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High Chuck,

Your Miracle touched so many thoughts I have on the AMA and Pharmaceuticals.

For the past 20 yrs. I have been learning why the Universe supplied all these wonderful medicinal plants and herbs for our 5 senses and beyond.

Even an onion is a medicinal plant. Our bodies need all of these plants in their simplest form to harmonize with mind/spirit.

This also is the Higher Truth. We can not live to eat much longer. Look at what that kind of thinking has done so far. Instead we need to change what we eat to live.

I have seen many miracles in the body when the right foods, medicinal herbs and mindset are used in an individual way (because every body is unique).

All plant life has its waves and vibrations that also balance and harmonize with our human bodies. Makes sense to me.

This too is a drastic change of thought because of all the labels, judgments and limited beliefs.

I am with you 100% Chuck. Thank you so much!

The future is getting brighter and simpler one mind at a time.

Peace and Happiness,

Shelley K :)

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