and complete life enhancement system for "Total Life Transformation" that I have EVER encountered in my many years of seeking answers, deeper meaning and harmony in my own life.

I refer to it as a "Total Transformation System" because that it precisely what it did for me and tens of thousands of others. It transformed my life. It provided the depth of understanding in a clear and concise manner, it provided the knowledge, the guidance, the tools, AND the steps necessary to transform the inside, the deeply embedded subconscious conditioning, so that the desired experiences on the outside began showing up.

It CAN and WILL do the same for you. It will provide you with a depth of knowledge, wisdom, awareness, precise guidance, life transforming tools and a new and extremely empowering depth of understanding that after personally spending countless thousands of dollars, years of searching, much trial and error, and the many various individual avenues I explored couldn't provide. It enabled me to clearly see that I had been looking and attempting to discover the answers that I had spent so many years searching for in all the wrong places and clearly pointed to and showed me where they were all along. Amazingly I discovered them in a place where I had never been taught or ever dreamed to look.

Once discovered It provided me with a profound awakening and a sense of intense joy, peace and wholeness that is difficult to describe with the limitations of the English language, that I at some level knew existed, but wasn't able to find.

I believe that what I discovered can do the same for you……In fact I know it can!!

This system is called The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy and it's contents provide profound and in depth knowledge and wisdom, an uncommon depth of understanding concerning the process of creation and manifestation PLUS, the tools and step by step practical application techniques which create the necessary "Internal Transformation" unlike ANY other system available in the entire world.

Unlike so many personal empowerment programs available today, The Delfin Knowledge System is a stand alone "Total Transformation System" that compresses into one very insightful, powerful and simple to comprehend and follow system, what took me 28 years to discover on my own through numerous individual avenues and provided a depth of awareness and understanding that would transform my entire world.

The Delfin Knowledge System FAR EXCEEDS any other personal development / life enhancement system because it's purpose is not only to enhance a specific or individual area of your life but is designed in such a way that creates and initiates a sense of "internal harmony" and "Unity" which in turn enables and empowers you to begin attracting, experiencing and enjoying desired results in ALL areas of life, whether it be physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

By developing the profound awareness, absorbing the life transforming wisdom contained within it, combined with the practical application of the simple steps provided which change the "Internal" or deeply embedded "Subconscious Processes" which are blocking you from achieving EVERY desire you consciously wish to experience, it enables the user, through it's application everything needed to quite literally achieve Life / Self mastery.

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy provides the user with an in depth, clear, concise, and eye opening view of how each of the day to day life events, conditions and circumstances experienced in life come into being from a physiological, psychological, spiritual, and scientific perspective enabling you to fully grasp and develop the necessary understanding, which provides renewed hope and a heightened sense of faith and belief which WILL transform your life physically, relationally, emotionally, financially and spiritually into an amazing, "seemingly" effortless and joy filled journey.

How exactly does it do that?

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy initiates and instills the necessary changes where they are absolutely essential to create real, lasting, harmonious and sustainable change regardless of who you are, where you currently find yourself, your religious preference, what your age is, your social status, your level of formal education, your geographical location or which area of life that you desire to change.

The Delfin Knowledge System Penetrates and Changes The Self Sabotaging Subconscious Processes

Where exactly is that change initiated? On The Inside. The Delfin Knowledge System provides EVERYTHING required to permeate the deeply embedded subconscious processes of the dominant subconscious mind which is absolutely essential for long term results and which so many programs fail to address. It enables you to rediscover and "awaken" to the limitless power that you already hold within yourself and instills a newfound assurance at a deep subconscious level to create the lasting and sustainable changes that are necessary for long term physical results.

Altering routines, attempting to control and manipulate external effects, or attempting to focus on and fix those external circumstances utilizing strictly external means such as trying harder, working longer, or doing things which you would rather NOT do in an attempt to correct them will only prove to be counterproductive and will only lead you to continual disappointment, increased fear and anxiety, failure and ALWAYS seeking more.

Traditional self help and personal development programs, as Inspirational and Motivational as some can be, although they can provide limited forms of "temporary" benefit in some cases, for the most part direct you to take external and physical actions which fail to address and permeate the deeply embedded subconscious internal issues which until properly addressed will inevitably resurface at some point and lead to creating and experiencing the same disappointing results at some point in time.

Although many make sincere attempts to create change in their lives, eventually, due to a lack of understanding the need to properly address the deeply ingrained internal issues at a deep subconscious level, soon find themselves falling back into the same unproductive, self limiting and life draining patterns of "working harder", "doing more", and seeking the harmony and fulfillment they long for in an external world.

