A Warm, Hearty and Heartfelt Welcome To The Enlightened Journey Global Community From Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder, Chuck Danes

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Enlightened Journey Could Prove to BE the Missing Piece of the Manifestation Puzzle that Educates, Enables and Empowers You to Be, Do and Have More of Whatever It Might Be That You Aspire To Be, Do and/or Have More Of In and For Your Life...

In ALL Ways...AND...On ALL Levels

Physically - Financially - Relationally - Mentally - Emotionally - Spiritually

How sincere, serious and committed are you about finding what MOST believe and "consistently think" they're missing?

Chuck Danes Enlightened Journey Enterprises
Chuck Danes - Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder/CEO

What "Missing Ingredient" or "Secret" Do YOU Feel Must Be Found to EXPERIENCE the Kind and Quality of Life That You "Really and Truly Deserve?"

"Contrary to widespread opinion, there are NO Secrets for creating a life of joy, fulfillment, purpose and meaning. Doing so requires nothing more or less than choosing to learn, understand and apply the "Main Thing" at the mental, emotional and physical levels consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently.

Rest assured...regardless of where you are now, You CAN be, do and have more; SO much more, if ever and whenever you make a "conscious choice" to do so...

...And the HOW to begin doing so is most Certainly NOT...nor has it EVER been a 'Secret'."

Find comfort in the fact that if you're sincere, serious and committed to creating Real and Lasting Change in 1 or MANY aspects of your life, Enlightened Journey will meet you where you are WHEREVER that might be.

It's simply a matter of YOU becoming willing to "take the TIME" to learn WHO You Are, WHAT you have and HOW to USE it in a way that brings you happiness...however YOU define that.

This Is Your Opportunity To Learn, Grow and KNOW How to "Shine Your Light" So You Might Begin Creating The Kind
and Quality of Impact (and Life) That You "Truly Desire"
For Yourself and Others

First and foremost, Welcome to the Enlightened Journey Global Community. For more than a decade, I've been writing and freely distributing the Enlightened Journey newsletter globally for one purpose.

That "purpose" is to DO everything in my power to make a meaningful and far reaching difference in the world before I leave it.

I've found that the single most important thing I can do to achieve that, is assist those who are ready...TRULY ready, to eliminate (or at the very least minimize) fear, doubt and worry from their lives.

It's not so much a matter of "eliminating" anything, but rather adopting and adhering to a "calm reverence" toward life and all it's facets.

As simple as that is, ironically, due to what we've learned and think we know, because of the years of programming and indoctrination we've received from countless venues over the course of our lives, SEEING and EXPERIENCING the simplicity for ourselves can "seem difficult."

It can that is, unless and until you learn the importance of and the power behind "Getting out of your head and into your heart."

Never let someone tell you that you or your dreams are "pie in the sky, far fetched, impossible, improbable, impractical or not ‘good enough’ to make a difference, especially when they have yet to create and experience what your aspirations are leading you toward.

Although I, nor anyone else can do that for you, I do my best, through revealing the Higher Truth about who you are, what you're "truly capable of" and ultimately provide to you, in a rational, logical and practical kind of way, a very specialized form of knowledge that clearly reveals what YOU can achieve in life.

I think it's important to clarify up front that what we "think and believe" we can achieve and what can TRULY BE achieved are more often than not, quite "different."

It's my hope and intention to assist you in not only SEEING that but do all I'm able to reveal how to best go about that DOING in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with what's in your heart...NOT in your head.

You could call it my sole purpose for distributing the newsletter, which is one of many resources I've created and utilize to give something of value back and at the same time, fulfill what I've discovered to be my "Soul Purpose."

I do so using a number of modalities. I utilize different types due to the fact that we're each in unique places, our ability to comprehend and internalize the information is varied and we each have our own unique hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations, many of which we're struggling and working really hard to make "real."

The primary purpose of Enlightened Journey is to reveal that "struggle" is futile, that abundance is a birthright and that you CAN reclaim that birthright whenever YOU decide it's time.

There are 5 ways I do that, each of which is intended to cater to your uniqueness and meet you where you are...WHEREVER that is.

  1. What you're reading now, The Enlightened Journey Newsletter, is freely distributed globally for those who prefer receiving the information in a written format.

  2. AbundanceandHappiness.com consists of literally THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of pages and provides a free and comprehensive look at life, your place in it and what you can DO to make it all that you desire for it to be. That information is freely provided in "written form" as well.

  3. I also created and offer The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation for those who prefer a more condensed streamlined approach, which incorporates an interactive, "auditory" method of learning.

  4. In addition, I offer one time personal one on one consultations as well as longer term Wealth Mentoring for those who prefer a more up close and personalized approach to growth.

  5. I've also partnered with some of the world's most insightful and enlightened masters, each of whom are well versed in the HOW and WHY of life and each has their own unique way of presenting the information.

Regardless of your preferred approach or methodology, they ALL have something of VITAL IMPORTANCE in common. Each consists of some form of transformational guidance or training that is focused on and adheres to an "Inside Out Approach to Life."

Each and every resource, whether within the site or outside of it, utilizes a similar strategy and provides a big picture view of how and WHY life unfolds as it does. Regardless of your preferred method, each resource incorporates and provides a more expansive "spiritual understanding", integrates the timeless message of the masters with the discoveries of 21st century science as well as a close and up close look at how nature operates.

Why do I do that?

find the missing puzzle piece

When you "choose" to become aware of how each of these "seemingly separate" avenues of understanding are intricately interconnected, even though it may "seem" on the surface that they're not, you in essence, discover and become enabled and empowered to piece the "seemingly separate and complex" components of the life puzzle together in a way that empowers, expands and completes, rather than restricts, retracts and inevitably leaves you "feeling" less than whole, consistently searching for answers and solutions "out there" that only add to the frustration and the sense of incompleteness felt and experienced by MOST.

