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You, Energy and Computers

In the last issue of Enlightened Journey we talked about the "seed level" from where everything in life comes from. We talked about beliefs, perceptions, possibilities and how what we choose to BE determines what we do and what we allow ourselves to have and not have in life.

I also made mention of and we delved in a bit as I described what I often refer to as Higher Truth.

Let's test your memory and retention skills here. Do you remember that? Do you recall me saying that Higher Truth contains every conceivable outcome and that what we perceive and believe to be true is drawn from this Infinite space where Higher Truth exists and becomes real and true for us in life?

If not, no worries. Do the best you can to stay attentive, focused and present here, because this is the foundational understanding that is necessary and a vital part of making your heartfelt desires and what you truly value real and measurable in physical life.

So let's examine and break down Higher Truth a bit and how whatever you believe and perceive to be true becomes true and why it does.

Although Higher Truth is vast...far more vast than can possibly be conceived or imagined, it's necessary to break down into digestible and bite sized chunks what Higher Truth really means and what it truly is. It's necessary to understand and explore it in such a way that will enable you to venture into and, if you haven't already, personally experience it's vastness for yourself.

Intellectual understanding can't come anywhere close to personally experiencing what's infinite in nature. An experiential understanding enables you to move beyond "belief" and enter into a KNOWING that intellectual understanding can't, doesn't and never will enable you to KNOW. although that is where many need to start from. An intellectual understanding can be and often is beneficial for gradually moving into and experiencing Higher Truth at some point yet at the same time it can and often does keep those who truly desire greater results from ever experiencing the kind and quality of results that they do desire and claim to want.

And it really boils down to the quality of intellectual understanding that an individual has regarding life and themselves. In other words it's dependent on what someone believes and claims to "know" based on what they've been taught and believe to be true about life and themselves.

These factors have determined and will continue to determine the experiences that we've each had in life.

If we truly desire and hope to have greater and more desirable experiences it's going to be necessary to change what we believe and claim to know to be true.

As I mention in issue #1, it's often what we think and claim that we know that keeps us from moving beyond the intellects limited grasp into the realm where what there is to know is quite literally infinite in nature and only limited by what we ourselves choose to know and experience.

Point being, intellectual understanding is a very limited form of knowing regardless of how expansive or limited or how accurate or inaccurate our acquired intellectual understanding might be.

Higher Truth extends well beyond anything intellectual. The intellect can't grasp or fathom what's infinite in nature. And Higher Truth is just that...INFINITE in nature.

Here is the big picture view of what I have discovered regarding what I like and so often to refer to as Higher Truth and how it pertains to you being, doing and having more of what you desire in life…

Since Higher Truth is so expansive and actually impossible to describe, conceive or explain due to it's "infinite nature", it's going to be necessary to begin exploring and venturing into it's all encompassing nature in a way and at a level that we can grasp, sink our teeth into, wrap our minds around and hopefully understand in an intellectual and tangible kind of way.

The best way I'm currently aware of for doing that is through exploring and delving into a subject that I must admit I had no personal interest in or desire to understand at one point. Not because it isn't relevant and vitally important as I've since discovered but rather my disinterest happened due to the way it was presented and taught in my school days.

I'm talking about science.

I'm not unique in that at all. I know a lot of people who had absolutely no interest in science simply because of how it was presented and taught. It only provides a very surface level of understanding that traditional forms of education so often limit us to.

And this limitation is due to the fact that our educational systems for the most part don't teach us what's going on at the seed level let alone below the surface. The reason for that is simply because the kind of science they teach is based on Newtonian physics.

Newtonian physics is relevant in the physical world, but it doesn't explain how things that exist prior to becoming physical are made physical. It is in fact a very outdated science that has been around for more than 300 years, still taught in our school systems and looks at things in the physical world as a machine. That includes you, me and everything we see in the physical world.

So regardless of your current interest or disinterest in science, it's going to be important to stay with me here. I'll keep it very simple and present it in a way that's easily understandable and will show you in very real and tangible kind of way, why what science has discovered since Newtonian physics became is quite important and quite relevant in creating desirable results in life.

I do so to construct and lay a solid foundation that we'll be building on as we go forward in future editions. The foundation that we have the ability to direct and control that is...meaning ourselves.