It will ALWAYS "without fail" lead to temporary results at best, and ALWAYS leave you searching for something more.

If my experiences resonate with you at some level, then I would suggest that you seek out and find a better way. These externally expended efforts that you keep repeating over and over again, absent the awareness and "Real Truth" concerning who and what you "truly" are, without addressing and eliminating these deeply embedded subconscious processes which most aren't even aware exist which is absolutely essential for creating an "internal harmony" will only prove to be detrimental to your long term health and well being and unless properly addressed and corrected at some point will weaken, sicken and/or literally kill you long before your time. Perhaps not this year or next but over time the additional stress, anxiety, struggle and continual strife experienced as a result will weaken and sicken your body.

So what does the Delfin Knowledge System contain that will correct these issues? How can it assist you in fulfilling your desires and begin experiencing the physical pleasures of life without hard work and struggle?

The Delfin Knowledge System provides in clear concise and simple to grasp manner EVERY aspect of the how the events, conditions, and circumstances in your life materialize and enables you to see and experience for yourself how the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of your beingness are intricately connected and how that connection determines the outcomes experienced in your life.

The depth of wisdom and knowledge acquired will teach and enable you to go deeply within yourself where EVERY answer to EVERY question that you currently have or ever will have already lies which will provide you with the means to dispel the fear, recognize and eliminate the numerous false beliefs established throughout your life which are responsible for holding you back, and empower you to rewrite your internal "Map of Reality" enabling you to "consciously" and "consistently" experience tangible results based on your desires in the physical world, as well as provide a sense of harmony, joy, and fulfillment that you may not even be able to fathom at this point.

The Delfin Knowledge System provides a depth of insight, wisdom and understanding which enables you to clearly see and understand at the deepest levels how ALL things which most "perceive" as separate or individual are intricately interconnected and how to use your newfound awareness and understanding to tap into the limitless personal power that has been provided and made available to you, empowering you to harmonize your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions with the limitless abundance and resources that have been placed here for your pleasure and gratification.

I fully understand how unrealistic and "pie in the sky" that may sound to you. I can fully relate to the internal dialog and conversation that you may be experiencing right now because those same thoughts and that same internal conversation took place within me.

How could it possibly be so simple? How could something so simple provide such profound results? I can only tell you from personal experience that the proper and seemingly effortless implementation of the simplest concepts and principles that I've personally discovered over the years have proven to provide the most dramatic and life altering results that I have ever experienced and I have come to believe that is precisely why they are so easily overlooked, never utilized and as a result why so few are able to find the answers they seek.

It is due in great part to "traditionally established FALSE beliefs" that the simplest and most powerfully effective methods are never discovered and utilized by the majority, because the majority have been conditioned to believe that any sizable results must be difficult to attain.

If you get NOTHING else from this letter, I hope that you'll grasp this truth......It's NOT nor has it ever been!!

If you're like most, you've have been taught and led to believe that in order for something to be effective, to produce "tangible real life results" that it must take hard work, excessive effort, or in some manner be complicated to produce desired results in your life.

This is just one of many things that is essential for you to discover and recognize as a blatant and traditionally established "Non-Truth" IF you truly expect to experience DIFFERENT results.

It doesn't matter what you do, how hard you try, where you go, without the correct mindset...The necessary "Wealth Consciousness" your results will ALWAYS fall into the category of "Mediocre" and "Temporary."

I have discovered and come to believe based on my own personal experiences, that the initial plan that was laid and intended for every person on earth which was designed in a way to be simplicity in itself and intended to provide ALL with harmony and fulfillment that EVERYONE is seeking has become tainted and unnecessarily complicated due to absorbing and applying incorrect knowledge, false teachings, and through continual application of long held and falsely established traditional beliefs.

I have come to know that the plan which was laid initially, which operates in absolute and unwavering perfection 100% of the time without fail, and which once consciously understood and harmonized with, provides profoundly rewarding outcomes and results which the masses "perceive" as miracles with seemingly effortless ease, has over time, become twisted, tainted, extremely complicated and impossible to follow due to these among other factors.

I have personally found that the steps that lead to harmony, fulfillment, joy, inner peace and plenty in every aspect of life have become recognizable to only a small percentage who are willing to make the choice as well as the commitment to develop the "correct awareness" as to how things "Truly" work in life, and who possess a willingness and sincere desire to "UNLEARN" much of what they have been falsely taught, which are the very beliefs that are responsible for dramatically limiting YOUR results in various areas of your life.