Each piece of the puzzle plays a role and serves a purpose. The more you choose to enhance your awareness and explore these various modalities, the clearer and simpler it becomes.

Contrary to Widespread "Opinion", There is No Separation or Division Between Spirituality, Science, Nature or Anything Else for That Matter...Period.

While it's true that many "believe" and as a result view some things in life as being "spiritual" and other things as NOT being, the fact of the matter is, there is no separation between ANYTHING.

Spirituality is, (or at least CAN BE) MUCH more than philosophy. It is a very insightful, enlightening and eye opening exploration of the seen and unseen aspects of the universe. Although MOST think that "spirituality" is "intangible in nature", is limited to various religions and/or NOT explorable and non-discoverable by the "average person", it can be SEEN, UNDERSTOOD, KNOWN and EXPERIENCED both inside and outside.

Science is more of a intellectually focused tangible resource that brings to light the "unseen" aspects of HOW and WHY life unfolds as it does. The ongoing discoveries of 21st century science provide an up close intellectual look at (and examination of) the metaphysical processes that determine how the "tangible events, conditions and circumstances in life come to be, as well as how and WHY life turns out as it does.

Let nature be your teacher

The simple and uncommonly up close observation of nature clearly reveals, in a tangible and measurable kind of way, that abundance is a birthright; (YOUR birthright) that the way of the cosmos and any "perceived lack of" abundance in ANY area of life is nothing more or less than a "choice" to remain oblivious, resistant to and working against, rather than flowing with HOW the world (and on a larger scale the Universe) continues to grow, thrive and expand, irrespective of WHAT we believe or how we as humans "choose" to do things.

The point is, I've spent many years writing, creating programs, providing personal coaching and creating long term meaningful partnerships with those who have something of "ENORMOUS Value" to contribute, to ensure that there's something here for you as well as everyone who's sincere and serious about creating meaningful and lasting change in one, some or ALL aspects of life.

It's my sincere hope and intention to DO everything in my power to assist you (and a multitude of others) in SEEING beyond the "seemingly limited", mundane and finite aspects of life so you might begin Being, Doing and Having more of what you "truly desire" in your life rather than what you DON'T want.

The BIG PICTURE view of WHAT I do and WHY I do it, is to reveal to those who are truly open, receptive, ready and willing to see and hear, HOW and WHY you can have it all.

In my mind, the single most important thing I can do to achieve that, is to do everything I'm able to assist you in finding and actively engaging in your Soul Purpose.

With that said, where are you?

  1. Have you ever thought about or perhaps wondered what YOUR purpose for being here is?

  2. Do you ever find yourself wondering if the life you're leading is all there is and questioning if the kind, quality and quantity of the life your living now is as "good as it gets?"

  3. Do you find yourself working really hard, often hoping, wishing and even praying for a "better life", yet regardless of what you do or how much you do it, you can't seem to get to the place where you "truly desire" to be?

If there's only ONE THING that you gain from becoming a part of the Enlightened Journey Global Community is the fact that You CAN have it all...it's simply a matter of "choosing to."

Enlightened Journey will reveal the importance of "choosing consciously."

The FIRST thing that MUST be done and the single most effective way I'm aware of to DO that, is to reveal to you in simple, clear and concise language, just how awesome, amazing, unique and powerful YOU are.

You may not SEE or believe that right now, so I'll begin by saying this. If you aren't living the lifestyle you really deserve; if you're NOT experiencing the kind of Unbounded FREEDOM that enables you to engage, contribute and live life in such a way that fully expresses who you are in a manner that you love...if you're unaware of your value, your uniqueness and the amazing power we've ALL been freely provided and have constant access to...

Therein lies the "problem."

It's not a "problem" really. Truth be told, it's a "choice." When you dissect and look deeply within any "perceived problem", you realize that a single choice or a series of choices become unified, merge into and form a tangible reality that mirrors, in each and every aspect of YOUR life, the choice/s made via "tangible and measurable" results.

It can be as "awesome" or as "horrific" as you choose and allow it to be. It doesn't matter which you HAVE chosen or are choosing now.

The Higher Truth is, you ARE a powerhouse.

That's of vital importance to understand for the simple fact that most are "choosing unconsciously", receiving FAR LESS than what's "truly available" to them, all the while believing that's "all there is" and that's just how life works.

Having "been there and done that" myself, I know all too well how "seemingly powerless" we humans "think and believe" we are.

But the Higher Truth is we're not. The fact is, we are "powerful beyond measure", even though it can "seem as if" we're not.

If that describes you and your situation is similar, no worries. For much of the first part of my life, I couldn't see the "truth" behind that statement either. The fact is, although quite apprehensive (reluctant even) to buy into it initially, it wouldn't be long after going through a period of "seemingly unbearable" pain, struggle and frustration in MANY aspects of my life, that I would "figure out" that some "new", more "conscious and aware choices" must be made IF my "results" were to become "more aligned and harmonized" with my desired outcomes.

After "figuring out" the importance of that, that's precisely what I did.

Although quite difficult to SEE it at the time, this "period" of "seemingly unbearable pain" turned out to be the Greatest Gift I could have EVER received. Had I NOT experienced that "painful period", chances are great that my choices would have NEVER changed.

After decades of study, exploration and personally EXPERIENCING the benefits and rewards that came from it, I've come to realize just how important it is to become "self aware"...for you...for me and for EVERYONE else on this planet who might be experiencing "less than desired" results, yet are sincere and serious about turning things around.

You've no doubt heard the statements, "Seek and you will find" and "The truth will set you free?"

My own life experience has "clearly revealed" that those are more than empty and meaningless statements "thoughtlessly" written in a book.

They're 100%, absolutely, positively TRUE and ON TARGET.

A "choice" to earnestly seek the "Real Truth" reveals that a Higher Truth need not be sought, searched for or found at all. The fact of the matter is, when you become sincere, serious and truly open to it, this Higher Truth I'm referring to finds you in ways that you may be unable to "conceive or imagine" currently.