Because ultimately it's only ourselves that we can control. That's all that's necessary to control to make life whatever you desire it to be. In fact. it's safe to say that attempting to control anything else is what leads to so much dissatisfaction, struggle, limitation and far less than desirable tangible experiences that are, always have been and always will be available to us all.

And although the science we'll be looking at briefly far exceeds the limitation and understanding that Newtonian physics provides, it too in a sense only provides a small glimpse of what's truly "out there" for us to explore and understand.

And the reason that's true is because it is intellectual in nature.

Yes...there's more, much more but this analogy will serve as a starting place and enable those who are somewhat new to the personal empowerment concept to establish a basic understand with regard to how and why we each have the ability to create our lives by design based on what recent science has discovered and revealed.

All that exists in our world, whether human beings, things of nature, the chair you’re sitting in, the words you’re reading, or the computer that you are currently looking at, when broken down into their purest and most basic form consist of nothing more or nothing less than pure energy.

In the same way, things that can't be seen or experienced with the limitations of the physical senses are too energy.

I know, we’ve all been taught and most are well aware that everything in existence consists of millions upon billions upon trillions upon gazillions upon bazillions of molecules comprised of various structures collectively joined to make what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell real and observable. In other words these various types of molecules collectively joined make up our tangible reality and all that we see.

Although this is true, thanks to the rapid advancement of various types of technologies and scientists willingness to explore beyond what can be seen, modern day science has become enabled to look more deeply into what makes molecules, molecules. They’ve become enabled to break down, observe and explore even deeper the intricacies of molecules, which when broken down into their most basic structures consist of atoms and beyond atoms, subatomic particles. These subatomic particles are what they refer to as pure energy, also many times referred to as pure consciousness by other scientists.

Although it’s based on very simple physics that’s been around and understood for a long long time, many don’t realize that ALL matter, regardless of what it is, when broken down into its purest form, are just a bunch of individual vibrating energy packets. These energy packets consistently vibrate at various frequencies and which attract to each other, kind of like a magnet but not really, additional energy vibrating at the same frequency or vibrational intensity.

What does kind of like but not really mean?

Well, as crazy as it sounds it means just that. This attraction process works kind of like a magnet in that it attracts, but on the other hand it's not really like a magnet at all.

Chances are good that you’ve heard the statements, like attracts like, opposites attract, birds of a feather flock together etc. etc.

That’s why the old saying “like attracts like” and “opposites attract” are both “true” yet at the same time somewhat "untrue" to an extent. So you could say that they're true but at the same time they are not definitively true in every case.

Without getting into all the mind bending and extremely complex theories, discoveries and complex formulas that modern day science has discovered that explains why that’s true, for now let’s just say that energy is intricately intertwined, is interconnected, migrates toward and joins together with energies that resonate and harmonize with other energies of the same vibrational intensities.

It’s this process that draws energy together and once the process goes through and completes a cycle, it’s joined together to form what scientists refer to as matter. Matter is the stuff we can see once enough of this energy joins together which enables us to experience it in life.

The simplest way to describe this process so anyone can grasp and understand what that means is simply to say that ALL things regardless of what they are, seen or unseen, broken down into their purest and most basic form that modern day science is currently aware of, are merely vibrating packets of energy.

This includes your thoughts. Your thoughts, like everything else consist of individual packets of consistently vibrating energy as well that consist of and at the same time emit and project a specific vibratory output. are projected outward and join together with other energies that vibrate at the same frequency or vibratory pattern, intertwine or join with, and through a process of time, create matter, or the things that we come to see and experience in our lives.

It’s this process that determines everything that YOU see and experience in your life.

What that matter consists of, and what is eventually brought into the physical world, is based on the energies that you emit and project through your thoughts, and the resulting formation of those varying frequencies, or that combined energy, results in the physical manifestation of what you are eventually enabled to see, feel, hear, touch, and taste, with the five physical senses.

I know. It sounds like really weird, complex and complicated stuff. And the reason it does is because it is. So to keep the weirdness and the complexity at a minimum, let’s relate it to something that we can all understand to an extent.