It is this small percentage that take the initiative to develop the awareness that rather than accepting as truth what they had been TOLD was "Truth" throughout their lives, set out to discover truth for themselves, and as a result find the "Real and Unwavering Truth" which produces with far less effort and struggle, FAR GREATER RESULTS than what the majority "believe" to be attainable.

Contrary to what YOU may currently "believe".....

There are no "Newfound Secrets" to attaining fulfillment and harmony in life. There are no hidden or secret clues that will enable you to experience the "more" that your seeking.

The path that will lead you to where it is that you desire to go, wherever that might be has existed since the beginning of time. You only need to become aware of the basics, unlearn the many false teachings that are keeping you from attaining whatever that might be for you and rediscover your ability and boundless unrestricted potential to experience it.

The plan has been clearly laid. The path that leads to a life of joy, fulfillment, prosperity and plenty is wide open, clearly visible, easily attainable and waiting for those who would choose to seek it out, open their eyes to it and take the first tiny step down it's liberating and life changing path.

You have within you right here, right now, far more and far greater creative power than you may currently realize. Within you exists every answer to every question, every solution to every challenge, and an unfailing guidance system that will lead you precisely where it is that you desire to go regardless of where that might be for you. You only need become conscious of it's existence and make a "conscious choice" to apply what you discover in your life.

The attainment of your deepest and most heartfelt desires isn't dependent on your age, color, level of education, current financial status, religious preference, country of origin, your government or for any other external factor that you may currently "perceive" to be holding you back.

You only need to discover, recognize, understand, and awaken to the "Real Truth" that's available to anyone willing to make the conscious choice to discover it for themselves and allow it to take you there. You only need "unlearn" much of what you have been taught to be "Reality" and "Possibility" and awaken to who and what you "Truly" are and your "TRUE Potential" and capability to experience "Whatsoever ye desire."

That "AWAKENING" will provide whatever "More" it is that you have a desire to experience.

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy provides EVERYTHING you need and will do precisely that for you IF you will make the choice to allow it to.

A life of joy, fulfillment, prosperity, profound inner peace and unshakable life changing, mountain moving faith awaits you. You only need to take the first tiny step that will "Awaken you" lead you there and enable you to experience it.

Whether you choose that this is that time for you or for whatever reason choose not to, at some point in time It is my hope that you will. It is due to a conscious choice of awakening to and taking that first step which has proven to provide a total transformation for not only myself but tens of thousands of others around the world who have discovered their individual limitless ability to become a conscious and purposeful creator of their physical, spiritual, relational, emotional, and financial destiny.

You DO Have A Choice as Well As The Ability...You Only Need Make It

Your current and future personal choices may lead you down the same path that mine has led me. You may choose to experience years of the same unnecessary challenges and growth lessons that I and billions of others have experienced. You may choose to believe that there is no such thing as true and lasting joy, harmony and fulfillment in life.

That is certainly your right as well as your choice to make. As I and tens of thousands of others can attest, regardless of what you may currently believe to be true, it DOES exist and you CAN experience it. You only need discover and awaken to the fact that it's true and make the simple and life changing applications necessary to experience it for yourself.

Regardless of your current choices or beliefs, or the outcomes in life that you're experiencing as a result of them, I can tell you from personal experience that the Delfin Knowledge System DOES contain the answers as well as the simple process that you're seeking and it WILL transform you’re your life should you make the "choice" to "allow" it to.

The Delfin Knowledge System provides EVERYTHING you'll need to awaken to, discover and begin experiencing a life of joy, fulfillment, wholeness, inner peace and limitless prosperity that few are aware exists.

Unlike so many others that are aware of that possibility.....Now You Are.

What you do or don't do with that awareness is up to you.

If you're FINALLY ready to break free of the limiting and self sabotaging mindset of the majority and the results experienced as a result go to the DelfinWorld site and acquire your personal Delfin Knowledge System right now.

The choice to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances in YOUR life and begin experiencing all the MORE that you have a desire to experience in your life are a choice that only you can make.

The willingness and the desire to dissolve the deeply embedded subconscious "false beliefs" and discover the Traditionally Established FALSE Beliefs" that you have bought into and allowed to limit your results can only come from a place within yourself.

Unless and until you do something different than what has produced those current results, you can be certain that those results will NOT change. To discover for yourself the profound awakening and the life changing power that The Delfin Knowledge System can assist you in tapping into, connecting with and benefiting from as it has myself and tens of thousands of others it will be necessary for you to make a commitment both financially as well as intellectually, but as I can tell you from personal experience the benefits received will far outweigh the cost.

The Delfin Home Based Business Model

We've covered much ground thus far