But to see, understand and EXPERIENCE the "Highest Truth" for yourself requires that you DO the "kind of seeking" that points you toward and leads you to the "Highest Truth" rather than remaining limited by and choosing to remain a "victim of" the commonly held truth that the "crowd" has been taught, believes in and adheres to.

It's these widely held "perceptions of truth" that keeps MOST from seeking in the "right places", all the while fully believing that they are "helpless victims" tossed about by the winds of change fully "believing" that they must just "deal with" whatever hand life throws at them.

The widespread "beliefs and perceptions" that MOST learn, blindly accept, adhere to and make their important life choices by MUST be shifted before such a thing can happen.

The Higher Truth I'm referring to is timeless in nature. As "true" as that is, it isn't widely sought out, understood, accepted, embraced, or APPLIED by MOST. But I can ASSURE YOU, based on my own journey through life, it DOES exist, it CAN be found and, should you choose to DO something with it once it's found, it does and WILL in fact, set you free.

Although EVERYONE "claims" to WANT that, few are actually aware and/or are unwilling to DO what's necessary to break the mold of their old and all too familiar habits, dis-empowering patterns and the "seemingly inescapable cycles" they create, which is NECESSARY to RECEIVE and EXPERIENCE the freedom that comes from it.

Moving From a Lifestyle of Lack, Limitation, Hardship and/or Bondage to One of Ease, Flow, Prosperity and Freedom, ALL Begins With a Paradigm Shift.

Don't be misled by the plethora of hype and nonsense that's circulating "out there" though. There's PLENTY of that.

As true as that is, it's EASY to spot. Most of the hype, nonsense and airy fairy philosophies that are often referred to as Secrets or "Newly Discovered Concepts" want you to believe that this is all so easy.

We'll cover more about that in a bit. For now I'll just say, BEWARE of the quick, cheap, easy and FREE "solutions" that "claim" you can "think yourself" into prosperity.

Sure it sounds easy and in some cases "logical" even.

But the truth is, sometimes it's not. The fact is, in MOST cases it's anything but easy and the concepts "taught", border on what can best be described as metaphysical malpractice.

Depending on what you've learned, how you've been programmed and conditioned, how you do things and what you believe to be true about yourself, others and life in general, undergoing this VITALLY IMPORTANT Paradigm Shift COULD prove to be the most difficult thing you've EVER done.

If that "proves to be true" for you, find comfort in the fact that it's FAR MORE than worth it once you SEE, understand and begin EXPERIENCING the many "intangible" as well as the tangible and measurable REWARDS that follow.

The concepts behind creating desirable (and in many cases MIRACULOUS) change, are profoundly simple FOR SURE, yet "simple and easy" hold 2 entirely different meanings.

Once you discover, KNOW and understand the "simplicity" and the "unerring perfection of" the creative process and choose to align and harmonize ALL aspects of yourself with it, (beliefs, thoughts, words and deeds) is when it DOES become "easy."

But the fact is, in MOST cases it's NOT "easy" at all initially. Especially when you decide to step up and start playing a bigger game and start taking those initial "baby steps."

But rest assured, regardless of how challenging or difficult breaking the habitual mold might "seem" at first, through diligence and discipline, you CAN bust through, go over, or navigate around the "illusionary walls, hurdles, barriers" and "perceived complexity" that reveals the simplicity, perfection and the "clear unobstructed path" that leads to where EVERYONE is "trying" to get to.

But I can assure you, doing so in the simplest, quickest and easiest way possible, requires a very "Specialized form of knowledge" that most aren't acquiring let alone acting upon.

Although taking the time to learn and acquire new data is a part of the process, there's another part that many overlook and/or have a difficult time doing.

It's this...

KNOWING, Seeing and Experiencing the Simplicity and Perfection That Lies Beyond the "Perceived Complexity" and "Seemingly Random Chaos" in the World, Requires "Consciously Engaging" in a Process of Learning and Unlearning

Although most "believe" that learning more through acquiring more intellectual data is the way to get to wherever it is that they desire to be, there's an often overlooked thing that must be done simultaneously...

This "something" is called UNLEARNING...Unlearning is a HUGE and NECESSARY part of the "getting where you WANT to be" process.

Unlearning simply requires remaining open, receptive and ready to learn and accept things that "may have" previously "seemed to be" outside the scope of possibility.

But make no mistake...it IS a process...a journey if you will.

Let's look at it this way. Your life is MUCH LIKE a tapestry. EVERY belief we hold, every thought we think, every word we speak and EVERY action we take plays a role in HOW our tapestry turns out.

You could say that each and every thought you think, every emotion you experience and EVERY action engaged in, serves as another "stitch" in YOUR personal tapestry.

If you continue on "stitching and weaving" in the same way you have, the quality of the tapestry isn't going to change no matter how badly you might WANT it to.

We each have the "choice" as well as the ability to weave our "personal tapestry" masterfully, half-hazardly, or somewhere in between. Ultimately, regardless of how you see (or what you "believe" to be true about) the size, shape and design of yours right now, one thing is certain.

YOU are, always have been and always will be the “weaver” of YOUR tapestry and because of that, you “get to choose” how it turns out. You can do so "consciously, intentionally and on purpose" and LOVE the result, or do so "unconsciously, unintentionally and without any clear purpose and direction "outside of yourself" and see life as the "difficult and challenging grind" that many do.

Neither choice is right, wrong, good or bad really. But one of them definitely provides a much better, more appealing and more beautifully crafted tapestry than the other.

If I have the ability to choose and create a masterpiece, and I have the insight, direction and the road map that shows me HOW, that's what I'm going to do.

What about you?

How sincere and serious are you about becoming a "Master Weaver?"

Are You Sincere and Serious About Creating Change or Are You Merely an Interested and Curious Dabbler Looking for a Quick Fix?

