The Double Slit Experiment Video

The Double Slit Experiment Provides A Bit Of "Documented Science" Validating Your Ability
To Begin "Consciously Creating" Your Reality

"Shift Your Paradigms and Change Your Entire World"

The ability to begin creating desired outcomes in your life effortlessly is a science. Although it's not science that allows the creation of wealth or any other outcome in life, science can and is being used to enhance awareness, to show in a tangible and measurable kind of way that hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations that we as individuals hold, CAN and DO transmute from wave forms of "probability" into "physical form."

When looked at with an open mind and a willing heart it becomes quite simple and easy to see that 21st century science actually supports and substantiates that what the spiritual Masters of the past have always taught and conveyed is "true."

21st century science; namely Quantum Physics, also provides a better and much deeper understanding with regard to how and why things in life work as they do, enabling us to understand how we can become more skilled at consciously creating the outcomes that we DO desire whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

How? By simply choosing to "observe" physical events, conditions and circumstances in a different way than MOST do...By changing our "perceptions" as to how YOU think they SHOULD be.

Shift your paradigms...accept things as they are..."allow" them to be OK...surrender to what is...state your intention and your life will a way that can "seem" magical, miraculous and effortless.

As you'll soon discover by watching the video below, as a result of the "Double Slit Experiment" as well as discovering and exploring numerous other scientifically conducted experiments performed by modern day physicists through the years, your act of observing the world around you is being molded and shaped based on your individual beliefs and perceptions. It's these attributes that transmute your individually conceived ideals, hopes, dreams and desires from "wave" forms of probability into "particle" form of "reality" or "particle" to "wave" into whatever you might individually perceive and believe it to be.

Watch the Double Slit Experiment video...enhance your belief...elevate your "knowing"...awaken...become "aware" and go out there and shine your light...your dreams are waiting to be fulfilled...Just Do It!!

The Double Slit Experiment

I'm Finished With The Double Slit Experiment
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I'm Finished With The Double Slit Experiment
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End of Double Slit Experiment

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