As an example, let’s compare the process that goes on within you at the thought level with the computer that you’re sitting at and using right now. Almost everyone has a computer and has at least a basic understanding of how and why it works. Well…some anyway. :-)

Even if you don’t have that basic understanding yet, I’ll be explaining it in a way that you can at least have an idea of how it all works. I'm no computer genius by any stretch of the imagination, but I do understand the basics of how and why computers work as they do.

That's all we need to understand about life as well. The basics.

Like the main portion of the computer (the computer tower) that you plug all the components into, (the keyboard, the mouse, etc.) your brain serves as, and acts just as the computer, or the hardware. Your brain, just like the circuitry housed in the computer tower, is the physical mass that receives and processes all the information that is fed into it. It’s the mechanical portion of you that’s necessary to be able to operate and function as it does. Like the computer tower, the brain can be seen, (has a visible physical mass) and if it weren’t safely tucked away inside your skull could be seen and touched.

Your mind is like, and acts as the operating system, (much like Windows 7 etc.), and although you can’t see all the complex data on the disk that contains it and holds it all in physical form, once it is installed into the hardware, you know it’s there operating in the background somewhere. Even though it can’t be physically seen, all those various functions that you perform on the computer such as typing on the keyboard, accessing various programs etc., each work as they should when the software is properly installed. So you know that, even though you aren’t able to physically see all the data that's being processed with your eyes, you know that the operating system is present and doing what it was designed and is supposed to do.

Many people believe that the mind and the brain are one and the same. They are NOT. The brain is the physical portion of the body,(the mainframe) and the mind conceives the data that the brain processes. The mind can be likened to what's unseen or spiritual. (the operating system) The brain is literally nothing more or less than a physical tool that the mind requires and uses to process data and carry out day to day physical functions.

When the brain receives data or information from the mind, (thoughts or conceptualizations) a physical and measurable electro-chemical process is initiated as the brain processes the information, as can be verified with the help of various machines and technologies. (EEG etc.)

Your thoughts are the equivalent of the software or the programs that you install into the hardware and which work together with the operating system, allowing you to perform the many various functions within the main operating system. When the operating system and the software are compatible or in harmony, everything operates smoothly and functions as it should. When they aren‘t compatible, well, we all know what happens. Nothing within that application will work as it was designed and intended to.

Things freeze up, we experience shut downs, crashes and all sorts of less than desirable things. We push buttons, keys and sometimes noting happens and sometimes things we don’t understand and can’t explain to the technician we eventually call to resolve our issues. No fun at all and downright frustrating in most cases.

The two must be compatible. In addition, if something happens along the way and the software becomes corrupt, it has to be diagnosed, found, removed and reinstalled before it will again be able to perform its intended function.

Are You With Me So Far? Ok, great, let’s move on.

In order to acquire the necessary programs that we want to use, it is necessary for someone to first write or create them. In this day and age almost everyone knows someone who is a computer programmer. These programmers are the guys that input the data that create the programs, or the software that we install into our computer hardware. The programs that are written, after being installed, allow us to enjoy the benefit of the many things that we can do on our computer.

A game that you play on the computer is software. The text editor that I am using to write this edition of "Enlightened Journey" is the software, or program that allows me to do so. Pretty cool…very cool in fact and very beneficial and effective when it’s all working properly.

Different programmers write various programs which make up the software that we use and enjoy every time we sit down at the computer and log in.

The result of this combination of hardware, operating system, and software all working in harmony is the visible appearance of what shows up on your computer monitor. What's showing up on that monitor can be likened to your life results. The computer, the operating system, the software and all the data inputted that makes software work (the cause) all work in harmony together to bring about the desired results, (The effect) which shows up on the computer monitor that you are looking at.

In the same way the combination of the brain,(hardware) the mind,(operating system) and the thoughts that you think, (data, software or programs) all work together to bring into physical reality those results that show up and that you experience in your life.

Now, here’s where we go beyond computers, programmers, software, hardware, data etc. and is something to ponder on, and think more deeply about.

Just as the computer programmer must write or create the programs that you use which is necessary for you to experience the desirable effects every time you log on to your computer, someone is also creating the data, the programs and the software that are responsible for bringing about the results that you experience in your life.

Who writes those programs? Who determines what’s allowed to be created and downloaded whether it’s compatible with other types of software previously installed or not?