Let's face facts. There are those "out there" who "claim" they WANT a better life, yet spend little to NO time or effort "learning HOW" to do so.

This group is what I refer to as "dabblers." They hope, wish and pray that "the quote of the day"as well as those who are sincere and serious about learning HOW to become more masterful, intentional and on purpose as they weave their life tapestry together.

I think it's only fair that I say up front, moving from a life of mediocrity and "common results" that MOST experience, to those that are extraordinarily "uncommon" isn't a job for "half-hearted dabblers." Although there are MANY "dabblers" who do visit the site, who are consistently looking for the quick, cheap and easy solution as well as those who choose not to move beyond their limited, self serving "What's in it for me" mentality, neither I or the Universe has a lot of tolerance or patience when it comes to dealing with them."

The fact is, "Nature abhors a vacuum."

My primary focus is, always has been and always will be to do my best to assist the "TRULY sincere and serious" in discovering, developing and learning HOW to USE their inherent gifts and talents to "contribute more" and getting into the "mindset" of enriching the lives of others.

It doesn't matter where you are now, where you've been, what you believe to be true or about your capabilities or "perceived incapability." You have something of MAJOR value to contribute to the world. What you're experiencing now is a reflection of how "well or poorly" you're doing in that area.

The concept is "PROFOUNDLY SIMPLE." Value sent out determines the kind, quality and QUANTITY of value received back.

I'm basically what some might call an "eternal optimist", but I'm also a realist as well. Although at times, we'll be discussing "profound and seemingly miraculous" concepts as we move through future editions of Enlightened Journey, I'm quite grounded and pragmatic in my approach.

Just as I spent many years researching, exploring, discovering and EXPERIENCING what I teach and assist others in seeing, I've got a grasp on "what works" and "what doesn't" and I've learned through "trial and error" not to waste my time on lost causes.

Those who become and remain Dabblers as well as those who "choose" a "what's in it for me approach exclusively, ARE a lost cause.

Although that may sound cold or harsh, it's not intended that way. Since doing the work that leads to extraordinary results takes discipline, commitment and focus, doing anything less than becoming sincere, serious, committed and consistent, is a waste of time, energy and resources.

Life is short and we don't have a lot of time to waste.

That is why I founded Enlightened Journey Enterprises in April of 2005 and shortly thereafter began distributing this; The Enlightened Journey Newsletter.

In my quest to serve those who are sincere and serious about creating meaningful and lasting change in their lives, boosting their understanding and taking their personal growth seriously, it's my hope that you're inspired, supported and that you benefit in some large or small way through my work.

The benefit can only be realized through "internalization and application" of the knowledge acquired.

My main focus as well as my TOP priority is to do my best to reveal and convey to you and anyone else who is TRULY open, receptive, willing and READY to not only listen, but HEAR, just how Unique, Awesome, Amazing and Immensely Powerful you are and what's truly possible for you.

The FACT is, we ALL are, (YES...you are too) even though MOST don’t realize, believe, let alone understand, just how “true” that is.

If you don't understand or realize that about yourself, it's almost certain that you'll never be able to "consciously" think, speak, act and DO the things that enable you to get to the place where you can personally EXPERIENCE just how "true" that is.

For many years, I DEFINITELY didn't realize that about myself.

I understood religious concepts etc. that I had been "taught." I "thought I knew" what was

Then I learned the difference between a learned intellectual understanding that provides a "perception of truth" and an EXPERIENTIAL form of KNOWING once a Higher Truth is found.

There's a Vast and Transformational Difference Between an Intellectual and an EXPERIENTIAL Understanding

Many have an "intellectual grasp" of how true that is, yet far fewer have an EXPERIENTIAL understanding that reveals in "tangible and measurable form", the limitless and unbounded power behind it.

YOU are a reflection of that "power" regardless of HOW you "perceive" yourself or the tangible results that you have experienced, are experiencing or at some future point in time will experience in your life.

If the way in which you're USING your power isn't creating the kind and quality of results that you'd LOVE to see, it's only necessary to become "keenly aware" of HOW to use the power that is inherent within you, in a more consciously focused and desirable kind of way.

Look, I'm well aware that a LOT of people think so, but there is no such thing as a "lack of power" as it pertains to you or anyone else. When it "seems that way" it's only because that "power" is being misdirected.

That’s just one of MANY things I hope that you’ll see as we move forward. It’s also my hope that I’m able to effectively convey to you the profoundly positive impact that you, I and EVERYONE else CAN make, not only in our own lives but in the “Larger scale tapestry” of the world IF ever and WHENEVER we make the choice to do so.

That's VITALLY important, because what we do to and FOR others, plays a significant and defining role in what we receive back.

It's also my heartfelt hope and intention to show YOU just how real and true that is as it pertains to YOU as an individual. And I'll be doing so in my very own "Awesome, Unique and Amazing" kind of way as we move forward.

That's one of MANY factors that sets the Enlightened Journey newsletter apart from so many others. Although we will be exploring, dissecting, examining and taking a very up close and personal look at the "Highest Truth" that I'm personally aware of; the Highest Truth I've personally discovered and experienced the benefits of as I've navigated my own life paths, I'll never ask that you believe what I say nor follow my chosen path.

Quite the contrary. Although it's my truth, what I KNOW to be a very empowering, transformational and liberating truth, I'll never ask or imply that it should become yours.

Let me assure you of one thing...

I'm definitely NOT looking for fans or followers.

That's another thing that I've found to be quite unique about me and my work. The fact that I'm not looking for followers and will never ask you or ANYONE else to believe what I believe or FOLLOW the path I point out just because I say and believe that it's the "shortest possible path" that leads to where EVERYONE desires to be.

