Extra Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception Also Referred To As The Sixth Sense Provides The Doorway To Awakening and Completion

Extra Sensory Perception is a state of mind that due to an elevated ability to consciously and consistently utilize the sixth sense is often "perceived" as being something reserved for those who are born with the gift and a trait that only a few possess.

I'm going to start out by saying that if this is your mindset, it's an inaccurate one. Everyone has the same ability and capacity to tap into, develop and utilize the sixth sense.

Although most are unaware that they have equal access to this sixth sense, or more specifically the extra sensory perception that an enhanced sixth sense sensory provides, few are aware and even fewer know how to access it in a way that can and does provide a literal life transformation not only in a spiritual sense but also enhances the physical, financial, relational and emotional aspects of life as well.

It's due to this commonly held perception that few ever delve into and discover that we each have equal access to our sixth sense properties and development of them is quite simple when you have an understanding and the tools that will enable you to do so.

Ironically the sixth sense cannot be accessed or enhanced through the physical brain. That's why so many have a difficult time achieving multi-dimensional consciousness is because they are attempting to use the wrong tool to take them there.

Even the vast majority of spiritual teachers miss this vital

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