You Guessed It. YOU! You get to choose that. And whatever you choose, whether it's compatible or not compatible; whether it works or doesn’t work as you’d like it to, ultimately it’s you that allows whatever data is placed into the computer to be there. The quality of that data determines how well or how poorly the computer operates and functions. The quality and compatibility of the inputted data determines the quality and compatibility of what you experience in life.

If the incoming data is incompatible with desired results, the computer doesn't make any distinctions or judgments, it simply produces an output based on what it was provided to work with and process.

You quite literally write the programs that determine the outcome, (effects) or what you come to experience in the physical world, with your thoughts!

Each and every one of your physical experiences that show up in, and that you experience in your life each and every day, YOU are the programmer that writes the various types of software, that, just like the results that are manifest and displayed on your computer monitor, you are experiencing in your life. The kind and quality of that is based on and determined by the data and programs that are being inputted!

These thoughts (programs) that you create or think (an average of 60,000 per day according to the experts) activate the brain, create an electro-chemical reaction in your brain and somewhere during the process beliefs and emotions are formed, join with, become attached to and intensify those thoughts. Based on the joining of these three creative forms of energy a memory is born and is stored in the vast, and unlimited subconscious portion of your subconscious mind. The subconscious aspect of mind can be likened to a memory card.

The resulting memory that is created, is based solely on what you have created through your thought process, experienced in your life and allowed to be stored in there at some point. Many of the memories that you have stored are received through previous data you’ve received and chosen to store on your memory card. This data comes from a number of places. Things you’ve been taught, life experiences, etc. The combination of this data, these thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, and the resulting memory form your perception of each and every thing that you come to experience in your life, and are what attract and eventually manifest in your physical world EVERYTHING that you come to experience.

Many have heard the age old quote by Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right." It is absolutely dead on target and correct!

That’s relevant and very important data too that should be...and in fact MUST BE understood, internalized, memorized and acted upon if you truly desire to begin getting what you truly want in and for your life.

If you're unable to conceive and for whatever reason don't believe the power behind that statement, you have at some point in the past stored data that is incompatible with making heartfelt desires real and tangible.

And it's that data that is, and is going to continue producing less than the desired result in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and /or spiritual aspects of your life unless and until it's diagnosed, recognized, found, removed and overwritten with data that is compatible with the desire.

The resulting memory, or what you end up believing as a result of the above process literally determines what you are able and unable to do in your life!

To summarize...

The things that you are capable of achieving (or believe that you're not capable of achieving) are TOTALLY dependent and based solely on your current or previous programming which results in an electro chemical process in your brain. (hardware)

Let's digress a moment and refer back to energy, projected vibrational intensities and the attraction of harmonious energies that ultimately form into tangible experiences. Your thoughts which are determined by the quality of your beliefs initiates and signals a vibrational output based on your currently held beliefs, which in turn determines what you attract and eventually come to see and experience in your life!

You, just like the computer programmer in the previous example, are writing the very programs that are creating the events, conditions and circumstances that show up as tangible results; your results in each and every area of your life.

So, what can you do to change the resulting events, conditions, and circumstances if they are not harmonious or in alignment with, and producing the kind of tangible or intangible results that you desire to have in our life?

You Guessed It Again....

Change the Beliefs which are determining the Thoughts (the data determining the programs) that are creating them!

These programs that are creating these events, conditions, and circumstances, that you are experiencing, need to be found, recognized, removed, cleaned of the viruses that they contain. Once removed new data must be reinstalled before you can expect them to begin producing different results.

Just as you are able to remove unwanted programs or viruses from your computer hardware, you have the ability to acquire new data that will overwrite, change and re-write the programs that you are and have been installing into your subconscious.

You only need to develop the awareness as to how to go about it.

Is this possible? Absolutely. It is more than just possible, it is necessary and is EXACTLY what needs to be done if you’re serious about and truly desire to begin creating greater results in your life.

And that brings us to our First Action Step for the next 30 days.

What You Can Do To Begin to Recognize and Overwrite Corrupt Data

Begin to develop a conscious awareness of WHAT programs you are writing by becoming conscious of what you are thinking about.