Because truly, although MOST “think and believe” that such things exist, there are no good, bad, right or wrong paths. ONLY the paths you choose. I've found after MANY years of path walking and exploring a very diverse number of paths, each revealing their own "unique scenery", that there IS a long, dark, shadowy and scary path and another which is much shorter, far more pleasant, certainly easier and without a doubt, FAR more rewarding and fulfilling.

The latter is what I like to refer to as the short path.

Regardless of which path you choose to follow, although there are an INFINITE number of paths to choose from as we make our way through life, there is no wrong path.

There's only your chosen path. Perhaps for you, as was the case with me and many like me, it MAY be beneficial and necessary for you to navigate and EXPERIENCE the long path before you discover that there is a shorter one that DOES exist and it CAN be found and navigated whenever you decide to.

Maybe you’ll choose this shorter path and maybe not. I can't possibly know that because whatever future choices and commitments you choose to make or not make are entirely up to you.

What I DO KNOW and CAN say is that there IS most definitely a long and a short path and our choices determine which one we'll navigate.

The reason I KNOW that, is because I've personally navigated both. Because of that FACT, I can tell you with an unshakable and unwavering sense of assurance and certainty, the “short path” is the most desirable and the scenery is far more pleasant than the alternative.

But, at the same time, it’s NOT my intention to tell you which you must or should follow. That's entirely up to you. You have been freely provided the gift, the right, the ability and the choice to chart your course and follow whichever paths you choose to follow. Sadly though, due to how SO MANY are USING their "freely provided gifts", they don't see them as "gifts" at all.

Perhaps the single most important discovery that I hope you'll make as you internalize and "APPLY" what I share with you, is that nothing is stopping you, nothing is holding you back and nothing can keep you from reaching your desired destination with the exception of your own thoughts and beliefs about life, others and yourself.

So no "follow the leader" games here. Because as it pertains to YOU and YOUR life, you're the leader, the chooser and the observer and I respect and honor whatever you decide I'll always accept whatever you choose...regardless.

Point being I'm not looking for fans or followers. That's NOT nor ever will be my motive or intention.

It is my intention to assist and provide individuals who are serious about and committed to becoming prosperous and affluent leaders with what I believe to be all the understanding, insight and knowledge they could possibly need to do so.

For some, becoming a leader simply means taking the lead in their own lives. For others it might mean taking the lead, contributing in a focused, intentional, conscious and PURPOSEFUL way on a LARGE SCALE and assisting others to take conscious control of their own lives as well. For you, that might mean something altogether different.

The reason I've made the choice and consistently take action toward DOING that for those who are open and receptive, is because it's my "heartfelt belief" that the world needs more Aware Leaders who respond out of Compassion and Love and fewer Blind Followers who consistently REACT out of anger, resentment and/or fear..

There are FAR MORE "blind followers" than "aware leaders" in today's world only because that's what the masses have been TAUGHT to do and as a result have been "unconsciously" choosing to do for FAR too long.

Blindly playing follow the leader like most of the crowd does who are always WANTING, always seeking, always looking for the "latest and greatest SECRET", often times "trying" the next "Quick Fix" or applying some new "Surface Level Patch", yet rarely if ever receiving what they "truly desire."

Then they point fingers, blame, judge, label and condemn others, their circumstances, the economy, etc. etc. etc. What’s troubling about that is, without ever realizing it; without ever KNOWING it, those who “choose” to DO things in that way are unconsciously and unknowingly using their Awesomeness, Uniqueness, Amazingness and Immeasurable Power to feed and sustain the very unpleasant and life draining cycles that they so often "claim" and honestly believe is everybody elses fault due to what they "think they know."

This following the "crowd" mentality has many unnecessarily experiencing a kind and quality of life that the "crowd" does. Always wanting, always hoping, always wishing, always waiting for their "ship to come in" but never making a "conscious choice" to open the floodgates, allow water in the harbor and as a result never receiving the kind and quality of results that align and harmonize with what they "claim" they want.

That addresses how MOST see and do things, but now, let's get laser focused on YOU.

  • Where are you right now and where do you “truly desire” to be?

  • What are you willing to DO to change that?

  • Are you open, willing and receptive to learning and APPLYING a “Specialized form of Knowledge” that will not only enable but empower you to do so?

  • Are you willing to internalize and APPLY that “knowledge” consistently, REGARDLESS of what's happening in the world "out there" so you might finally SEE just how awesome, amazing and “truly powerful” you are in determining the kind and quality of your results?

If you find yourself consistently “coming up short”, or you "seem to be" caught up in a self-repeating, "seemingly inescapable" and less than desirable cycle whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally or spiritually and you're "truly ready" to change that, you'll find Enlightened Journey to be a valuable and powerful resource for creating (or if you prefer co-creating) WHATEVER it might be that you "truly desire" to Be, Do and/or Have more of.

That of course, as I hope I've made crystal clear, is up to you. What I will be doing in each and every edition of Enlightened Journey is conveying this Higher Truth that I've personally come to KNOW in the best way I KNOW how and let you decide for yourself if you'll enable and allow it to become your KNOWING or not. You'll also be able to pick and choose what you'll do or not do with it. ALL of that will be left entirely up to you.

I personally KNOW how powerful and transformational the information that you'll be receiving is. KNOWING goes well beyond "believing."

I not only KNOW it, I believe it, live it, breathe it, share it with anyone who asks and I certainly experience the benefits, but that's my choice.

It most definitely doesn't have to become yours. You get to choose that for yourself.

I'll always respect, honor and encourage you to make your own choices regarding yourself, your experiences and allow you to decide for yourself what's "truly available" to and possible for you.

And I'll never waver from that.

The entire process and the journey we'll be taking together is one of exploration, discovery and growth for sure. It will reveal and convey what I refer to as a "Specialized form of knowledge" that I KNOW enables, allows and encourages disheartened and disillusioned followers to become prosperous and fulfilled leaders should they choose to.

Although our own individual tapestry is unique in many ways, the thread we ALL use to do that is a "common thread" that ties us all together.

I'll be revealing a number of other "common threads" that tie us all together which enable and empower ANYONE to dramatically enhance the kind and quality of their own life and the lives of others on a MUCH LARGER scale that extends well beyond you or I.

But PLEASE do your best to understand, it's a journey; a process and it's going to require a level of commitment on your part.

I'm also going to do my very best to enable and allow this journey that we'll be taking together to be as simple, meaningful and insightful as I possibly can by "meeting you where you are" in the best way I know how.

I'll assure you based on the vast number and diverse quality of beliefs and perceptions we hold as individuals, combined with the equally diverse quality of outcomes we receive due to those “beliefs”, that's no small task.

That's also why I'll be conveying what I do, in a very rational, logical and practical kind of way and at times, in ways that you might currently "believe and perceive" as being quite irrational, illogical and impractical due to what you "think you know" and what you believe to be “possible or not possible” right now.

That’s yet another of many things that makes the Enlightened Journey newsletter so unique. We cover A LOT of territory and explore MANY concepts, but in doing so it meets EVERYONE in the community where they are. It will Meet You Where You Are too wherever that might be should you make the choice to allow it to.

In addition, the newsletter is designed, written and conveyed in such a way that enables you to determine for yourself where your unique starting place is.

That's something that most newsletters, various self-help/personal development programs, techniques, seminars and books don't do. They overlook the importance and necessity of "Meeting you where you are."

Yes, many of them provide some great advice, but few actually meet you where you are. There are exceptions of course. But it's more often the exception than the rule.

Some DO meet you where you are by telling you what you WANT to hear. But far fewer convey what's truly necessary to KNOW which enables you to align, harmonize and ultimately experience the kind and quality of life that EVERYONE claims they WANT to experience, but which so few ever "allow" to become a very "real and tangible" part of their lives.

One of many reasons that happens and becomes "true" is because of what we ourselves choose. The quality of our individual choices either enables and "allows" that to unfold or "seems to conflict" with it and inevitably sabotages in our own minds just how Awesome, Unique, Amazing and Immensely Powerful we ALL are.

How does that happen?

We buy into and "try" this quick, cheap and easy "push button method" or this "one size fit's all" approach which NEVER provides what we "hope, wish and pray" it will causing us to forget, lose sight of or never actually discover the Higher Truth that we ALL without exception already possess the inherent ability to be, do and have whatever we choose in life.

"Whatsoever we desire" as one of the most influential masters and LEADERS puts it.

So, because that is not only "true" but VERY prevalent in this day and age, I'm going to make another recommendation.

Opt Out of The Appealing and Sexy Quick, Cheap and Easy Message and Opt In To Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Joy, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom

There are MANY appealing and sexy messages being conveyed in this day and age claiming to have "The Push Button Solution" or "The Newly Discovered Magical Formula" for "Getting What You Want."

Don't misunderstand, I LOVE the appealing and sexy just like most anyone else. But I choose to limit what I perceive to be appealing and sexy to those "tangible things" that I can already see, hear, taste, touch and smell. I LOVE and enjoy them too. They ARE a vitally important part of living life to the fullest. You could say they assist and play an immense role in making life Whole…Truly whole physically, financially and relationally.

But what MOST don't cover or convey at any depth is the importance of becoming conscious, aware and willing to FIRST address the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life and YOURSELF to enable and allow the physical, financial and relational desires that EVERYONE has to become real and tangible.

There's A LOT of "junk information" out there that presents a very "sexy and appealing" approach for drawing "What you WANT" out of the "unseen realm" whatever "label" you might choose to describe it.

Case in point...

There are many self-professed "Gurus, Masters and Teachers" today who are saying and conveying things that “sound VERY appealing and/or sexy” as it pertains to what's necessary for enhancing the quality of your life.

Because they are so prevalent they're not hard to spot.

Chances are good that you've heard it all before...

  • Do this one quick, simple, easy and cheap technique to "get what you want"

  • Visualize your "dream life" into being in only 10 minutes per day and you'll "get what you want"

  • Read and learn about this "Newfound Secret" and your life will magically change and you'll "get what you want"

  • Try this quick, easy and simple technique for 3, 5 or 10 days and "miracles that you want" will magically happen for you

There are MANY ludicrous and just flat out ridiculous claims being made today. And I'm certainly not bashful and don't mind saying that I have a BIG PROBLEM with many of them. But I have a choice (as you do) as to which I'll allow or not allow into my own life. We all do. Since we ALL do, that means YOU do too.

There’s no denying the fact that there are A LOT of people today who are buying into the quick, cheap, easy, push button, one size fits all, drive up to the fast food window and drive into the sunset with your new life "appealing and sexy" message, only to discover how ineffective, utterly USELESS, ludicrous and ridiculous so many of these claims "truly are."

But there are just as many people who refuse to explore unfamiliar concepts that exist and extend beyond their current “belief level” who never get any further or produce any greater results than those who "buy into" the "simple, quick, cheap and easy message that, on the surface seems to be SO “appealing and sexy."

It's not my place nor do I have any desire to make judgments or place labels on anyone. It's not for me to say that anyone is right or wrong in how they choose to do things. How anyone chooses to "weave their threads" individually does and will continue to determine the kind and quality of their own individual tapestry.

Because ultimately, even those who buy into the "appealing and sexy" message that they WANT TO HEAR soon find that what they "wanted to hear" never actually leads them to where they "truly desire" to go.

But make no mistake...Buying into such things or not is, like everything else, our choice and as a result our responsibility.

We, like EVERYONE else, DO weave our own Tapestries...regardless.

But I will say this, not as a judgment but rather as an observation that I KNOW can alert you, perhaps assist you and inevitably enable you to bypass a number of unnecessary blocks, hurdles, walls, discouragements and disappointments as you move forward, if you'll heed the advice.

It MAY assist you in bypassing what I refer to as "The Long Path" and assist you in finding and walking "The Short Path."