As we mentioned above, the average person thinks 60,000 thoughts per day. Here’s what happens when so many thought are thought each day. The majority of people in our world couldn’t tell you what 95% or more of those thoughts consist of if you ask them. The result is that they are unconsciously and leaving to chance what they are creating in their life.

By becoming aware or conscious of what it is that you are allowing to run through your mind you can begin to see and understand why you are creating whatever results you are creating. Once you become enabled to see that you can then begin to take the action steps necessary to change those thoughts (this data) that aren’t serving you and begin to attract and bring about different results. Harmonious results that don’t interfere with The results that you DESIRE to see in your life!

This is a necessary and CRUCIAL first step in beginning to change the events, conditions, and circumstances in your life, that you sincerely desire to change.

Which brings us to the Specific Action Steps for you to take.

Your Specific Action StepsFor The Month.

As you go about your day to day duties and activities, make an effort to become aware of the random thoughts that pass through your mind and make mental or written notes as to the specific minute by minute thoughts that arise. As you become aware of them, ask yourself, why am I thinking that. Does it serve in making what I desire real and tangible or does conflict with whatever it is that you desire to be, do and have in life.

Begin to make a conscious and consistent effort to simply begin thinking about what you’re thinking about. When you discover a thought that isn’t in alignment with what it is that you want to see brought into your life, STOP, for a second, overwrite that thought and CORRECT it with a new thought that aligns and harmonizes with whatever you desire to see and experience in life.

Although it is not absolutely necessary, It is best if you can write them down as soon as you possibly can. If you don’t, you will forget them. When you do, and are able to look at and review them when you are idle or unbusy, and you will begin to clearly see the pattern of thoughts (programs) that are responsible for creating your outcomes and causing your life to unfold as it is. The most important thing that you are going to achieve is becoming aware of the thought patterns that up until now, you were previously unaware of and unconscious about.

Many people find that journaling is an effective way to consciously bring their predominant thoughts into awareness. By taking a few minutes each day and just writing down whatever it is that comes to mind, without analyzing whatsoever whatever that train of thought might be, you will discover a definite pattern as to why your experiences in life are happening as they are, and doing so will make it much easier to begin the process of doing away with the thoughts that aren’t serving you and learning to replace them with thoughts that will.

An Eye Opening Exercise

This exercise will only take a few minutes and will allow you to clearly see just how active your mind continually is without you even being consciously aware of it.

Take just two minutes RIGHT NOW and do the following....

Close your eyes and for the next 2 minutes, just allow your mind to go blank. Don’t think a single thought for just the next 2 minutes. Don’t think Anything, just allow your mind to become totally blank. You can visualize a single thing to focus on. Maybe visualize an object like the sun, or a glowing ball, or whatever you choose. It really doesn’t matter what it is, the important thing is to just focus your attention on that single object and do the best you’re able to become still and achieve non thought. Take 2 minutes, close your eyes, and do it right now.

OK, How’d you do? Pretty amazing isn’t it? How quiet were you able to become in your mind? This exercise allows you to develop the awareness of just how noisy your mind really is without you ever being consciously aware of it. This awareness is the first crucial step in learning to develop the ability to become continually conscious of how active your mind really is, and in doing so will enable you to begin to allow yourself to learn how to quiet the seemingly endless stream of unconscious thoughts and mindless babble that you allow to run through your mind each and every second of every minute of every day. You’ll become more aware and able to see in an experiencable kind of way that you can become conscious of your consciousness and the data that you are projecting outward into the infinite field of data that is determining your individual results.

Once this is accomplished it will allow you to begin to learn how to begin to replace the unconscious and mindless babble with conscious and focused thoughts which are in alignment with what you desire to see manifest in your life.

I urge you to, if you haven’t already, try the little experiment above, and until the next edition of strong>"Enlightened Journey" comes out, make a conscious and consistent effort to become aware of the minute by minute thoughts that you think each day. If you will, I Promise it will be a valuable and Eye Opening experience. You will begin to see the pattern as to how and why the daily events, conditions, and circumstances that you are experiencing in your life happen as they do.

Until next time, make a conscious and focused effort to think about what you're thinking about and you will be one step closer to becoming a "creator of circumstance" rather than where most people in the world find themselves and believe themselves to be trapped within which is a "victim of circumstance." mentality.