MOST personal development/self-help processes, techniques and ALL "Magically Change Your Life in 10, 20 or 30 days" and "What's In It For Me" exclusively programs available today are missing the mark BIG TIME!!

No one...NO ONE can determine how fast or slow transformation can or will take place for YOU.

Only YOU can.

It will be as FAST or SLOW as YOU allow it to be...period.

Truth be told, based on many years of personally reviewing countless "self-help/personal development" tools, systems, processes, techniques etc., I've concluded that MOST either have no clue about what's truly necessary for achieving Real Success, Real Wealth, Real Harmony, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom in life or they only provide only a very small glimpse of a much larger picture.

The bottom line is, because that's more true than it is untrue, they more often than not convey what aligns, harmonizes and resonates with what most people (and perhaps even you) WANT to hear but never actually Get to the Heart Of The Matter. They never convey and teach what MUST be KNOWN, clearly understood and consistently applied to make the kind of impact that most WANT to make whether individually or collectively.

That's something else that makes my work and the Enlightened Journey newsletter quite unique. I'll NEVER write about or convey what YOU or anyone else WANTS to hear because I think you WANT to hear it. But I will be conveying what I KNOW based on many years of personal experience and believe NEEDS to heard, learned, understood AND applied to create long term, sustainable and desirable change.

And I'll assure you that in MOST CASES, it is NOT "Fast food or Push Button easy." The magic wand simply doesn't exist.

That certainly doesn't mean that "In the blink of an eye miracles" aren't "real and don't happen." I can assure you based on "personal experience" that they DO.

Yet for many reasons, all of which point back to YOU, for some it's quicker and easier than for others. For some it's the hardest thing they'll EVER do. But believe me when I tell you, regardless of how simple or difficult it proves to be for you, the effort is tiny in comparison to the long term benefit.

I know and have worked with A LOT of people over the years who have spent many years "trying this and trying that" quick, cheap, easy, wave the magic wand cookie cutter approach due to a number of "appealing and sexy" claims. Not surprisingly, they also find themselves consistently playing what I like to call the "hit and miss game."

And rest assured it's MISS far more than it is HIT.

That's also why so many who have heard about what's recently been "labeled" "The Secret" or the "Law of Attraction" come to the unfortunate and "less than true" conclusion that it "just isn't real" or it doesn't "work for them."

Rest assured whatever label YOU choose, whether The Law of Attraction or something else, it DOES work for EVERYONE every second of every minute of every day without exception.

It ALWAYS has, ALWAYS is and ALWAYS will.

It's simply a matter of aligning and harmonizing what you Think, feel, say and DO with it, consciously, intentionally and purposefully to begin Being, Doing and Having what you "truly desire" in and for your life.

So just a heads up. Appealing and sexy isn't my style. If that's what you WANT to hear, I'm not your guy and Enlightened Journey isn't your kind of newsletter.

Enlightened Journey is a newsletter for "grown-ups" plain and simple.

What I will be doing without wavering or compromising, is providing those who are serious about and committed to creating desirable change with what I've discovered, believe and KNOW that so many NEED to hear but so often reject simply because it conflicts with what they WANT to hear and believe that it might enable them to begin "Getting what they want."

Let me reveal a few little (but VERY IMPORTANT) "Secrets" regarding the power of belief.

The first little Secret is that belief is not only useless, but powerless when it doesn't align and harmonize with Higher Truth.

And the second little secret is...

You don't "get what you want." You GET what you're CHOOSING to get. And a number of people are "trying" to cut corners hoping, wishing and blindly praying that this "quick fix" or that "quick fix" will turn it all around for them.

And that's OK too. I accept that. I respect and honor WHATEVER choices you or anyone might or will make. I only mention it because I KNOW that doing just that has adversely impacted and at best slowed the progress of a LOT of people.

And I also share it because it's my intention to assist you in "choosing consciously and intentionally"; in such a way that does align and harmonize with Higher Truth so you might actually start "receiving" whatever it might be that you "truly desire" in and for your life individually. I also know that when you master that, you can begin making a much larger and more positive impact collectively.

There's something else that so many of the self-help and personal development gurus, teachers and products overlook as they present and convey their step by step "cookie cutter approaches for "Getting what you want."

The very simple fact that we are ALL unique and because of that uniqueness, we each have our own unique starting place.

We do because we each have our unique understandings, beliefs, skills, desires, values, innate needs, passions, expressions and preferred ways of providing service and contributing to the world. The more we become aware of how Awesome, Unique, Amazing and Powerful we "truly are", the more able, willing and bold we become in discerning, designing, creating and consciously utilizing our personal recipe for success.

Although the numbers of appealing and sexy messages are many, although many of them convey a "What's in it for me" and "What Am I Gonna Get" approach, very few if any convey the importance of making a conscious, intentional and meaningful choice to pay our unique and awesome gifts forward as we engage and play the game of life.

Regardless of how YOU engage personally, I can assure you, the more willing and effective we become at paying our gifts forward, the more we USE them to enrich the lives of others, the more we thrive in tangible as well as intangible ways.

That's what enables and "allows" physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony to become "real, tangible and measurable."

That's what it takes to "allow" Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Harmony, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom to become a "way of life."

I take what I do VERY VERY seriously. And I do because (and I think you’ll agree) your life and what you receive or don’t receive in life is serious business.

I “get that.” And because I do “get it” is precisely why I believe it’s important to not only make but KEEP the promise I have made. And I will, simply because I take my responsibility VERY SERIOUSLY and put my heart and soul into everything I do.

In fact I can say without any doubt, apprehension or hesitation that what I do today and the reason I do it is because it’s my “Soul Purpose.”

No, that’s not a misspelling. It’s the driving force behind why I do what I do and have chosen as being my sole purpose for sharing what I do at AbundanceandHappiness.com as well as for writing and distributing this newsletter. It’s also why I created and distribute The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. Each and every thing I do is designed and intended to enable and empower you to be, do and have more of whatever it might be that you aspire to be, do and/or have in life so YOU might become better enabled and equipped to contribute more to your own life and the world in even greater ways, which is, as I've already stated, my “Soul Purpose.”

And because I choose to engage in that way, I consistently receive results that align and harmonize with that choice. Tangible and measurable results as well as intangible results that align and harmonize with what I’ve always “truly desired” in and for my own life but at one point didn’t know I could actually receive, feel and have.

In fact, as I've already shared, there was a time when my beliefs and perceptions were aligned and harmonized with the fact that I couldn’t.

Care to guess my outcome?

If you guessed, I couldn’t, you're right.

Because I believed I couldn't, I got to be right too. My beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, words and actions aligned, harmonized and created in my life precisely what I “believed and perceived” it would.

That’s also why my sole purpose at one point prior to discovering and actually engaging in my "Soul Purpose" was; nothing more or less than to survive and get by.

Maybe that’s where you are currently. Maybe not. But if so, that’s OK too. Since choosing to look for, find and engage in my “Soul Purpose”, I’ve discovered that’s where MOST people are.

Their sole purpose is focused and fixated on survive and get by mode which is the one and only thing that keeps them from stretching, expanding and actively engaging in their "Soul Purpose", experiencing physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony and contributing at the level that so many have a desire to and which we ALL have the ability to, but which most aren't.

But most aren't only because MOST just don’t “KNOW” that they can, so many never do. They never make the choice simply because they don't realize or understand that it's a choice they CAN make if ever and whenever THEY CHOOSE to do so.

You could say that’s what they believe to be true about life. That we’re sent here to merely survive and get by until death and then it’s game over. I've heard it a million times from those who are focused and fixated on survive and get by mode.

"Life's a bitch and then you die."

They think, speak and act in such a way that DOES enable and allow life to become and remain "a bitch" until they die JUST AS THEY CHOOSE.

Others believe that if we're "good enough"; if we don't make too many serious mistakes and we DO the right things and follow all the Laws that have been laid out for us while we're here, that we get to escape this living and limited hell and go on to some “place” where the pain, struggling, strain, difficulties, hardships and merely “getting by” cease.

There are many beliefs held. An infinite number in fact. Far too many to cover here or in a whole volume of books for that matter.

But none of that really matters at this point. That's yet another unique thing about Enlightened Journey. It doesn't matter what you believe, what doctrines or dogmas you choose to follow or not follow currently, where you live, how old or young you are, your level of education, what geographical location you live in, the color of your skin, your gender, etc. etc. etc.

Enlightened Journey will meet you where you are.

That's my job and why I do what I do. And I must say, I LOVE my job. It’s a really cool, amazing and profoundly fulfilling “job.”

If you’re currently actively engaging in your “Soul Purpose”, you already know in an experiential kind of way just how "true" that is. You KNOW just how “cool”, amazing and fulfilling it is to be able to do that. But if you’re not; even if you have no idea or clue about what a "Soul Purpose" is or what your unique and individual “Soul Purpose” is right now, that’s OK too.

That’s yet another factor that makes Enlightened Journey unique. Because if you'll choose to stay with me in the coming weeks, doing so will assist you in tuning in, figuring out, finding and if you choose, engaging in whatever your unique and awesome "Soul Purpose" might be too.

Because we ALL have a "Soul Purpose" although most aren't "choosing" to engage in and use theirs in such a way that enables and allows "desirable results" to become commonplace, sustainable and remain long term at the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

That's what enables and "allows" physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony to become "real, tangible and measurable."

Enough about all that. I’ll close with this…

Today could mark the beginning of a very exciting, enlightening, profoundly empowering and potentially transformational journey. It’s also equally possible that for you, today is going to be just another day as every day before and yield no different tangible and measurable results than you have experienced in the past.

The determining factor is dependent on what you choose to DO or NOT DO with what follows in future editions of Enlightened Journey.

If you’ve ever wondered about what the future holds for you, what the key to success "truly is", if you really and truly have what it takes to be successful, what specific steps are necessary or why you may not currently follow through and actually DO what you know you should be doing to “enable and allow” your deepest and most heartfelt desires to become real, tangible and measurable, take heart.

I believe you’re going to be pleasantly surprised and perhaps even utterly amazed by what you’ll learn (or be reminded of) in the coming weeks regarding life, yourself, others, what's truly possible and the kind and quality of tangible and measurable results that have always been available to and for you in life.

That's a lot to digest. So think about it...ponder it and if you decide that you're truly ready, serious and committed to creating significant, positive and meaningful change in your life, keep your eyes peeled for the next as well as future editions of Enlightened Journey.

And if you haven’t as of yet, I would strongly encourage you to read The Miracle of You and Your Cells prior to the next edition. It will provide you with a foundational understanding that will prove to be quite helpful, insightful and without question beneficial as we move forward.

Until next time, I wish you the best in all you aspire to be, do and/or have more of in your life and again, I'd like to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to you on behalf of myself, Enlightened Journey Enterprises and the entire Enlightened Journey Global Community.

Keep your eyes peeled for future editions of Enlightened Journey. I think you'll Love and KNOW you CAN benefit enormously from what you discover.

The possibility and the potential is certainly there, but ultimately, it's ALL up to you.

One more thing. f you feel compelled, leave your thoughts and comments in the comment box provided below would you? You're input is VERY important, HIGHLY valued and will assist me in understanding more about YOU, where you are and what you'd like to see more of in the future.

Doing so will also "serve others" in a way that you may not be able to "conceive or imagine right now as well as enable ME to do the VERY best I can to "meet you where you are" in the future.

Here’s to you being, doing and having more of “whatsoever you desire” in and for your life...or not.

To Your Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness Today and Always,

Chuck Danes

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